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Classroom Prep
Date of Scene: 09 August 2020
Location: Classroom - West
Synopsis: Julio helps Bobby prepare the classroom for his first days of teaching.
Cast of Characters: Bobby Drake, Julio Richter

Bobby Drake has posed:
It's a quiet Saturday afternoon at the mansion and after the excitement of the interrupted bike ride the previous day, Bobby's decided to spend today prepping his classroom for the students that he will be teaching in the not too distant future. He's had one assigned, and he has been moving some of his things into the locked desk at the teacher station, setting up some of his media for the projector for when he teaches classes, and making sure he has enough furniture and the like for the projected class size.

Julio Richter has posed:
Since Bobby's got the head for dealing with the technical details, Julio has been making himself useful lugging in furniture. Xavier's School is a lot less standardized than a lot of educational settings, so there's a bit of hunting for whatever nooks and crannies have been turned into storage, followed by hauling mismatched, heavy antique chairs from one side of the school to the other.

It's tempting to raid neighboring classrooms, of course, but between the general sense of bad form and the number of telepaths on the premises, it's simply not worth it. When Julio does return, it's with a large dolly piled with about a dozen stained-wood chairs.

He bumps the door open with his butt, announces, "Found some more in the basement!" and pulls the dolly into the classroom. He's wearing a pair of khaki shorts and his light pink 80s-print tank top, but has on hiking boots instead of flip-flops, just in case he drops something heavy on his foot. "I think this will be enough. Tell Professor Xavier he should buy some cheaper, lighter chairs, though."

Bobby Drake has posed:
It's probably not a good idea to raid the neighboring classrooms as tempting as it is, as that just opens one up for being counter-raided and then it becomes an all-out battle for furniture and supplies -- and frankly, does anyone need that? Bobby definitely doesn't, not in his first year of being an actual teacher rather than just a teaching assistant and tutor.

He glances up when Julio arrives with the chairs and grins. "Nice. That's.. I think more than we're going to need." The room isn't that big. But he isn't going to complain either. "Let's go ahead and see what we can set up and position around the room. We can always see if anyone else is looking for chairs and set them up for them." Because that's good-will, and better than chair theft, after all. He does laugh a little when Julio comments on them needing better, lighter chairs.

Julio Richter has posed:
"That makes sense. I'd rather not drag them all the way back downstairs, anyway," Julio answers with a laugh. He picks up a stacked pair of larger chairs, lifting with his legs instead of his back -- some of the fitness stuff he's been working on over the summer seems to be sinking in -- and sets them down one at a time behind one of the wide tables students will be using for desks.

"How many students are you going to have?" he asks, glancing around the room. It slowly dawns on him: "I... really should have asked that before I went to get chairs." He shrugs and laughs, then goes to the cart to set up more seating.

Bobby Drake has posed:
"Yeah, let's definitely not do that," Bobby grins. "We'll just see if anyone else needs whatever we don't and they can be appropriately grateful for our generosity." He flashes a grin and then gestures to the six tables in the room. "About a dozen. So two chairs per table should be enough, and then we can put two more up against the back wall in case there are visitors or observers who come in for some reason or another, and then one more up with mine at the front in case we have a guest speaker or something. That should use up pretty much what we've got with only a couple left over." He stands in the middle of the room looking thoughtful and then nods again before grinning over at Julio. "I really appreciate you helping me with this."

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio sets his second pair of seats in place, grins at Bobby, and then shakes his head. "Of course I'm helping you, Heladito," he says, dismissing the thanks with a wave. "Your big new job starts soon, and I'm happy for you!"

He starts toward the cart again, but then makes a detour to meet Bobby in the middle of the room, snaking his arms around the other man's waist from behind and setting his chin on his shoulder. "Also, don't tell anyone, but I think you might be a little nervous and I want to be sure everything is perfecto for your first day of class," he says more quietly. "And I am 'appropriately grateful' for your help yesterday, too, don't forget."

He gives Bobby a quick nuzzle to the side of his neck, then lets him go and goes to grab more chairs.

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby grins a little bit at the nickname, finding it funny every time he hears it. "I can still appreciate it," he points out, leaning back against Julio and wrapping his arms around Julio's arms. He smiles as Julio rests his head on his shoulder and tips his head just a little to lean against it. "Maybe just a little nervous. Everybody seems to keep wanting to terrify me with visions of being unable to control the classroom or get anyone to take me seriously." He smiles a little wryly. "I'm starting to fear that they might be right. How the hell am I going to get a bunch of kids to take the guy who was the class clown seriously?"

