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Collecting Information
Date of Scene: 24 March 2021
Location: Dr. Roland Marshall's House
Synopsis: The chalice is examined, ninjas threaten a little girl, and Batgirl whacks them in the head.
Cast of Characters: Dick Grayson, Stephanie Brown

Dick Grayson has posed:
Several days after Stephanie came back with their first break in the smuggling case, Nightwing calls her to meet him in the Batcave. When she arrives, he's sitting at one of the tables, the box containing the chalice on the table in front of him. He's leaned back in his chair with his feet up on the table. He waves her over, dropping his feet to the floor to sit up and get to business.

"I did a little digging, and found someone at the University who specializes in religious artifacts, name of Dr. Roland Marshall. I've already been in touch with him, and set up a meeting for tonight." He looks up at her and adds, "I want you to take the lead on this. You found it, you get to talk to him about it. I'll just be the silent backup for this one."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown arrives in The Compact, parking it and heading over to where Nightwing is sitting. "Hey Dick," she says with a smile as she approaches where he's sitting. "Sure, I assume we're going in costume. As I don't really have a reason to be involved in it otherwise, that I can think of," she tells him.

She leans over the table, hands resting on it as she looks at the chalice more closely. As she's eyeing it, she pauses to glance over to Dick. "So how was your head the next morning? It was a fun party," she tells him. "Loved that Gwen was able to come in town for it. She's so much fun, but I don't get to see her all that much with both of us dealing with school and all," she says.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Dick smiles, "It was a good party, though I'm sure you know I could do without all the spotlight. Still, got to see a lot of people, was actually a little surprised Reed and Sue were there. But while we're on the subject... thank you. Your gift was amazing, I think you even topped last year. Whatever gave you the idea to do that? Especially finding the people I had helped in the past, that was amazing."

He looks at her, expression a little confused, "Don't get me wrong, I love it, but it must have taken you a ton of work to track down all those people. Whatever motivated you to do all that?"

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown's eyes are on the chalice, giving a nod and a soft grin about Dick having preferred something a little quieter. As he mentions her gift, her eyes stay on the chalice, though she's not really looking at it anymore. Her attention is focused on listening to Dick, and finally she looks over at him, trying to keep her smile a small one.

"You're welcome," she says, looking down with a little bit of a shy smile. "I figured it's always nice to have a reminder of friends. And we often don't get to even know who we've helped, with the stuff we do. But at least sometimes it doesn't have to be that way. And... well. I just..." she says, stumbling over her words. "I wanted you to know the difference you make," Stephanie says.

This kind of expressing herself isn't her strong suit. Especially when there are parts of it she knows she shouldn't say. She looks up at Dick, sees those blue eyes looking at her, and looks back down. Smiling and shrugging her shoulders. "There aren't a lot of people like you," she says, before clearing her throat softly. "So you both looked great at the party. That was a really great thing to do for Sara, the dress. She looked amazing."

Dick Grayson has posed:
He watches her flounder a little, raising one eyebrow slightly. He can tell she's a little nervous and flustered from her body language, but he's not entirely sure why. It was a great gift, she should have expected gratitude for it. Yeah, he's a little clueless about some things.

The change of subject pulls him from trying to figure Steph out and he smiles, "Yeah, Janet did a great job. And I was glad to do it, everyone deserves at least one or two nice things. She is pretty great though, it's nice to be at a party with someone I can actually talk to, as opposed to all the socialites."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie gives Dick the most supportive smile she can. "I was thinking that. That you probably have a bit more in common with her than the usual women you might meet. I mean you can't really talk about this, but still. Just having someone who understands what the other parts of your life is like. That's got to be nice," she says.

The young woman looks away for a moment, realizing she's talking up Sara to him. And, that she should. Sara seems nice. And Stephanie wants Dick to be happy.

She repeats that to herself in her head a few times before saying, "There's that charity thing coming up. This weekend, isn't it? The... something something Gala. I forget the exact cause. I volunteered to help with checking people in. I think once that's taken care of I can at least go wander and look around. Seeing everyone arrive up the red carpet would be kind of nice," she says. Briefly remembering her own trip up a red carpet. The surprise of the paparazzo snapping her photo, until one them told the rest she was nobody.

Well, it had been nice seeing all the dresses anyway. "Are you two going to be there? Would be nice to have someone to talk to," she says. "You know, when you're not hobnobbing," Stephanie tells Dick, giving him a little nudge with her elbow a few times as she grins softly.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Dick nods his head, "Exactly. Can't talk cop stuff to the socialites, they aren't interested. So it's all fluff talk, no real substance, nothing that matters. As for that, we'll be there, can't let an event in Gotham go by without Wayne representation, after all. And you're more than welcome to hang out with us, I think Sara likes you. Which is no surprise, everyone likes you." He chuckles, because it kind of amazes him that somehow she pretty much does get everyone to like her without much effort.

