5080/Pain does not exist in this dojo!

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Pain does not exist in this dojo!
Date of Scene: 08 February 2021
Location: Chikara Dojo
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Gwen Stacy, Colleen Wing

Gwen Stacy has posed:
It's hard to properly care about learning to fight when you first gain your powers at 14. Specially as they enabled Gwen to be quite the formidable fighter with minimum effort. And besides, she had been sooooo worried about her media profile, managing her brand, becoming a very known hero in the world that actual fighting had been relegated to second plan.

At least in the universe she came from.

Here it was different. The weight of having killed her best friend was still heavy on her, and she had a new sense of responsibility. Besides, she knew the joke was still very much real, she couldn't throw a proper punch. Normally just letting her overwhelming strength and agility drag her through.

It had to change so tonight she found herself swinging across Chinatown towards a certain dojo. One she had heard referred as quite a good one, and also discreet. She could use discreet..

Earbuds were on, blasting to the sound of a certain soundtrack of many eons ago. But she needed the prep.., or maybe the motivation.

"You are the best around ..., nothing's gonna ever...~" she humming quietly along with the song, landing right outside Colleen's dojo window with a light 'plop'.

Masked face goes closer to the window, upside down of course as a proper spider does, leaaanniinnng in.

Colleen Wing has posed:
    Colleen had been progressing to higher and higher level of paranoia of late. Whether it's because of the werewolves, or the vampires, or Bakuto.. or may be all three. Her hands are wrapped and she's in her black gi punching a bag when she hears the unusual sound. She rolls across the floor and blows out the candle illuminating the inside of her dojo and moves up against the wall.

    Now she waits, even as the punching bag swings indicating someone was just using it and the candle wafts smoke up indicating it was just put out. She peeks her head around the corner just a touch and sees someone at the window.. upside down. Probably The Hand. Her eyes caste across to her sword and she wonders why the heck she didn't factor its position in to her plan. Elektra would be disappointed.

    "Tell Bakuto I'm not interested!," she calls out to what she assumes is a messenger come to deliver some physical truths to her about how no one ever leaves The Hand. "Whatever it is if he wants to talk, he can come himself, through the front door!"

Gwen Stacy has posed:
Ah, the front door... A long lost art of entering places that Ghost Spider had forgotten a long time ago.. Windows are so much more convenient! The masked head turns one side, then the other, the hood perhaps familiar from the news, along with the white mask with the pink rims on the eyes...

"Bakuto..?" the voice replies, lowering the volume on her earbuds and sliding the door up just a touch, "Did I just wander in the middle of some boyfriend drama or ..?" the window is slide open a little and the head fully slides in. Just the head though!

"I am Ghost Spider, can I come in..?" a pause and she sounds apologetic. "I should had used the front door but uh, I haven't used those in a long while. It's become part of my brand."

Colleen Wing has posed:
    Colleen does a double take as she hears a voice that is definitely not one of the Hand, or Bakuto, or Elektra trying to give her a lesson in preparedness. A finger hits the light switch and the dojo illuminates. She steps out in to the matted area and peers in surprise at Ghost Spider.

    "You're... Ghost Spider," she repeats in surprise. First she meets a dragon and an X-Men and now Ghost Spider. What is it with her dojo and attracting the more unique percentage of society. She lets out a surprised half laugh and says, "Yes. You can come in."

    "No, not a boyfriend. I thought you were someone else. It doesn't matter. Are you okay? can I get you anything?" empty carton of 2 minute noodles perhaps? Colleen is not exactly know for having much. "Water?" She makes her second wrong assumption of the night and assumes this Spider is in the midst of fighting crime.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
The invite to come in makes it so the head that was already popping inside the dojo to be followed by the rest of her body, slim and fit under that tight-fitting suit, black and white. The ballerina shoes do make her differ a lot from the Spiderman look though.. "Thank you." she replies, twisting and putting one foot on the ground, then the other. She closes the window behind her.

