15463/The new guy took a wrong turn.

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The new guy took a wrong turn.
Date of Scene: 26 July 2023
Location: Chinatown
Synopsis: Technology is a joy. GPS ineed. Matthew got directions to Hell's Kitchen from Gabby.
Cast of Characters: Matthew Jackson, Gabby Kinney

Matthew Jackson has posed:
Walking down the street, a frown on his face as he studies the phone in his hand. A slow raise of his brow and he grunts in disgust,"How did I manage to get here?" he mutters darkly and starts thumbing the phone for another screen.

Walking up behind him, a would be pick pocket reaches towards his back pocket. He doesn't look and doesn't even stop scrolling,"If you like your fingers where they are..." is all he says. The urchin drops the hand to his side.

Turning towards the would be pick pocket, Matthew extends his hand with a few crumpled bills,"Two blocks up, they have an open shelter. Get some rest."

The younger man takes the bills and then turns to run. A shake of his head and then Matthew looks at the phone again.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney was familiar with the area though it had been awhile since she'd visited. The lure of some some good Chinese was more than she could resist tonight. With takeout in hand she's leaning up against the wall of a building so that her back is well guarded as she digs into the 25 Spice with Chicken from that little corner shop that everyone here raved about.

No one really knew what the 25 spices were. It just tasted *amazing.*

A heaping chopsticks full of noodles had been taken and chewed while her gaze flits over the kid that was attempting to pickpocket the white haired guy that looked pretty lost. His response was surprising enough that she nearly chokes on her mouthful from laughing.

It's quickly gulped down before she makes a mess of herself, and she lets an actual laugh come out. "Nice. Lucky he wasn't triad though. There's usually more than one in that case," she offers out to the stranger.

"You look lost. Need help?"

Matthew Jackson has posed:
He looks back at the escaping kid, then glances towards the one who it speaking to him. Looking at the phone and shaking his head he walks in her general direction. The smell of food does get a pause, clearly enjoying the scene of it.

"Maybe it's not a total loss." he mutters to himself and walks towards her,"His technique was wrong, his stride too broken. He's just looking for food and a place to sleep." he assesses the situation.

Turning the phone where she can see, he points to a place. Even though she is being helpful she can tell by his body language and the tone of his voice that he is more guarded of her than the boy that just tried to pick his pocket. Some people.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney pushes her weight away from the wall so she can stand to her full height as he approaches. It wasn't much. She had to work with what she had. The food is still in hand, takeout container on one and chopsticks in the other held at the ready to pinch and snag another bunch of noodles when she felt like it.

"Yeah, probably true," she has to agree of his assessment of the kid that ran off. The matter was already seen to though so it wasn't as if it was her business. Plus the kid got off light, and hopefully would find the help he needed.

The phone held out on display is regarded before her gaze flits up to him, and then back to the screen. "You are *way* off course." A deep breath is drawn, and exhaled in a huff. "I could take you there if you want? If you don't mind riding on the back of a motorcycle. It'd take you awhile on foot from here, though. I was actually going to be heading to Central Park after this so it's kind of along the way."

A dubious expression rests on him as she debates. "Given what I just saw of how you handled the kid I'm going to take a wild guess you won't try to shank me."

Matthew Jackson has posed:
Glad to have someone willing to help him since he was off track, he listens to her. When she draws near, he shifts just a little so they don't bump one another. His heart might be a little cool, but it is still at least there as it comes to the homeless sorts.

When she tells him that he is way off course he sighs and shakes his head,"My truck isn't far up the street. I will just have to reorient the phone and resist the urge to throw it. Can you give me a general direction? I appreciate the offer and no...I probably wouldn't shank you for helping me." That's a lot of words for him it seems as his voice even cracks just a little,"Thank you for your help."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"Even if you did it wouldn't matter. Just don't really want to get blood on my bike," Gabby responds as if this were completely normal conversation to her. Maybe she just had that sort of sense of humor given she cracks a grin at him that is big enough to cause the scars on her face to crinkle from the expression.

"Let's walk to your truck then and I'll point you the right way. The GPS doesn't work great in this area of the city to begin with. Something about the pipes in the old buildings blocking the tower signal. I'm Gabby, by the way. And yes," she adds chuckling, "I know I talk as much as my name suggests. Old habit."

"So what's in Hell's Kitchen? Not the usual place your kind go to hang out."

Matthew Jackson has posed:
He can respect confidence and he only makes a soft,"Hmm." sound as he considers what she says. The grin gets an almost grin in return and he turns to walk back towards the truck as indicated,"I am still getting used to the idea of GPS and driving anyway." he admits.

"You talk too much, I don't talk enough. Seems to fit." he replies and in the distance there is a black mid 90's Bronco that chirps when he hits the key fob. He gives her a side eye and he replies,"I am going there to do a job. As for my kind, I am guessing you don't mean former homeless."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"Nope, sorry. You don't smell the least bit human to me. That's okay though," Gabby adds with a little shrug. Her chattering stops just long enough to take another quick bite of her food, then she tucks the chopsticks away in her hand to fold the container shut. No sense in walking with it open still. "I know a lot of people that aren't."

She also knew a lot of people that didn't talk a lot, so it was easy enough for her to roll with it. Even if he hadn't introduced himself yet. So far he hadn't done anything to make her put her guard up and the way he treated the kid left her with an overall good impression.

Spotting the Bronco so she can properly see which way it's oriented she gestures down the street. "Okay, you'll want to go two blocks down. You'll need to take a left, then an immediate left on the next street over so you head back that way," she adds gesturing the OTHER way. "It's just going to be way easier to turn around that way, especially this time of the night. Keep going until you hit a cross street with a 7-11 on your right. Take that right, and just follow it straight into Hell's Kitchen. It should take you about fifteen minutes to get there."

Matthew Jackson has posed:
He reaches into his pocket and produces a business card. It isn't terribly impressive, but it has his name and number inidicating him as a Private Security Contractor and Consultant,"Matthew Jackson." he tells her finally as he offers her the card.

"Well if it's any consolation I am not a hundred percent what I am myself so.." he shrugs and continues to the truck, listening to what she is telling him. Funnily enough, though he isn't terribly talkative himself he seems to be able to keep up with her without too much trouble,"Thank you for the directions, sorry to trouble you."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney reaches out to take the offered card with a quick glance down to it, then back to him. "Fair enough," comes her response of not knowing what he was. Nothing more is really said on that topic, though as he starts to head off she calls out one last time.

"Hey, if you ever need any help with... stuff... You can find me at The Candle, Booke and Bell in Manhattan. We've got a lot of people who don't know who they are there," she offers back. Then she actually waves toward him calling out, "Stay safe!"

Matthew Jackson has posed:
Climbing into the truck he closes the door and looks out the window,"The Candle, Booke, and Bell. Got it." he replies. He considers the rest and tells her,"You do the same. Maybe sometime you will look up and see me there. Curiosity causes me problems." With that he starts the truck and is off in the direction that she indicated.