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First day as a secret agent man
Date of Scene: 23 March 2021
Location: Ready Room: Triskelion
Synopsis: Bobbi does her first onboarding with the new Agent Deschain, Field Agent.
Cast of Characters: Bobbi Morse, Carson Deschain

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    The entrance to the Triskelion is grand. Marble floors with the SHIELD eagle set in to it. There are escalators going up to the next level past the security area. You don't have credentials yet, but then again neither do any of the other operations graduates who have reported for duty here today.

    Flanked by armed guards a shorter balding man comes in to view wearing a business suit and a lanyard dangling from his belt. He seems to be waiting for the group to assemble themselves before he introduces himself.

    "Greetings graduates. My name is Commander Jasper Sitwell. I am in charge of Security here at the Triskelion. Nothing happens in this building without me knowing about it," he says. Except for course anything Fury and Hill do and all the other Commanders for that matter.

    "From this day on you are Agents, or Field Agents, depending on what grade was assigned to you -- of SHIELD. You may end up branching out in to other areas of the organisation as time goes on, but you are now part of a tradition that has its roots back to World War 2 when Captain America defeated the evil nazi scientist Red Skull who was a member of HYDRA."

    An agent steps forward and starts handing out Lanyards. They have names and photos on them. One is handed to Carson - Field Agent Deschain, Carson, Level 4 - Operations.

    Sitwell then does something that looks unnatural on his face. He smiles, "Welcome to SHIELD, Agents." Another Agent follows after the first handing out SHIELD standard issue tablets that fold in to phones and fit nicely in the pocket. "You will find on your data device an itinerary. Do not be late for any of your orientation appointments."

    Your tablet, in particular, has you starting off with meeting Commander Morse in Operations. There's a handy map but the building is big and is filled with people who all look like they're doing important things. No doubt, saving the world. That's what SHIELD is all about.

Carson Deschain has posed:
The shoes are still completely uncomfortable. He's used to wearing 'bare foot' shoots or tabai for freedom, to let his toes curl around things or grip. Professional freerunning making Carson a specifically successful participant in most obstacle courses. The announcement, and now the mixture of badges and tablets being issued being looked over carefully, an eye for detail one might expect of a man who makes his living leaping around like an ape... or a physics graduate (bachelors).

But the itinerary is the command and it brings Carson along with a slowly increasing speed as he is brushed against, brushes past, and at one point evades someone with a tray and thumps into a wall. He'd been running on 'E' for so long today... now he was starting to charge up and his steps were becoming faster while he 'bounced' on cushions of kinetic energy until at last at the office the maps indicated. Knocking politely and waiting with his tablet tucked away and his hands folding behind his back.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi looks up as she hears a hand wrap against her door. The office is what one might be describe as a 'disaster zone'. There are boxes everywhere. Everywhere. Stuff is in a state of either being packed or unpacked. The name on the plaque at the front of the desk reads 'Commander Morse' though, and so did the door. This is the right place.

    There are several tablets strewn over her desk, as well as an actual desktop monitor in the corner of it and a keyboard covered in printed papers. She smiles to Carson and motions for him to enter, "Come, take a seat." She half rises and offers her hand. "I'm Bobbi, please to meet you." She picks up a tablet and thumb unlocks it to bring up what appears to be evaluation records from SHIELD Academy for Carson.

    "Deschain. It looks like you impressed some people with your enthusiasm and gifts. There's some people you're going to want to meet - SHIELD believes everyone deserves to be treated equally, with respect. So, being a mutant won't be an issue here I assure you," she says in introduction. She refrains from mentioning her own Metahuman status.

    "I am the commander of the Special Priority Operations Team. SPOT for short. Silly name I know. SHIELD loves its acronyms. The other Commander you will likely be reporting to a lot is Phil Coulson. Great guy, don't jerk him around though. Don't try to beat his high score on Pac Man in the recroom either," she says with a slightly amused smirk.

    "So tell me Agent, what brought you to SHIELD and what is it do you think we do?"

Carson Deschain has posed:
"I admit letting out that secret... well I don't think even the X-Men know about me, to be honest, at least me me." noting the name Coulson... and his new goal to meet Pac-Man superiority goals. At last a new pace besides the New York arcades to make his name... even if pinball is still his game, primarily.

"As to what brought me here, Commander Morse... uh...Bobbi? I assume you prefer Bobbi?" chuckling and shivering a little, expelling potential energy and calming slowly, "Vigilantism is still illegal... and I was tipped off to SHIELD through a man I saved in Genosha last year... SHIELD can give me legitimacy to actually helping people... everything I heard in training... SHIELD is that, a shield. Trying to protect the world. With all the Magnetos, Venoms, Jokers and worse out there... people need someone who isn't a clandestine group of demi-gods like the JLA. Or independent groups like the X-Men." reaching a hand up to rub at the back of his neck, Carson frowns and seems to look inward for thoughts.

