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  Beast Boy  
Gar Logan (Scenesys ID: 325)
Name: Garfield Mark Logan
Superalias: Beast Boy
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Occupation: Actor/Hero
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: St. Martin's Island, Metropolis
Education: GED
Theme: DC (FC)
Groups: Entertainment, Titans
Apparent Age: 21 Actual Age: 21
Date of Birth 03 Oct 2001 Played By Ryan Potter
Height: 5'8" Weight: 150 lbs
Hair Color: Green Eye Color: Green
Twitter: @RealBeastBoy (V)
Theme Song: Spotify Playlist:

Character Info


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Garfield Logan, aka Gar, aka Beast Boy, is an actor and animal shapeshifter. Currently a member of the Titans, now a reserve member of Doom Patrol, he is known to be active in the world of supers and metahumans. Green from head to toe, his changes came through surviving a deadly but rare virus known as Sakutia, which directly led to his abilities. He has gained some small renown through his acting, as well.


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* 2001: Garfield, Gar for short, was born to Mark and Marie Logan, who were scientists.
* 2003: While with his parents, who were researching genetic codes in the African country of Lamumba, Gar became afflicted with Sakutia, also known as Green Fever. It was a rare tropical virus, believed to be swiftly fatal to humans but not animals, and it came after he was bitten by a green monkey. An experimental procedure transformed him into a monkey for a full 24 hours and saved his life, but it left him completely green.
* 2006: During an expedition, Marie's safety was threatened by a black mamba. Gar, wanting to protect her, ended up changing into a mongoose to drive it off. It was the first display of his shapeshifting power, allowing him to turn into any animal he could think of, but his father warned him it had to be kept secret for their safety.
* 2008: Both of Gar's parents died in a boating accident during a terrible storm, Gar making it out by turning into a bird. King Tawaba, who was chief of a local African tribe and a friend of the Logans, decided to raise him after he helped find leaves from a tree that healed the King from a sickness he had.
* 2009: Mobu the witch doctor hated the Logans and Gar so much he sought for a couple of Americans to kill Gar in exchange for showing them to a temple full of jewels. Mobu died when the temple collapsed and after the thieves took Gar back to the United States, they made him commit crimes for them before soon killing each other in a dispute.
* 2010: The courts appointed Nicholas Galtry, already attorney for the Logan estate since 2008, as Gar's legal guardian. He was little more than a thief who sought to steal Gar's inheritance out from under him. Now that he had Gar close by, he sought to find ways to kill him and take all of the wealth for himself.
* 2011: Gar despised Galtry. In spite of having met Elasti-Girl and Mento, members of the Doom Patrol, and wishing to join them, he could not get permission from Galtry, who had no idea about Gar's shapechanging abilities.
* 2012: Gar, by now calling himself Beast Boy, did end up working with the Doom Patrol, and Galtry made attempts to have them all killed through employing different villains to attack. Eventually, Elasti-Girl and Mento married and were finally able to adopt Gar, coming out on top in court against Galtry.
* 2013: An aspiring actor, Gar landed a role in a sci-fi TV show by the name of Space Trek: 2222. He portrayed a green-skinned alien named Tork and while the show was not rated highly, it developed a sort of cult following and he gained some fans.
* 2014-2015: Gar continued to land small roles in various shows, typically non-speaking spots as green animals.
* 2016: A goal of Gar's was to join the Titans, and he was finally admitted to their ranks, developing friendships, going on missions, and learning more about what he could do as a shapeshifter.
* 2017: Gar tried to fend off Doomsday in Metropolis with the other Titans, but it was a massive failure that led to deaths amongst their ranks. Feeling defeated and despondent, the Titans unofficially disbanded.
* 2018: After moving to Southern California, Gar stretched his acting chops to distract himself from everything else. He portrayed multiple main roles in an indie, live-action retelling of The Jungle Book, taking on the parts of Baloo, Bagheera, King Louie, Shere Khan, and Kaa through use of creative edits.
* 2019: Gar remained on the West Coast, continuing to work on small acting roles for projects still in development, along with doing some solo heroing on the side.
* 2020: Missing his friends and teammates in the Titans, Gar returned to Metropolis to see who was still around in hope of starting over again.

IC Journal

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Laugh With Me:
Gar's life as a child was not what anyone would point to as a model of good times. He almost succumbed to a deadly virus, he turned green, his parents were killed in an accident, and before he was even old enough to shave he had people seeking to exploit him then get rid of him for good. In spite of all that, Gar has turned to something that helps him cope with bad memories of the past: jokes, laughter, comedy, smiles. He is a natural at keeping things light, not needing to be the center of attention but having no problems doing so if it brightens the moods of those around him. Laugh, and the whole world laughs with you. Turn into a cute animal and make people smile, and he's happy. It's better than dwelling on things that can't be changed. There is a serious, caring, and thoughtful side to him, but most will find him with a carefree attitude, looking to love what life has to offer.

Character Sheet


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Animal Empathy:
Beast Boy possesses a low-level psychic ability through his connection to the animal world that allows him to sense animals nearby and read their emotions. This is a one-way street, as he cannot impact or change anything in them.

Animal Mimicry:
No matter the animal or creature Beast Boy becomes, he gains access to the full library of abilities that animal possesses. This includes flight, speed, enhanced senses, toughness, strength, etc. He doesn't even need to take on a particular form in order to be able to imitate the sounds they're capable of, and this extends to humans as well. This makes him perfect for voice impersonations.

Animal Polymorph:
Beast Boy's primary ability, stemming from his exposure to and recovery from the Sakutia virus, is being capable of transforming into any creature he can picture in his mind. Early on, this was limited to animals, insects, and more that were limited to Earth only, but he has also managed extinct species, mythological creatures, and even otherworldly things as long as he knows enough about them to do it. Size is no restriction, as his body mass takes on that of what he focuses on being. He could be a whale, or he could be a flea. There is no apparent limit in terms of how long he can stay in one form, or how rapidly he can switch between them, and he can even change to multiples of the same thing depending on the source, such as a swarm of bees or a colony of ants. He retains the ability to speak and think normally, though his voice can be affected by the type of animal he is. This ability is concentration-based, so if he were to go to sleep, get knocked out, or otherwise interrupted or distracted enough, he would return to normal. A side effect of his shifting is the clothing he wears disappears as needed, reappearing when he returns to normal.

Cheshire Gar:
Under limited circumstances Gar can assume the mantle of the Cheshire Cat. This unique entity is otherwise bound to Terry O'Neil. When Gar becomes the Cheshire, he gains all the powers of that entity that Terry normally possesses. Gar loses access to all his zoomorphic powers while transmuted.

Gar can only become the Cheshire if that entity cannot access Terry's consciousness. Possible scenarios for this include Terry being severed from the Dreaming or powerful magic (particularly Order/Holy) that dispels the entity or which otherwise makes Terry an unsuitable host. When the scenario ends, the Cheshire reverts to Terry. (Note: obviously player consent is always required.)


