5221/A Triskelion Workout

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A Triskelion Workout
Date of Scene: 16 February 2021
Location: Sporting Courts: Triskelion
Synopsis: Steve Rogers and Lester Colt chat while working out in a SHIELD training room
Cast of Characters: Steve Rogers, Lester Colt

Steve Rogers has posed:
The training rooms in the Triskelion always have room for another. Rookies receiving training and there are classes taught by instructors. But most of SHIELD take care of their own workouts after a point. Making sure they are able to pass any reviews. But mainly it's just because they are driven professionals, and those skills may help save a life. Even their own.

That said, the training area is generally pretty relaxed, people coming and going without much fanfare. But today there are a few people gathered at one of the windows looking in on a training room. People who largely had been passing down the hallway, but glanced in and stopped to watch, at least until their duties caused them have to move on.

Within, Steve Rogers is in a pair of shorts and a grey t-shirt. There's sweat around the neck as if he's been working out for awhile. He is standing at a trio of punching bags, arrayed around him in an arc. He caps his water bottle he was sipping from and sets it aside, then starts in. A hard punch sends one heavy bag swaying, though he's already pivoting to kick the bag on the far side, and then rotate into the middle on with a hard elbow that sends it swaying but for the rope at the bottom to help keep it from swinging away too far.

Lester Colt has posed:
     Lester makes his way past the window bobbing his head slowly from one side to the other as he listens to his walkman. Fortunate son blares in his ears as he pushes open the door only half noticing the wall of rookies looking through the window. He's dressed in SHIELD pants and running shoes with a simple urban camouflage sleeveless shirt which shows off his muscles.

     Tattooed along the top of his overly muscular shoulder is the American flag and the other in big bold letters MADE WITH PRIDE IN THE USA along with various other military tattoos that look half faded with age.

     "It aint me" He sings to himself as he walks along chewing his gum in the corner of his mouth "I aint no senator's son, no no." Along the inside of each arm are a number of old and new scars where it seems he's repeatedly been injected with something, needle marks, but he doesn't seem to mind too much as he starts his stretches looking over towards captain america for the first time as he kneels down.

     "Evening Cap." The Master Gunnery Sergeant offers as he comes back up from his first bout of stretches bulging biceps ready for a round or two of good old fashioned run and jump.

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve delivers strikes to the three bags, a mix of punches, kicks, knees and elbows. Each movement leads him to flow to the next and the next, the bags each shaking under the ferocious impacts being delivered to them.

He steps back, leaning down to pick up a hand towel to wipe at his head and the back of his neck, and then grab his water bottle for a sip. "Evening," Steve replies. His head cocks to the side slightly as he regards the other man. "Sargent Colt, isn't it?" he asks.

As it looks like he might be taking a break, about half of the people at the window wander on, not that it was a huge crowd to start with. Steve avoids looking over there, but having been aware of the spectators. One of the reasons he tends to work out more at the Avenger's Mansion.

Lester Colt has posed:
     Lester pulls out his earbud allowing it to fall down into place as he carries on his warmups for the evenings activities. "That's right Master Gunnery Sergeant Lester Colt at your service Captain" He reaches out a hand towards Captain Rogers.

     He gives a quick glance only just really giving a conscious notice to the crowd. He'd been used to garnering a crowd enough over the course of his career. "Pleasure to meet you one on one, you were part of the reason I signed on for the corp."

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve gives Lester's hand a firm shake. "An honor," Steve says as he lets his hand go and then takes another sip of his water. "Oh? I understand you had quite the career before SHIELD even," Steve comments. He doesn't know a lot of details, but someone enhanced joining SHIELD is enough to get a bit of attention. Even from Steve who spends more of his time with the Avengers and usually only comes by SHIELD to help on missions.

"So have you met Hank Pym, or Scott Lang? Or Janet or Nadia for that matter?" Steve asks. "I imagine you all would get along. Or... well, not all of them get along so, I guess maybe shrinking isn't a universal friendship thing. But anyway, you should meet them if you haven't."

Lester Colt has posed:
     "Tried to keep busy where I could." He comments with a bit of a friendly smile, as he looks back towards Steve. "You know how it can be when they send you shore to shore." That smile turns to a bit more of a smirk as he rolls his neck lightly still getting ready for his own exercise regiment.

     "Stopped by the mansion to pay Dr.Pym a visit just last night actually." As he leans down to ready his legs, and back. "Shrinking might not be universal but science is certainly as close to a universal language as we can get." He comes back up before jogging in place.

     "You get the chance to stop by and see Jane Foster yet? Heard something had happened." He stretches out one arm and then the other working through as he marches on the spot kicking off the ground with heavy footfalls that spring himself back up into the air with the grace of a gymnast.

