5715/It Doesn't Matter The Weather Outside

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It Doesn't Matter The Weather Outside
Date of Scene: 24 March 2021
Location: Dick's Room - Wayne Manor
Synopsis: A swim at the pool isn't complete with someone getting pushed in and horseplay ensuing
Cast of Characters: Stephanie Brown, Dick Grayson

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown looks down at her arm and leg, then bends a bit, peering over her shoulder to view her side and back. The last of the bruises were fully gone. No sign of them. It was nice, stretches like this, where she didn't have to be careful about what she wore when she'd go and see her mother, or go to classes.

At the moment she wasn't too worried about what she was wearing. The weather outside had turned a bit chilly, and a strong wind howled down out of the north. But inside the room in Wayne Manor it was a perfect 72 degrees.

Stephanie wasn't even sure if this was the only room with an indoor swimming pool. Well there were also hot tubs and some fountains that looked made for swimming in. But as far as actual pools, this was the only one she was aware of.

She sets her towel over a chaise lounger along the side of the pool and walks over, dangling a slender leg to dip to her toes into the water. Perfect, of course. She smiles and then jumps out, doing a graceful swan dive into the water and swimming slowly towards the other end of the pool. She tilts her head back, getting her hair to lay flat, and then just floats for a little bit.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Dick wanders into the large room wearing swim trunks and a t-shirt with the Batman logo on it and a towel around his neck. Spotting Steph in the pool already he calls out, "Mind some company? Alfred said you were here, I thought you might prefer not to swim alone." He pads over to one of the loungers as well and pulls the towel off his neck, dropping it onto the chair.

After that, he reaches down to take hold of the hem of his shirt and peels it up and off of his torso and over his head, the well defined muscles of his chest and abs rippling as he moves. The shirt is dropped down to join the towel, and he moves over to the side of the pool. Dipping a foot in the water, he looks back to the blonde haired girl floating in the pool and raises a brow, "So, can I join you?"

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie opens her eyes and looks up as she hears someone entering and then calling out to her. "Hey Dick," she tells him, a smile growing across her face, showing a hint of white teeth.

She doesn't answer him at first, flutter kicking her feet and sweeping with her hands to bring her over to the side of the pool. She grabs the edge and kicks to propel herself up, gracefully climbing out of the pool at the side.

She rounds the corner of the pool, walking towards Dick. She's wearing a black string bikini as she steps across the tiled flooring at the edge of the pool and over to the older man. "I'd say that's a necessity," she tells Dick, and unless he's quick to stop her, she reaches out give his chest a shove and push him into the water!

Dick Grayson has posed:
He watches her swim over to the edge of the pool and climb out, making her way over. The questioning look remains on his face as she hasn't yet answered him. As she stops in front of him, he asks, "Well?"

Not expecting the shove, arms windmill as he tried to keep his balance at the edge of the pool, but she's got training and surprise, so successfully puts him off balance. His last act before falling in the pool is shooting a hand out to clamp on her wrist with a declaration of "Not alone!" and pulls her into the pool basically on top of him.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie gives an elated grin at her success. It lasts for all of a quarter of a second before she feels Dick's fingers clamp down on her wrist as he's falling back into the pool. She lets out a little cry, half protest and half laugh as she's dragged in after him, the two sending up a splash as they hit the water.

They aren't in that deep of water, it is shallow enough to stand in, though deep enough that falling into it isn't any problem. Before they are even back above the water though, Stephanie is wrestling with the larger man. She tries Brazilian judo move to reverse Dick's grip on her arm and get hold of his own. She twists one leg about his to hinder his movements, doing the move in the water being quite a bit different on land. Which the moment Stephanie realizes that, only makes her desire to try it more keen.