He glances over his shoulder and frowns just a little, shaking his head. "There's nothing to thank me for about yesterday. Mostly I was just reacting to the situation, and I was worried about getting into a fight that could have ended real ugly." He smiles a little at the nuzzle to his neck and reluctantly releases Julio to let him return to the chairs, going to help him set a couple more behind their tables.

Julio Richter has posed:
"Just turn the first kid who won't shut up into a popsicle," Julio suggests. "The others will take you seriously after that." He grabs more chairs and sets them in their place, keeping up the conversation the whole time. "Seriously, though, I don't think you have anything to worry about. You're an OG X-man, you're a very fun person, and you're pinche cute, too. The ones who aren't in awe will still like you, the ones who don't like you will have a crush on you."

He laughs a little as he slides the chairs out of the way, then sits on the table between them. "I'm not thanking you for standing up for me, Bobby. I'm thanking you for talking to me about it afterward. And" -- he swings his feet under the table for a second -- "Maybe a little bit for being scared for me. That was sweet."

Bobby Drake has posed:
"Yeah, that's... not a good plan, Julio," Bobby laughs with a shake of his head, though there is that sparkle of amusement in his eyes. He chuckles as Julio tries to reassure him by listing out his qualities. He leans against one of the tables and says, "Okay, you do have a point. I am an X-man and I have been here since I was younger than some of them. So I've gone through what a lot of them are going through. That's gotta count for something."

He walks over to where Julio sits on the table, taking up a position between his knees and resting his hands lightly on his thighs. "I happen to care about you, in case you hadn't noticed," he grins a little. "That means being scared of harm coming to you. You know, for entirely selfish reasons. Who's going to carry around chairs for me if something happens to you?" He flashes a broad grin there, but he's clearly kidding.

Julio Richter has posed:
"Well, you're the one with the fancy degree, I guess I have to trust you about the popsicles," Julio concedes airily, lifting his hands to Bobby's shoulders and kneading away any tension he might feel there. "But it can't hurt to have a backup plan, just in case." His teasing expression shifts to one more serious, and he continues, "You know everything you need to know, and you're a good person, Bobby. You're going to do a great job, and those kids are going to love you."

He shifts his hands, bit by bit, as he keeps massaging at his shoulders. "Of course, I care about you, too, so I'm totally biased. But I'm not scared about your new job, because I am very sure you're going to be great at it." He raises one eyebrow, then concludes, "Besides, you've convinced me to move furniture for you, right? I don't see how getting those kids to stay in line will be all that difficult, by comparison."

With a quiet smile, he relaxes his grip on Bobby's muscles and shifts his hands, smoothing down the new teacher's shirt from neck to shoulders.

Bobby Drake has posed:
"My very fancy degree," Bobby laughs. "I don't even have my Masters, which I'll need to work on, at some point. It's just a B.S. in Mathematics." But he smiles none the less and lets out a little sigh as Julio works away the tension in his shoulders. He lets his head tip forward and his eyes close as he listens, that little smile quirking and tugging at the edges of his lips. "You know, it wasn't really that hard to convince you," he points out with a little bit of a laugh.

Then he looks up again as Julio straightens his shirt along his shoulders and says, "I know it's going to be okay. I mean, deep down I know that, even if on the surface I'm still a little nervous but.. I appreciate your faith in me. It means a lot." He then looks around the room and says, "I think we're pretty much done here."

Julio Richter has posed:
"Fancier than I've got," Julio answers fondly, giving Bobby's thighs a light squeeze between his knees. "And I like helping you, when I can. Besides, I've been working out all summer, and I know it sounds dumb, but..." He waggles his head back and forth, then admits, "It's kind of fun, in a stupid way, being able to help with moving heavy stuff. I wasn't very strong before, and now that I am, it's fun to sort of... show off." He rolls his eyes and gives a self-deprecating little laugh.

After a quick, quiet breath, he continues, "You've given me plenty of reasons to have faith in you, Bobby. You earned it." He settles back, looks around them, then asks, "Well, if we're done moving in, is there anything else you wanted to get done this weekend?"

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby can't help but grin at that and says, "Yeah, I get it. When I'm in my ice form I'm a lot stronger and can do things I can't do in this one. It's definitely a rush at first, and it's still cool when I can use it when it's needed. So, I get it. It's nice to find ways to apply all the new things that you can do." He slowly steps back from Julio then and says, "Come on. I'll help get the other chairs out into the room next door. They seem short on them there, and then we can go find something else to do."

Julio Richter has posed:
"Sounds good to me," Julio says agreeably, letting his hands drop to his lap as Bobby pulls away, then hopping down from the desk. He lets Bobby lead the way, then pushes the cart after him into the hall, to distribute chairs as needed to other rooms. Better than apples, if you're looking to ingratiate yourself with a teacher, as it turns out.