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Loki (Scenesys ID: 275)
Name: Loki Laufeyson
Superalias: Loki
Gender: Male
Species: Jotun
Occupation: Prince of Asgard, Sorcerer of Asgard
Citizenship: Asgard
Residence: Asgard
Education: Asgardian, Privately
Theme: Marvel (VFC)
Groups: Asgardians
Apparent Age: 1298 Actual Age: 1298
Date of Birth 17 Dec 722 Played By Tom Hiddleston
Height: 6'4" Weight: 180 lbs
Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Green
Twitter: @MischiefManaged
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Loki is the silver-tongued Asgardian god of lies and mischief. The second son of Odin, Prince Loki has quite a reputation, much of it negative. Loki is well known for his centuries of plots, particularly his assault on New York, nearly toppling the city, and causing the Avengers to mobilize to stop him. A powerful mage, Loki wields illusion and mental magic, as well as shapeshifting prowess, making him formidable yet subtle.


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* 722: Born to King Laufey, ruler of the Frost Giants in Jotunheim
* 722: Odin, King of Asgard, takes the son of Laufey in as his own
* 728: Grew up with brother Thor and the young lady Sif. As the youngest, Loki is often teased for his weaknesses.
* 730: Thor is mean, yet somehow beloved by everyone; it doesn't make sense.
* 735: Emo Teen phase begins. Loki pulls a wonderful prank on Sif, making her hair very unique. Many pranks committed with his trouble-buddy Amora.
* 750: Asgard goes to war, and Thor starts to really be obnoxious. Mortals are encountered and found to be very wanting.
* 751: Thor is given various accolades for the war, while Loki is unfairly /ignored/.
* 793: In the age of the Viking, Loki leans more into Midgard affairs, and has a lot of fun playing with them.
* 1789: Loki once again returns to Midgard to play around during the French Revolution. Mortals are entertaining toys.
* 1800-2000: Loki causes various pranks and trouble of small calibre, to display his annoyance from dealing with Thor's messes and arrogance.
* 2014: Loki discovers he is a Frost Giant. Searches his soul but doesn't find song or poetry to be a good outlet...
* 2015: Thor gets cast out, so Loki makes a bid for the crown; Thor overcomes him and the frost Giants. Loki lays low.
* 2018: Loki finds a magical scepter and works on a plan.
* 2018: Loki begins his assault on New York. +news Timeline/2018 - Loki's NY Assault.
* 2019: Odin punishes Loki by putting him in Asgard's prison.
* 2020: Loki manipulates his way free of prison, with certain constraints that won't hold him for long.

IC Journal

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Loki has a lot of dreams, of things he wants or craves, and attempts to seek them out with an extreme level of focused attention. He is never happy with what he has: there is always some grass-is-greener out there in the world. He can be extremely dangerous when his ambition is blocked or he is idle: that tends to be when Loki is at his worst. If he has a project, a goal to let his ambitious teeth sink into, he can be extremely useful and companionable.

Loki is very driven by his emotions; everything feeds back into the deep well of feelings that are always churning. Often he runs on feelings of injury, jealousy and frustration, which lean Loki into doing a number of problematic and vicious actions, since they stem out of these dark emotions. He is also very capable of caring deeply, of passionate highs as well as lows. He truly enjoys his games, and seeks out opportunties to feel the rush of victory or power. He is almost always in some state of an emotionally walking wounded, which makes him snarky and sharp-tongued when poked.

Loki is entitled to a lot of things, by his view. He is a god, a prince, and deserves respect to an extreme degree. His arrogance comes in due to this entitlement, which actually is not as rock solid as he would like others to believe. He has doubts in himself and what he is exactly, and suffers under the shadow of those supposedly 'greater' than him. He doesn't feel his talents are given the proper esteem they should be, and goes to great lengths, often, to demonstrate that his abilities, despite being more subtle, are extremely worthy of admiration.

