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You Are Cordially Invited...
Date of Scene: 26 August 2020
Location: 2D - Terry's Apartment
Synopsis: It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a man in possession of a secret identity, is going to have one hell of a time when it comes to dating. - Jane Austen (not really)
Cast of Characters: Terry O'Neil, Gar Logan

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"So..." Terry says to Gar, holding up the notice, "Donna's told me the team's getting invited, what with us being her team-mates, but I'm also getting this for the Planet. Lois is going to be out of the city on assignment, and since I'm already covering you guys..." the redhead shrugs, "I guess it makes sense. So... are you coming?"

Terry tries to ask the question casually, but with that little affect that indicates he is more invested in the answer than he lets on, as he leans on the couch, glancing at his boyfriend as he offers him a can of sparkling water.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan stands around with the invitation in hand after reaching for it. "Festival of Themosp..Thesmo..phor..ia. Too bad it's just at the embassy. I would have liked to see /their/ place!" he exclaims, squinting past the notice with a sly grin. "I guess, as the team's resident party animal, I'm kind of obligated to be there, aren't I? So you're gonna be writing about it? They haven't fired you, then?"

Innocent look.

The can is accepted, the labeling glanced at before he downs a portion of it, wiping his mouth with the back of a hand.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Yyyyeah, not yet." Terry smirks, crossing his arms, "Well, at least the ancient world is going to see the power of the Titan party Animal firsthand."

He pushes off from the couch and walks over to the kitchen to get himself a can of sparking water. He's in his shorts and an old T-shirt with Gar's cartoony depiction on it, because he enjoys teasing him with it. "But there is a burning question that is bouncing in my mind. Who is the Party Animal going with?' he peers over his shoulder as he grabs his can of sparkling water, "Anyone in particular?"

He pads back over to the couch and sits on the arm rest.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan snaps his fingers. Of course going to Themyscira is probably not happening any time soon.

"Funny thing about that. I don't have a d..a da...ahem." There's a word he's trying to finish saying, but it's not quite happening yet. No, it's not because he sees the cartoony version of himself on Terry, either.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry narrows his eyes a little and smirks, "You don't have a Dada? No, it'd be awkward to go to the ball with a piece of surrealist art." He puts his feet up on the couch, and leans forward, arms wrapped around his knees. "Why do I get the impression the cat has got your tongue? Wanna try that again, Mister Logan?" He takes a long sip from his can, clearly enjoying this a little more than he should.

Gar Logan has posed:
"Quiet, you," Gar answers, flashing a challenging look toward Terry as he rolls his eyes.

A distantly thoughtful expression forms, then he acts as if a bulb just lit up above his head. "It /could/ be a way to, uh, let people see we're, you know, a thing. Right?" He remains standing, either not comfortable with sitting, or a little too amped up to hold still for he begins to pace. "But I don't know what to wear."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Are you asking me to be your date, Gar?" Terry asks, winking at him and leaning back. "I want to make sure, 'cause this would be the first time ever... "

It looks like he is doing his best to not be too giddy, although his grin is almst as wide as it looks like when he's the Cheshire cat. His tail would probably be twitching in anticipation, if he were in that form.

Gar Logan has posed:
Color is added to those green cheeks. Gar says, "Well, I /was/ thinking of asking /Raven/ because have you seen the way she looks at me sometimes? But since you put it /that/ way, her hesitation could be your gain."

Of course, Raven would probably send him to the moon before asking him on a date, but who's keeping track?

Sipping from the can of water, he wonders, "But who would my date be? Terry, or Vorpal? Have you figured out how you're gonna handle all of that yet, with the story about us..and me?"

Terry O'Neil has posed:
The redhead pauses for a second, and looks at Gar for a few seconds.

"Well... I am Vorpal only for a short fraction of the time. Most of the time, I'm me." He tilts his head and frowns, tapping his sparkling water can. "But I guess we need to come to a common ground... of which one of us you're more comfortable being seen with in public in... /that/ context, you know?" he says, "I know what my preference is. But I'm curious as to yours..."