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Gar has a growing resume as an actor, dating back to around a decade ago when he landed his first minor role in Space Trek: 2222 as a child alien named Tork. Since then he has mostly portrayed different animals, mostly in non-speaking roles depending on the material. Given his natural human state, he can more accurately convey different emotions, even as an animal, that people can understand. Acting is a form of expression he has come to love.

Animal Expert:
Since Beast Boy's abilities revolve around being able to turn into any animal he can think of, he has spent countless hours learning everything he can about different creatures, no matter how obscure. He is an encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to animal trivia, and he often takes the shape of whatever he's studying to further enhance what he can take away from it. You never know when a situation will call for a particular form, whether in the middle of a deadly battle or just to make someone laugh.

While Beast Boy's main abilities are normally dependent on which critter he's being at a given time, the Titans know there may be situations where they don't have access to what each of them can usually do. To that end, he knows enough basic martial arts skills to hold his own in hand-to-hand combat. It is something he could fall back on in a pinch, and with some of the people on the team, training is never far away.

Due to the nature of his shapeshifting abilities, Gar can not only mimic what a creature can do, he's nearly flawless at sounding like them too. This includes people, making him perfect for impersonations of any kind. Fictional charcters? Check. Celebrities? Check. The guy on the corner talking to himself? Check. Beast Boy: Human Lyrebird.

Social Media:
Being an actor, especially one who has had to rely on representing himself without others to do it for him, Gar has found a home on social media on multiple platforms. Always 'RealBeastBoy' and using the tag #LikeAnAnimal, it is easy for the fans he has to find him and keep tabs on what's going on in his life. He often shares silly, everyday things and posts a lot of pictures, but he is careful to maintain the privacy of others and keep more sensitive information hidden.

As an actor, Gar performs all of his own stunts, whether as a human or an animal. A main reason he got into animal acting was because it meant not needing a trained animal, not having to worry about whether it would decide to cooperate or not that day. If the scene calls for an animal to do a particular thing, he can pull it off with the certainty that it will work without needing dozens of takes to get it right. Then again, he never worked with Stanley Kubrick.


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Doom Patrol:
Gar's first experience with a group of supers was as part of Doom Patrol. He was adopted by Elasti-Girl and Mento, providing him with a new family even before joining the Titans. He still checks in on them and won't hesitate to give them a hand, paw, or whatever when they need it.

Though it might be a stretch to even call Gar a B-List actor (maybe he's close), he does have some connections in the acting industry and enough popularity that he continues to land minor roles in different projects. He's still working on a big break, but he probably doesn't have to worry too much about being a forgotten child actor when that stage of the game was never that successful to begin with.

Living Comfortably:
Gar's parents had a good amount of money in an inheritance after they died, though a large portion of it was lost when Nicholas Galtry got his hooks into it and sought to shift as much of it as he could to himself. Following his adoption, investments were set up to help the money grow again by the time he turned 18, and now he has full access to all of it along with his earnings from his acting roles and any stipends from the Titans. He can live without worry of making ends meet, which gives him room to be charitable as well.

As a full-fledged member of the Titans, Gar has the typical access to their base, technology, comforts, and all else included. They are his family now, and his teammates, and he is always ready to help.


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Animal Instincts:
Due to the nature of his shifting abilities, Beast Boy gains full access to what each animal he becomes can do by letting their natural instincts out. Though he can speak and retain human thought in these forms, the animal side can clash, especially if it's strong. The longer he holds a form, the greater the impact. It can even stick once he's returned to normal, from hours to a couple of days at the most.

Madder Than a Hatter:
The Cheshire is an avatar of Chaos and disorder. Gar does not benefit from Terry's learned resistance to the Cheshire's chaotic nature. The more time he spends hosting the entity, the more impulsive, chaotic, and unpredictable he becomes. If Gar hosts the Cheshire for too long, his sanity may start to break down and the Cheshire's personality will become more dominant. Gone too long, this scenario could lead to Gar's mind and personality being completely subsumed by the Cheshire's force of will.

While times are better now and he has not only an adoptive family but an extended one through the Doom Patrol and Titans, Gar lost his parents tragically at a very young age, watching them die as he literally flew to safety. That doesn't just go away. He strongly identifies with those who have experienced loss.

Publicly Known:
Due to the nature of who he is and what he does, Gar's identity and codename are common knowledge, one going with the other. He is not shy about this, embracing it rather than trying to hide it, and there have already been times someone's tried to kill him before he was even considered of legal age for most adult things. He is the first widely-known metahuman actor, he's done numerous interviews, appeared on different TV shows, and contributed to various charities, all as himself. He does not have much of a private life when out and about.

Quick To Trust:
If there's such a thing as being too friendly, Gar might just be that. Stranger or longtime pal, Gar acts chummy with anyone willing to accept it. He likes to offer hugs or handshakes, quick with a smile, joke, or impersonation, and he's more than ready to make a fool of himself to brighten someone else's day. He has a lot of friends, but what's another one but someone new he could get to know? Someone with unscrupulous things in mind could seek to exploit that.

So Green:
Ever since being saved from death by Sakutia, everything about Beast Boy, except his clothing, is green, green, green. Perhaps even the whites of his eyes are just a very light shade of green. Point is, anywhere he goes in public, whether as himself or as an animal, he's going to stand out. He has embraced this rather than trying to hide it. He's been through a lot worse than just worrying about the way he looks.



