1497/Who were those guys

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Who were those guys
Date of Scene: 04 May 2020
Location: Stark Tower: Penthouse
Synopsis: Nat and Pepper return to Stark Tower and share some of their first words alone.
Cast of Characters: Pepper Potts, Natasha Romanoff

Pepper Potts has posed:
Stark Expo had started out with the potential of great success. New technology was showcased and exhibitions from companies worldwide were in attendence. It was a beacon of technology.

It was a beacon for those who want to destroy it, too. (Theatric, yes..)

After the pitched battle, and when the dust settled, Pepper had found herself .. left? Bereft? Tony was kidnapped, gone, and there was nothing that she could do at the time. Even worse? He'd saved her life, and there isn't anyone who could tell her otherwise. And then--

Back to Stark Industries. It's like a homing signal.. it's the only place that Pepper feels closer, only real place of security. In her office, in the Penthouse, visiting his labs down a level.

Now, Pepper is a pacing mess, wracking her brain, just running the events over and over in her head until finally, she sits heavily on the couch in front of a dark fireplace. "I don't know.." The tears haven't yet come; there's more determination in the redhead than resignation.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    And then there's this... person who appeared just before the chaos broke out, and was there with you on Tony's arms when everything went wrong. She was silent the whole ride over, a pistol ready in her lap incase things sparked up again around them. She appears suddenly from the other room, still masked, carrying a glass of water which she places on the desk in front of Pepper.
    <<Drink this. Calm yourself.>> She says, her voice completely flat, and slightly echoey coming through an audio system not unlike Tony's armor. She immediately steps away and peers out the window motionlessly.

Pepper Potts has posed:
Pepper stands up the moment she catches movement approaching, her voice rising, "Homer?"

"Yes, Miss Potts?"

Before she can get another word out, however, Nat's crossed the room in order to set the water down on the table with the instruction. "Who..?" She looks to the water, the masked woman, her expression questionning. "I don't-" Still, Pepper picks up the water, just to have something in her hand. "I'm pretty sure water isn't going to help." She lowers her voice, and murmurs, "Not even a brandy."

When the not-yet-recognized woman steps away towards the window, Pepper actually follows. "Who are you?"

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha's breathing is utterly silent, only visible in the slow rise and fall of her chest; she may as well be a store mannequin with how still and expressionless she is until Pepper asks of her identity.
    Natasha's head slowly turns to Pepper, tilted at an angle that gives a vague impression of confusion, before she says. <<Oh. Right.>>
    Two fingers press to the side of her goggles, and the 'fabric' suddenly begins to shimmer and then restract into the goggles themselves, exposing pale skin and red hair, before she pulls the goggles away from her face, and hooks them onto her belt. Her voice is still devoid of emotion as she says. "Still not used to that. It's me."

Pepper Potts has posed:
There was a little something knocking at the back of her head, and when the mask is removed, Pepper's not surprised. Not as surprised as she should be, maybe. After all, it's getting to the point where she probably shouldn't be surprised at half of what is going on. Aliens. SHIELD. Avengers. Iron suit.

Pepper stops at the emotionless voice, and she shakes her head quickly. "No. Whatever it is, no." She may not make sense, but right now, there are so many thoughts going through her head, perhaps she's simply answering yet another unvoiced thought?

"Where is he? Who were they? I.. I.. we need to get him back. I need him back."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    There's a certain inhuman quality to the complete absence of any outward visible emotional registry of anything Pepper is saying on Natasha's face. She's just looking at her - through her, almost - with piercing blue eyes, until Pepper asks a question that Natasha can answer.
    "They're called AIM. Advanced Idea Mechanics. Techno-Cult. Terrorists. Profiteers." She answers completely dispassionately. Natasha's gaze turns slowly back to the windows, staring outward blankly. "We don't know where they took Tony."

Pepper Potts has posed:
"AIM," Pepper repeats, her fingers fiddling with the water glass in hand. "Techno-cut..." and she lets her voice trail. Shaking her head again, she's obviously not very happy with the answers that are forthcoming, and her voice creeps up in increasing frustration and concern. "You're an Avenger. Why don't you know where he is?"

She backs off a little, and her jaw sets, "Aren't you a little concerned? Even the smallest bit?"

Turning around, Pepper starts back towards the couch; she's had enough of looking at the sights over the city. She neither needs nor wants to look beyond to see (or imagine) the destruction of the Stark Expo.. that bit of a vanity project that showcases the large and the small. "He's gotten away before.. he just needs a chance. An opportunity.." He'll come back.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Her voice stiff and flat, Natasha answers, "Stark has been gone for for twenty three minutes and fourty eight seconds. No one *can* know where he is. Yet."
    Natasha takes a deliberate turn towards Pepper, and begins to very slowly step closer to her. "When we know... The Avengers will go there. If he breaks free... there's no problem." She stops in front of Pepper, coldly looking directly into her eyes. "The state of my concern affects nothing."

Pepper Potts has posed:
"That's twenty-three minutes and forty-eight seconds too long," Pepper responds. "You have the world at your fingertips. You... you can go where I can't." She shakes her head, and when Nat's approach is noted, she actually takes a step back and away from the woman.

Pepper does manage to hold Nat's gaze, however. A testament to the so very plain woman's courage, at the very least. "It shows that you might actually //care//. Yeah.. I know, but it affects something. It might actually make you seem.. human, because right now, I have no idea who.. or what you are. Why should I trust you? Because Tony somehow has it in his head that he likes you? I'm sorry.. but I've questioned his taste before."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Somewhere behind that stoic mask, Natasha is impressed at Pepper's fortitude, but neither it, nor any hurt or frustration that may result from Pepper's appraisal seems to show on her face. It's a... thing with Natasha. Her face, her voice, they generally only show what she wants to show people, sincere or not. Nearly every expression is a conscious choice and effort. And right now, in the state she's in, Natasha's not devoting any time or energy to expressing anything. Literally anything at all.
    After a cold moment of silence, Natasha replies. "Because I'm something need. You don't need people right now. You need freaks. So you're in luck."
    With that, Natasha turns away, taking a few steps closer to the window. "In a few minutes SHIELD agents will be here. They'll keep you safe. Until then, I'm your protection. After that..." Her head inclines very very slightly, "I go to work."

Pepper Potts has posed:
"I don't need freaks, Natasha. I need people who can do remarkable things. I need my friends. I need people who care. I.. I.. I need Steve. I need Janet. And, if you think you're a freak, then I'm sorry. I don't need you." Pepper stares at Nat and shakes her head slowly. Finally, she turns to go and sit down, setting her glass of water back onto the table.

"I'm pretty sure I'll be safe. They already have him." Pepper sits down on the couch heavily before pulling her feet up and under her. She's comfortable in the Penthouse, apparently. "If it means he's found sooner, go."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha does not visibly respond to Pepper's conclusion about her, though she turns her head very slightly, possibly giving the impression that she's begun looking at Pepper in the window's reflection. Staring silently.
    Finally she looks away, back out into the distance, hand hovering near her holster as it has been since they left the Stark Expo, almost motionless. "Two minute ETA to arrival." She says, apparently choosing not to take Pepper's advice, and remain here until her replacements arrive. She's... professional, at least!. "Then I'll be out of your way."