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  Alyx Vance  
Alyx Vance (Scenesys ID: 2192)
Name: Alyx Vance
Superalias: None
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Freedom fighter, breaker of chains, television star (on Mojoworld)
Citizenship: Mojoworld
Residence: New York
Education: Home Schooled
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 20 Actual Age: 20
Date of Birth 22 Jan 2000 Played By Voiced by Ozioma Akagha
Height: 5'5" Weight: 135 lbs
Hair Color: Black with red streaks Eye Color: Green
Twitter: @TheAlyxVance
Theme Song: Scorpions - Wind of Change

Character Info


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Unknown to her, Alyx Vance's life made for some great television. Born to human parents imprisoned on Mojoworld, Alyx entertained millions as the unwitting star of several television shows. Eventually, she came to learn the true nature of her reality and broke free. Now on the outside, Alyx Vance's fight intensifies as she works to bring down the oppressive forces of Mojo and his allies. She's an engineer, a freedom fighter, and the breaker of chains.


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* As part of Mojo's "Science Advancement for the Glory of Mojo" campaign, several of Earth's prominent scientists and engineers are kidnapped to the Mojoverse. They found the Black Mesa Research Facility in New Mojexico on Mojoworld. Publicly, it performs scientific research at the command of Mojo. Privately, it serves as a base of operation for a rebellion against Mojo.

* Alyx Vance is born to Azian and Eli Vance, scientists at the Black Mesa Research Facility.

* While on a reconnaissance mission for the resistance, Azian Vance is killed in a raid by Mojo's secret police, leaving Eli Vance to raise four-year-old Alyx on his own. Mojo becomes aware of the Vance family's association with the rebellion.

* Eli Vance educates Alyx privately at Black Mesa. They would share a similar interest in science and engineering.

* Fifteen year-old Alyx joins the resistance against Mojo, initially serving as an engineer and weapon smith before moving on to field work.

* As a personal attack to Eli Vance, Mojo orders the capture of seventeen year-old Alyx. She becomes one of Mojo's forced television "actors."

* Alyx Vance stars in various Mojoworld television shows and proves to be immensely popular with key demographics. Lunchboxes and t-shirts are printed with Alyx's image.

* In a freak accident, Alyx is exposed to the Wildways energy that powers the Mojoverse television show illusions. As a result, Alyx's mind is fortified against illusion and she regains her memories. Now aware of her life of television slavery, Alyx regroups with the resistance against Mojo.

* Now a prominent leader in the resistance, Alyx begins mapping out the blindspots in Mojo's television set pieces. Using this information, she establishes an "underground railroad" designed to break actors free of their shows and lead them through the blindspots towards freedom.

* With the railroad established, Alyx starts to pursue Spiral. Hot on her heels, Alyx would eventually follow Spiral to Earth.

IC Journal

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There's a time for planning and a time for action. Alyx is comfortable with both and has absolutely no issue volunteering for a dangerous mission for an important cause. She's a keen improviser and tends to believe that circumstances trump even the most careful planning. Alyx is willing to stay on the sidelines only for so long before wanting to take action. Allons-y!

Alyx is easy to get along with and tries, actively, to make friends with the people she meets. People are stronger when they're together, so she's always looking to be around other people, and being friendly is the best way to do that. She's outgoing, positive, and generally fun to be around.

Alyx has a good-humored, playful nature that takes the edge off even the tensest situations. She's quick to crack a joke, make a humorous observation, or play a harmless prank. While there may have been times where Alyx has had to deal with some pretty dire situations, it has never made her fall into darkness. She's able to laugh easily and find humor in whatever situation she finds herself in.

As one of the leaders of the resistance against Mojo, Alyx has devoted her life to protecting others. This attitude applies both on a macro scale and micro scale. Protecting the population from destruction is important to Alyx, but she'll also do anything to keep those she cares about safe, even if doing so puts her in harm's way. Alyx hates bullies or anyone else who would abuse a position of power.

Character Sheet


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Illusion Awareness:
Thanks to her exposure to the Wildways, Alyx Vance has developed an innate ability to know when her surroundings are false. She is completely aware of the true reality around herself at all times. This allows her to see through optical and mental illusions. At best, this will protect her from ever being caught in a Mojoverse show again. At worst, she'll never be able to enjoy a proper magic show.

Psychic Shield:
Another gift of the Wildways, Alyx is highly resistant to mental intrusion, psychic powers, and empathic powers. Attempts to read her mind result in hearing or seeing "static." If Alyx is asleep or otherwise unconscious, this psychic shield is unable to protect her. Alyx's psychic shield is not absolute, however, and extremely powerful telepaths will merely find her more difficult than others.