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Gar Logan has 259 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Mysteries In The Desert November 21st, 2023 The Titans, along with several allies, head to Egypt to begin searching for answers to what caused the explosion and where Crush's friend Mari might be.
Titans 3023: Titans 2023 November 13th, 2023 The Titans foil a bank robbery, but the job isn't over yet. In fact it won't be for another thousand years. The revelations have only just started, but they start with a doozy.
Paint Patrol November 10th, 2023 The Doom Patrol seek out some street art but they find the Vectra Corporation taking an unnatural interest in some living art. Paint guns saved the day. Gar was on loan, hopefully the fees aren't too expensive for his help.
Just Some Window Shopping October 30th, 2023 Essix meets up with Gar while window shopping.
Stank Hole Rendezvous October 22nd, 2023 The mission to find a HIVE escapee was a bust; but they did bust up a busty group of succubi before they could finish gathering morsels for dinner... and rescued three HIVE operatives from the hive mind.. may be. Including one hacker named Jane Roe.
Gotham University, 3 AM October 3rd, 2023 Osprey on patrol spots a visiting Beast Boy, and the two young heroes chat each other up while getting junk food.
Masquerade, Masquerade, Superheroes on parade- September 27th, 2023 Ancient Geek proverb says: Never hit the Cheshire Cat between the ears, if it is a clown that you fear~
Green Team September 11th, 2023 Beast Boy meets someone who seems all too familiar in a couple ways: Hulkling.
What's Zoo With You August 23rd, 2023 At the zoo, kids learn about the animals, courtesy of Beast Boy and Vorpal.
The Bird And The Tower August 7th, 2023 Tim drops by the tower for a status update, but it soon turns to friend therapy, puppies, and tidal waves.
From the room with all the spare stuff in it July 24th, 2023 Jinx adjusts SCIENCE! outfit and Gar installs GIANT! bird feeder
Running Up That Hill July 24th, 2023 Gar is always running, and Terry is always trying to keep up. Oh, and they have a race, too.
The Four Treasures: The Lotus-Eaters July 24th, 2023 The three Titans who were tricked by Fae partygoers into falling into a Fae Sleep dream that they are the comic book creators behind the successful Titans comic. The Titans go into their dream to show them just how crazy the notion that the Titans are just a bunch of comic book characters really is. OR the three creators of the Titans comic book got ensorcelled to believe that the stories in their comic book are real and they're members of the fictional super team the Titans. Take your pick.
The Four Treasures: Masquerade (Group: Thing Two) June 19th, 2023 The Titans find some very important clues towards the greater puzzle of the missing Treasures. Also, three Titans break the rules and fall into a magical sleep. Also: none of them turn out to be Vorpal. I KNOW, RIGHT?
The Four Treasures: Masquerade June 18th, 2023 Janet, Brian and some Titans walk into a Faery Ball. It all gets a bit Shakespearian.
He Better Land on His Feet June 4th, 2023 Terry had his First Flight.  It went… pretty much the way you'd expect.
The Four Treasures: A Quest May 28th, 2023 The Titans have a shared dream, and the two seneschals of the Seelie and Unseelie courts, who may or may not be the same person, visit the Tower to explain it to them and give them a quest.
Got a Crush on You May 16th, 2023 Gar finally gets a chance to learn a little about Xiomara, and vice-versa.
When Cats Fly April 30th, 2023 Terry needs to be a bird briefly so he can get married on Kian's world. Surely this is a perfectly safe and reasonable thing.
Ready Player --- April 25th, 2023 Caitlin, Terry and Gar spend some downtime beating each other up and then having pizza. It makes sense in context, I swear!
The Process of Learning April 12th, 2023 An agreed-upon meeting leads to more learning of things between Beast Boy and Essix.
An Alien At the Zoo April 3rd, 2023 Essix starts her Sunday by mimicking birds only to be discovered by another shape changer. After Gar scares the alien straighter (and into a wall) they share a conversation.
You Can't Hide Your Birthday Forever, Cat March 28th, 2023 It started as a birthday party and ended in a proposal. Nothing ever goes quite as you expect it around here!
I Can Hear The Bells March 28th, 2023 The boys come to share the good news with Harley, and she immediately starts asking all the right questions... and looking up where she can get firemen by the dozen.
Unfashionably Late March 28th, 2023 Explanations all around between beast, bird, and birthday boy.
A Tip Of The Hat March 17th, 2023 It is hard to tell who the most courageous Titan may be- but Gar Logan is definitely up there for trusting his life to Billy Kaplan's magic act!
A Cat of a Different Purrsuasion February 20th, 2023 While working on some plans for an anniversary, Kian and Gar come across a feline completely new to them: Catseye.
A Clean Break February 13th, 2023 Something every neophyte magician leans is that the path to hell is paved with well-intentioned spells.
Where all past years are- February 5th, 2023 No description
A Simple Walk In The Park But With Ninjas January 31st, 2023 No description
The Wind Beneath The Wings January 22nd, 2023 Trust is not easily gained, and it is easily lost. Will Jinx be able to earn a place among the alles of the Titans, or does a betrayal loom in the future?
On the Wing January 21st, 2023 Birdfolk meet. Birdfolk talk.
The Leaning Tower Of Pizza January 17th, 2023 Welcome to Titan's Tower, Jinx! Come for the pizza. Stay for the drama. But mostly the pizza.
A Titan's Christmas 2023 (pt 1) December 27th, 2022 Donna, Gar, Wally and Caitlin meet to swap gifts and enjoy some Christmas baking, courtesy of Caitlin.
Space Lex 17: Destination Moon December 6th, 2022 The Titans return to the moon to recover the satellite launched from Space Lex 17, and run into some alien scavengers. They get a hint of why it went wrong, and convince the aliens to change to different line of business.
The Title Of That Irene Cara Song December 5th, 2022 Sight-seeing is a fun thing to do, unless you end up being the sight being seen.
Threading Loose November 14th, 2022 Where Nadia and Gar importune an innocent couple, and Donna acts as the team's GPS.
The Ol Danger Room Switcharoo November 2nd, 2022 Kate gives a Danger Room scenario design lesson to Terry and Kaida with Gar's Assistance. Kaida's first project, CyberNinja Beach Death Match.
Just Winging it in the Titans Tower October 25th, 2022 Some of the Titans hang out and chatter about dance classes, costume changes, and... growth.
A Mouse's Tale - An Explanation October 17th, 2022 Kaida shares a lot about herself and a bit of what she knows about a new threat.
The Truth About Birds on Earth October 10th, 2022 Kían lets the bird out of the bag regarding the Secret Origin of the Birdfolk.  Gar and Terry have ideas.  Some of them might even be sensible.
Green Day: Age Me Up When September Ends October 4th, 2022 The Titans gather to surprise Gar and celebrate his 21st birthday, and he's reminded of differences between the family you end up a part of and the family you create and grow with others.
Titans Social at the Tower October 3rd, 2022 It's Movie Night for the Titans! Goonies is watched, Rocky Horror Picture Show is discussed, and plans of various natures are developed.
Two Birds September 18th, 2022 Gar and Kála have a chat about many things.
Myth Apprehensions September 7th, 2022 Diplomacy is complicated.  And some people have no sense of fashion.
Games Birds Still Play September 5th, 2022 Titans rock at birdball.  Terry's aim with glitter sucks.
My World and Welcome To It. August 31st, 2022 Birdworld is visited. One more visitor than was planned on shows up. And all moms all over the universe are embarrassing to their kids.
An Act of Gratitude August 23rd, 2022 Looks are exchanged in lieu of fanfic.
Dr. Stonelove: Past is Prologue August 20th, 2022 A visit by some of the Titans to STAR Labs winds up with a power outage, an attack, and a hacked-into Cyborg. What's wrong with the tallest Titan? Who attacked STAR Labs and what are they after? Will Maddie get her lightsaber back?
Ferris Wheel Lights August 17th, 2022 Sometimes a relationship consists of two people with a propensity for avoiding talking about their issues- but there is only so much running away you can do before you eventually run into each other.
The Thousand Deaths of Terry O'Neil August 7th, 2022 When you have a mother like Agatha, who needs enemies?
Wonderland: The Cheshire Question August 2nd, 2022 The meeting to determine what to do about the Cheshire Question is interrupted by the arrival of Dream and Delirium of the Endless, who have their own ideas after having talked to the attendees one at a time in advance. A deal is struck, Wonderland is saved, and Terry is returned.
Longest Nap Ever August 2nd, 2022 Vorpal wakes up, and then he goes head over heels. Nobody tell Gar that there's probably security footage.
Kawfee Tawk July 24th, 2022 Gar catches Lois up on matters regarding Terry before she goes on the rampage over interns failing to get her quality coffee. Set after 'Wonderland:The Crown That's Always Hidden' but before 'Gaming To Get Away From It All'
Wonderland: Delirium July 17th, 2022 Six Titans and one Clownette receive visitations from a very strange girl who wants to discuss Wonderland. Story or sanctuary? Dream or Delirium? The fate of Wonderland rests on what they tell her.
Gaming To Get Away From It All July 13th, 2022 In the midst of all the insanity, best bros Gar and Vic get back to basics: video games
Wonderland: Looking-Glass Shard July 4th, 2022 Sometimes you dream of the darnedest things...
Wonderland: If I had a world of my own July 3rd, 2022 The Titans save wonderland, but manage to misplace a cat in the process.
Wonderland: Dreamers In The Woods July 3rd, 2022 Our intrepid heroes try to rescue the Red King. It is a full-filling experience.
Wonderland:The Crown That's Always Hidden July 3rd, 2022 The Titans come to rescue the Red King from the Woods of No Names. Some people have different ideas about that.
Moral Oversight June 27th, 2022 Gar comes by to tell Jon that Terry is /not/ okay after Jon told him to kill a couple of cartel members. BB suggests Ma'at touch grass, and invites Jon to come help with further adventures in Wonderland.
Take Your Mama Out June 21st, 2022 The threat has been carried out and some of Terry's team-mates visit his teenage-years bedroom to his enormous embarrassment, but slight relief that at least it was a small number that saw it. And then Raven chose violence.
It's not murder, it's sparkling relocation. June 20th, 2022 The people closest to us are often the ones we rely upon to keep us from straying. Gar Logan will brook no stray cats.
Cat Man, Do June 19th, 2022 Terry sets up a training exercise for Gar. Sometimes you have to take extreme measures to get good results
What Can't My Reflection Show... June 12th, 2022 That moment when your boyfriend is better at being you than you.
Wonderland: Unsteady Is The Head June 12th, 2022 The Titans can finally answer the age-old question: Whatever happened to Fae Rae?
Putting The Bell On The Cat June 12th, 2022 Terry and Kian train Gar on how to be a Cheshire Cat. *Yakety-Sax plays in the background*
The Last Titan: Last No More June 8th, 2022 The Titans present evidence to Troia that she isn't actually real. She takes it quite well, all things considered.
Wonderland: Grinners & Losers June 7th, 2022 In which two Cheshires swap grins and Kian gets totally baked.
Wonderland: The Nameless Deed June 5th, 2022 The Titans go to Wonderland to look for the White rabbit and find a whole lotta trouble instead.
The Last Titan:New Kronos May 30th, 2022 A mission of GIRLS and TITANS heads to Alpha Draconis to find out if the New Kronos that appears to have been blended with the tower is the real thing or not. The ship is damaged by an ancient defense system and forced to land on a planet that has twice suffered vast wars, and the team is landed in the middle of a much smaller one. With the help of a group of Titans who were dragged to Alpha Draconis by the Titans of Myth, they end the war and bring a chance of peace to the battled word. It becomes clear that the New Kronos at Titans Tower, and the Troia who inhabits it, are just a bad dream. But how can the sleeper be awakened?
The Last Titan: New Kronos 2 May 30th, 2022 The Titans who didn't go on the Tereshkova mission find themselves dragged into it anyway. First they find themselves on New Kronos -- the REAL new Kronos. Then they find themselves helping out their team-mates on the planet below. Much is revealed, though it may take some discussion and thinking to figure out exactly what.
Alice Not What It Seems May 25th, 2022 Nadia Who Is Not Alice, Vorpal who is the Cheshire, and Gar who is ... well, Gar venture into Wonderland looking for clues and have encounters with trees, unusual milk, unusual fauna, and then Nadia join a cult.
Wonderland: Who Are You May 10th, 2022 In which our intrepid Titans tumble into the fungal forest and stumble into a slugfest in search of answers. And someone's stash.
Pool Parteh May 3rd, 2022 Social BBQ and Pool Parteh. Turns into Oceans 11 Style Heist Caper planning session.
Another Very Merry Unbirthday April 13th, 2022 Gar finally learns when Terry's birthday is.
Destruction and Deviants April 11th, 2022 DV8 goes in for the kill with gleeful orders from Ivana to leave a trail of bodies behind as a message. With a plan of attack and assets in place, the Deviants go to hit some heroes in Hell's Kitchen. They give a brutal gut punch.. But take some hard hits back as they have to flee. They have several pissed off heroes now.. And worst of all for DV8, a very pissed off Ivana. More to come as the freaky lady's plans haven't been toppled, just set back.

