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So You Want To Be A Minion
Date of Scene: 23 May 2020
Location: Rockefeller Center
Synopsis: Felicity gets the message from Doom, as she realizes that her secret is known.
Cast of Characters: Victor Von Doom, Felicity Felix

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Doctor Doom, sovereign ruler of Latveria, super-villain, scientist, sorcerer, has his fingers in quite a few metaphorical pies. So when he heard of a woman that was able to disrupt probability fields most unwillingly... well, this might be someone that he could use for his own purposes.

If nothing else, getting her a job at the Baxter Building could be worth some amusement.

However, he decided not to go himself since... well, far too obvious, that. Instead, he has a minion, a rather dapper looking young man in a fashionable suit, sitting at an outdoor table of a cafe. He looks perfectly charming, perfectly presentable...

And, most likely, perfectly expendable. But that part he's probably unaware of, as he waits for Ms. Felix to show up for her appointment. Looking nervously at a gadget of some unknown purpose.

Felicity Felix has posed:
Arriving fifteen minutes late, a young woman is power-walking in four-inch heels. She has a little pencil skirt, a black blazer, and a white blouse with a narrow black tie on. She looks a bit harried, and is walking as swiftly as she dares. Her hips tilt, sway, and bounce a bit with the effort, and the driver of a Wayne Waste Removal truck cruises right through the intersection while watching her.

The ultra-heavy garbage truck plows straight into an armored vehicle crossing south, and the armored plating buckles like tinfoil. Horns blare, dollar bills flutter into the sky, and glittering coins go scattering into the street, a few rolling all the way down to the cafe outside the Rockefeller Center. People start to flood into the street for the money while cars start to screech and swerve, trying to avoid people. One careens into a lamp post, which falls over onto a newspaper stand, sending a stack ablaze.

Meanwhile, the young woman with brown hair and blue eyes trots up to the man with the device. "Um, hi, are you Emmanuael Smith?" She smiles and tilts forward a bit, her eyebrows high. "I'm so sorry I'm late, there was a...Rhino-shaped person."

The device is burning hot. If it has warning lights, all of them are on.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
The young man's eyes widen at the device's reaction, "Well... my Lord's information was definitely correct..." He smiles politely, if a bit nervously, "You must be Felicity Felix. I'm glad you could take the opportunity to meet with me. I hope you don't mind if this is... a hasty meeting."

Oddly enough, the aura around the table seems to be perfectly... normal. Despite the device overheating from the strain, as he looks perfectly unfazed from the bad luck aura. Though one sensitive to such things could feel the threads of probability starting to strain around the table. "My employer would like to retain your services, on an as-needed basis. Your... talents, intrigue him, and he would like to see if there are ways to, control, your abilities." Since, well, a careful observer would be aware of what she is capable of.

And Doom, is a very careful observer.

Felicity Felix has posed:
She stops short when she gets close. She had tilted forward to talk to him, but she has snapped back upright as if she were suddenly uncomfortable, or felt an odd draft. She looks one way, then the other, frowning a little. But then she smiles at him once more, pulling out a chair, "Wow, you serve a 'Lord'? Like British royalty?" She takes a seat with a quick smoothing of her skirt under her, and she hesitates for a moment after planting herself in it. She tilts her head a little, looking as if something were wrong again.

Out in the street, the chaos becomes a little more organized, with people taking their armfuls of cash and running. The drivers of the two vehicles are talking. A police cruiser shows up.

Meanwhile, the blue-eyed young woman smiles at Mr. Smith, listening to him talk. When he mentions control, she tilts her head a bit. "Well... I mean, I'd like to think that working a little overtime isn't *too* big of a deal. I just like to make sure projects run smoothly, and I don't mind staying extra hours if that's what it takes."

The device starts to smoke. Every dial is maxed out, and one actually breaks its limiter pin to start spinning like in a cheesy B-movie or cartoon. Frowning, she dips her head a bit to examine the plume, "Um...I think there's something wrong with your cellphone's battery..."

Victor Von Doom has posed:
He smiles wryly, "In a manner of speaking... um, he asked me to leave you this message." He pulls an envelope out from his jacket, and looks very alarmed at the device, picking it up, "Ah, excuse me a moment. I need to go... right now."

Leaving the envelope on the table, he suddenly walks very fast away from the table, glancing back and forth, then he breathes a sigh of relief once he's a fair distance from Felicity...

Which is, of course, when the piano falls from the building and lands directly on top of poor Emmanuel Smith. As screams of horror erupt from passerby as it's a particularly gory display, there's still the large padded envelope, addressed to F. Felix.

Felicity Felix has posed:
Felicity Felix blinks when she hears the odd sound of the piano falling, but since she can't see what happened, she looks down and picks up the envelope thoughtfully, frowning a bit at the thickness. After a few moments of thought, she shrugs and opens it.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Inside the envelope is... well, the most noticeable thing is cash. A fair amount of it. Then there's a written note, as well as a small device with a button labeled 'Play'. The note reads as follows:

* * * * * *

Ms. Felicity Felix,

    Your talents regarding probability have come to my attention. And I feel that there is potential to use them in conjunction with my other plans. Consider this a down payment for future endeavors that might prove mutually beneficial.



P.S. Don't mourn too much for Mr. "Smith," he was testing something for me, and likely showed that the device needs some additional work.

* * * * * *

Felicity Felix has posed:

She hops up from her chair, and starts to run around the corner of the building, where people are gathered around the piano that was being loaded through a window half-way up the building. She looks a little confused until she sees a bit of blood running from underneath the wreckage and she gasps, eyes wide. "Oh no..." She looks at the letter, "But I don't... It's not me..."

She swallows hard and presses Play.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
A tiny holographic figure appears, in the style of Star Wars. Though this is hardly some princess saying that she needs your help. Insteaad, it's a tiny representation of... Doctor Doom???

The man is unmistakable, as his voice echoes with a power that belies the relative lack of volume, "Ms. Felix. I have taken this opportunity to communicate with you without invoking... any negative consequences on my part. I suspect this device will not last long, and if the snapback did deal with Mister Smith, I doubt you'll wish to address any local authorities about this. Particularly given the cash deposit you just received."

If the mask could smile, it would. Perhaps it is, in a grim fashion. "We'll be in touch, Ms. Felix." And with that, the device sparks and fizzles, the hologram fading out as it smokes a bit, the innards disintegrating to a fine powder as the message has been delivered.

Felicity Felix has posed:
"Oh, wait no--" Then it's powder, and Felicity sulks. "Damn it! Why are all these sorts of devices junk?!" Then she blinks, realizes it looks like she's talking to herself, and she shuffles off, just as an arriving fire truck hits a hydrant and sends a plume of water into the sky. Suddenly she's trotting, and then jogging away, high heels be damned!