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  Skeleton Ki  
Alisher Sham (Scenesys ID: 2081)
Name: Alisher Sham
Superalias: Skeleton Ki
Gender: male
Species: Human
Occupation: Master Thief
Citizenship: Uzbekistan
Residence: Mobile
Education: The Occult Arts
Theme: Marvel (VFC)
Groups: Rogues Gallery
Apparent Age: 32 Actual Age: 32
Date of Birth 26 September 1988 Played By
Height: 5'9" Weight: 170 lb
Hair Color: Skull Mask?? Eye Color: Grey
Twitter: Skeleton09721174
Theme Song:

Character Info


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The mysterious Skeleton Ki! He came from a secret land (Uzbekistan)! His powers are unkowable (occult breathing techniques)! He fights with forbidden techniques (mostly karate and some boxing)! He can unlock anything with just a touch (bear with me - that one is true)! What does Skeleton Ki do with all of these amazing mysteries and abilities? He steals things for money!


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* 1988: Born in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, to unknown parentage.
* 1990: Death of parents due to martial arts misadventure - taken in death-worshipping martial arts cultists.
* 2003: Having had enough of the cult, steals their most precious manuals, implements, and treasures, and bails on them. Sells implements and treasures. Having enjoyed the feeling, begins operating as a thief across Uzbekistan.
* 2004: Having had enough of being recognized and chased by cultists, starts dressing like an idiot.
* 2007: While robbing a completely different martial arts cult, steals a cipher that enables him to decode some untranslateable passages in his manuals, and manages to teach himself a forbidden breathing technique to open any lock.
* 2007: Immediately starts calling himself Skeleton Ki and never stops.
* 2009: Begins operating worldwide.
* Present: Doing his best.

IC Journal

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Braggart Ki:
Some master thieves are subtle and anonymous. Alisher Sham wears a purple cloak and tells anyone who will listen that he is the legendary* Skeleton Ki. While he is on the books as a small-time criminal, he is grossly prone to overinflating his own fame - and perhaps his abilities as well.

Confident Ki:
Alisher Sham, if nothing else, buys his own hype. He firmly believes his agility and skill can get him out of most situations and knows for a fact that his mysterious unlocking ability hasn't met its match yet. This and a stubborn anti-authority streak drives Alisher to perform incredibly brazen acts.

Daredevil Ki:
Alisher is not in the thieving game for the money, but rather for the thrill and the challenge. While he's skilled enough to rob ordinary bank vaults and museums and get away with it without much trouble, he's always looking for a bigger, wilder score.

Duplicitous Ki:
There's honor among thieves, but... is there honor among /kis?/ Alisher has a bad habit of looking out for himself rather than his employers or whoever else he might be working with, in a path of least resistance type of way. He can usually not be counted on to backstab someone to get a better share of the haul, but if switching allegiances might land him in a better position, he's prone to take that option.

Character Sheet


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Illusive Ki:
Alisher Sham can reduce his presence, to a point, to aid in slipping through tight security. This technique has little effect once he's already been spotted, aside from helping him be just that little bit harder to pin down in a fight. While it has some effect on cameras and the like, it does nothing against people with extranormal senses such as telepathy, heightened spiritual awareness, or a great sense of smell.

Occult Ki:
Alisher is able to control the ki in his body through a variety of occult breathing techniques. While not capable of anything like a incredible projection of force, he is somewhat faster, stronger, tougher, and more agile than an ordinary human through this ki manipulation.

Skeleton Ki:
It doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but Alisher Sham is capable of using his ki to unlock things, as long as he can touch them. Anything. Padlocks. Vaults. Handcuffs. Mystical wards. Deadbolts. Biometric scanners. Complex password locks. Even sealed portals both arcane and technological. If it is something that can be described as 'locked', the Skeleton Ki can 'unlock' it. Alisher has yet to find an upper limit on this power. It's a relatively narrow ability, but he is unmatched in it.


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Flipping Ki:
In order to help slip through any kind of security to steal cooler and cooler things, Alisher dedicatedly trained in gymnastics, and is incredibly acrobatic both in infiltration and a fight.

Martial Artist Ki:
Alisher is a very skilled hand-to-hand combatant, having learned a grab-bag of karate, boxing, judo, and kurash from a very early age from a cult of death-worshippers intent on generalized martial arts mischief. He is skilled enough to win most mundane competitions he might enter, but could never be called legendary.

Multilingual Ki:
Alisher speaks Uzbek, Russian, and English fluently, can muddle his way through a French conversation, and can manage just enough German and Spanish to sound like an idiot.


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Connected Ki:
As a thief-for-hire, nearly every nefarious organization you can name has hired Alisher for a job or two. His name is known to most of them as someone who stands a chance at getting just about anything, no matter how locked away it is.

Reasonably Well-Off Ki:
Alisher always tries to keep a comfortable amount of money around, though he doesn't live a particularly excessive life in his off hours. It's more important that he be able to fund his next job, if a thrilling opportunity comes around.


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Connected Ki:
As a thief-for-hire, nearly every nefarious organization you can name has hired Alisher for a job or two. This doesn't mean he has /delivered/ in all of them. His name is known to most of them as someone who has definitely beefed a big job and even occasionally handed the prize over to someone who cut a much bigger check.

Locked-In Ki:
Reputation is everything, and Alisher's constant inflating of his own reputation occasionally lands him in /extremely/ hot water he is not equipped to handle. He recognizes these situations readily, but finds himself stuck trying to see them through in order to preserve his own hype... while growing increasingly desperate to find a way to slip out without anyone realizing he's being a coward about it.

Wanted Ki:
Alisher has been in and out of custody many, many times. It shouldn't be surprising that his ability to unlock anything makes him extremely hard to hold onto. This also means that the extent of his power is broadly known by most authoritative organizations, who are hard at work trying to figure out a box they can successfully throw him into.



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Title Date Scene Summary
New Bounce Presents: History's Freshest Sneakers November 8th, 2020 Virgil Hawkins goes to the historical New Bounce sneaker exhibit tour, where Skeleton Ki attempts a heist! As Static, he goes on hot pursuit, but Skeleton Ki's martial arts and mystical ability to unlock things foils Static at every turn!


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