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Frustrated Shannon is frustrated
Date of Scene: 04 February 2021
Location: Pym's Mobile Lab
Synopsis: Ant suit returned
Cast of Characters: Shannon Davis, Hank Pym

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis casually made her way into the lab as she was now used to, she was much grumpier and serious than normal, seeming actually upset down to an emotional level she hardly ever showed. She was usually just purely aloofand casual. In her hands is the folded ant-girl costume, she approaches the presumably working Hank with a frown and holds it out to him. "I'm giving this back to you for now. I'm not ready for it yet. Your daughter is entirely right, what I'm doing here is just stealing someone else's power. I'm not accomplishing anything, I don't even know how this works."

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym looks up from a microscope and rubs his eyes. He blinks a couple times, evidently not feeling great himself.

"You didn't steal it. You borrowed it the first time and made a mess. You cleaned it up. The second time I gave it to you because that Gellar creep was dangerous. You've been working your butt off honing your powers and learning self-defense and no small amount of self control. I don't think this is about you 'stealing' anything from me."

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis shakes her head. "No. Every time I use this I'm stealing your accomplishments. You're the one who's capable of making this. You made this. It's your power that I am using for myself. I don't want to be like that. I want to use my own powers, I want to grow them until they're able to stand against villany on their own. I want to find out who Shannon the hero is." She says with a deep grunt. "I don't even want to use equipment until my powers have gotten significantly stronger, I need something that I feel I've grown and accomplished myself. Plus I feel I'd use any high-tech stuff as a crutch and end up not developing my powers properly."

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym holds his hands out to take the costume. "All right. That's a sensible way of looking at things. I wish you the best of luck. I hope this wasn't a total waste of our time." When he gets the costume he places it aside on a clear table.

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis goes pffgfhp. "Waste of my time? Are you out of your mind? You're the best thing that's ever happened to me. I still want to learn close-combat from you while I'm avoiding gadgets and stuff, as well as practice my powers. Eventually, when I feel I'm strong enough I'll put on the suit again and then I feel I'll really be ready to kick some ass." She says with a soft smile. "Right now I'm unprepared, ridiculously weak and inexperienced though. So I need to build myself up into a decent hero."

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym's first thought is if he's the best thing that every happened to her she needs a life. He just gives a small snort of surprise though.

"The costume will be ready when you are. So you spoke to Nadia? After you straightened out who you were... what'd she say? She seemed angry when I saw her later but we didn't talk."

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davisbecame much more serious, so serious infact, that there has never been a Shannon more serious than this, ever. She steps closer to look him in the eye. "I'm gonna tell you this for your sake and her sake, Hank. She rejected my idea and said you just needed to rely on your friends. Thing is, your friends won't always cut it. They won't always be able to take what's thrown at them. You're only as strong as your strongest friend." SHe says with her arms crossing.

"One day some unthinkably strong thing is going to show up and none of those friends is going to measure up to it. Superman can't be everywhere, can't be on time for every fight. He can't beat everyone either. Then she'll have to watch as all her precious friends die one by one trying to protect each other." She takes a short pause before exhaling deeply to calm herself.

"I even told her to build it herself and not give me any tech but she wouldn't have it. If you can make something to go above your limits, if you can find a way to draw out your absolute best, then you MUST. It can be the difference between losing everything or winning the day. Even if it doesn't, if it's not enough, if you give it even more than your all it'll be way better, it can give you peace even if you lose. Unless you enjoy the idea of taking a sit while Monstrositus the Destroyer rips everyone to pieces."

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym has the edge off his normally intense stare.

"Ultron. It's name is Ultron. It's still out there somewhere. The Avengers were formed to fight threats like it, or the Scitauri, or Loki. Sometimes you need friends. Don't tell me about losing or teamwork or being your best please. I've lived it and heard enough inspirational speeches believe me!"

"You know what? You spend your every moment being your best and... it means nothing. You ruin your life, your business, your marriage, your health and... these idiots in costumes keep showing up in a never ending parade to get their asses kicked. Then some tougher, shinier hero shows up and you're forgotten. And you can't even take your daughter out to a goddam movie because she's caught up in this same careerv too. So Shannon, my advice to you is to take a breather. Go live your life between your heroing. Go give your parents a hug and be glad you have them and they're together."

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis gave Hank a wide smile then, giving him a pat on the shoulder, very firmly. "That is the difference between you and I, Dr. Pym. You like to live the simpler things, the more delicate things, the more reasonable things." She looks down at herself for a moment. "You could say I am kind of broken, if you want. People do it sometimes. I don't care for those things. Heroing is my life. This is a career where people die, you make friends and teammates and they die or something equally bad. I am okay with that. I embrace it, fully and entirely, all its goods and bads. Not saying that you don't, it just doesn't bother me all that much. That's why I said I'm telling you this for your sake and her sake. Particularly hers."

She says with her usual, casual, relaxed tone. "It's not that I feel nothing, mind you, it's just how I deal with it. It kind of uh, slides off very easily, makes it easy to deal with. That kind of negative stuff I mean. Maybe this makesm e less qualified to be a hero than you, I think it does actually, but I still want to do it." She steps back and starts to slowly make her way off. "Either way. I'm sure either if you can make what I suggested. You're smart beyond what should be acceptable for a human. Now what I suggest is getting the toughest metal you know, using an ant to plant a tracker on the baddie, then dropping it from the sky with thrusters in tiny form. Then using the tracker you expand it to the size of a football stadium at the speed of a bullet."

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym shakes his head. He turns back to his microscope. Then he stops and calls over his shoulder. "You're going to learn... just because you can do something... doesn't mean you should. Oppenheimer said that. Look him up. I think we're done here for now. I need to get back to my case study and I have nothing to add." So he does.