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Alyx is in the prime of her life, physically, and capable of feats of athleticism. She can run, climb, jump, and vault over obstacles just as good as anyone. While Alyx might not be physically imposing, she's energetic, coordinated, and not afraid of getting banged up.

While normally preferring the comforts of a pistol, Alyx is a capable fighter. She comes from an environment where it's important to be able to defend herself. While she may be a stranger to the discipline and lifestyle of the martial arts, Alyx is a capable brawler and can throw a punch or kick when necessary. She's used to fending off whatever monsters-of-the-week she had to deal with in Mojo's television shows, so a bar brawl is a piece of cake. Because each fight is potentially her last, Alyx has no shame in fighting dirty or taking advantage of nearby objects and improvised weapons. She is not bound by any code of honor.

Alyx Vance is a skilled mechanic and engineer. Raised in the underground movement against Mojo, Alyx became adept at inventing devices from reclaimed and jury-rigged technology. Building things from reclaimed and scrapped parts are her specialty. She is familiar with the inner-workings of vehicles, engines, robots, electronics, and the basic skills needed to work in these areas. Alyx is also a notable weaponsmith and is more than capable of maintaining and modifying weapons and firearms.

Alyx is extremely skilled with firearms. She is deadly accurate with pistols but is comfortable with other weapons, too. Her preference remains a customized P14-45 pistol but has shown proficiency with other firearms, including assault rifles, sniper rifles, and shotguns. Compared to the advanced weaponry on Mojoworld, Earth weapons are a breeze. Of particular note, Alyx has gotten very used to the shoot-reload flow of using her custom pistol in battle, even when set to fully automatic.

While Alyx might not be very familiar with the inner-workings of modern computer operating systems on Earth, the concepts of hacking and compromising security come easily to her. With some time, she can bypass security locks, break into computer systems, and generally be where she doesn't belong. She has a natural affinity for these kinds of constructs and only needs a bit of time to learn their specifics.

Alyx has spent years cultivating a growing resistance against Mojo. She has a razor-sharp ability to rally support and inspire others to take action. She's can zero in on the issue at hand and present a compelling case to join up with her cause. Naturally, this means she's an excellent public speaker, as well.

Alyx has a long history of sneaking around and remaining in the shadows. As an important member of the human resistance against the Mojo, she is very comfortable moving through hostile territory undiscovered. She has learned to move silently, find cover, and generally get from point A to point B without detection. She's not as stealthy as, say, a ninja, but she's able to hide significantly better than typical.

Because she's grown up in one, Alyx is adept at surviving in a hostile environment. This includes field dressing wounds, creating improvised shelters, finding her way, finding food and water, and so forth.


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Custom Pistol:
Alyx's pistol started as a standard P14-45 but has been modified considerably. It holds a ten -round magazine and can reserve an additional ten rounds in a special reservoir. This allows Alyx to insert a ten-round magazine and fill the reservoir, eject the empty magazine, and then insert another ten-round magazine. While it might only hold a ten-round magazine, along with one bullet chambered, careful reloading effectively gives the pistol a twenty round capacity. A standard laser sight can be attached. Alyx's pistol also has an enhanced reflex sight, which can highlight a target's weak points. In total darkness, for example, Alyx would be able to see a target's vulnerable body parts through the sight. Otherwise, the pistol is pretty standard and ammunition is plentiful. It can be switched to a three-shot burst or fully automatic, as well.

Emp Multi-Tool:
Also called "the Alyx" thanks to Alyx's extensive modifications, the handheld EMP Multi-Tool can create ultra-focused, low-powered electromagnetic pulses. Because the EMP Multi-Tool was built with Mojoworld technology, it is considerably more advanced than typical human inventions. When placed against an electronic object, the EMP Multi-Tool can tunnel an electric pulse to the object's nearest electric conductor. With careful use, it can be used to manipulate these electronic objects. Examples include bypassing security systems, opening doors that have electronic locks, basic reprogramming of robots and drones, testing circuits, diagnostics, and so on. The EMP Multi-Tool, like any EMP device, can also be used to simply disable electronic circuits. In a pinch, the EMP Multi-Tool be used to stun or incapacitate living beings, similar to a taser. The EMP Multi-Tool can also store the equivalent of one terabyte of binary data, like a flash drive. It has been recently modified to connect to computers via USB.

Gravity Gloves:
Born from Mojoworld technology and Eli Vance's ingenuity, the Gravity Gloves are worn on Alyx's hands and allow her to point at nearby objects and pull them through the air towards herself. They effectively create an invisible link between Alyx's hands and any object within visual range. If Alyx could pick it normally, the Gloves allow her to "yank" it through the air. The Gravity Gloves can pull something as long as the person wearing them could pull it without them. This means that while Alyx herself couldn't use them to pull a car, she might be able to do it in zero gravity.