He taps the box. "Tonight is business though. Grab that, then let's head over to see what we can find out about this little artifact, and maybe get an idea what the Hand might want with it."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Bottling up her inner voice isn't the easiest thing to do. For once Stephanie manages when she hears that Dick things everyone likes her. Then again he wasn't around her in high school. Nor so far in college.

But it makes the young woman smile in a way that isn't going to be bottled up. "Thanks," she tells him softly, flashing a little smile over to Dick. "Sure, let me go suit up," she says, backing away the first step or two, before turning to trot down the steps and over to the locker area, with a newfound spring in her step.

It does not take her all that long before she emerges, wearing her costume and carrying her cowl in her hand. The skin-tight black and purple outfight barely looks like it has any body armor to it, so well is it worked into the costume's mesh composite. "Taking our bikes? Or are you going to ask dad for the keys to the car so we can ride together?" she asks with a grin. Just teasing as she carefully picks up the chalice, and places it in a new, cushioned box they've made to hold it, rather than leaving it in the one the Hand shipped it in.

Dick Grayson has posed:
He looks over to the Batmobile, then shakes his head, "Bruce would kill me if we took it and he needed to get somewhere, I think. We'll just take our bikes." He stands and heads over to his, taking a second to set the address in their HUDs so they both have navigation running. He hops on his bike and fires it up, waiting for her to get the box stowed on hers and be ready before he twists the throttle and heads out into the night.

The ride is uneventful, and eventually the two of you end up pulling to the curb in front of the professor's house. Nightwing gestures for Batgirl to take the lead, and follows her up to the door.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown straps the box in and then hops on. She always enjoys a high speed motorcycle trip, and it's a bit of a ride from the north shore of the mainland where Bristol is, down across the bridge into Gotham and across into the centermost island where the University is, and the professor's home not too far away.

She looks about the area, more a trained habit than expecting an issue, and dismounts her bike. "Going to practice your brooding look?" she asks, flashing Nightwing a grin as they walk up to the door. She rings the doorbell, the sounds of a TV program coming faintly through the door.

Dick Grayson has posed:
An older man answers the door. He's a little bit roundish, with thinning gray hair and small glasses perched on his nose. WHen he sees the two figures at his door, he pauses for just a second, then says, "I wasn't sure if it was some student pulling a prank when I got the phone call. Please, come in." He guides you into a tastefully decorated house and into a somewhat messy study. Academic messy, that is, full of bookshelves, a large desk, but books all over the room with bookmarks in them, several open notebooks, that sort of thing. He clears space on a couch, "Please, have a seat. SO what can I do for you tonight?"

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Batgirl greets the man at the door. "Understandable," she tells him. "But yes, we're the real deal. Thank you for taking the time to see us," Batgirl says as she follows him in, her boots quiet enough on the floors whether walking on the sections of hardwood, or on carpet.

She glances over at the TV, tuned to Jeopardy. "Good show," she comments, but following him in and over to the couch. Her eyes scan about the room, again her training kicking in, looking for anything unusual or out of place.

Once she's seated and Nightwing has made his entrance and the door is closed, she takes the box that contains the chalice and sets it on the coffee table. "We were hoping that you might be able to tell us about this item," she says. Batgirl draws the lid open, revealing the chalice sitting there in foam, cut to its shape to hold it safe.

Dick Grayson has posed:
The professor looks at the item and his eyes widen a little. He walks over to the desk and picks up a magnifying glass and a small desk lamp before heading over to the coffee table. Putting the lamp down and adjusting it to light the chalice, he pulls the desk chair over, sits and bends over the box, examining the chalice closely with the magnifying glass.

After a few moments, he picks the chalice up out of the box and examines it from all angles, spending a few minutes closely looking at the bottom of the base. "Interesting.. One moment." He gets up and goes over to a bookshelf, pulling out a book and paging through it. He comes back and sits down, looking between the book and the chalice, apparently comparing something.

"Ok, well.. this was made in Germany in the early twelfth century, for Speyer Cathedral in the Rhine Valley. As far as I know, it should still be there as a part of their permanent collection. There's no way it should be in America at all."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Batgirl leans forward, elbows resting on her knees and keeping a close eye on the professor as he examines the chalice. She does glance over to Nightwing once or twice to gauge his reaction.

The blond heroine's head tilts slightly. "Speyer Cathedral, you say? What else can you tell us about its history?" she asks. "And is there anything particularly significant about it that it might stand out to be targeted for theft?" she asks.

On the TV, Alex Trebek is getting to Final Jeopardy. The category is going to be "Caped Crusaders". Batgirl can't help but give a grinning smirk. "The one episode I'd have had a shot on," she quips before refocusing fully on the professor.