Loki usually does whatever he wants, in a mix of whim and deliberate chaos. Morality with Loki is an emotional thing. How he feels about someone will dictate how moral he feels he needs to act. Humans in general are not worth much, and do not weigh on him if things happen to them. He can murder and doesn't really need to justify it with humans or lesser beings. After all, he is a god, in his view. Murder of others that he holds in higher esteem or attaches emotional weight to is a different thing. He may still act on the murder or deed, but it will weigh on him in the same manner as an average human killing another human. As for things like stealing or almost any crime other than murder, he's really very fine with all of it. Manipulation is expected and open game. Those that know Loki should expect the backstab to come: and it always does, though it isn't always from a murderous view. He sometimes acts a lot harsher than he actually is, when he feels pressured or put in a corner: when trapped or forced he can do extremely immoral acts. His natural state is not to actively cause direct harm, though, but it IS to do whatever he wants.

The core of the god of mischief is, obviously, mischief. He has a chaotic nature that likes to create excitement, interest, and fun. Given two choices in ways to do things, he lends to preferring the artistic and entertaining way, even if another route might be seen as being more advantageous. He will lie even if it doesn't benefit him at the moment, just to cause reactions and instigate something to happen. He personally views this as keeping others on their toes, strengthening them, and similar views: not actively torturing them, usually. He is an excellent actor, possibly without many peers, able to slip into all sorts of situations and pull strings.

Loki is a planner, but he isn't a type that needs to cling to a plan. He will create a long view and a plan, yet will adapt easily and on the fly at need. He always has an angle and something he's working on, and is adept at working situations to suit him or in escaping from a situation that really isn't going to go his way. He is a master both of manipulation and escape routes, willing to take appropriate risks when he has a backdoor option. Usually he prefers to not lose or appear to lose, but will lose fights in order to win the long war he has planned.

Character Sheet


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Loki has been granted the ability of All-Speak, which allows him to communicate with any living creature capable of communication in its native language. He can use this with telepathic communication as well as verbal. This can extend into communication with animals, but animals aren't great conversationalists and don't often have language.

Loki's mental power is among the greatest, not that it is always aimed at constructive directions. Being clever does not mean he's particularly wise, after all. Most often his intellect is used to create elaborate strategies about what is most probable, relying on his magic to scry, and his instincts with people to inform these elaborate machinations. Otherwise, it is used in orientation with his magic: remembering all of the spells, picking the correct ones, and using his creative intelligence to make up new and interesting ways to weave magic together. Even a magical genius can be 'lazy': he often uses his favorite spells or approaches to things, but is capable of thinking well outside of the box when challenged.

Loki is not in fact an Asgardian, he is a Jotun, of Jotunheim (a Frost Giant). He does, however, share physical strength, stamina, improved healing, general immunity to most toxins and poisons, and some other general traits with the Asgardians he was raised with. He is a 'runt' of a Jotun, which has kept his physical powers a bit lower than they could have been. He is very difficult to injure; firing general mortal guns is not effective. He has an extremely long life span, possibly even limited immortality. He is not as strong as the most powerful of Asgardians (though comparable), but does have a specific trait related to his race: affinity to cold. Cold magic, effects, and environments can boost his physical abilities to high levels, or assist him in restoring his resources. He is not 'immune' to cold effects, in that he soaks them up instead as a sort of restorative. His own cold magic does not apply to this.

Additionally, the royal bloodline of Jotun is known for illusionary magic, and he shares that natural affinity. This has made him more potent than Asgardians are capable of, in terms of illusionary magical talent, which is a tradeoff for what he may lack physically in sheer muscle weight.

Loki is innately magically able to change his shape to somewhat extreme levels, and can do it very quickly. He is a mimic of humanoid shapes primarily, but is capable of other things as well, including small creatures or very close mimicry. He is often able to fool even someone that is well acquainted with a given target, though shapeshifting has nothing to do with knowing a target's personality or memories (other magic or knowledge would be needed for that). Even if knocked unconscious, the shapeshift will hold. Loki is capable of using his other magic during his shapeshifts, though some rituals or objects use may be unavailable if they have requirements such as specific hand gestures. Shapeshifting is magical and includes Loki's clothing or items at hand. He is immune to curses or magic that forces his shape to be one way or another, able to shake off anything that restricts his image.