She has far more screws to twist to bring people to the depths of despair and darkness. So be ready for the next time we plunge.. Into Deviancy and what dwells in the depths of sinister minds.

The Looking Glass: The Last Titan April 3rd, 2022 Look, honestly it's all very confusing. Donna isn't Donna any more and the tower is a MESS. On the other hand, there's a way into Wonderland available now.
A Case of Mistaken Mom-dentity March 19th, 2022 M'gann meets Gar. M'gann looks like a teenaged version of Gar's dead mom. Much flustered awkwardness ensues! And it's all solved within 20minutes plus commercials.
Metroplwasn't: Debrief March 18th, 2022 The Titans and their allies meet to plan on what to do about Wonderland. And everything will go down smoothly.
Flying High in the Sky March 15th, 2022 Some teenage titans go flying
Metropolisn't: Alice Well That Ends Well March 1st, 2022 The Titans and their allies go to take the fight to The Alice Who Isn't An Alice. Things get weird. And then they get weirder still.
Multiple Birds are Multiple Words February 21st, 2022 Colette meets birds. Pizza is eaten. And the matter of Kian's codename is settled.
Valentine's Day and New Looks February 15th, 2022 Beast Boy and Vorpal exchange new costumes and Kian plays the part of the stubborn alien bird when the concept of one for him is brought up.
Metropolisn't: Hats Off February 9th, 2022 The Titans get some answers from the Mad Hatter, and Emiko gets to have a tea party with him. And yet, there are still questions left unanswered, echoing forever in the void in Nadia's soul.
Timeout in the Tower January 25th, 2022 Titans meet and greet Roy, eat some leftovers and wonder when Kaida got so tall!
Mallrats. Er. Turtles. January 24th, 2022 No description
Games Birds Play II: Electric Boogaloo January 17th, 2022 Bird games are played. Cursing happens in the languages of two planets. And the honor of Team Bird is upheld. Barely.
Bee In The Bonnet January 11th, 2022 There are too many questions about Wonderland and not enough answers. But at least Gar gets food.
Leaning Pizza At The Tower January 8th, 2022 Roy is brought into the tower for food and a welcome into the ranks of the Titans as a prospective.
The Anomaly Garden: Conclusion January 7th, 2022 In order to save the day, the Titans need to know where home base is, and whether it's duck season or rabbit season.
Sometimes It's Easy Being Green December 23rd, 2021 Meeting over a trio of petty criminals, Gar Logan and Leonardo meet for the first time. They discuss a variety of things circling around the common threads of their lives.
Interplanetary Relations December 21st, 2021 A chat is had, 'twixt bird(woman) and beast(boy).
Ripples December 8th, 2021 Garth is good at swimming. He can also fly. And do magic! But is he better at underwater tag?

Yep. That too!

