Alton Schmidt

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Alton Schmidt (Scenesys ID: 553)
Name: Alton Schmidt
Superalias: IMP
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: USA/German
Residence: New York/Munich
Education: Ravenswood/Happy Harbor
Theme: Original (OC)
Groups: Happy Harbor
Apparent Age: 16 Actual Age: 16
Date of Birth 14 Apr 2003 Played By Cole Sprouse
Height: 5'11" Weight: 181 lbs
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Green
Twitter: @Somagnetic
Theme Song: Mambo #5

Character Info


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Alton Schmidt is a wealthy german kid with Magnetic Powers. He transferred in from another Superhero High sort of school, Ravenswood, instead of starting as a Freshman. While a flirt and a commitmentphobe, he is nonetheless utterly dedicated to perfecting his powers and training himself to be the best possible hero he can be.


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2003: Born in Germany to steel tycoons Mike and Laura Schmidt

2015:Discovered Magnetic powers when he saved his dad from a falling steel beam at work.

2018:Freshman year at Ravenswood. A different secret academy for heroes, Alton gets his first training there.

2019:Sophmore year at Ravenswood. Suffered a near death experience in October when he tried to hunt vampires alone. Deciding Ravenswood could not adequately train him, he was transferred to Happy Harbor after Christmas Break.

2020:Junior year at Happy Harbor. Alton continues to grow, though his near death experiences have hardened him as a hero.

IC Journal

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All students train. Some train more than others. Alton trains like he could be called up to being a grown up superhero tommorow. This is in part driven by his near death experience fighting vampires, and in part driven by a desire to be the best. He's the kind of guy who looks at the world's best (Magneto, in his case) and thinks to himself, 'If I just work hard enough, I can surpass that guy.' This has led to a guy who trains far more than a varsity QB trying to win the state championship. No, no, he trains like he's going to the olympics someday. Perhaps superheroing can be thought of as that, anyway.

There are outgoing people in the world. Alton is one of those outgoing people. He won't wait for someone else to talk to him, he'll go talk to them. He won't wait to be approached, he'll do the approaching. He will take the stage when needed, doesn't mind spotlights, and can even hold the attention of the crowd if it's called for. Confident in the grand majority of situations, he'll say yes more than he says no, for each experience could be one he needs later. And if ever the school puts a mission together, he's nearly always first to volunteer.

Yeah, he's one of those guys. His relationship status will ALWAYS be 'it's complicated,' no matter who he's currently with. Currently under the impression he's far too young to 'settle down' or be exclusive, really, he dates around, plays the field, and otherwise avoids commitments like the plague. He would never actually offer a commitment, and if one is demanded of him, he will decline. It's all about fun, in this stage of his life. The fair part is, he never asks commitment from anyone else, either. It is possible he could fall in love and flip this, but if he does, it'll be almost against his own will.

Mood Swings:
Alton does TRY to push his Magnetic Powers away into the space around him. However...he isn't always perfectly successful at this. The trademark of magnetic powers is, they affect your brain and the brains of those around you. (See: Synaptic Static). As such, he is not immune to the brain tweaks of his own powers, and, when his powers affect his brain, literally anything could happen. He could experience any emotion, as if it was pulled randomly out of a hat, and it has nothing to do with the current situation. As with other magnetic types, there's less of these if he doesn't use his powers as much, and if he went 24 hours without touching his powers at all, they'd stop entirely till he started again. This is not full blown madness, as he's still young. As he grows, however, eventually these mood swings may settle...and not on a thing anyone wants to see, as with older magnetic types.

Character Sheet


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Electromagnetic Manip:
Quite simply, Alton creates Electromagnetic pulses. He can direct these things at a single target, even something as small as a cellphone. The single target EMP is also the preferred way of targeting powerful electronics, like someone's power armor or other superscience device, as he's more likely to get by the shielding that way. It penetrates better when he's focused. He can also create a spherical EMP with him at the center of it. It has quite a bit of range on it, and shorts out all electronic devices in the area. It does not distinguish friend from foe, however, so allies and enemies both will see their phones and all other susceptible devices die miserable deaths. He can also suppress electronic devices without damaging them. This is generally a fantastic way to nullify communications of everyone around him. Allies, however, need to have their equipment built to withstand his field, because once again, it does not distinguish friend from foe.

Electromagnetic Sense:
Alton has the ability to sense magnetic and electromagnetic energy in the world around him. He sees the Earth's magnetic field itself, and the magnetic field of any person or object. It picks up ferrous metals, electrical currents, and notable changes in the electromagnetic field. As a result of sensing the earth's magnetic field, he is always aware of which way is north, like a compass. Of course, this will always be magnetic north, not true north. His electromagnetic sense is passive, and 'always on', so it is useful enough to warn him if something is about to go wrong within the scope of the field. For example, if somebody throws a big steel object at him, he will sense the presence of it in the electromagnetic field around him. It pushes his abilities quite a lot...but on the assumption that if a machine can do it using magnetism, he can too, he has begun to be his own MRI scanner. He doesn't necessarily have the medical knowledge to know what he's looking at, but what he sees is clearer than any doctor at MIT could hope for. When doing an 'MRI' scan, he is effectively blind to the normal world, so he must be in safety to do that.