Dick Grayson has posed:
The professor consults his book again, flipping a few pages and reading through. "Let's see, created as part of a set of alter plateware, in use for several hundred years before going into their museum. Here's something interesting. It was actually blessed by Pope Clement VII in 1526 when he visited Germany and held Mass there. Other than that, nothing really stands out about it."

As the professor speaks, Nightwing winks at Steph as she makes her Jeopardy comment, but otherwise stays quiet. As he said, he's letting her take this investigation.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Batgirl is concentrating on the news from the professor, enough that she doesn't even hear Alex Trebek ask the big question. "The home planet of a well-known orange-skinned member of the Titans, can be found in this zodiac constellation."

"Blessed by Pope Clement, you say? And are there any other particularly interesting items in the same collection that held the chalice? Any thing else that has any sort of connection to it? Or perhaps to Pope Clement?" she asks him.

In the heads up display for her cowl, Stephanie initiates a search for Speyer Cathedral, and another for its collection. Finally one for "Pope Clement VII 1526 Germany".

Dick Grayson has posed:
The professor flips through his book for a few more minutes, reading apparently the entire entry on Speyer Cathedral and it's treasures. While he's doing so, the searches come back. Speyer Cathedral was built starting in 1030, and is the seat of the Roman Catholic Bishop of Speyer. It has a somewhat well known collection of antiquities kept in a small museum on site and is currently a UNESCO World Heritage site. As info about Pope Clement starts to come in and the professor finishes his reading, then is a loud crash and a scream from another part of the house!

Nightwing says "Stay here with him." to Batgirl and rushes out of the room towards the sound of the screaming. the professor has gone pale and risen to his feet, also starting to head for the door while calling out "Betty!"

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Batgirl pops to her feet as she hears the scream. She nods to Nightwing, moving to stop the professor from possibly running off and into trouble. "Stay here, let Nightwing check on her," she tells him. "How many people are home?" she asks him.

She looks around the room, a hand going to her collapsed bo staff where it's attached to her utility belt. She takes it off, but doesn't extend it for the moment. She moves over to the windows, drawing the curtains and then hurrying back to the professor's side.

Dick Grayson has posed:
He looks at Batgirl and says "My wife and our granddaughter are here." Which is, of course, the very second that a young girl starts screaming from a different direction than the woman's scream came from. That screaming is still going on, though now the sounds of combat have joined it. The professor whispers, "Oh no, Susan." and if possible, turns even paler.

The little girl's screms sound absolutely terrified, and the sound of combat continues from a different part of the house. The professor looks ready to run past her at this point.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Batgirl points to the professor, "Hide and stay quiet, I'll get her," she says to him even as she's moving towards the sound of the other scream. Into her comms, Batgirl says, << Wife and granddaughter are home. I am going to the other scream >>

She does think about the chalice, but doesn't let it delay her responding to the possibility of the child being in danger. She extends her bo staff and then separates it into two batons, more like Nightwing would use. Figuring the hallways and doorways of the house will restrict the movements of the longer weapon if it comes to it.

Batgirl hurries to the door, trying to peek in quickly before entering the room, anticipating a potential ambush.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Not so much an ambush as an attack, as there are three Hand ninjas in the room. Behind them in a corner is a girl who looks about nine or ten and is still screaming, which is not that strange given there are ninjas in her room. As Batgirl peeks in, a throwing knife thunks into the doorframe near her head thrown by one of the ninjas in the room.

<<Still engaged here, protect the girl>>

The sound of combat continues as the first ninja slides forward, holding what looks like a set of sais in a ready position.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Batgirl kicks the door open, a hand reaching up to grab the throwing knife and return it towards the knee of one of the ninjas, where the angle won't risk it going towards the girl.

Her cape flows behind her as Batgirl moves to the attack to take the initiative away from the ninjas, and force them to focus on her rather than the girl. She aims baton blows at the two ninjas who did not receive a thrown knife heading their direction, though they are meant to occupy them and pull their attention rather than likely to land hits.

Dick Grayson has posed:
The knife... connects, as the ninja was looking to the girl and not expecting to be attacked with his friend on the offensive, so he drops to one knee with a grunt. The sais meet Batgirls batons, then the second ninja pulls out a short sword and charges into the fray as well. Batgirl keeps them off balance and distracted, but indeed does not land any hits yet as she is not yet fighting to win.

The sound of combat continues from the other part of the house, sounds liek backup is not coming yet."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
The room is a beautiful one. The grandparents have set it up for Susan to have wonderful place to stay when she comes to visit. The furniture is fanciful, with a little makeup table with a mirror that has a backdrop like it's a castle. The dresser is a deep purple, topped with music boxes and dolls. The bed has posts with a canopy above it with images of dogs and cats on it.