Splash 2: The Return December 7th, 2021 Garth comes back to the tower after a long absence, to find nothing has changed at all. Yyyeaah... right.
Metropolisn't: The Anomaly Garden December 7th, 2021 The heroes enter the Anomaly Garden to find a missing Navy base. Wonderland has truly come to Metropolis.
Metropolisn't: Tick To...ick Tock. December 1st, 2021 The repair man comes to Titans Tower to repair man comes to Titans Tower to repair man comes tower to repair the clock. Or break time. Man.
Happy Bird Day To You November 30th, 2021 This was not the way Kian thought his First Flight anniversary would go, with rather more than just a trimensional chat with friends and family.
Flash Mob November 28th, 2021 The Three Amigos (Kian, Beast Boy and Vorpal) Show up to Bart's apartment for an impromptu housewarming.
Boardwalk - Take Two November 10th, 2021 Terry and Gar get to reminiscing. And skinny dipping (well, at least one of them)
Metropolisn't: The Crass Menagerie November 10th, 2021 There's something very strange going on at the Zoo in New Troy, and the Titans and their allies rise to the occasion. Things are weirder than usual- even for Metropolis.
Guess Who's Back, Back Again. Gar is Back, Tell A Friend. November 8th, 2021 Gar returns from business on the West Coast to find things around the Tower involving Roombas and glitter haven't changed very much.
Green as a gooseberry. October 19th, 2021 The Titans celebrate Damian and Gar's birthdays. There is sugar. There is a /lot/ of sugar.

So much sugar.

Homecoming, Homegoing October 2nd, 2021 You can, and can't, and yet still can go home again.
Only a Bird in a Guilty Cage October 1st, 2021 The avian Powers that Be come a-calling.
Games Birds Play September 30th, 2021 A normal day (for birdfolk) is had.
5000 Light Years to Birdland September 29th, 2021 Even alien families are embarrassing, and big sisters are evil. Also, lending Terry some wings can surely cause no possible problems...
Getting Some Air September 29th, 2021 Gar seems to have a big sister now.
How Shall A Sparrow Fly September 28th, 2021 There is a certain danger in thinking that there is no place like home, when you're sleeping next to a living portal gun.
Cultural Flexing on Themyscira September 27th, 2021 Diana, Caitlin and Donna torment Terry and Gar on Themyscira. Terry torments Gar, too. Gar flees.
In Your Face-time September 21st, 2021 Terry and Gar play catch-up on Facetime while the green teen takes care of business on the other coast.
A Tight-Knit Team September 7th, 2021 Terry, Kaida, Gar, Harley and Kian become entangled in a knit-picky situation.
Bringing In The Cat August 31st, 2021 Gar picks Terry up from an awkward scene in West Virginia. Vorpal vents!
Themysciran Vacation: MEN! August 18th, 2021 The Titans are taken to the Palace on Themyscira. Donna visits Terry, Gar and Kian to help them settle in. Kian gets drunk, Gar doesn't get a dress, and Terry faints again (kind of).
In Erebos: The Gates of Doom August 13th, 2021 The Titans in Tartarus reach the top of the stairs just minutes ahead of the army of undead centaurs, but fortunately Diana has already sent word home to be on the alert, and brought extra Titans as reinforcements. The army of Themyscira and the Titans join together in an epic battle for the defense of Paradise Island, and a law that has stood for two thousand years is set aside - for the first time since the rise of Rome, men step foot on Themysciran soil, in recognition of the service they have done the Amazons.
Going To Pieces August 10th, 2021 The Aftermath of the Shi'Ar raid on the Grey household has some very serious repercussions for Terry, as Gar and Kian find out.
All The King's Men And All The King's Healers- August 10th, 2021 Phoebe uses her magic to heal Terry' wounds. But this is just the beginning of a very long week for Gar and Kian...
Shi'ar: Reckoning August 8th, 2021 Several X-Men and their SHIELD allies follow Jean as she races to save her parents. The Titans arrive to assist. While they're able to defeat the remnants of the Death Commandos and several strange Shi'ar androids, Davan Shakari brings a mysterious young man to the encounter. Jean calls upon unknown aspects of the Phoenix to revive her father, dying from a heart attack from the stress of the attack, but is then seemingly destroyed -- or absorbed -- by the mysterious figure.
In Erebos: The Ascent July 16th, 2021 Some of the Titans climb a staircase.
In Erebos: The Decision July 16th, 2021 The Titans travelling through Tartarus are standing on the threshhold of the way out when they decide to take the long way around to the Bronze Gate instead, in the hope of saving Themyscira. Except for Raven, who opts for the Iron Gate in the hope of saving reality.
Caterwauls July 14th, 2021 In which Gar unleashes unspeakable horrors on an innocent Broadway production.
A Shopping Centaur July 13th, 2021 An ice cream social, an eagle hat, and a very entitled child-- it's just one more day in the day of the Titans.

Oh, and there's a centaur, and centaurs can't exist, right?

