4879/Think It'll Snow

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Think It'll Snow
Date of Scene: 25 January 2021
Location: Warren's Penthouse
Synopsis: Warren shares some disturbing news he received. A pair of rough days.
Cast of Characters: Warren Worthington, Kitty Pryde

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren had headed out earlier that morning to head over to Xavier's to look for Kitty at the counselor's office to surprise her for lunch, but she wasn't there. Having instead run into some of the student, he now makes his way back to his penthouse apartment, landing softly on the snow covered balcony as his wings fold tightly against his back.

He opens the door, a scowl on his face that isn't usually an expression that he wears, but the rest of his ensemble is comfortable chic. Designer jeans, a button-down shirt with sweater, and a pair of stylish hiking boots to complete the ensemble.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Less than a minute later, the chime on the elevator that lets people know it is arriving sounds. Kitty steps out of the elevator, removing her heels and putting her coat away, then carrying the shoes as she heads through the penthouse. She's dressed in a skirt and blouse and has a laptop bag.

She comes around a corner and spots Warren there. The expression on his face registers with her. "You look like you haven't any better of a day than I have," she tells him. The shoes and bag are set down and she walks over to Warren. She slides her arms around him and hugs him tightly.

She's wearing perfume, just a tiny amount. The only one who would get close enough to her to notice is Warren. The bag she has is the one she takes into the office at JVD Fashion, a likely reason she wasn't at the school.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren is halfway to the bar when the elevator dings, making it the rest of the way as Kitty makes his way over towards him. He grabs a crystalline glass, filling it with an amber liquid from a matching decanter. He doesn't answer her straight away, instead taking a moment to slam back the liquid in the glass and starting to refill it today, "I don't know, Kat. Did you get told you were going to make a bad business decision that will end up killing everyone around you and ending up with you homicidal?"

As she hugs him, he sighs and slips an arm around her to return the hug, "I went by the school to surprise you for lunch. Ended up finding Jubilee and Paige instead, but then Ruth came by and..." he lifts his hand up, twirling it in a motion that goes to signify about what he said earlier.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty's eyebrows go up, her expression somewhat horrified. "Oh, Warren," she says, and her hug tightens even more. Kitty presses her cheek against Warren's upper chest. Her brain is processing it still, and there isn't really a lot of places for her thoughts to go on it.

Kitty leans her head back enough so that she can see Warren's face again. She reaches up and softly brushes her fingers through the hair along the side of his head. "I'm sorry I wasn't there. Got called into an unexpected meeting as I was halfway to Westchester," she tells him.

Kitty takes his hand that isn't holding the drink, and leads Warren over to the couch to sit down. She slides onto the furniture close beside him, drawing her legs up beside her as she leans in against him, her arm around his shoulders. "Did she have more information on it than that?" she asks.

Warren Worthington has posed:
He sighs, lifting the glass to his lips to take just a sip this time, "In the same breath she told Jubilee that she was going to own a mall, and Paige that she was going to own three houses. She punctuated the whole thing with a 'maybe' so who knows if she was fucking with us, or if it was really something she saw. All she said, and I quote, was 'Warren will attempt to purchase stocks from an evil corporation which will start off a tiny battle of the fate of his corporate business which will soon turn personal and most of everyone will become collateral damage and die, leaving Warren to be homicidal.' I didn't stay much past that. I also might have swore in front of the entire student body at lunch....so you might get some calls."

He takes another sip from his glass, letting the amber liquid roll around in his mouth for a moment before swallowing. "I hate precogs."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty gently rubs her hand over his shoulder, just listening to Warren and letting him feel that she's there with him. Supporting him. "Sounds like she was being a teenager rather than a seer," Kitty says, her tone carrying notes that probably would make Ruth glad that she's not present for what might ensue.

"Well I know you won't be able to just forget about it. So we'll do a deep, thorough dive on any companies you are planning to invest in. Just for peace of mind," she offers. "I'm sure Doug would be happy to help too. And there probably isn't a better person on the planet at analyzing a company's transactions and deducing what they are up to."

Kitty slides a leg over, nudging it against Warren's thigh gently. "It'll turn out ok. I'd have been upset too though," she tells him.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren Worthington takes another sip, "Even if she wasn't being a teen and being a seer, I suppose it is better that I know because now I am going to be paranoid, and maybe just the act of her mentioning it will give me pause on a deal I might otherwise have gone through with. Still, it isn't an easy thing to hear."