Unfortunately it is steadily being destroyed as Batgirl fights the ninjas in the small room. A sword thrust is dodged, Batgirl grapping the ninja by the shoulder and pulling him forward to bury the sword in the dresser. Her baton blocks one sai while she arches to let another attempt at a stab just miss behind her back. She cracks down her baton on the second arm before he can draw it back and try to cut her, the one sai flying form his numbed hand and smashing the mirror.

The sword is free and the ninja turns to slash at her, Batgirl jumping back onto the bed. The sword cuts through the post and Batgirl grabs the canopy, ripping it and throwing it over the ninjas like a net. She only has a second or two, but swings one of the batons towards where a ninja's heads should be while he tries to throw the canopy off.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Batgirl's training is paying off well as she strike not only to take out opponents, but to disarm, to disable limbs, to cause confusion among her opponents. The cute little cat and dog canopy obscures her attack perfectly, and she connects solidly with the ninja's head, dropping him to the floor. The other has a sai in one hand, the other arm still hanging numb, while the third has... well, slumpend over. It may be a good thing that knife didn't so much as nick her.

The dance goes on for just a few more seconds, as a one armed ninja really has no chance against Batgirl. Her baton cracks against his ribs, then his head, and he drops as well.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
The blond heroine manages to not wince as she hears the sound her baton makes against the man's head. He deserves it. Threatening a child! "You're alright honey. I'm Batgirl. Come with me to your grandpa," Batgirl says, reaching out to take Susan's hand, and draw her to the door. She glances both ways down the hallway before leading the girl out and heading back towards the living room where she left the professor.

<< I have the grand daughter. Checking on the professor. Are you good? >>

She moves through the hallway, ready at each doorway or corner for am ambush, letting go of the girl's hand so she can fight if needed.

Dick Grayson has posed:
<<I'm good, just one left>>

Making her way back to the room she left the professor in reveals an open window, a missing chalice, and an unconcious academic. A few seconds later Nightwing rushes in to the room, stops, and blows out a breath, sheathing his batons on his back, "Well, crud." is his first comment. He looks at you and adds, "Nothing to do, the people were more important. Let's check the professor and call the police to pick up the trash."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Batgirl slams her batons together to turn it back into a staff. The extra energy wasn't necessary to link them together. It just indicates how she feels about the chalice being stolen. "Yes they are," she agrees, turning to give Susan a smile as she retracts the bo staff into it's compact form.

"Go ahead and check him, I need to check on a bad guy," she says before looking to the girl. "Stay here with Nightwing and your grandmother," she says, before Batgirl strides back to the bedroom she had the fight in.

She secures the two unconscious ninjas and then goes to check on the third. If he's still alive, she pulls out the knife and administers a shot that contains a cocktail of Bruce's design for combatting any number of poisons. Though there are just as many it won't help with. She checks to see if he's going to make it, securing him if he alive. Or pulling the canopy over his head if not.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing kneels down beside the professor as she leaves the room. When Batgirl reaches the little girl's room, the third ninja is indeed alive, simply heavily sedated. Perhaps possible kidnap was on the agenda, who knows? It's quick work to secure the ninjas so they are ready for GCPD pickup.

Returning to the study, the professor is now lying on the couch, his wife in a corner of the room holding her granddaughter. Nightwing has just administered the same antidote cocktail Batgirl gave the ninja in the other room, and looks over to her, "All secure?"

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Batgirl gives a quick nod of her head. Nightwing will likely pick up a bit of emotion in her. It's relief. Relief that comes after a scare. Though Stephanie doesn't let it stop her what needs doing. She checks the wife and granddaughter, making sure they aren't hurt. "I'm sorry this happened. They have no reason to come back now," she tells them. "But the police will station someone here with you for awhile just to make sure."

She reaches out to squeeze the girl's hand. "You were very brave, and very smart to cry out when you did," she says. Batgirl slowly straightens then, moving over to the books that the professor was using. "We'd like to borrow these. We'll return them soon," she says, looking to Nightwing.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing nods, good thought. Betty tells her, "Certainly, I'm sure Roland wouldn't mind at all. Thank you for protecting us, both of you."

Nightwing tells her, "I'm also sorry we brought this on your home. Your husband was very helpful to us. We'll just wait for the police to arrive, then be on our way."

He looks over to Batgirl and says, "You notice they left the box? Smarter than I had hoped."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown nods back to Nightwing. The tracker in the box wouldn't be any good, and not knowing the nature of the chalice she'd been loathe to put a tracker on it directly.

She pays her last respects to the women, and checks on the professor one last time. The police arriving, so it is time to be gone. "Well," she says as they depart. "We have some avenues we might be able to tell what the other objects were. Possibly, assuming they have a connection to the chalice. And maybe that will tell us why go to the difficulty for it."