5198/This will never do

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This will never do
Date of Scene: 15 February 2021
Location: Asgardian Embassy
Synopsis: Loki and Amora have a chat in the library. It seems that Loki is turning his eye towards Midgard, with some aid. Everyone needs a friend, after all.
Cast of Characters: Amora, Loki

Amora has posed:
The embassy is something of a recent addition to Midgard, having been formed after Thor joined the Avengers and became one of the mightiest heroes on Earth. Of course that with Odin ordaning Amora as the actual ambassador down here means he most likely isn't making things easy for the ones that choose to come here. Or that he sees with good eyes the closing of relations between Asgard and Midgard. But who knows of Odin's true intentions?

Certainly not Amora!

Yet with the task having been given she at least tries to keep up with the affairs of state. Diplomacy, meeting other ambassadors, state dinners. Lush living. Yes, quite the many sacrifices Amora has to do. But no matter, the more cover she has for what she is truly doing down here..

Right now though? She is turning towards the library, high heels echoing on the floorboard of the otherwise empty halls, just a few guards stationed here and there. It's quite the opulent building afterall, mostly set in the ways of Asgard with the large halls, long tables. Only some concessions to technology here and there. It's important that those of Asgard who stay here can feel themselves at home afterall.

She opens the door. Now where did she leave that book she was reading? It had a passage she wanted to read again.

Loki has posed:
Who truly understands the thoughts of the All Father? It's a trait, actually, that Loki shares with his adoptive father, that is, looking to the long view that may not be counted in days, weeks, months or even years. It could be decades, centuries, and in the case of the long-lived Asgardians, millennia. Should one bring up the 'family resemblance', however, the younger sibling of the pair of princes would deny it to his dying breath.

So it is with Amora being assigned to the Embassy. Perhaps it's a way to force her into the open, to quell her machinations. To make her not only accountable to Asgard, but to each and every person who walks through the doors into these hallowed halls. This bit of Asgard where those of the faithful, and the newly 'faithful', thanks to Thor and his antics on the Avengers make their 'pilgrammage'. Some only make it to the sidewalk, others get the courage for the tour in the vain hope to see //someone//.

That someone, however, won't be Loki. Prince Loki, that is. Perhaps Amora felt a whisper in the etherial winds, or maybe it's just to get away from it all, but those footsteps that take her closer to the library does, indeed, bring her closer to that particular personnage.

As the door swings open to her, there within is an understated Loki. He's dressed impeccably, of course, in a muted colored suit with an emerald tie, and he stands, back to the door, looking up at an upper shelf, hands casually held behind his back.

To hear the door open, Loki doesn't appear to be surprised with either the interruption or the person actually opening the door. No... instead, his voice holds a sing-song lightness, almost a playfulness to the edge as he speaks.

"I am so disappointed. What drivel have you discovered? I mean, really..."

Amora has posed:
It's the kind of trait that appears to be shared with Amora, even if she isn't exactly family. YET. Or so she hopes. Or is it all another machination? True enough that her obsession with one of the Princes has been a constant in most her life. But as with everything that is Amora she does seem the type to play the long game. They can afford it afterall with their long years. At least until Ragnarok comes a-knocking.

Amora certainly is no Princess, or even part of the royal family, but she dresses the part. For how else should an ambassador dress but as royally? A long gown of a crystal blue color that matches her eyes, the ends trailing behind her, ends bright as if snowflakes. Shoulders are bare, showing porcelain skin, eyes resting on Loki when he speaks. Is she surprised by his presence? She betrays nothing with voice or posture.

"Good evening, Prince Loki. You might have to be more specific, there is so much in Midgard that disappoints me." a resigned sigh. She expects it already.

Yet she makes her way closer to the other Asgardian to look at the particular shelf he is inspecting.

Loki has posed:
As Amora joins him, Loki glances beside him to catch the breathtaking display of gown and color. His gaze lingers briefly before drawing his attention away, back to the books. The shelf. The study.

Thus ever is Loki.

"Amora," and the tenor of his voice remains light, in good spirits. Gesturing towards the top shelf first, he pulls a tome, dusty from disuse. Blowing across the top of the pages, Loki opens the book, a soft utterance escaping him as he finds something obviously worthy of scorn written there. He can't help but roll his eyes as a finger lights upon a passage written in long forgotten runes,
"'I send out from me the spirits of Gondul.
'May the first bite you in the back.
'May the second bite you in the breast,'" Here, Loki pulls a face. "Please."

He does finish up the 'charm', however, closing the book with an audible snap before it simply disappears from view. "'May the third turn hate and envy upon you.'"

Turning towards Amora, brows are raised, the silent 'really?' spoken. Instead, Loki takes a different tack. "I think I shall take it upon myself to find something that would be of some small value to this collection."

Amora has posed:
Amora wraps one arm across her stomach, the other up and holding her chin while she watches Loki curiously, watching him take the book and start reciting. She quirks a brow at this, lingering amusement there, "I see you are not a fan of writings about the fallen Valkyrie." she muses, "But you are right." she then speaks in agreement, gesturing to the second 'curse', that ever-present smile on her lips, "You have no idea how many I have found whose secret desires turn to that. So as curses go." she makes a face, "Not exactly effective."

"Midgard does seem to love our old pieces and lore though. Yet you appear to want to go a different direction?" she now turning to face Loki directly.

"What's on your mind of adding to our embassy?" She then inquires. "And please, you would never care to add something of .., small value. I have never seen you do things on a small scale." a beat, "Or am I not looking hard enough?"

Loki has posed:
"Let them hold such things in their libraries. This is not for us." Something of a chuckle escapes the man, and he sets his hands into pants pockets, lending a casual air. "No, not exactly effective," is agreed. "For here?"

Loki takes a step back and begins a light pace off of the room that has historically been the library, the study for the large building. "Definitely a different direction. Something more useful, if not more accurate. I mean, it couldn't begin to rival my own study, but at the very least?" His tones rise, lightly indicating the now disappeared book with something of a 'please' tenor to his voice.

"I'll have to consider its holdings."

There is a smile that rises; the stroking of an ego only gains favor with the prince. "You are right," he begins, "this isn't a small scale thing. By the time it's done..." and his words trail off. So many thoughts, ideas... each leading to another, and another..

Catching himself, he pulls his hands from his pockets to clap them together once, as if putting an end to the idea, and moves to the next, emerald eyes gleaming with amusement. "Tell me, Lady Ambassador," the words are light in a tease, "tell me of your official alliances. I'm certain Thor has approved them, yes?"

Amora has posed:
Did Amora just create a monster? No, the monster was already there. But now it's directed to the Embassy renewals. It can be good, but also bad. Time will tell, but knowing Loki she will guess it's a mixture of both. And it will undoubtedly be amusing. It's an amusement that comes to an end when Loki speaks of Thor approving her alliances. Pfff!

"Thor much more prefers a good mead and a full plate instead of such boring affairs." Translation: She wants to be in control. "So I have kept him appeased as he prefers." a beatific smile upon her expression. She only wants what's best for the Princes!

But a question was made so she smiles deeper. "I have only found any worth with Atlantis so far, and it's King Namor. He understands power, and an understanding has been made between us." she explains. "We have lended some support on the troubles he had during the attacks on the deep. Other than him, none of worth." it's not as if she underestimates mortals, she simply has a high bar!

"Though I do have a question for you." eyes flickering as she starts to lead the Prince towards the hallways of the Embassy. "What do you recall of the Dragonfang blade?" again that cheshire smile.

But the rest of the conversation? That one is lost in the halls they walk.