Warren places his lips on Kitty's forehead, "In other news I may try and get Paige a job at WI. She is interested in building up a portfolio for her mom. I told her I would go over it with her, and see if I can't get her an internship or something....but you said your day was shit as well, so what happened?"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty slides a leg over Warren's lap to sit astride him, the skirt riding up a bit to allow the changed position, but it's loose enough it accommodates the move. "Yes, if you know to look out for it, it might prevent it. And if she was just being drama-filled, well, a little extra alertness won't hurt matters. Just, try not to dwell on it too much. You're a good man, Warren, you wouldn't make a move you thought was likely to lead any kind of bad outcome. I have great faith in your judgment," she says. Kitty breaks out in a small smile, hoping it infects Warren. "Certainly in women at the least." She shines that playful little smile at him.

"That sounds like a good idea, getting Paige something there. Her family can definitely use the support, though I think they are getting along better now," Kitty comments. The young woman then gives a little wave of her hand. "Oh, no, mine was just, mildly frustrating by comparison. Switching buses to get back to the city, for a meeting that could have done without me, or that just phoning into would have been more than fine. Just that's why we call it 'work' and not 'play' I guess, right?"

Kitty gently brushes her fingers overtop of Warren's shirt. "Maybe tonight we should take that dip in the hot tub we have brought up a few times. A good way to get your mind on more pleasant things. DO you think it'll snow?" she asks, glancing out the windows.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren Worthington sighs and nods, finally cracking a little smile as his hands instinctively move to Kitty's rear as she straddles him, if for nothing else but to stabilize her sitting position. "Yeah, you're right. Of course you're right. It's just a freaky thing to hear."

He shrugs, "Why couldn't she have just said something more like you are going to get married and have 4.5 kids or something uplifting like that? Doom and gloom is no fun to hear."

He drains the last of the whisky from the glass and sets it aside, "Hot tubbing sounds like the perfect solution. It might snow, but the water will stay warm. Want me to go fetch a couple of towels?"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty rests there, her fingers frittering back and forth over his chest while they talk. "I don't really know. Some teens just seem to fall into a desire for doom and gloom. Or the goth thing. Fortunately I never felt that way. Nor Rogue," Kitty says. She coughs for some reason.

Clearing her throat, Kitty says, "I always just figured different people are wired differently. Maybe she's just seeking attention? I suppose I should probably have more insights on this since I'm serving as guidance counselor. But not like it is an actual field I've studied. Yet."

Kitty straightens Warren's shirt, smoothing it where she's been mussing it back and forth over him. "You will get married. To a wonderful girl. And have 5.5 kids. One of them named Carmen," she says. Kitty looks up to him and grins. "I'm just teasing you. I'm not thinking about kids or marriage yet. You're safe still," she says with a grin.

She looks towards the window where the sun is already setting outside. "That sounds good. You get the towels and I'll go get the jets going," she tells him.

Warren Worthington has posed:
"I don't know...I think you dressed up Goth in a Catholic school girl uniform might be kinda hot, babe." Warren grins, waggling his brow. "Little plaid skirt that is just a hint too short so the panties show, knee high socks, a button down that is tied together instead of buttoned, showing off your cleavage...add in some multicolored falls and some heavy makeup...makes a pretty appealing picture in my mind."

He smacks her rear playfully, "I would hope not, Pryde. If anything I would want my bride to be able to have a champagne toast legally...so I guess we would just have to have a destination wedding. If it ever comes to that, that is." The winged mutant winks, pushing gently with his hands to get her off his lap so he can get the requested towels, "Sounds like a plan. Do I bother with a suit or am I just grabbing towels?"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde lets out a soft gasp as Warren describes the outfit. "Mr. Worthington!" she exclaims softly. "I don't really think that that would be an appropriate thing for me to wear," she says, "Any time before date night at the earliest." She grins at him and leans forward to give Warren a quick peck on the lips before she's rising with his assistance.

Kitty pauses just a moment at the question. "I think just the towels are all that are necessary," she tells him. "And I'll get a nice warm fire going for warming up again in front of after," she says, knowing that trip back inside will be a cold one, even with her phasing them through the windows instead of going all the way over to the door.