The Gravity Gloves can become supercharged when in the presence of nearby energy: electrical, cosmic, magic, wildways, kinetic, psychic, radioactive, and others. This allows the wearer, if desired, to "pull" at the energy and catch it in the form of a single ball. The ball can then be thrown to create an energy blast proportional to the power of the energy that was captured. The ball is held in the hand like any other object but the amount of time it can be safely held is also proportional to its power.

A ball of energy pulled from an electrical appliance, for example, could be held for a couple of hours before being thrown. A ball of energy pulled from Superman's nearby use of his heat beams might be tolerable for just a few seconds before the wearer starts to experience terrible pain. Once held, these energy balls must be thrown or dropped and, therefore, great consideration must be made before using this ability. As a secondary, but still remarkable, function, each Gravity Glove has a small "hammerspace" dimension separated from time and space. Together, they can hold approximately one backpack's worth of items. If the Gravity Gloves are ever broken, anything in the hammerspace is lost. Finally, one of the Gravity Gloves has a small flashlight on a ball-joint, just in case of darkness!

The Resistance:
Alyx Vance is a prominent member of the resistance against Mojo. As such, she can direct their activities and command their resources, should she ever be able to reunite with them or get in contact. She has no way to do that on her own while on Earth.


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A Whole New World:
Alyx has limited knowledge of past human history and popular culture. Basic facts that would be trivial for anyone are likely to be unknown to Alyx. For example, she doesn't know who Mozart was. Fortunately, she's a smart person and can grasp concepts easily -- she just doesn't know a lot about the world she finds herself in. This could result in misunderstandings as well as a difficulty to be taken seriously at first. Many aspects of Mojoworld resemble Earth, so she's not totally clueless, but there are certainly going to be things she just doesn't know.

Does Not Exist:
Because Alyx is a human born on Mojoworld, she does not have a valid Earth birth certificate or social security number. She doesn't have a passport and cannot open a line of credit. This makes life in the modern world somewhat challenging for Alyx Vance. It results in her adopting a fairly "cash only" lifestyle.

As one of Mojo's most popular and bankable television actors, Alyx is very valuable to him. She is also a prominent leader in the resistance against Mojo and has managed to disrupt a fair number of his shows and rescue their stars. Mojo will stop at nothing to get Alyx Vance back to the Mojoverse. For revenge? Probably. For the ratings? Absolutely.

Scared of the Dark:
Alyx is among the millions of people who are frightened of the dark. Shadowy, low-illuminated areas are fine, but total darkness really makes her nervous. Having someone talk to her in order to provide a distraction usually works and it's something she's quick to request. Darkness does not provide any physical response (hyperventilating, for example), but it makes her nervous and it's something Alyx is always keen to avoid, if possible.



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Alyx Vance has 14 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Ted Kord: Private Eye February 9th, 2021 No description
Ted Kord RIP- NOT! January 11th, 2021 Ted's alive. Was there ever any doubt?
Give me my Christmas Bonus, Mr. Kord December 27th, 2020 Holiday bonuses at Kord Co.
A Prize Winner December 17th, 2020 Alyx starts some enhancements to the Gravity Gloves and Peter drops by bearing gifts.
A Workday at Kord Co. December 14th, 2020 Alyx and Ted share some laughs and takeout and a drone is renamed!
Toy Soldiers and Tv Stars December 12th, 2020 No description
Ice Skating For Dummies December 10th, 2020 Ted Kord's attempts at kindness just barely break through to Alyx. They go skating. Sort of.
Stranger Comparisons December 7th, 2020 Noriko and Alyx run into each other in a food truck line. Nori ends up sharing her food with Alyx and they learn about some initial striking differences about their worlds relating to television, mutants, etc.
Mouth: Insert Foot Here December 6th, 2020 Ted Kord sticks his foot in his mouth, repeatedly, and Alyx Vance gets fired from her Kord Co job before ever starting it!
Chili Dogs and 'Coasters December 5th, 2020 Alyx and Spidey discuss Mojo and lodgings over chili dogs.
Entrance Interview December 5th, 2020 Spider-Man brings Alyx to her interview with Ted Kord.
Getting a Half-Life December 4th, 2020 Alyx Vance and Spidey foil a bodega robbery and have a run-in with Spiral.
The Dimensional Nexus strikes again! December 3rd, 2020 Alyx drops in at April's apartment when Spiral and Harley are lounging. Standoff ensues.
Interrogation over beer December 3rd, 2020 Harley Quinn conducts an interview on Alyx after she crashes on April's apartment. They discover about Alyx's origins and how her parents had sex to have her. An important distinction!


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Alyx Vance has 14 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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