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan muses, "If we're doing this as sort of a Titans thing, then I think that answers the question for us."

What does he mean by that? "So do you think you can find something that has room for a tail to stick out? Or will you be all overheated in it?"

Not hot and bothered. Definitely not hot and bothered.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry raises an eyebrow. "So... the cat." He takes a sip from his can and finishes the drink. He taps the metal for a few seconds and then he stands up, to toss the can into the small recycle basket he has for that purpose. "I'm sure I can find something..." he says, grabbing a glass from the cupboard and filling it with water, "I'm sure there's a place that sells clothes for that," he says, sounding a little distracted as he sips some more water, and then passes the glass from hand to hand, looking thoughtful.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan's hands come together in front of him, fingers fidgeting with themselves. "Is that all right? I mean, it's your choice in the end, and I think you'd look great either way, so how do /you/ want to be seen with me at something like that?

Did he say the wrong thing? Terry did not immediately jump up and express exuberance at the idea, after all. So, the worry creeps in. So, he says more. "Because it's totally okay if you'd rather look like you do now, too. It'll be good either way."

Now he's repeating himself.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry exhales and looks at Gar. "No... it's what you want. I guess you'd think me stupid if I told you what was going on through my head." The redhead shakes his head, "I guess it's... different for you, because you don't have to compartamentalize your life like I have to." He walks over to the table in the living room and leans against it. "it's just... "

Gar Logan has posed:
"I thought it'd be more fun that way," Gar explains. "I guess I still don't get what it's like for you, though. I'm not used to the idea of someone with, like, two different personalities or sets of tastes and stuff, and..I really don't know. I do know you're going through some tough decisions right now, though. I also just want you to know I'm here for you, dude. You've been there for me when I needed it, so it's only fair." He approaches the same table, reaching out to do something that ends up being a light bump of his hand against a shoulder.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Well... let me put it like this, Gar. What if I told you that you could only date me while you were being Beast Boy of the Titans, and not Gar? That is, only when you were doing something titan-ish?" the redhead tilts his head, "Looking at the breakdown of your day, how often /are/ you doing something as Beast Boy, versus being Gar hanging out with your friends? I'm making a poor analogy here because you don't have a day job like me..."

He frowns, trying to think of a better way to put it, "Hm. So, Terry is who I am most of the time. I don't wear the fur as often- and I /can't/ be Vorpal for too long or else I start getting..." his voice falters, "I start thinkin funny the longer I stay like that. So that means that throughout my day, even if we're out together, there's a pretense I have to uphold. Like, I wouldn't be able to actually treat you like my boyfriend unless it was behind closed doors."

He blinks. "Is it because Vorpal's more exciting? Is he more un?"

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan draws his hand back, for now he's really beginning to look like he's uncertain. "But that's me whether I'm doing Beast Boy things or Gar things. That's how everybody knows me as, so I can't just be one and not the other, even if it's at something where I'm not technically doing Titan stuff. But I don't, like, have different thoughts or things."

That's still kind of where Gar's getting hung up on the way it is with Terry, with Vorpal. "I remember what was in your head when we were flying around with Kian. I dropped you," he points out. But the last thing he's asked leads to him frowning as well. "Come on, man. That's not a fair question. That's like a girl asking you if that dress makes her look fat."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry purses his lips slightly and seems to become lost in thought for a few seconds, before he nods, "Alright, then, you'll date the cat." He doesn't seem completely pleased with the idea, but he seems to gives up on the idea of trying to explain why to Gar. He walks over to one of the bookcases and grabs a notepad, scribbling on it as he speaks.

"I'll go to M-town tomorrow, they are bound to have suit designs for people with tails."

He glances up from his notepad at Garfield, "You'll probably be fine with a regular tux. You don't have any special considerations that would preclude you from getting one off the rack at Men's Wearhouse or whatever. Vorpal will probably have to make do with whatever color and cut they have that more or less suits."