There are limits to shapeshifting, as constantly rearranging mass is exhausting. Usually Loki will use a combination of shapeshifting and illusion to suit his needs, and will not shapeshift in rapid succession to avoid exhausting. Holding a form does not take effort, though, only the changes: he can stay a crow as long as he chooses to. He can do mythical creatures or things that don't exist, which means he can be a talking dog if he wanted, though it would not be very convincing as a real dog, seeing as it could talk.

Loki avoids anything larger than the size of a big wolf, and doesn't shrink below the size of a bird. He is capable of some extremes, but they are outside of his 'easy' range, and he doesn't generally challenge those limits, finding them very exhausting.

Loki is a master sorcerer, with a variety of magical spells and abilities at his fingertips. His specific strong areas are those which assist him in his lies and manipulation: magic related to illusions, mental pressure, and awareness. Loki is able to paint a scene of illusion to regale the senses with sights, sounds and smells to fool even highly perceptive individuals. This can be making a barn look like a castle, a rose smell like leather, or throwing sounds around to create echoes for footsteps that are not actually there. He can throw images of himself long distances to communicate. Loki's illusions do not have a physical component to them (rocks can be thrown), but can be very dangerous when used properly to manipulate how people interact with what they think the world is. A favorite is simple invisibility, or making himself appear to be elsewhere in the room. His mental magic leans to manipulations of a telepathic type, similar in structure to those who use mental powers, though his skills are magical in base, not psionic. Still, he can do feats such as exploring the Astral plane, or detecting and punishing telepaths that try to poke into his head. He is capable of reading surface thoughts magically, though usually that isn't 'fun.' In terms of awareness, Loki is a paranoid sort, and usually has a variety of defensive magics going at a given time. He tends to immediately spot and identify magical use in his vicinity, and can identify properties of magical objects with minimal effort.

While other areas of magic are not what Loki is known for, he is very versatile as a master sorcerer of Asgard. He is able to conjure minor objects (water, wine), levitate, create magical shields or enchant objects (usually with nasty curses for his amusement), cast various rituals (scrying, banishment, binding), rune usage, teleportation (to places he knows, within limits spatially) and healing (not that he likes to).

Magical objects (items imbued with magical runes or power) come in a variety of types, and deserve specific mention. This can be an army of metallic soldiers animated by magic, or it can be a rope ensorcelled to be a snake to suddenly bite unaware prey. All objects of these types require time to prepare, and are not instant (anything that appears instant is probably an illusion)!

In terms of direct aggressive magic if he has to do it, Loki relies on elemental casting, such as fireballs, drawing on natural sources, and has a dynamic range of blasts that he can create to deal with various attacks or problems. A fire elemental can be parried with a summoning of thick smothering dust clouds and rocks ripped from the ground. Usually these are used defensively, as Loki is not often magically aggressive, and are not his go-to.

As a strong caster, Loki has excellent resilience to magic, though he is not entirely immune to magical effects. Most of this comes from his magical shielding (active spells or magical objects), which means this resistance can be shut off.

All magic takes a toll, and Loki is not limitless nor invincible. Heavy magical use is exhausting and comes with payment in the form of exhaustion or physical and/or mental damage. Even small cantrips add up.

While Loki is not the strongest, as a 'runty' Jotun, he instead excels at speed and agility, where he lacks in physical power. When pressed, Loki is able to perform feats of quickness that can astound Asgardians. To note, these are not speeds that should be considered on par with a speed-powered individual. It means that he can get out of the way of powerful hits: assuming he sees them coming, anyway, or isn't so arrogant as to think they won't harm him.

Often his speeds mean he's just about as fast in distance travel as an Asgardian that was using their strength to leap: Loki's found ways to work around (or be 'better') than his strong Asgardian counterparts. Loki instead focuses on finesse and darting around in a battle, not facing something head on.

Loki's speeds can really come into play when he needs to cast quickly, but that also means he can exhaust his magic very quickly with rapid casting if he isn't careful about it.


