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Nerf Instruments of Destruction
Date of Scene: 14 June 2021
Location: Recreation Room
Synopsis: Forge loses a bet and makes some fantastic Nerf weaponry for a school shootout.
Cast of Characters: Kitty Pryde, Clarice Ferguson, James Proudstar

Kitty Pryde has posed:
It's afternoon at the school. School has been out for the summer for awhile, and students and staff both have settled into the kinds of recreation that you might expect.

Today, a number of students and others are in the Recreation Room. Some are playing video games, and probably haven't seen the light of day except for looking out a window. Other students were in the pool and are in bathing suits with towels about their shoulders. A pair are playing a guitar and a ukulele together in one corner, and sounding decent at it.

Lockheed is dozing over in a sunny corner, a purple cushion having been set out for him there, the sounds of students fragging each other on the game apparently not disturbing him. No sign at the moment of the brunette X-man that he hitched a ride back to Earth because of.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Strolling away from Lorna's room, the noise of the rec room somehow draws Clarice in - and she steps inside to watch the students who are engaged in playing video games on the large TVs. She also spares a brief, curious look towards the pool table. It's unclear, doubtlessly, to others what brings her as she studies the teens as they relax and joke with their friends.
    Eventually, though, it's the purple dragon that catches her attention as she makes her way over to the slumbering beastie. "Where's your mistress gotten to, then?" she asks in an amused voice.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar walks in towel wrapped around him followed by a gaggle of students, James is shaking his head, "No, we are not starting a water polo club, I mean you can if you want but I don't have time to run it. Ask Hank, or Logan or... anyone else." He walks over to the bar and snatches a cold soda and couple of bags of chips. "Seriously, I don't care if the olympics are coming up. This is not a thing that is going to happen." James is of course shirtless and his hair is wrapped in a serparate towel, though in all honestly whatis around his waist is more of a bath blanket.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Lockheed does respond to Clarice, rolling over slightly and his eyes opening to look up at her. He lets out a long yawn and streeeeeetches his tiny legs and wings. Before folding them back into his body, basking in the sun and not really giving a very definitive answer apparently.

About then, someone walks into the room. Forge comes in, wearing a Chicago Cubs baseball cap, and carrying a pair of large, long boxes. He carries them over and sets the boxes down, one on a coffee table, the other over on the bar. After, he turns to look around the room and clears his throat to get people's attention.

"Let it be known that I don't go back on a bet. So," Forge says. "The Chicago Cubs are the most marvelous baseball team in all of creation. Far better than the San Francisco Giants that I so foolishly had given my allegiance to previously. And who failed to win a single game from the Cubs in their latest series. And to show my remorse for having wasted so many years, I have spent a little while making... some requested items," he says.

Forge pulls back the lids of the cardboard boxes, which are meant to lift up, opening the top and one side so the contents are easily seen. All sorts of Nerf-like weapons. As fanciful and varies as a creative mind like Forge is capable of making. He starts to walk out of the room then, but pauses to look back at everyone. "Oh, and you're going to need them," he says just before he steps out.

And right on cue, Kitty Pryde jumps into the room. Wearing a Cubs hat and with what looks like a belt-fed Nerf gatling gun in hand. SHe starts cranking the handle and sending a stream of nerf bolts flying across the room, strafing them towards students and staff alike!

