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Amara Aquilla (Scenesys ID: 811)
Name: Amara Juliana Olivians Aquilla
Superalias: Magma
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Citizenship: Xavier School
Education: High school
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Academy X, Xavier's School
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 13 Oct 2001 Played By Candice Swanepoel
Height: 5'6" Weight: 131
Hair Color: Blond Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: Song: Born To Rule

Character Info


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=A girl from another time she comes from a place where rome isn't history but real and now.. to her the mordern world is a dream she's still learning to cope with and trying to learn all the new social ques.


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*2001- Amara is born to Lucius Antonius Aquilla a Senator in Nova roma, a City Founded after the death of Julius Cesar and has been forgotten by time since then.

*2002-2015 Amara Learns the ways of her people learning literature, Art, Fighting and swordsmanship, and Maths.

*2015 Unrest in the City Starts to Rise a portion of the people want to turn the City into an Imperial State from a republic, a Dark cult is sacrificing young girls to thier living god, Amara's Father is fighting against his group but fearing for his daughter sends her to live with friends living in the deep jungle.

*2015-2017 Amara with dyed hair and skin hides among the village, learning to cook, hunt, track and lay traps, Learning to build and survive with nothing. She gets small bits of info on her family from time to time, but they do not visit for fear of leading the cult to her.
*2018 World Gets turned upside down outsiders who look so different some of them look like herself and other high born Romans ( Roberto and the other new mutants had found new Roma!) , but everything goes sideways members of the cult attack them. She gets captured and taken to be sacrificed to the goddess, who turns out to be Selene! Selene, wife of Senator Marcus Domitius Gallio, the leader of the Imperial faction.

Roberto and the other new mutants! Turn out to have Fantastic powers, and abilities and Selene tells her she's her Ancestor before she starts to drain her! Selene gets attacked, and she ends up falling into a pit of lava, Her own mutant Powers activate! Using her new powers, She helps this group of young mutants to defeat Selene.

Fearing Reprisal and Still trying to gain control, Amara's father tells her to follow these outsiders.

*2018-2020 Amara Joins Xaviers School and tried to Close the Gap.. while her writing and math are at the right level her knowledge of technology is far behind the others not only that she still hasn't learned to control her powers so she concentrates on getting control.

IC Journal

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Even though it's been a few years, it's hard for Amara to break her formal manners and speech from time to time, still going back t the old ways as a Nobel from an ancient noble family.

Amara is a girl from another time in a modern world learning to catch up and try to take the sparkle from her eyes at how wonderous the new world is to her and how much there is to explore and see.

Character Sheet


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The true Source of her powers She can pull up the very Magama from under the ground causing mini Volcanos and manipulate the very ground melting it down, turning it into magma she can manipulate and use at her will or even launch like a projectile. Again like all her powers, she's shown even higher levels of power when she loses control of her emotions.

*Magma Form - One of the greatest powers is her magma form While in her magma form she's able to produce tremendous heat and blinding light if she wills it as well smelt things like bullets and weapons before they reach her or throw balls and blasts of light and magma. Like her namesake, she can reach tempuratures between 1,300° F and 2,200° F . It also provides her with greater durability.

- One of the powers she's recently become aware of is as long as she's touching the ground she has greatly enhanced healing and even changing into her magma form will cause wounds to heal and burn closed only to be gone when she shifts back. It doesn't seem to work when not touching the ground.

- Another power is she can fly though her control is TERRIBLE. She's just learning to do this trying to copy Iceman.

Geokinesis magma has the power to Tap into the earth crust and to the movement of the lava below it.. using that she can affect the earth crust on a local scale right now she's only able to affect a few city blocks, but she can cause from minor to Major earthquakes, though the larger ones require concentration and time she can also sense and prevent earthquakes. The only exception is when she loses control of her emotions.

While she doesn't like to use it this is another aspect of her power and something she can access in her human form without transforming. She produces heat or even flames while they don't have any magma and aren't as hot she doesn't like to use them because they lack the impact the lava has. Even out of her magma form she's shown extreme resistance to the heat and gases normally found around valcanos.


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Has been trained since she was little in the way of the sword and unarmed combat as was a custom for a member of her house in nova Roma , It's a skill she's continued to practice as a way to remember who she is and where she's from.

History Knowledge and skill in ancient roman culture is more than history for her.. it was her life, in fact, Latin is her native language growing up in nova Roma to her finding out that the world moved beyond the roman way of thinking was shocking!

Survival Thanks to living with the natives in the jungles for a number of years, she's very, very verses in surviving off nothing knowing how to build a hut, farm, and hunt/fish at least int he jungle.

Thanks to the school she's no longer behind on knowledge of modern concepts and information making her around highschool level of information .


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Nova Roma:
Should she return to the jungle of Brazil she would have full access to her family estate and soilders that belong to nova roma and can ask her father who is a controling member for extra help .

As a student she has access to the same items as the students And any extra she gets for any team she joins.


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Her powers are very much connected to her emotional state so losing control can quickly cause her powers to go out of control.

While in the human form she has limited access to her Geo powers.. she can cause the earth quakes and still heal it's not as good she can't seem to throw magma around unless he changes form.



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Burn the House Down March 19th, 2020 The house doesn't actually burn down.


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