Magnetic Blast:
A blunt force blast of raw magnetic energy, manipulated from the earth's magnetic field, created by manipulating that field to be 'all one way', between a positive and a negative. It hits within a range of 10-15 tons of force. It can also be a little hard to aim, since it's like trying to line up a pool shot...and woe to anyone around him if the shot goes wild.

Magnetic Cling:
Alton can cling to any ferrous metal, creating a near inseperable bond. He clings to things with a solid 20 tons of force, and the bond between him and the object cannot be seperated by less than that. He can also use this to climb up ferrous substances, or climb down the same way.

Magnetic Flight:
Alton flies by riding magnetic waves. It's not the fastest form of flight, only about 100 MPH or so, but it boasts incredible manueverability, able to stop and start on a dime, and even move in drastically different directions. This creates a 'jerky' sort of flight, but makes it easier to dodge.

Magnetic Forcefield:
Alton's forcefield is quite resilient. While it only surrounds him, it provides a good degree of resistance. It has been hardened against techniques designed to penetrate force fields. His forcefield is virtually immune to ferrous metals, and has not been pierced by such to date. It is equally tough against other magnetic attacks, electrical attacks, or radiation, though he has been tagged by such attacks before if they're powerful enough.

Magnetic Programming:
Alton can write computer programs super fast by accessing the electricity of a computer directly. However, because this operates by magnetically writing code, there's a flat 10 percent chance he destroys the computer he's working on. The destruction rate causes him to practice this on cheaper computers and just buy new ones when a computer is destroyed.

The signature power of magnetism, Alton can pick up a single ferrous object weighing, at present, up to 20 tons. He can also divide that out into several smaller ferrous objects, so long as the total is less than 20 tons. If they're all small enough, he could even theoretically pick up every single ferrous object he can perceive. However, he always uses full force every time he wields his power...which means it will hit with a force between 10 to 20 tons, that being is probably going to die gruesomely. He is currently not as good at welding things together, or manipulating their form. Right now, his powers are destructive in nature. Construction, he's still working on.

Alton is nowhere close to the limits of his potential. The right tutor could get quite a bit more out of him than he's showing, and under the right tutelage, is capable of rapid growth.

Psychic Blocks:
Alton was once traumatized by nearly getting himself killed by vampires in particular, and they nearly defeated him by using their mental powers. As a result, he's worked hard on warding himself against mental attacks. While these blocks are particularly effective against the undead due to their birth by trauma, they will generally keep out telepaths no stronger than a vampire. Stronger telepaths must work around it...born of trauma, he cannot take these blocks down willingly, not even for a friend. Due to his synaptic static, his surface thoughts are unreadable when his powers are actively being used, as his magnetic fields 'block the lines of communication' between his brain and others.

Synaptic Static:
The human body's nervous system runs on electricity...synaptic electricity, so to speak. As a result, Alton can 'short out' the nervous system. This is usually his best move against a being invulnerable to direct damage. If it works, it can stun a being, or even straight up knock them out. It's super inexact, but the same blast can also be targeted at the brain. Doing so creates an outburst of a random emotion, as Alton does not have the control to target this yet. He's just 'firing blind.'


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He took up Anatomy and Medicine to have a clue what he was looking at when he does an MRI scan. This field is fairly recent, and he's no doctor, but he's learned enough to not be completely clueless when he studies those MRI scans with his magnetic senses.

All that training paid off. For a guy whose primary power is magnetism, he is in fantastic physical shape, especially considering his age. Fast and strong, going to the gym and eating healthy MEANS something.

Alton is completely fluent in English and German.

All that training paid off. For a guy whose primary power is magnetism, he's actually pretty darn good at hand to hand. He's been studying Krav Maga since his Freshman year, and therefore has a couple years experience to fall back on for any situation in which he can't or won't use his powers.

Despite the large 'allowance' he gets from mom and dad, they are not without advice on how to use it. He has been told to invest most of the money he gets in the market since Freshman year, and the ups and downs of the stock market has taught him more than any teenager should know about money.

Alton has often found himself de facto in charge of school oriented missions due to his nature of being the guy who speaks up first. His charismatic nature carries a lot of the rest of the weight. Alton has much more to learn on strategy and tactics, but getting people to follow him? That's the part he's good at.

Magnetic Combat:
This is training with his actual powers. Hitting fast moving little robots with EMPs, blasting targets far away, improving his accuracy and finesse, learning not just when to hit something, but how hard he can hit it without killing it...these are all skills he had to train.

This is studying his craft. It's not enough to know he has powers, he has to know how and why his powers work. This is also studying every manmade machine that uses magnetism and seeing if he can duplicate how it works. Many of his more esoteric powers came with studying how magnetism works, then trying to see if he could do it. The answer is often yes he can, but he needs more practice to do it well. In short, while a high school student in most subjects, he is well into college when it comes Magnetism.