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan moves to take hold of Terry's shoulders with both hands, if allowed, once an opening is there. "Thanks, but I can tell you're not pleased with me right now. But I like you as Terry and I like you as Vorpal, too. I'm sorry I said the wrong thing."

He lets go after this, attempting to take a few steps back as he glances toward the door. "If you want to, you know, think about stuff, I can go."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry doesn't reject the touch, nor does he shy away from it. He looks at Gar for a few seconds, wheels spinning in his head.

~If I strong-arm my choices here, he's going to feel like I'm just imposing my will and not willing to try. I did ask him what was that he wanted, and he told me.~

He reaches over and squeezes Gar's hand.

~What happens if I find out it isn't what I want, though?~

"No, I did ask you, it's only fair. It'll just... take me some time to adjust. You know, re-frame in my mind when I can be affectionate to you and when I can't, when we're out in public."

He turns back to the table and glances at the draft on it. It looks thick, and he lets out a quiet sigh glancing at it.

"We can go out and grab a quick bite to eat. But after that I'm afraid I have to work late on the new draft. Now that a new Dove has shown up, I can't let this article go without including that as a closer. It's important."

Has Gar heard of the new Dove? It's hard to keep up, sometimes.

Gar Logan has posed:
~I'm asking him to be something I want, not what he wants, but I want both and I want him to be comfortable around me as both. God, relationship stuff is hard.~

Terry's not the only one with thoughts swirling around in his head, and Gar attempts a smile at the grip of his hand, though the grin is a little forced right now.

~I'm just not used to being anything but me, and everything that goes with it.~

"I wish you could be affectionate all the time and we wouldn't have to worry about whether you're a pale redhead who doesn't get any sun, or a cat with one of the weirdest fur colors anyone's ever seen," he says, trying to make a joke that only comes off about halfway there, for him.

He seizes on the chance to eat. "If we're gonna get some food, it's my turn to treat you, for putting up with my dumb ass. But we--"

Stop. Brainfreeze.

"Dove?" he asks, mouth hanging open, eyes wide.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"It's a long story. There's a new Dove... not the old one..." Terry says quietly, realizig he may have just said something he shouldn't have. "The Lord of Order chose someone else o carry the mantle of Dove. Apparently on the same day that..." he nods his head.

"Her name is Dawn, and she's very nice," he says quietly, and walks close to Gar, reaching out to touch his shoulder.

Gar Logan has posed:
"Yeah. Um. Wow. Like. I'm, uh, not really sure how to process this right now. at all. It's sort of like the first time I kissed a..nevermind." Gar waves it off quickly, lest more color come to his cheeks, but what's said is said.

He moves initially as if he's in a daze, and sitting down to collect oneself would be a usual course of action here, but his stomach proves some things are just too much to ignore by rumbling right at that moment.

He murmurs, "I'll be fine, but it's..you know, I guess it's kind of nice that, ah, when Don..died..someone else.." He shakes his head, finding it too difficult to finish an already unfocused thought. "I guess that means the team is getting bigger again. If she wants to join, I mean."

Then, eyes go very wide. "Wait. Her name is Dawn? What are the odds?!"

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Yeah. I had breakfast with her... come on. I'll tell you all about it."

Terry squeezes Gar's hand, and then goes to quickly slip into a pair of jeans. He's glad Gar didn't take it as bad as he could have. Especially if they were goin gto go out in public. There was a level of comfort he couldn't quite provide as Terry in public anymore. For a brief moment he wonders if Gar has thought of that.

But then he quickly dismisses that thought as he grabs the keys to his beat-up car. "I know. What are the odds indeed." Over dinner, he'll tell Gar about the theories mentioned at that breakfast that the reunion of the Titans wasn't a random get together, but that perhaps other forces were at work.

"Let's go. It's your treat, so I'm choosing that expensive sushi place."