5671/Two Slices of Cherry Pie

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Two Slices of Cherry Pie
Date of Scene: 21 March 2021
Location: Avengers Mansion - Kitchen
Synopsis: Carol and Steve catch up over slices of cherry pie in the mansion kitchen.
Cast of Characters: Steve Rogers, Carol Danvers

Steve Rogers has posed:
Sunday evening rolls around Steve arrives back at the mansion. He's been splitting time between staying at his room there, and being away for a night or two at a time.

His motorcycle rolls up to the garage and pulls inside over to the gas pump. He knows the mansion staff would take care of topping off the tanks, but he does it himself. Then walks the World War II vintage bike over to its parking spot. He looks it over, and gets a rag to clear a bit of dirt from it. Then satisfied, he washes up and heads inside, boots making soft footfalls through the halls as he heads to the kitchen.

Steve goes over to check the coffee machine. Everyone else tends to use the fancy gourmet machine, but he fills up the old fashioned coffee maker instead. Though he does use a rather expensive blend that Tony keeps the kitchen stocked with. Once it's percolating, Steve goes over to glance in the well-stocked fridge. The Avengers can get their own food, or have the staff make them something. "Oh my, this looks good," Steve says, pulling out a pie tin that has two-thirds of a cherry pie in it.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol splits her time honestly at a lot of places. She spends a serious amount at work upstate at the Triskelion, where she has quarters with SHIELD. There is some time spent at the Watch Tower up on the Moon for the League. There are days she is up in orbit dealing with classified SWORD business. Some weeks she isn't even in this solar system.

Despite all that though when she is in New York for whatever reason she absolutely makes an effort to swing by the Avengers mansion.

Which brings her wandering in right in time to catch Steve looting pie from the fridge. "There enough to share, also is it apple pie... because honestly Steve I am not sure I could deal with Captain America and Apple Pie right now." it is teasing in tone as the other Captain on the team walks over to check the percolating coffee pot.

She is wearing civvies, jeans, band shirt, flight jacket, and a SHIELD ballcap.

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve Rogers looks up as he hears the voice. If Carol is in need of cheering up in any way, maybe she'd find it in the genuine smile that results from seeing her. "Carol," Steve says warmly. "Feel like it's been forever and a day since I've gotten to see you," he tells her.

He picks up the pie tin which he'd just set down on the counter, tilting it so she can see the cherriness of the pie at a distance. "Though if needed we could also get hot dogs and go watch baseball," he says, used to getting the occasional patriotic-themed joke, and not afraid to add his own.

"Come on in, two slices of pie coming up," he tells her, turning to get a knife and a pie server from a drawer, and two plates. "So are you just getting back from somewhere? I've been gone the last day or two myself," he says.

Carol Danvers has posed:
The smile is returned then a nod to tthe bit about baseball and hot dogs. "I don't know, I prefer the NEw York slice to a dirty water dog myself. But I suppose some people like to live dangerously."

She lets the coffee keep percolating and heads over to a counter hopping up to sit on it and lean back against the cupboard behind her shoulders as she watches Steve dish out some pie. "Metropolis actually. Went to check in one one of the Titans. They got pretty rocked by the whole doppleganger mess and I figured I should speak with them about a few things."

"Before that I was off planet for a few days. Where were you off too?"

Steve Rogers has posed:
Two slices of the pie are cut. One is more generous than the other, by intent. That one is brought over to Carol along with a fork, before Steve returns and puts the pie back in the refrigerator. "Ah, Metropolis. Such a beautiful city isn't it?" Steve asks. "Though I'm fond of the older buildings in New York, there is something to be said for how clean it is, the parks and everything so shiny," Steve comments.

He goes to check on the coffee. He turns to gesture towards it to Carol to see if she wants a cup, then gets his mug, and one for her if she has changed her mind. "I have a little place in Brooklyn. Where I first stayed after I woke up," Steve tells Carol. He pours the coffee, not adding any sugar or cream to his. "I haven't been using it much, not after the team formed. I figured it was more important to be here. Build that sense of team and camaraderie with everyone."

He glances around the kitchen, but it seems to be meant more as looking around the mansion. "Which I feel like we have established pretty well now. So, a few days now and then to myself isn't amiss, I figure."

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol accepts the plate of cherry pie from Steve then gives a firm nod about the coffee as well. "It is very clean in downtown Metropolis.... but there are darker parts just like any city. Suicide Slums is a thing there, which has an awful name."