In Erebos: Tartarus Awaits June 28th, 2021 The Titans travel through Tartarus, and it's a surprisingly peaceful journey. They charm a three headed dog and almost get in trouble for having picked the wrong name, but finally get to the Gates of Iron - where a mysterious woman tells them they're at the wrong gate.
This Place Blows June 23rd, 2021 Random encounter. Titans and Sif. Everyone is weirded out. Glitter is warned about. Ginny hopes to sign up a client without getting sent to Hel. Or Hell. Or anywhere else.
Ghosts Aren't Real -- right June 15th, 2021 The Titans take in a horseman mostly so they can pun themselves hoarse.
SUPER MATCH GAME IS BACK! June 11th, 2021 A quick chat session at the end of filming.
In Erebos: Pandora's Box June 5th, 2021 The Titans bust an underground sale of magical artifacts, and some of them get eaten by a box that sends them straight to hell. Or to be more accurate, Tartarus.
Wet Dog Smell June 2nd, 2021 While heros do great deeds, some quiet shifters run into a sprinkler. Hey, it's hot out!
A Titan-sized Tour May 29th, 2021 Nightwing gives Batgirl a tour of Titans Tower. Kara has awesome PJs, Gar makes Terry blush, and Donna is perceptive.
A Mouse among Titans May 26th, 2021 The Titans have a mouse in their house. Food was served.
Themysciran Arts May 26th, 2021 The Themysciran Arts Center debuts its offerings to the public. The Center will be a bastion of immersing the public of the mortal world in all things related to paradise island. Caitlin Fairchild is welcomed in to the Amazon ranks, and a squirrel eats a hot dog that is bigger than its own body.
Heaven At The End of A Subway Ride May 19th, 2021 Kian's first trip to Coney island. There is sugar involved.
Zootopia May 15th, 2021 Doing publicity at the Central Park Zoo, Beast Boy and Vorpal respond to a big cat breakout and figure out what caused it.
Think of the Animals April 26th, 2021 It's time for PSAs at the animal shelter with Tigra, Beast Boy, and Vorpal!
Ironically a bait and switch April 26th, 2021 Speedy abduction and speedy research. The beginning of the end.
Getting To Know (Another) You April 19th, 2021 Alt-Colette comes to visit the tower.  There is some speculation involving laboratories and… never mind.
The Way Forward April 12th, 2021 How to celebrate the first year of the Titans' reunion? Terry gets a brilliant idea that in no way can possibly go wrong.
Time Keeps On Slippin', Slippin', Slippin'... March 22nd, 2021 Sushi and talk of the future in the main lounge.
The Harlequin Blues March 21st, 2021 When it comes to Harley, things are seldom what they seem. Terry and Gar come to inquire about the stories behind those scurrilous Gotham Gazette headlines, and they might have just drafted themselves into hunting some gangsters!
Broken Mirrors: Novgorod March 18th, 2021 SHIELDvengers and the Titans assault a secret facility in Russia, manage not to mangle international law too horribly, and rescue some of the Red Room cadets, but find more questions than answers in the process.
Putting The Pieces Together March 16th, 2021 Terry and Gar compare notes on last night's strange encounter.
And Many Future (Literally) Returns! March 15th, 2021 The Titans celebrate Irie's unbirthday, and Steel comes to the rescue when an unknown foe plays the partypooper!
Titans: A Question of Leadership March 10th, 2021 Dick and Donna have a meeting with Gar to discuss the way the Titans is run. Terry comes along to cause trouble.
A Talk With Gar March 7th, 2021 Gar and Nightwing discuss Robin's return to the team. A party is planned and catnip is stashed.
One hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred... March 2nd, 2021 Has it really been a year already? Terry and Gar take a day to look back and look ahead.
Theory and Practice are Two Different Things March 1st, 2021 Kían needed to be reminded that he's not broken and doesn't need to be repaired, he's fine as he is… or will be when he sobers up.
Happy Birbday, Kian February 21st, 2021 It's Kian's first Earthday, because he doesn't have a birthday. The birb is joined by Wally, Colette, Terry and Gar to celebrate!
Attack on Ant-Girl February 17th, 2021 The Titans show Ant-Girl that size isn't everything.
The Leap of Faith February 15th, 2021 There's a new birdman in town. Officially.
Mane Concerns February 14th, 2021 Beast Boy and Vorpal meet the Nemean lion over burgers!
Another You: Let The Fur Fly February 9th, 2021 Gar vs. Gar. May the best Beast Boy win! Hint: it helps to have a team backing you up. Plus, a strange observer gets involved.
Themyscira: Vigil for Diana February 8th, 2021 Donna, Caitlin, Terry, and Gar meet at Diana's bedside to discuss options for the Titans' next move.
And the cat came back... February 7th, 2021 Raven, Beast Boy, Troia, Flash and Kian ambush Manxsome and beat him over the head with the power of Friendship and a lesson is learned by all.

But especially Terry.