"I am good." She says, raising her hands up a touch as if stating she doesn't need anything. Or at least nothing of the eating variety! "You are .., Colleen, right? I saw some of your fliers out there, this is your dojo, isn't it?" the masked face looking around slowly. Discreet, quaint. Perhaps just what she needed.

"I was hoping you would be able to teach me a few moves." Then perhaps thinking about payment for the first part she adds a bit hesitantly. "I can pay you." not much though!

Colleen Wing has posed:
    Colleen rubs at the back of her neck and watches her slip in to her dojo. She's never seen a Spider-person up close before. This is new for her. Only on news footage. New York loves its spider-fam. "Yes I'm Colleen wing. This is my dojo," she confirms with a nod and looks at her with slight puzzlement. "Show you a few moves? But you're Ghost Spider..."

    The idea that she'd be paid, however, is always appreciated. "I don't know what I can teach someone like you but I'd be happy to try. Tell me, exactly, what it is that's troubling you and we can focus on that?"

Gwen Stacy has posed:
"Well..." And Ghost Spider brings one hand up to rub at the back of her neck, considering on what's troubling her... Maybe it would had been easier to ask what's NOT troubling her. She gives it a thought, mmm'ing and then finally speaks up. "Well.., everything? But I would be happy to just learn on how to properly throw a proper punch." she says.

Sure, agility is all good and so. Lots of raw potential! But without the technique to go along she wouldn't be able to get to that next step! She moves further into the dojo, steps light and graceful, eyeing that various punching bags. "I never really learned to fight." she admits, the voice under that mask sounding perhaps even younger than Colleen's.

Colleen Wing has posed:
    Colleen takes a moment to consider that a Spider-person, Ghost Spider, is asking her to teach her how to punch. A genuine hero of New York - just like the Defenders. "Uh... r- right," she says as she recovers her composure. "Right. I see.." She genuinely smiles. This is her wheel house and teaching someone who isn't going to turn to a life of crime and evil is what she needs.

    "Okay, I'll accept you as my student," she says and walks over to her, then gives her a small bow. "Punching, is not just about the arm. It is about precision, timing, coordination. The whole body is used," she explains and then approaches the same punching bag and says, "And there is tactics. A punch need not be about knocking somebody unconscious, but debilitating them from further combat. Disarm their mind from the notion that battle is preferable to surrender or fleeing."

    Colleen takes a regular Karate stance and motions to her hips and legs, "The body is like a coil, poised to strike when we wind it up, then let it loose. We transfer our energy up our legs, through our torso, down our arms - the conclusion of the fist is an after thought, like the tip of a whip cracking in the air."

    With a swift motion she punches the bag. It's fast and precise and the bag jumps away from her. The chain that hangs it from the ceiling rattles as it dances until the bag finds its swinging motion once more. "This is what we seek, that our body and mind is not caught in a single moment of a punch. We begin, though, with the tip of the whip - the hand. In your case, we begin with a fist." She holds hers up, "Thumb here, fingers here. Punch here," She catches the bag from swinging and taps the spot she hit.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
With Colleen accepting her as a student brings a Gwen-smile under that mask, "Great! I will make sure not to disappoint, sensei!" she may have been seeing some movies before coming here.. Is she expecting to sand the floor? Hopefully not..

She gives a bow in return to Colleen when the other woman does so, stepping aside of that punching bag but watching curiously while her new sensei gets to explain on how to punch. She nods at what Colleen says, tapping a fingertip over where her lips are supposed to be under the mask. She watches the karate posture, the explanation on how to properly punch..

"Hips and legs? Okay, I think I will remember that." a brief chuckle, "It will be a good change from all the marketing pieces focused on those legs and hips. At least they will feel useful.." a roll of her eyes and a sigh.

One hand is then brought up and she tries to mimic the formation of the fist. Some difficulty at first, it not feeling natural to her!