She stabs the pie with her fork taking a bite. "Nowhere is like Gotham though, I do not understand how that place can be so... dark and rainy all the time. Also dirty."

"True, wasn't checking up on you Steve, was more curious if you were off doing anything exciting." she gestures skyward "My off planet involved dealing with a comet that was a trojan horse for a bunch of Deamonite fighters.... Crappy energy based alien who possess people. Not sure why they thought it was a good time to come to earth... well okay to be honest it was probably because a bunch of the Kryptonians were out of the system."

Steve Rogers has posed:
His need for coffee fulfilled, Steve hops up on the counter, taking a sip and then setting the cup aside as he takes up his plate. He stirs at the pie first as he listens, not taking a bite yet. "Glad you were there to take care of him. You carry a heavy load for us. And it's appreciated. If it is ever too much, you know you just need to let us know and we'll do what we can," he tells Carol.

He finally takes a bite of the pie. "Mmm. That is good. I wonder who made it," he says. If it was in the fridge and no note, it's fair game. But then most of the team have their own little kitchenette at the least in their rooms.

"I was going to go down there for a law enforcement convention last week. But I ended up having to go out on a mission for SHIELD," he comments. "Had to call them up and give my apologies."

Carol Danvers has posed:
There is a sip of coffee, a nod it must be acceptable, and then another bite of pie as she just quietly eats for a moment.

"The spider kid once told me that great power comes great responsbility. It isn't a bad saying really. I suppose that not everyone would do the right thing though." a shrug. "It isn't like if I didn't want to do what we do I couldn't just quit. No one makes us do this, we do it because it is the right thing Steve and I know you understand what I am saying." a smile sidelong though.

"I appreciate the offer and the intention behind it though."

Then she has to crack a joke. "A law enforcement in Gotham. I mean if you just base it on the headlines there isn't a lot of law enforcement in Gotham. I'm not going to speak ill of Batman, mostly because he probably has this place bugged.... but it doesn't feel much like law and order when it comes to that town."

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve smiles back to Carol as she talks about doing the right thing. Not commenting, but definitely understanding her, yes.

He gets another small bite of pie, looking thoughtful. "I imagine they have some issues with corrupt police and officials there. That's the case most everywhere, after all. But, yes, I don't know that it's really an issue of their police department's lack of desire, so much as the nature of the town."

The man continues to have that thoughtful look. "You might well know more about it than I. But there was an attack that Superman and Reed's team stopped, that took out the bridges to Gotham. It was in the history that SHIELD gave me. But a topic that dug into more on my own. There are a few documentaries about it. No Man's Land they called it? I have to say, if my nation turned away from my city like that, I can't even imagine the turmoil that even the best of people might have gone through."

Carol Danvers has posed:
"I think it is likely the nature of the town."

She shakes her head lightly. "I ... guess I don't really understand the crime level and massive disparity in that city.. so many sociapaths and a system that seems pretty messed up."

The bit about No Man's Land has her nodding though. "You're right though... that whole cut off from the Mainland and then thrown to the wolves could explain some of it. That said Gotham was pretty much messed up and full of villains before it..." she shakes her head.

"I wasn't here for it either Steve. I was off planet deep in the Kree empire being brainwashed into thinking I was Car-El member of Starforce thanks to the Kree Surpreme Intelligence."

She sounds angry about it still.

"I didn't get back to earth and myself until 2012 and joined hte Justice League as Ms. Marvel.... I missed a lot. Not as much as you missed... but I can relate to being taken out of the picture....."

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve listens to Carol mention those parts of her own history. "It's a lot to adjust to," he says. "And there are still things that catch me by surprise. I can't imagine what it would be like for you believing yourself a whole different person for that long," he comments to Carol, voice compassionate.

He lifts up his plate. "Well, here's to being here, and being able to make a difference," he says to the other Avenger. Steve glances down at his plate. "Also, to cherry pie. Which I do prefer to apple. But I don't mention that to very many people. I tend to get puppy dog looks when I do."

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol chuckles and lifts her plate. "To being here and being able to make a difference."

Then she considers "Honestly shaking off the whole other person and history thing was a lot easier than having my memories literally swiss cheesed by the mutant Rogue out in San Fran in 2016...." she doesn't really dig into that. "On the bright side I've got most of my memory issues sorted out at this point... and there are only three people in my head." she taps her temple with the non-sticky end of the fork.

"I'm with you though, cherry over apple. Though lemon is my favorite."