5778/1951, Quiet Night: A Rarity

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1951, Quiet Night: A Rarity
Date of Scene: 29 March 2021
Location: Carter-Sousa Home - Long Island
Synopsis: A quiet night off shortly after Peggy and Daniel move into their own home ends in a sweet dance.
Cast of Characters: Daniel Sousa, Peggy Carter

Daniel Sousa has posed:
Tonight was one of those rare confluences of events, where work was light, Lily was off somewhere overnight and both Daniel and Peggy were free. Back in the penthouse this would have been a night to go to the movies, but their new home was a long way from the theatres and so the night was just as good for staying in. A fire was burning in the fireplace, they'd opened a bottle of Howard's wine that found its way over to their new place, and Daniel was just putting an album on the state of the art player and radio Howard had bought them, the first song being one from around when they first met in '46.

As the music plays Daniel smiles and sips his wine, before lifting his glass to Peggy, "Here's to a quiet night," he says, relflexively touching the wood of the stereo's housing.

Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gngqzhRcdFs

Peggy Carter has posed:
"You better have knocked wood, talking like that. The ringer'll be going off any moment now that you said it." Peggy calls from the kitchen with a bit of amile, ducking her head out to look at him and just catching the tail end of his fingertips on the wooden housing of the record player. "Good man." She then returns to pouring the decanted bottle of wine into proper glasses, one of the few things she can competently do in a kitchen.

She carries the two glasses out, her high heels from the day long gone and changed into something far more comfortable than her normal suit and stockings. She's stolen one of his long shirts and a pair of his shorts, not exactly one of her elegant night gowns but it's one of the most comfortable things in the house to her. So, on a quiet night off, it's what she wanted to wear.

She smiles and clinks her glass against his before they both go to sipping wine... "Cheers. I think even once in a while I want a night off... I *think*."

Daniel Sousa has posed:
"You didn't marry a fool," Daniel grins at touching wood. "I know how these things usually go. I'd unplug the phone to be sure but?" nature of their lives, they couldn't afford to make some agent drive all the way out here with news if time was critical so they had to stay in touch, even on nights when they rather not.

Daniel like Peggy dressed down for an evening at home, losing his tie, shoes, and undoing the top buttons of his shirt until his under shirt is showing.

He clinks glasses, smiling, "I know I definitely wanted one," he says, well needed one more like. He loved the work they did and how devoted they were both to SHIELD and it's mission but sometimes you just needed a night to recharge.

As the song plays, Daniel takes a sip of his wine and sets it aside gesturing for Peggy to do the same holding out a hand to her afterwards inviting her to dance a little. "Let's see if we can make it to, you know you want a night off," he says with a warm if slightly teasing smile.

Peggy Carter has posed:
"Mm... you are a horrible influence on me, you know? I never cared to take a night off until you were back on this coast. Now, relaxing almost sounnds like something I could do on a regular basis, and how will the office operate like that?" Peggy asks with a too-wide, teasing smile. And while she's not in the most elegant dress, or even proper clothing, the offer of his hand to dance isn't something she wants to refuse. She takes one last sip of her wine before setting the glass down and slipping her palm into his.

"I didn't know you danced..." She murmurs, genuinely a bit surprised. It's simply not something she's asked him on the town to do, never caring to keep him on his feet longer than the office needs. "I'm not exactly...Dressed for a proper dance, but how can I refuse a temptation like you?"

Daniel Sousa has posed:
Daniel grins, "I'm aware," he tells her without shame. "And I think the office and the world will continue to function if we take the odd night or two to ourselves," he reasons his tone light and teasing.

He takes her hand and guides her over to him, holding her close, dancing with her in a slow sway. "Not like I used to, but, I do get the urge from time to time," he says playing off her words then at the end. "When I'm properly tempted," he says with a saucy look down at his wife.

Peggy Carter has posed:
While Peggy is used to taking control, she's letting him take the lead tonight. He can lean against her all he pleases, but he's leading the way on the dance floor and she's content to mainly sway in his arms. Her smile comes a bit wider then, "I'd say you are doing perfectly fine. It's always so damn crowded and loud in those dance halls. This is... much nicer." She confesses. She may actually be enjoying the quiet of home, the office has been hectic as of late, most nights go far after dinner, missions are loud and sometimes overwhelming. The quiet music through their living room and only him in her arms? It's a pleasantly calm surprise.

She turns her head, pressing a few idle, soft kisses against the side of his throat. Then a deeper laugh escapes her lips, "Besides, if we decide on other distractions, this means the bedroom is right down the hall."

Daniel Sousa has posed:
Daniel smiles enjoying the quiet intimacy of the evening, feeling the stress of the office just melt away with every little sway to the music. "It's been awhile since I've been to one, but I gotta agree, this beats all my memories, hands down," he says.

As she presses those kisses to his throat he adds, "See what I mean?" smiling fondly and tilting his head to give his neck over to her kisses without obstruction.

As for other distractions, "Hmm, seems like we're on the same page tonight," he tells her, continuing the dance, even with those kisses promising adding to the temptation of other distractions. "Just say the word," he says of moving on to that part of their evening

Peggy Carter has posed:
Peggy says nothing for a few moments, letting her lips linger against the side of his neck as they at least finish the song with that slow, close pressed sway of their bodies. If they danced like this in some public hall they'd probably be getting some looks for being a little too lacivious. But in the corners of their own home? Peggy would linger as close to him as she pleased. When the slow, sweet song finally finishes, her head picks up enough to pull his mouth into a proper, long kiss.

"Word." She breathes out huskily, giving him a smile that is all flirtation and mischief. Then she's kissing him again, hard pressed enough that she's helping him stumble back into the couch instead of even making it to the bedroom. They had complete privacy of their own home for the first time in their lives. No worry about Howard or Jarvis walking in, no ringing from the office. They'll eventually make it back to the bedroom but, for now, Peggy's enjoying her husband (and a night off) in ways they've never dared before.