3032/Two Archers Meet in NYC

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Two Archers Meet in NYC
Date of Scene: 22 August 2020
Location: Somewhere in NYC
Synopsis: Thea Queen nearly gets run over. Olena Kovalenko manages to keep her feet.
Cast of Characters: Thea Queen, Olena Kovalenko

Thea Queen has posed:
Now ensconced in her efficiency apartment in SoHo, there is little that will bring Thea Queen out of it except for the 'need to have'. One of those is bottled water and small edibles. She's got her left-over Thai, packaged and in the refrigerator, but she's not going to drink city water, regardless of how many filters may be on the faucet.

A quick shower is taken, and she shrugs into something she'd never be caught dead in before, wrinkled clothes, her burner phone is set into a back pocket, a cash card is dropped into a front pocket, and she's soon exiting, locking the door behind her.

Down the hall, down the stairs, and out on the street, Thea looks left.. right. She's not all that familiar with the neighborhood. Making that right, she's on the sidewalk, making her way, keeping her head down in city fashion, and in the dire hopes that no one recognizes her. The City is one of anonymity, hopefully.

She steps off the curb, and before she makes it halfway into the intersection, a car comes careening out of a side street, making the young Queen leap to the side and quite possibly bowl other 'crossers' over.

"What the-- hey!!"

Olena Kovalenko has posed:
As the car careens by, Olena Kovalenko, moving with remarkable fluidity, narrowly avoids both the car and Thea as she leaps out of its hurtling way. She says something in Ukrainian that's probably best left untranlated, eyes narrowing as she notes the make, model, and license plate of the car. Though she rapidly concludes the driver is probably just some affluent American asshole and not one of the bastards she routinely hunts.

A beat as she turns her attention to Thea. Maybe there's a look to the Starling City native that twigs something with the Ukrainian. She actually reaches out a hand to help steady the young heiress. "You good?" Her words are accented with the sounds of her native tongue, but clear. "That car won't make six more blocks before rear passenger wheel siezes. You wait." She saw the wobble as it careened by. And she's ridden that shockwave before.

Thea Queen has posed:
Thea's gathering herself together. Any other day, she'd be fine and quite possibly give chase in order to give them a piece of her mind via a merry rooftop race. But, she's feeling less herself and more.. not, though there is coming a time when there is at least something of a balance in it. So, she's looking more.. dumbfounded than angry, annoyed or in anyway angry enough to follow.

Hearing a voice that seems like it's right there and a million miles away, it takes Thea a moment to register that she's being spoken to, and in her amazing way to begin a conversation, starts with, "Huh?" It's not long, though, before she can follow it up with, "Wh? Oh.." and there's a self-deprecating smile as she's helped in being steadied. "Thanks.. I'm good," she acknowledges.

"His damned wheel should fall off.." is muttered, but louder, Thea returns with "Makes me want to find them and yell at them."

Olena Kovalenko has posed:
Olena shrugs, almost dismissively. "Waste of energy," she opines. "If he does not die in crash because he take corner too fast, he will probably die when he sees scratch on bumper." She offers the barest hint of a smile. "Heartattack."

The light has turned again, so she steps back to let the cross traffic make their way unimpeded by annoyed pedestrians.

Thea Queen has posed:
Thea pauses, and as her heart finds its way back into her chest, she actually looks at the other woman and grins. It's the first natural, geniune smile in some time, and it could be coupled with a soft, breathy laugh.

"I know the type," she adds ruefully. Of course she does! She //was// that type only a small handful of years ago.

As she crosses now, she's walking closely with the Russian (Ukranian, sure, but!!), and once she gets to the other side, Thea tries to catch the other woman before she leaves. There's.. something about her. "Thea.. Thea Queen.." It shouldn't be hard to find her, once she introduces herself. In case, she adds what is probably a cryptic message, "That Queen." Later, if Olena looks, she'l.. understand.

Olena Kovalenko has posed:
Olena's head cants slightly and a brow rises. There's a beat as she considers the information. "Olena," she says shortly. She doesn't give her last name. It's not like Thea will recognize it, anyway. For the moment, 'Queen' doesn't mean very much, though she does catch that there's additional meaning in the emphasis. She'll look into it later, certainly. For now, though, she waves errantly to the traffic.

"You... are not maybe from here?" It's a stab in the dark. Not like she's 'from here'. But she's ranged up and down the Eastern Seaboard in recent months. Somewhat strategically. "New York?"

Thea Queen has posed:
"I am.. sort of," Thea doesn't really give a good answer, but it's kind of correct? "Family is from Starling City." New Jersey? (Ew.)

It's obvious, however, that the newly introduced Olena isn't from 'around here', so once she's got a good place to 'land' on the other side of the street, she pats her pockets down. Without a pen or paper, because after all who carries those? she checks a side merchant and asks to borrow them. It's quick, and she has to check her phone for the number; who remembers that? "Here. I have to pick up a few things and go home, but.. here's my number."

Olena Kovalenko has posed:
Olena takes the number her brows rising higher. "Dyakuyu," she says. "Thank you." Though she does sound a trifle uncertain. The number dispappears into a pocket, nonetheless. "I am sometimes in Starling City. I go where work takes me." A beat. "Courier," she adds. Because it's easier than saying 'vigilante' or 'I murder the mob'.

"Sometimes, I am in Starling City." A beat. "More often than New York, really."

Because there's a whole collection of assholes there she's trying to track down.

"Perhaps I will find you there."

If not, she'll live.

Nevertheless, she raises her hand in a brief farewell. "Try to not to get run over, tak?"