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An accomplished actor and liar of centuries, Loki's title as the god of lies is earned: he's slippery and evades most powers that can pin him down about his lies. Loki is very good at judging what others expect, and playing to it: he's the patron god of con men everywhere. He can be extremely convincing in any number of characters, and highly skilled at staying in character even in stressful situations or under considerable pressure. He watches targets and can quickly pick up on their mannerisms, making him a very quick study and mimic.

Loki has an array of skills related to being a royal of Asgard, such as how to behave in ceremonies, play various instruments, dance, and other requirements related to regal bearing. He can keep up with similar circles in Midgard, though his main skill base is with Asgard in mind.

Loki was trained alongside the best of the best of Asgard's weapon-masters. He preferred his studies in books, but the combat training was also required. While never as proficient as the more martial-minded, Loki's combat style uses his speed and finesse with high effectiveness. He has been active as a combatant for centuries, and has a wealth of experience, particularly in weaving magic into his combat, reappearing in other locations, and confusing a battlefield with his illusions to set up a perfect strike. Loki prefers magic and swords as his best weapons; he usually avoids direct fisticuffs.

Raised in the courts of Asgard, Loki absorbed more than just courtly knowledge: he was a sponge for ALL of the politics. The whole map of interlocking and moving personalities and agendas was a delightful game to Loki. He is a potent diplomat when he chooses, with a wide talent and awareness of how to weasel into getting what he wants or talking someone down. He'll lie freely during diplomacy, without moral issues in the way.

While other Asgardian kids were out running about outside, Loki was most often a student of books and lore. He's read everything in his own library as well as the vast libraries of Asgard, and retains much of it. He's had plenty of time to partake of much of the knowledge of Midgard as well, and has a better working knowledge of Midgard history than most historians, having been there for pieces of it, and knowing where the information is kept. His education is broad, on many topics, though most specifically centered on magic, geography (including space) and history/lore.

Silver Tongue:
Loki can convince a blind man to buy his blank painting. He's a silver-tongued devil, and can be very coaxing when he sets his mind to it. Loki will freely manipulate the truth at need without any qualms, though usually there is an element of truth to his stories to help them be more convincing. While he can use his magic to add to this, he doesn't typically need to. Loki is a master manipulator, and can come across as extremely honest and earnest if he chooses.

Originally taught by Queen Frigga of Asgard, Loki has been a student of magic from a very young age. He is arguably one of the most knowledgeable long-lived sorcerers, in terms of volume of spells as well as creation of his own spellwork. His knowledge base suits that of a Sorcerer Supreme of Asgard. He is fully capable of teaching others magic (if he ever wanted to).


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Loki has a wealth of aliases and characters he's created on Midgard. He has various faces or identities all over the world that he can step into, though most of them are in New York, where all the current 'action' is, due to his attack on the city. Loki has enough resources to survive very comfortably on earth in any number of his various identities, but he does not have 'millions' amassed: why bother, when he can use magic. Some of his identities have good access to items such as parties for the rich and famous.

Loki is a prince of Asgard, and can expect the resources of Asgard to respond to his needs or requests. He is not always in a positive light with Asgard, but he is still a prince, and has servants or guards at his beck and call. His life is protected by those that protect the royalty of Asgard (even if they may not like Loki particularly). He can always fall back to Asgard (even if it might be that he's in an Asgard cell).

Loki has all sorts of connections, among various races and in all sorts of locations. Many of them have no idea he's actually Loki (which may be part of why they are still agreeable). He cultivates a broad array of information sources in particular, such as politician aides, hungry reporters, Asgardian guards, and so on. If he lacks a connection in an area, Loki's other skills often allow him to create more new ones. He always 'knows a guy', or at least knows where to find said guy (just might take a little manipulation...)

While a lot of the time Loki struggles heavily with his family members, he does have their love (in some form) and support (sometimes). Odin wants what is best for Loki and Thor, and tends to think of them as a pair, which isn't always what Loki would prefer. Punishments are aimed to improve Loki as a person. Frigga is an enormous resource for Loki, as his teacher of magic and his true ally. Finally, Thor is a resource for emotional support if Loki ever let him in, but is otherwise useful when smartly manipulated: something Loki is often highly successful at.