"I mean, it's very much like all of those... But SHIELD actually answers to someone..."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi nods her head, "Bobbi is fine. I like the way you put that. You realise though that if tomorrow the world decided we were the bad guys, that we'd still have a mission to perform. We'd still have a world to protect. The X-Men are a touch mysterious and seem most interested in policing their own kind. The JLA? They take on the biggest threats. The Avengers is the next level down from.. as you say.. clandestine group of demi-gods."

    "SHIELD.. we are very clandestine. We're spies. Getting intelligence to make good decisions and inform groups like the Avengers, and even members of the Justice League. It's what we do. We support, we investigate, we take action. Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics. If we were all suddenly thrown in to a crazy new universe where somehow we were considered the bad guys? that mission doesn't change. We're stubbornly background heroes like that."

    "People don't need to know we are there; but they certainly prefer to know people like Captain America is out there.. that SWORD is watching the skies, that ARMOR is fighting off those doppelgangers. But when evil like HYDRA and AIM rear its ugly head we take action because we were founded on those principles. Your academy scores say you've got what it takes.. do you think you have what it takes Agent?"

Carson Deschain has posed:
"Keeping quiet, watching and acting when needed? Check. Putting myself out there to do the job or run in to let someone like Superman or Thor know where the enemy is? Check." faint smile growing on the mans face, Carson ticks his head from side to side while he takes a moment to mull things over in his head before he looks back to Bobbi.

There is a momentary flash of humor across his features before he continues, "Take a punch from Power Girl in order to soak up enough kinetic energy to be able to lift a ton of concrete off of where there are people trapped? Also check." fairly certain that the extensive testing of his ability during that year at the academy was in the report Bobbi read.

"I don't suppose keeping quiet on the mutant thing around the others unless it's information pertinent to the situation is ok? I expect a lot will know, but people still get twitchy and it's difficult to build enough trust to actually share that when some folks are prone to pre-judge because of Magneto's whole 'Homo-Superior' propaganda still floating around."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi smirks and says, "May be hold off on getting punched by Power Girl." The stories she's heard about Kryptonians, she's not sure even his mutation could handle that. "But yes, it's perfectly fine to keep that to yourself. If you find it pertinant to the situation at hand, by all means use your abilities and tell people if you feel like you should."

    She looks at the tablet and says, "I'll be honest with you. This is the first time I've ever welcomed a new agent to the Triskelion. I'm somewhat new to my position as well. A few weeks ago I was a Senior Agent.. and now I'm a Commander. It's taking some getting used to."

    She presses the approved button and says, "Congratulations Agent Deschain. Welcome to Level 4."

    "You will find yourself working in teams more often than not; and if you do find yourself in a sticky situation out there you should call for backup. We don't really expect agents to go off on their own and do their own thing all the time until they've made it to Senior Agent."

    "As a Field Agent, you may be tapped from time to time to do undercover work though. Your first few missions - listen to your senior agents and especially to the special agents. They have a lot of perspective and experience. It'll come to you in time."

Carson Deschain has posed:
"Too late. She already punched me once. Genosha, a year ago." rubbing his ribs reflexively, "If I hadn't been shot a few times first she might've cracked ribs instead of bruised them... And she only lightly punched me across the square being attacked." looking when Bobbi presses the button and congratulates him, the bit of excitement is magnified as he lets off more steam and visibly vibrates where he stands, making papers shiver and loose furniture in proximity hum... at least slightly. Close to empty. Deep breath.

"Thank you very much, Bobbi, I really appreciate the opportunity and I'll do my best to not get ahead of myself... and field spying should be... less difficult. Just gotta have distro field jobs through my agent and he'll be none the wiser he's having me go on SHIELD business somewhere, easiest cover on the planet I figure." daring to tip a wink to the woman.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi chuckles, "Nothing is ever that easy. But.. yes. Get to know your colleagues. SHIELD always has far too much work to do." She stands up and offers her hand to him again and then glances at his lanyard, "Oh right." She reaches down to the tablet and clicks the security permissions to actually activate his level 4 status. "There we go. Familiarise yourself with the building, vehicles. There's a shooting range to keep your skill up too. You're dismissed Agent." She nods a friendly little nod and sits back down to resume her her work.

Carson Deschain has posed:
Ugh. Guns. Well he did need to use them, even if he didn't want. Not everything was pretty. "Thank you, commander. I'll do my best." bobbing his head again as he steps back until close to the door, "I'll get acquainted and hope perhaps we can meet again in less official means." halfway out the door when he starts to step out,

"Have an excellent day Bobbi!" out the door then and looking down at his feet about ten feet away from the closed door, "Gotta ask about the shoes." flexing his toes, but having no real freedom of motion. Not that they'd likely be OK with him running along the walls and 'PARKOUR!ing' his way down to anywhere but in different parts of any sort of gymnasium present.

So. Shooting range.