There's No Cat On This Roof. There's No Roof Either. February 5th, 2021 Terry and Gar engage in more misunderstandings, while Billy is the actual useful one and starts fixing the roof of the tower. Today, in Days of Our lives!
At The Drop Of A Mallet February 1st, 2021 Like Roseanne Roseannadanna used to say, if it ain't one thing, it's anudda. Either you get depowered and have to confront your doppelganger or ya go runnin' around rooftops bein' chased by Harley's Hyenas.
Act Of Contrition January 28th, 2021 Terry comes to apologize to Gar and discovers that he totally misunderstood his reaction. But what else is new, right?
Another You: Getting A Hand Up January 26th, 2021 The wounds of the soul are the hardest to heal, sometimes. So, thank goodness for telepaths.
Another You: Fool Me Twice... January 23rd, 2021 Terry discovers that it is always dorkest before the dawn.
Another You: The Incredibly Shrinking Micronauts January 19th, 2021 In order for Gar to have more time to heal, Nadia takes the boys to a world... of pure imagination (and science.)
Another You: The Mirror Has Two Faces January 18th, 2021 The more some things change, the more others stay the same.
Another You: Dealing With Yourself January 17th, 2021 Donna, Terry and Gar talk about the Titans, and how they are going to deal with the Doppelganger crisis.
Another You: The Story So Far January 14th, 2021 Terry gets Kian caught up on everything that has happened, and they make plans for everything that is about to happen. More or less.
Another You: Tank Half Empty January 12th, 2021 Terry, Damian and Gar have separate heart-to-hearts. Terry has some s'plaining to do.
Another You: Scars Without and Within January 11th, 2021 Caitlin and Gar discuss avenues towards his recovery.
Another You: A Star Is Born January 11th, 2021 Gar finally wakes up. Terry is waiting for him.
Another You: Gar, You're a Star(fish) January 10th, 2021 Terry and Kori take the T-Sub out to search for Beast Boy, hoping for the best. Harley Quinn joins them, looking to call in a favor from Aquaman. Instead, they get an assist from Tempest. Kori told you so, Terry.
Another You: I Know You're In There January 10th, 2021 Vorpal and Robin confront Beast Boy's Doppelganger and learn that, at the end of the day, you are your own worst enemy.
Another You: The Truth About Garfield Logan January 6th, 2021 Vorpal and Wonder Woman learn the truth of what happened to Gar...from Evil Gar. Vorpal seeks revenge in a shocking way.
Another You: Infiltration January 4th, 2021 There is something deeply amiss at the Tower. Terry and Kian are creeped out by Gar Logan's behavior
Enjoy The Silence December 29th, 2020 Words are very unnecessary. They can only do harm
Finding What You Need December 29th, 2020 Terry and Gar regroup after their telepathic therapy session, and decide on a course.
The Clown and The Fool December 27th, 2020 Gar confronts Harley, thinking he knows all the answers, when it's the questions that may have been wrong from the start.
Same Words, Different Meanings December 25th, 2020 Terry and Gar are very, very good at communication.
Titans Holiday Party - The Wintering December 23rd, 2020 The Titans Holiday party, where there was much merryment, good cheer.... and glitter. And drunk raccoons.
Tidings of good cheer- ish December 22nd, 2020 A shopping trip for the party takes a left turn when Vorpal and Beast Boy run into the Boy Wonder.
Rooftop Conversations December 8th, 2020 No description
The Apocalpyse of Terry's Apartment December 8th, 2020 Terry's behind on the rent. Drama ensues.
Reunions with cats and clownettes December 7th, 2020 The cats come for a visit on Harley after Terry was away for ages! Flashlights, talks of nature, lil lions, smuggling booze for drunkard Akians ... It has it all!
'Twas Only A Flesh Wound December 7th, 2020 Terry and Gar show up to tell April that Terry is not dead.
After The Crash December 2nd, 2020 In which Gar and Terry do a lot of shutting up.
Return of the Titans, with a Guardians assist December 2nd, 2020 Titans and Guardians work out how to get the former home. The Universal Church of Truth has other plans. All escape. All narrowly avert disaster. The Titans return, with visitors from outer space.
Winging It November 23rd, 2020 Gar and Kían spend some time together. And might spend more time together.
Daybreak Rites November 15th, 2020 There is a meeting of minds on the roof. Kian perhaps shows more than just what's on his mind.
The Science of Things Meets A Shot in the Dark October 20th, 2020 Gar brings his potential plan to Nadia and Kian, who think it might just work in some way. Kate catches some of the idea as well.
Broken Sky: Listening For the Echoes October 19th, 2020 The Titans follow a signal from the point of the collapsed wormhole to Jupiter, where they find a stand-off between two alien species. Much confusion ensues, but eventually the Titans find someone willing to help.
The Young and the Restless October 18th, 2020 Gar is restless over the fact the missing Titans still have not returned. Kian ends up a source of distraction, and a few similarities and differences are touched on.
One is the loneliest Number October 18th, 2020 Colette, Gar and Kyle go for pizza. Kyle learns a little about his ring, Gar gets a little more hopeful, and Colette manages to only swear once.
The Forgotten Titan October 4th, 2020 Realizing Raven has been in hiding again, Gar seeks her out and finds more confirmation that the missing Titans will be back.
While the Cats are Away: Payback September 25th, 2020 The Titans defeat the Fearsome Five!
To hope for a cat. September 21st, 2020 How can anyone refuse the 'Donut Explosion' that Harley offers? Not Gar! So they meet at the boardwalk of St. Martin's and talk about their life without Vorpal, their hopes. And perhaps find a bit more of understanding on one another.
While the Cats are Away: Knock Knock, Anybody Home September 15th, 2020 The Fearsome Five show up and make their presence known. Doctor Light is captured.
Strong Words, Stronger Bonds September 13th, 2020 Robin vs. Beast Boy. 'Nuff said!
What Big Ears You Don't Have September 12th, 2020 Gar has one last person to see before he knows...
A Rekindling of Hope for the Titans September 12th, 2020 Timely tidings from teammates are told to the Titans, transforming temperaments.
Seeing if the Cat Came Back September 10th, 2020 Gar gets up off his green butt to go see if April O'Neil has changed at all recently. Donatello also shows up to check on her. A glimmer of hope is found.
A candy-colored clown they call the sandman September 9th, 2020 Who knows what strange country passes through the land of dreams?
The Shadow of No Cat September 9th, 2020 Colette hunts down Gar to try to... she doesn't even know what she's trying to do, but she's gotta try, because Terry Pratchetted her.
How Could I Ever Know September 6th, 2020 Garfield receives a message from Terry, seemingly from beyond the grave.
War of the Worlds Finale: Meanwhile, In Orbit September 5th, 2020 The Titans (and friends) implement the other half of the plan to deal with the Warzoon invasion. While forces battle the invaders on earth, a desperate plan goes into effect to force War World itself to retreat. The great battle station is infiltrated and Brainiac technology used to undermine it, while a fight takes place on the surface of War World itself to take out the shield generators. The mission is a success and War World flees - but not all the Titans return.
Down By The Lake September 4th, 2020 After the world learns of Beast Boy's true love for Vorpal, the two retreat to a quiet lake for a conversation about what it all means.
Thesmophoria September 2nd, 2020 Diana makes an important announcement at a public event at the Embassy, and villains remarkably manage to somehow not show up.
I'm your biggest fan, I'll follow you... September 2nd, 2020 The cat is out of the bag, as Gar and Terry's heart-to-heart is broadcasted to the world by a paparazzi.
Clothes Make The Beast September 1st, 2020 Out of fear that Gar might show up wearing something that might force Themyscira to declare war on the world, Terry and Kate make it a point to play Cogsworth and Lumiere to his Beast, and provide him with a suitable ensemble with which to attend the ball.
You Are Cordially Invited... August 26th, 2020 It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a man in possession of a secret identity, is going to have one hell of a time when it comes to dating. - Jane Austen (not really)
Ethics In Superheroing August 22nd, 2020 Advice is precious. Advice is valuable. And sometimes Bruce Monkeywrench breaks you.
Greenline Editing August 17th, 2020 Terry and Gar reach a very important decision. Hold the presses!
An Alien Display August 9th, 2020 Colette attempts to convince a group of Titans that the most moral course of action is to perform a heist on a museum. They do not agree, because Superheroes don't do situational ethics!
Behind The Mask August 9th, 2020 The question of a superhero's costume is one to be taken seriously. Mostly.
Do You Want To Play A Game July 28th, 2020 A little competitive fire between Gar and Terry leads to some dirty tactics, then a concern or two is shared before feasting.
Genosha Burns: Science Time July 24th, 2020 Various teams meet to discuss the process of sizing up the shrunken cities.
A Casual Three-Dimensional Stroll July 13th, 2020 Flying is done. Conversation is had. While Terry kibitzes.
Return to Base July 12th, 2020 Nobody told Nadia not to get into a stranger's jet, but luckily the strangers were the Titans. She comes to the tower to find the Titans gathering together after victory over Brainiac. Once the adrenaline come-down passes, the Titans start to party.