Laevateinn is a magical one-handed sword, a magical relic of Asgard. As such an artifact, it is extremely resistant to damage, and has a number of properties that allow Loki to channel his magic. It is capable of inflicting damage to creatures that normally are not affected by physical objects, due to the magical nature of the weapon, or can parry an energy blade. It is not unbreakable, but would take some considerable heavy duty god power to break. Loki has attached many spells to it, and is able to summon it if necessary, though he generally does not prefer to attack physically. It is still a good tool and useful if he has to do some heavy magical lifting, as it can focus his aggressive spellcasting.

While Loki is welcome in the Asgard palace, he just as often is in his personal magical castle/library, which is outside of the city of Asgard. This is also a place to retreat to when he is (for SOME reason) unwanted at the palace. It has intense magical defenses that are fully capable of turning intruders to a crisp, which parallels the paranoia of the owner, and his defenses of his secrets. Inside the castle is Loki's personal library, a cache of magical books that would make a hoarder jealous.

Magical Relics:
Loki has in his possession (and in caches all over the place) a broad array of weird and interesting magical objects. There are mirrors that will enrapture the user, jewelry which will whisper things the target wishes were true, baubles that will corrupt a user, hairbrushes that will cause hair to fall out: all sorts of items. Most of them were made by Loki, but not all of them: he is a collector of strange items, and very prone to leaving them around for mortals to suffer from. Similarly, he often has an object that is helpful, though these applications can be a bit niche. A water-breathing pearl doesn't often come in useful to him personally, and he doesn't usually like helping others without good reason. This hoard is very selfish, and usually doubles up on what his magic can do anyway.

Those that encounter objects of Loki's (such as a creepy green mask, for example) generally pay a giant price for their use.


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Loki has a LOT of enemies. Many of them are super-powered, as well, which complicates that all the more. He is also very good at making enemies, even out of allies. He is particularly hated by Midgard for assaulting New York, and can't show his face there without expecting to get a lot of negative attention, possibly from those that can bash his face in.

Life isn't fair, but Loki sure thinks it should be. He continually is outraged by others getting things that he feels he deserves more, and can fly off the handle if he's not treated with the reverence owed. It can cause him to lose his cool or cause him to be distracted. It can fuel a number of bad choices that don't do him any favors.

Thor: Thor and Loki have an interesting relationship, and Loki often reacts very strongly to things that Thor decides to do or say. Lots of Loki's jealousy centers around the benefits that Thor enjoys, and Thor has a great deal of power over Loki's mood or reactions. He hates Thor but also does love his brother, and it can create a lot of stressful situations.

Odin: Loki wants to prove himself to Odin, to be given praise, and to be seen as a true son. Odin has a lot of emotional power over Loki due to that need, but also a lot of general power: Odin is able to force Loki to behave if necessary (at least most of the time).

Frigga: Loki would do anything for Frigga, who raised him as her true son, and saw the true potential in him. He loves her, and would do anything he could for her safety or at her word, in his desire to please her. He will always attempt to be seen as a perfect son in her eyes.

Humans are, a best, really not worth much of anything to Loki. They are like ants. He repeatedly treats them as playthings, and always underestimates what they are actually capable of. He just can't accept that they'd ever really be a threat, even if they seem somehow to best him.

All of the wonderful things that Thor has, Loki wants them. Thor appreciates nothing that he's being handed, and it drives Loki crazy with envy. He is particularly jealous of anything related to being seen as popular and beloved, as he has deep issues with wanting those things.

Allies are really hard to maintain when you regularly mistreat them or backstab them. These allies don't often have a lot of tolerance for the next time. Or if they do, Loki once again gives them reason to distrust him, once again. It's almost impossible to be around Loki for any length of time and /not/ acquire some sort of wound (emotional or physical) from him, which means those without patience or forgiveness usually aren't in Loki's circle for long.