Steve Rogers has posed:
The corner of Steve's mouth pulls back in a bit of a grin. "I've noticed that about science. Tony and Dr. Banner. Hank and the both of them. It's like its own fraternity," Steve comments. The blond-haired man breaks out in a quiet, self-deprecating chuckle. "One that I'm usually struggling to follow along with. But they seem to usually steer us well," he says.

One of Steve's eyebrows goes up slightly, the true blue eyes taking on a look of concern. "No, I hadn't heard anything about it," he says, a few rows growing across his forehead as well. "Is she in the infirmary?" Steve asks in a tone of concern.

Lester Colt has posed:
     Colt rolls that gum round in his mouth. "I don't have too many details, but from what I understand she's in there unconscious." He shakes his head before looking up towards the pull up bars nearby, and throwing himself towards them so that he can wrap round and round them. It's a routine he'd done a few dozen times or more.

     "Last I checked she's stable." He swaps hands round as he goes over the top tossing himself into the air before recatching, going through a somewhat intense gymnastic routine to practice his efforts for combat. Those gloves are the same he always wears allowing him a fair degree of grip on the surface as he spins and slides round the bar. "Been following through the grapevine."

Steve Rogers has posed:
There's a frown given by Steve as he hears that. "Unconscious," he repeats, and he moves over to where a few pegs on the wall and some shelves hold people's belongings while they are working out.

Steve pulls out a phone and starts working it, giving one the impression he's trying to look for information. "Glad she's stable. I'll have to go look in on her," he says, still frowning.

He works the phone. Frowns a bit more. Works the phone more. Frowns a bit more. "JARVIS?" he says to the phone. But it doesn't answer. "Darn it, this isn't the phone Tony gave me," he reminds himself. No AIs tasked with helping him maneuver the intricacies of modern technology in this model. Hammer Industries from the look of it.

Lester Colt has posed:
     Colt lifts himself up and over the bar doing several pull ups to ensure he can still lift his full weight with relative ease as he watches over towards Rogers. He uses his entire body as dead weight for his arms just carrying himself over and over again. "Never imagined you the smart phone type." He offers as he looks back up towards the ceiling giving a silent count as the sweat begins to pour from his pores.

     "Still stick with a pager myself." He offers as he hangs loose beneath the bar from one arm hooked over it in place. His muscles strain and ache under his weight but it's a good pain that he forces through in order to keep himself going.

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve Rogers tries to work the phone some more, though from his expression he's having similar amounts of luck. He glances up at the comment from Colt, saying, "And you imagined correctly then. At least if you're talking about working it. I am able to make phone calls. And check the time," Steve says. "Though getting this to connect to SHIELD is beyond me," he says, finally stowing the phone back in his jacket pocket that it came from.

"Well I'll have to stop and look in on her the old fashioned way," Steve confirms. "So who do they have you working with, here?" he inquires of the other man.

Lester Colt has posed:
     Colt spins round the pole once, then twice before throwing himself off and sticking the landing down onto the ground with a light touch, arms outstretched to either side. "Most the time they have me running legwork for my wife, Dr.Emma Glenn, when I'm not helping her in the lab, field testing her inventions." He holds out his hand towards Steve.

     "If you'd like I can try and connect you in, might stick to a pager myself but I'm no luddite." He rolls his neck once more already getting into the swing of his exercise.

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve says, "I should probably just switch to the other phone all of the time. This one someone else gave me before the Avengers formed." The few people at the windows have begun to filter away, needing to get back about their work.

Steve watches the last of them go and lets out a tiny sigh, one that has a sound of relief. "I hope that she's doing well. I haven't had the pleasure. But I imagine it's nice to get to work with each other so closely," Steve says. And probably showing how little understanding he has of marriage with that comment.

Lester Colt has posed:
     "Nice to work together even nicer to be apart." Lester brings his hand back down to his side reaching to his own locker to grab his towel. He wipes off a bit of the sweat clearing it off of his completely bald head. "Trust me Captain, you'll understand one of these days when you settle down that sometimes you only appreciate coming home when you get to go away for a nice long while."

     "Besides there's only so many times you can test out ballistic armor for a woman before you start to get the idea she enjoys shooting at you a little too much." He offers a light smile of pearl white teeth towards Steve.

Steve Rogers has posed:
The comment from Lester gets a soft laugh from Steve. His memory is cast back to a bunker in Italy, and a certain shield that he had to hold up as he saw Peggy Carter's angry visage above the gun she'd just picked up and pointed his way.

The sound of the bullets whining of the vibranium shield still seem to reverberate through Steve's memory. "Well, that is a sentiment that I definitely can relate to," Steve tells the other man, though keeping the rest about that memory for himself.

He grabs his jacket and pulls it on, and then some sweat pants. "Nice to meet you, Sargent," he says. "Think I'll go see what I can find about Jane Foster. Best of luck to you and your wife," he offers.