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Angels are creatures of immense power with the specific charge of ensuring that nothing troubles souls on their way to Heaven. They are also charged with maintaining the balance of the universe itself, though their methods and precise duties are unfathomable to most entities.

Angels are creatures formed by the Creator and tasked with the maintenance of the universe itself. Angels exist across vast tracts of both time and space. The appearance of an angel is often an avatar or illusory form that reflects an exemplar ideal for the mortal viewing them. The true form of most angels is utterly unfathomable to human perceptions. Contact with these beings often leaves humans blind or deaf.

Angels of higher orders, particularly the Archangels, direct the lesser entities. Lower order angels have very little in the way of independent thought. Many of them are employed as soldiers and created with the intention to fight with demonic infiltrators of reality in face-to-face combat.

The overwhelming majority of angels in Creation are soldiers in the Heavenly Host.