Loki likes to talk, and he likes to show off. He is prone to the 'sin' of the villainous monologue: explaining what he's doing and why he's doing it as he gets his win. It can cause him to stall too long and to allow an enemy to regroup. He isn't always /honest/ in his monologue, but he usually will talk. He is, however, smart enough to recognize when he's being baited to monologue: so it's generally best to let him do it on his own.

The more Loki is talking, the more he cares about the target, generally, as well - Thor earns mighty monologues.

Loki is not above petty vengeance or revenge. He can be extremely nasty over even tiny slights, though he has a long view of things in general. He can be a bit randomly selective over what things bother him and stick in his craw, and which he just breezes past. Still, even a small slight in his mind could produce a very out-of-proportion reaction or tantrum. Those who know him well tend to be cautious and watchful of what they say with Loki, because he can be so explosive if he's in such a mood. This tendency can wreck friendships.

Loki is something of a cat: if he falls, he'll pretend he meant to, and woe to anyone that saw! Loki believes he is far smarter than anyone around him, aloof and regal. He feels he is more deserving of prizes, better suited to be in power, and overall in control of a world stage where others are puppets to his design. Under it, Loki has a brittle sense of self-confidence when others seem to not see how great he is, though he can be merciful if they are clearly stupid mortals. Generally, he requires everyone to treat him with proper respect and laud, or face his wrath.

Loki is a god of lies, and like most liars, doesn't trust anybody else. He expects others to lie, too, for no reason other than that he assumes others are out to get him in the same way he's out to get them. It causes a lot of issues with Loki trusting anyone else, and creates his need to out-fox them before they can out-fox him.