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Happy Harbor:
A high school designed for metahumans is a resource, though Alton personally doesn't agree with living in hiding. He feels out of place there, as he is more aggressive in his power use. Still, it is designed to help with his various issues.

Alton's former school. He still knows all the kids and young heroes from his former school, and even keeps in touch now and then. It's more difficult, but he could call on those friends from another school should he ever truly need to. That would take considerably more prep time, however, as Ravenswood is pretty far away. (It's actually tucked up there in Michigan somewhere.)

A holdover from Ravenswood, Alton has a costume he can use to become IMP and fight the good fight. It is made with the best materials money can buy that he can access, which tends to vary.

Mike and Laura Schmidt are steel tycoons. They own a considerable amount of Germany's steel industry, and also own a significant amount of supporting industries. They have their fingers in countless pies in the Fatherland. Oh, and they give their son an allowance of 1000 Euros a day. While he can technically spend that however he wants, his parents encouraged him to invest most of it, telling him if he has more than 1,000,000 Euros invested in the market by the time he graduates, they'll TRIPLE it for him. Alton has 750,000 Euros in the market already, and is closer to his goal than not.

He also tends to have REALLY nice clothes, he drives a Ferrari, and otherwise has the best goods, most of the time.


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In addition to the usual heroic codes about don't kill people and never use more force than is needed, he also keeps his word. Strange as that may be for a commitment phobe, he never, ever tells lies to all those ladies. Also, he's on time unless A:Overexertion gets him and he collapses, or B:A mission came up and there's someone in need, in which case he'll bounce from things (even dates) to get on task and save the day.

Commitment? Eeeeeeek! Run away! He's never taken the same girl to Homecoming twice, and the girl he took to Homecoming this year won't be the one he takes to Prom, for sure. If ever he fell in love, this would be a killer...but for now, it doesn't bother him much.

Dresden Syndrome:
A side effect of the growing power of his EMPs is using them when he doesn't want to. Technology of any kind in his immediate vicinity could be wiped out...including his own. That may be annoying, but it can also affect any random person within 100 feet of him too...and it doesn't matter who or what it is. This...has actually caused deaths already. Once, to an old man with a pacemaker. It was worse the last time he visited a hospital. 17 people died when his EMPs shorted out hospital equipment, and many more had their stay in the hospital doubled or tripled. He has avoided hospitals ever since. Naturally, computer labs could be destroyed in an instant, and god help any teachers that rely on technology for their schoolwork. They'd better teach him like it's 1980...or else.

Alton is currently limited to ferrous materials to manipulate. He is slowly learning to deal with diamagnetic materials, such as graphite, copper, silver, and gold, through their negative magnetic fields.

The most (in)famous users of Magnetism in the world includes Magneto, and to a lesser extent Polaris. This leads people to (wrongly) conclude he is somehow related. He is not, but he's been attacked on such an assumption before.

There are many Superhero Origins...this one carries the most flak. Alton is subject to all the persecution Mutants normally get, and there are many groups who would kill him just because he's a mutant, Friends of Humanity first among them, Sentinels not far behind.

Alton frequently pushes himself too hard, in training and on the field. He'll stay out there when he should fall back, and do an extra set of reps when his body's screaming at him to stop. This frequently leads to oversleeping and sometimes even being late to class while his body is trying to recover.

If you asked Alton who the most powerful kid in his class is, he'd tell you he is. He therefore feels obligated to fight for those around him...even if they're perfectly capable of taking care of themselves. And...he's even more protective should there be a pretty face involved.

Synaptic Static:
He can do it on purpose...he can also do it on accident. Skin to skin with Alton is likely to alter someone's brainwaves, eventually. Other Magnetic types try to contain their power inside of them, and this results in their mood swings and plenty of tragedy as their powers affect their own brain. Alton tries to push his power away from his own a result, however, other people suffer the affects of his magnetic usage. This can lead to something silly...or it can lead to something dangerous...and it's entirely random. This is only active if Alton is potentially suffering from mood swings himself, and if it triggers, he no longer has mood swings for that particular power useage, as they are passed to whomever he touched.

Alton has nearly died several times in his young life. In addition to the time vampires nearly killed him, he's also been blasted by a ship once. He only survived due to the healing powers of other people at the school. No kid this young should be so close to the reaper...twice no less, in entirely different circumstsances. These haunt his nightmares.



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Alton Schmidt has 29 finished logs.

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Alton takes Christine on a date in NYC. He failed to mention how fine the fine dining would be. March 10th, 2020 Alton and Christine have their first date. Dinner, robbers, movie. The usual.
Lunchtime Conversations March 10th, 2020 Lunchtime at HHH: conversations, unearthing of not-so-secret information, and a surprise prom-posal
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A new Challenger appears March 5th, 2020 Happy Harbor students share lunch and opinions.


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Alton Schmidt has 29 finished logs.

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