Meet'n'Greet At Angelo's. July 11th, 2020 Michelangelo and Beast Boy meet and discuss all things green at Angelo's pizzeria.
He Came From Beneath The Sea June 24th, 2020 Garth returns after his long absence. Luckily(?), he happens to run into Vorpal and Beast Boy first.
A Wish Is A Dream... June 18th, 2020 Gar's Make-A-Wish appearance leaves him in a heavy, contemplative mood. Luckily, Terry is a dork.
Too Many Cooks June 15th, 2020 Picnic at the beach! Gar gets sappy, Terry gets advice, and Colette avoids explaining anything at all again.
Who Plays The Match Game June 8th, 2020 Terry and Gar have a heart-to-heart, and then comes the difficult choice: Dinner, or dessert?
Super Match Game! June 3rd, 2020 Abby and Heather go head to head in a contest to try and sync minds with some crazy celebrities. Captain Thunder, April O'Neil, Nick Drago, Vorpal, Pantheon, Beast Boy, and things go as horribly as you might imagine
Defying Gravity and All Common Sense May 25th, 2020 Kian and Gar go flying and try to play a game with Vorpal, but while being an Akiar, Gar struggles with everything that's really going on inside Vorpal's head when mental contact is made.
Afternoon Delight (Derby) May 25th, 2020 Where to even start... Supposing at the beginning. Harley was involved in roller derby which Terry, Gar, and Colette went to spectate. After the departure of the fellas, Harley and Colette embarked upon a scheme to get shirts made.. After hearing the product request, that's when Harlan knew that things had gone astray. To foul to be repeated, to vile to be spoken, it was written as a labor of love and thus forgiveable by all but the most easily offended.. From there it was a trip to get Wangyu noodles... Wangyu, yes, they paid me extra to say that.. Wang. A cowboy, a bar fight, two pitchers of beer, twenty two asahi, and two bottles of sake.. two bowls of noodles, two plates of wangyu (that's the last time) and we still don't know who fell out first. All we know is that James Earl Jones passed up this role, and I should've too. Also, Gar and Terry were fu-...
Introducing Robins and Donuts. May 18th, 2020 Donna takes short jokes are off the menu, Robin gets a sugar high, Cassie is introduced to the team, Kate is called an Amazon, Terry says things about mouth sizes he really shouldn't, and Gar eats ALL the donuts (that last part is totally true).
Quiet After-party May 11th, 2020 Terry and Gar meet up on the tower for a little wind-down after the events of the day.
The Bells: Death Knell May 10th, 2020 Heroes assemble to face the Shadow monster trying to eat Metropolis, before it can move upon Gotham!
Starfire, Catching Up With Friend Garfield May 5th, 2020 Starfire and Beast Boy get caught up on a few things Titans and beyond.
One Day the Birb will English Good. That Day is Not Today. May 3rd, 2020 Colette visits the tower for Kian's latest English lessons, while Gar actually refuses food and isn't entirely overwhelmed, Naomi learns that you don't get detention for saving the world, Terry attempts to induct an alien into the Cult of Carol Channing, and best of all Caitlin bakes EXCELLENT cookies.
Eye of The Cheshire April 27th, 2020 What happens when a cat falls? Does pride hurt more than bruises?
Homecoming April 22nd, 2020 Vic arrives at Titans Tower, meets a couple of new members in Kian and Naomi, and reconnects with old friends Gar and Donna (who, as Terry had promised, has some surprising truths to share)
Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go April 13th, 2020 A heart-to-heart always does a measure of good before taking a plunge down the Rabbit Hole.
Do you Know What We Did Last Evening April 12th, 2020 Titans + Rooftop = Unexepected Happenings. Amazons, Empaths and Aliens, oh my!
Mirror Mirror, Nevermore. April 11th, 2020 Old wounds heal.  New wounds are opened—and some of those heal too.  People start shipping unbidden, and that's probably going to the the worst part.
Operation: Reach Out and Text Someone April 10th, 2020 Gar finally visits Caitlin Fairchild, and reminds her of what the Titans meant to the survivors.
Cat On A Hot Tin Roof April 7th, 2020 Gar may not be the girl that chased the rabbit, drank the wine and ate the cake, but he is still in for an encounter with a voice from Wonderland.
A Day After All The Trouble April 6th, 2020 After the mechaspider battle, Gar wakes up in bed with a Terry next to him.
Star Light, Star Bright April 5th, 2020 Starfire returns to the tower. Hugs are given. Pizzas are eaten. Starfire takes the entire jar of mustard, and nobody minds.
Getting To Know You April 1st, 2020 Gar's plan was so simple - spend some time socializing with Kate to see whether she and he will gel, because Gar wants there to be a Titans again. Bring Terry, Colette and Kian along. Eat Churros. Then Spider Robots happened, and Gar's plans seem to have suddenly moved rather faster than intended.
'Twas Brillig April 1st, 2020 Terry and Colette catch up after a day full of a metric-ton of crazy
Feline You Out March 31st, 2020 Gar and Terry have a catnip moment. Gar has no idea yet about what's really going on.
Archer Scout Cookies March 30th, 2020 Kate shows up to see what the Titans are about and if Colette is being real about them maybe getting going again. Plans are made. Pizza is ordered. Seems pretty Titan-y.
Up On The Roof March 25th, 2020 Terry makes up to Gar by offering him food.
The Cape Doesn't Make The Man March 24th, 2020 The moral of the story is to never let Colette
Little Monsters March 23rd, 2020 This Is How We All Almost Died
It Ain't Easy Being Gar, or I Stood Up to Raven and Lived to Tell About It March 23rd, 2020 The aftermath of Gar vs. Raven leads to further developments
Sunday In The Park With Gar March 22nd, 2020 Terry and Gar spend some down-time together. Terry invites himself to the tower for a later visit. Raven will be thrilled.
Spread Your Wings March 22nd, 2020 Apart from minor fainting accidents, the long-anticipated meeting of Bird and Beast (Boy) is a success. For once Colette is better at keeping secrets than Carol. Terry gets his car towed.
All About the Birbs and the BBs. March 18th, 2020 Colette calls on Terry and Gar. Terry's not there. Colette is an ass, but occasionally she has a point.
At The End Of The Day March 16th, 2020 After Hurricane Harley hits, Terry runs a damage report.
Tea Party March 15th, 2020 When the Mad Hatter comes over for breakfast, don't expect things to go smoothly!
A Captive Audience of One March 11th, 2020 Strange things (and stranger things) are afoot at Terry's apartment, where Gar continues to convalesce.
Licking One's Wounds March 9th, 2020 Terry plays nurse in order to compensate for the one time when he DIDN'T get injured while facing certain danger, so the hurt was passed on to the nearest available target: Gar Logan.
Won't Somebody Think Of The Turtles March 9th, 2020 Shooting material for his social media as a means of escaping ongoing issues comes back to bite Gar Logan- literally!
Things Unsaid March 5th, 2020 Sometimes you need to get things off your chest. And then, sometimes, you pretend it didn't happen.
Mascarpone, journalism, and the problems of heroing. March 5th, 2020 People talk. Things happen. After that Gar and Terry take a dread ride home, while Colette sips coffee thoughtfully.
Feb 14 - Valentitans Day March 4th, 2020 Gar and Dick approach Raven in the T Tower. They don't end up in the ocean. And Raven may end up with the crusts of pizzas past to deal with.
Protest of the Mindless March 3rd, 2020 Ivy and a zombie gang protest environmental abuse when Killer Croc suddenly shows up but they are chased off by Leon & Gar Logan and the police.
One Awkward Drive Back Later March 2nd, 2020 Terry and Gar talk around the issue, and settle for making fun of David Bowie instead.
Tears from a clown March 2nd, 2020 Terry and Gar find out what happens when you pay a surprise visit and you're a Weirdness Magnet.
Bang Bang! February 26th, 2020 Terry meets up with Lois after getting shot. Gar drops in. Terry gets a few ideas on how to proceed. Willl be be careful? Will he have a complete plan? Stay tuned for the next time someone has to save him from certain doom!
Darkness on the Edge of Town, or Holding Out for a Hero February 25th, 2020 Terry stakes out a gang deal in Suicide Slums, which is a mistake. Beast Boy, fortunately, arrives in the nick of time to help in his own strange way.
Eyes Up, or Watch Where You're Going! February 23rd, 2020 Gar bumps into an actual fan in Terry, making a new friend in the process. And, Terry gives him a scoop about an alien invasion...or something.


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Title Date Scene Summary
Another You: A Vicious Attack January 3rd, 2021 Beast Boy is attacked by Beast Boy, from another reality

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Gar Logan has been credited in 5 shows.

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The Match Game May 21st, 2020 This is a game that involves a panel of celebrity guests who are given a fill in the blank sentence. Two contestants compete to try and get the most matches to the celebrity responses for a cash prize!
The Bork Knight : Don't bet against the Underdog April 1st, 2015 Two episode crossover where the Bork Knight heads to Meowtropolis where he encounters Underdog.
The Bork Knight: Meowfia's Revenge April 1st, 2014 Peace is shortlived in Pawthom City as new leadership within the Meowfia raises the stakes.

Mmmm. Steaks.

The Bork Knight April 1st, 2013 In a world populated by Dogs and Cats, Pawthom City is experiencing a rise in activity from the Meowfia. It is up to the Bork Knight to save the day!
Space Trek 2222 January 1st, 2013 Sci-Fi series

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