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Loki has 49 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
What goodies may be found March 29th, 2021 Loki spends some time in Amanda's library. He's visited by the lady of the tomes, and an annoying discovery is made. Who does that?!
1000 Faces: Resurrectile Dysfunction March 28th, 2021 After saving some of Orkney from draugr, the Asgardian royal court goes to teach a draugr a lesson. One that starts and ends with
When debts come due March 6th, 2021 Thor and Loki pay a visit to Amanda. Loki's request for payment of a debt? Full access to Amanda's -magic- libraries.
One night in Lindesfarne February 26th, 2021 Amora joins Loki for a walk around the island where they spend half of their time in the past, and some in the present.. and a touch in the future.
No Solitude in Death February 23rd, 2021 Loki reads into trouble. Thor saves his brother from being lost in Astral space, right?
Magical inquiries February 16th, 2021 The brothers speak, civilly if not cordially! Carrots are dangled and Loki takes the bait.
This will never do February 15th, 2021 Loki and Amora have a chat in the library. It seems that Loki is turning his eye towards Midgard, with some aid. Everyone needs a friend, after all.
Snakes in the bushes February 14th, 2021 The snakes meet and discuss. There is no rattling.
In the Weeds December 5th, 2020 Wanda runs into Loki and his weird, creepy pets.
Abundance November 18th, 2020 Loki and Thor discuss the merits of specialization.
Up from the pit, 7' high October 27th, 2020 Hela meets Thor to talk of peace between them. Meanwhile the snakes gather around them.
Farewell October 12th, 2020 Loki departs and Thor says farewell.
Follow the White Rabbit September 28th, 2020 With a Loki sighting at the reconstruction of the ice palace, SHIELD agents and magic users alike converge to get dragged by dogs and chase rabbits.
Can't 'Let it Go' September 28th, 2020 Nessa runs afoul of a pissed off Loki.
Ice Palace: Do we have a plan September 16th, 2020 The team discuss how to approach getting rid of the necromancer.
Ice Palace: Let Her Go September 16th, 2020 The team works to finally defeat the necromancer... he looks tasty, after all.
Ice Palace: A Swiftly Tilting Palace September 1st, 2020 In part 1 of the Ice Palace finale, Sera, Nessa and Agent May team up to stop the skeletons... and a Palace with legs!
Ice Palace: The Fox August 31st, 2020 The 'fox' speaks, and adds more confusing information to the pile, on what is happening with the Ice Palace.
Asgardian Attention and Favours August 27th, 2020 When Pepper invites Thor to the apartment to ask him to help protect the fragment Radu dropped in Amanda's lap, Loki turns up, too... and Amanda makes a deal with the devil.
Ice Palace: Quid Pro Quo August 19th, 2020 Loki gives Nessa some information. Some of it might not be lies.
Ice Palace: Do you want to build a Skeleton August 12th, 2020 Frost magic and skeletons erupt in the Bronx! A fight is waged between the minions of a necromancer and our heroes. Loki is kinda snarky.
Ice Palace: Show Yourself August 12th, 2020 Nessa meets Loki.
Ice Palace: The Magic Fox August 11th, 2020 Nessa speaks to the mage Tristan about the Ice Palace trouble, and Loki's name comes up.
Ice Palace: Tristan's Story August 4th, 2020 Nessa talks to the boy she'd rescued at the ice Palace.
Ice Palace: Feel my Power Grow July 30th, 2020 Magical heroes defend an ice cottage from attack by skeletons!
Ice Palace: The Kid July 22nd, 2020 Nessa finds the ice palace under assault, and encounters a young mage needing rescue.
Ice Palace: Frosting July 21st, 2020 The Ice Palace in the Bronx has become dangerous: and investigation by the LBC and SHIELD finds more cracks to the mystery.
Finding the elusive time! July 11th, 2020 Chat in the apartment turns into.. more of a chat.
Ice Palace, V2 July 8th, 2020 Nessa learns a bit more ice magic, and her teacher learns more about /her/.
A Touch of Frost June 25th, 2020 An abandoned warehouse becomes an ice palace when two magically-inclined people meet.
SpotOp's Patchup June 22nd, 2020 Hilde comes upon an injured Landry and the two criminals he got hurt apprehending. She begins to patch him up when Lokitty comes to toy with them both like a cat and mouse game.
War World: Interim June 11th, 2020 Loki visits Thor while he recovers from the first War World conflict.
Dobby is a free elf May 14th, 2020 Loki lies, uses magic, and returns to Asgard, with Sif in tow.
The Bells: Whispers in the Dark May 10th, 2020 SHIELD agents and Asgardians attack the Shadow consuming Metropolis: and work to return it to prison.
The Bells: Mirror, Mirror May 10th, 2020 Lois Lane and intern Kara look for more information about the source of the Shadow.
The Bells: Artifacts of Hell's Gate May 9th, 2020 A number of heroes fight shadow-spawned creatures, and learn a thing or two about their behavior... and taste in weapons.
The Bells - It's not Mind Control May 2nd, 2020 Loki offers Clint a screaming shadow pet gift.
Tiny teeth are still sharp April 24th, 2020 Loki and Sif encounter and capture a Shadow critter in metropolis.
Did You See What I Saw April 12th, 2020 Sif and THor talk... and Loki makes a cameo.
The Bells - Followed me Home April 2nd, 2020 Sif and Loki encounter a strange shadow-creature, and discuss what it might be.
Artistic Ennui March 19th, 2020 Sif and Heidi bring news to Loki (Thoki).
Heralds of the Ridiculous March 19th, 2020 Loki visits Thor to get news... but Loki mostly already has the news.
Swimming With Sharks March 13th, 2020 Literally nobody wants Loki trapped on Earth, and Natasha wants a better idea of why there's been no progress. So she visits Loki! What could go wrong!
Languishing away on Midgard March 3rd, 2020 Loki gripes about his situation, and Sif gives some options.
What's a Few Centuries Between Valkyries March 2nd, 2020 Heidi and Sif find one another on Midgard and Sif treats the younger Asgardian to lunch. Loki briefly shows, charming as always, before leaving the ladies to their tete-a-tete.
Avengers in Genosha February 29th, 2020 Loki is given a task to perhaps prove his sincerity.
O Brother Where Art Thou February 24th, 2020 Thor and Loki come close to forgiveness.
Indomitable Frustration February 24th, 2020 Sif helps Loki's injured ego.
Out of Jail Free February 22nd, 2020 Sif checks in on a very UPSET prince of Asgard, Loki.


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Loki has 49 finished logs.

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