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Yeah. That's about the response I expected," Clarice decides, reaching down to gently rub at the dragon's eyeridge. The creature fascinated her. She had little experience in pets in general and Lockheed - well. He's //Lockheed//.
    Her attention is soon drawn to James, however, and his talk of 'water polo' - a concept she knows nothing about - and then Forge with his vast array of weapons. "What on-" she starts - though cuts herself off as Kitty suddenly leaps through the door.
    Clarice responds to summoning one of her silvery javelins to her hand. She tosses it at one of the weapons, with a gravity fed hopper - and it appears in her hand, as she aims the weapon at Kitty. "You're asking for it, Pryde!" she challenges the other woman as she returns fire.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar frowns and headtilts at Forge and then when the box opens and the guns fall out, while the students squeal diving for cover and the staff either makes a hasty retreat or take up arms against all comers. James sighs, collapsing on himself just abit. Two of the students pestering him dive for cover as the third caught flat footed is about to get nerfed in the face. James snatches that single nerf bullet from the maelstrom and plinks it aside. He looks over at Kitty and there is a quiet moment of pleading, met by Pryde's wicked grin and James snorts, shakes his head and leaps into the air, "FILL YOUR HANDS CHEYENNE!" He snags the two biggest guns from the pile, as he soars by. They surprisingly are two of few left, apparently too large to be wielded by most anyone, but James takes one in each hand and begins firing generally at Forge but also indiscriminately. HIs shots are aimed a bit low, avoiding the head. He lands behind the couch and rolls to a crouch. Keeping fire on Forge.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde cackles madly as the room becomes a flurry of activity. Most of the people playing video games bail on the game to go and grab a gun. One student, Hambone, is the last, taking advantage of everyone setting down their controllers to get a few last kills. Which is also what draws attention his way. A stream of nerf darts come out of the Gatling gun towards him, causing him to drop the controller as well, complaining, "Aw Miss Pryde! I just about had a Warthog airstrike!"

"Bring it, Genosha Girl!" Kitty yells over to Clarice, turning the gun her direction next! Forge pulls out a Nerf gun that looks like a bow, but shoots five darts at a time as he aims back at the giant figure of James Proudstar, sending volleys of soft Nerfy doom towards the Apache.

Lockheed lays there in the sun, watching everyone without moving. At least until one of the students turns a nerf shotgun his direction his way. He gives a sudden flap, launching into the air as the assortment of sponged balls bounce off his purple pillow.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    As the nerf darts fly her way, Clarice summons a portal in front of her with a gesture of her right hand - while she turns the aim of her own weapon off to the side, at Forge, who she now has a clearer shot of.
    Look, no one said no powers - right?
    Behind Kitty, a second poral opens, sending the darts she'd just fired at Clarice towards her own back instead. "Oh, I will, Pryde, you can always count on that."

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar guns are a miracle of engineering as the one in his right hand fires boxing glove size nerf bolts and the one in his left fires a full spread of twenty nerf darts, that spread out as they travel forward. He uses them in combination to flood the field of engagement and they never seem to run dry belt fed be danged. He fire three big boxing glove shots at Forge and then switches firing at random interlopers. Before stopping and admiring the fact that he seems to keep going, "How in-?" The nerf arrows bounce off him harmlessly, "Ow." He grins and starts firing at random targets of opportunity.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
A student leaps up and clings to the ceiling with the same kind of wall-clinging ability as Kurt has. He has a bazooka-looking weapon which he fires and a giant clump of nerf darts fly across the room, cascading onto a number of people.

Kitty's cranking away at her gatling nerf gun, aiming it at Blink only to see her open a portal. Kitty ducks quickly, not knowing from what direction the darts are going to come back at her, but knowing they are coming. A few hit the back of her head and shoulders before she ducks out of the way, laughing merrily.

Forge takes a hit from the giant nerf shot, clutching a hand to the spot it hit and melodramatically feigning injury from the huge, soft projectile.

Students are squaring off against each other, friends shooting friends, or joining in alliances that are often brief as one or another eventually turns to shoot another when they aren't prepared for it.

Lockheed darts about overhead, weaving in and out of people. A few darts bounce off him and he opens his mouth, causing Kitty to call out, "No fire, Lockheed!" The dragon closes his mouth and instead hovers near Kitty as she hands up something to Lockheed that he flies on a bombing run towards James Proudstar.

Is that a nerf hand grenade!?

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "It'll take more than a frontal assault to get me- Ahh!" Yeah. The kid on the ceiling just got Clarice - and Blink decides that kid's her new target. Rather than swinging the gun in his direction, though, and giving him time to evade - she fires into one of her own portals, and redirects them towards the poor child. "NO WHERE IS SAFE!" she cackles dramatically with a large smile on her features.
    Yeah. She probably just painted a huge target on her back shouting something like that - but she doesn't care.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar blinks and turns to face Forge wonder on his face, "How did you-" And the grenade lands on the sofa and promptly explodes into a rain of nerf with James in the middle, pelted from all angles, "It was mutual!" James yells at Lockheed as he flies off, glaring after the dragon. That's when James sees the second grenade sitting in the scant pile of remaining weapons and gets a wide grin, He picks it up holding onto it, and returning fire towards Kate with his BFNG.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde really hams it up as the grenade sends a blast of Nerf 'shrapnel' outwards as compressed air ejects the little foam rubber pellets in all directions. Kitty tosses both hands out to the side, gun point at the sky as she cackle maniacally. Ironically, they've fought people who act just like that. But they didn't use nerf guns.

Kitty gets distracted by a pair of students ganging up on her one from each side. Rather than try to get out, she moves further forward until she's right between them. They both open up on her, and the darts fly right through her and shoot each other. "Aw! Miss Pryde!" one complains, while the other laughs and continues shooting his friend instead.

Kitty phases back just as the giant boxing glove-sized nerf hits her in the noggin. "Oof, even for a sponge that packs a punch!" she says, laughing and shooting back towards James again.

The student on the ceiling acks as she suddenly starts getting pelted by darts from the side. She drops down, landing catlike on the ground. Hambone steps up beside Clarice, the slightly chubby, awkward teen saying, "I'll protect you, Blink!" It seems the only gun he was able to grab was a tiny little Derringer-looking gun. He pulls the trigger but nothing happens. "Huh," he says, cocking it and trying again. Still nothing.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Aww - my hero. Here, kid," Clarice offers - as she tosses one of her javelins towards Forge, intending to blink his bow out of his hands - and into the hands of the child. "Gotta arm yourself with something better than tha- Behind you!" She swings her weapon around, aiming at a child who seemed prepared to fire on Hambone. "You mess with him, you mess with me!" she cackles.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar gets hit with the gatling gun onslaught, squirming just a bit as it the concentrated fire tickles. "Yeah, it's a boxer. He grins and tosses the grenade with the pin already pulled into the path of the javelin. "Heads up... that's a grasshopper isn't it?"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Hambone glows with pride that Clarice is standing up for him. "Yeah, you all here that?!" he says as she tosses the javelin to try to get him a weapon.

Meanwhile Kitty has ducked out of the room, through the floor, and moved beneath it to come up behind Clarice. Giving her a little of that being shot from behind medicine that she was dishing out earlier! But Hambone spots her, he turns and shakes the Nerf Derringer and then fires it at her.

A tiny dart shoots out of it, but it was a much bigger dart, compressed while it was in the gun. It suddenly balloons into something about the size of a canon shell, and it bounces off Kitty's chest. "Argh! He got me!" she says, falling over backwards onto the couch dramatically.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "He's got my back - I got his! That's how we do it!" Clarice crows - now spraying nerf darts indescriminately. "WHO THINKS THEY CAN TAKE US?!"
    The answer is - most of the students in the room. And Clarice can only redirect so many nerf darts with her portals. She positions it to protect Hambone from the marjority of the incoming fire she just ellicited - and aims it all towards Forge instead, as Clarice likewise takes a dramatic fall. "Argh! They got me! Aveeeeenge meeeeeee!" She presses a hand melodramatically to her chest, as she sinks slowly to the floor.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar watches as the javelin strikes the grenade and the primed grenade appears in Hambone's hands instead of Forge's bow. Hambone's eyes go wide, "Oh S- " As grenade goes off in a puff of air and a shower of nerf. Covering all in its vicinity. James takes his fair share of nerf sharing the blows and even deflecting a few of the larger projectiles. Then the Apache and the Cheyenne smile at each other and unleash a flurry of bolts and darts into the room that makes the outcome of the shoot out undeniable as they give students and staff alike the death scene they so richly desire. In the end the two warriors face off and- burst out laughing. There is a dap as Forge says, "Indigenous." And Warpath responds, "We get the job done." They wander off, cubs hat discarded, "You up for burgers?" "I could eat."