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Anya Corazon (Scenesys ID: 1838)
Name: Aña (Anya) Corazon
Superalias: Araña
Gender: Female
Species: Human augmented by magic
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: Mexican-American
Residence: New York
Education: High School
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Mystic Arts
Apparent Age: 16 Actual Age: 16
Date of Birth 24 Aug 2004 Played By Alexa Grasso
Height: 5'3" Weight: 115 lbs
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Mexican-American spiderling. Tendency to think that she's a detective, and has a vested interest in getting through school without being expelled. Protective father, no mother, she thinks she can do it all. She can not.


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* 2004: born to Sofia and Gil Corazon in Mexico City, Mexico
* 2010: Anya's mother dies in a fire, leaving her with her father.
* 2011: Gil and Anya move to America, finding a home in New York. Gil becomes an investigative journalist.
* 2012: Gil gets his first interview with the Fantastic Four, cementing his reputation.
* 2019: Anya is hurt in a war between two rival mage groups. She is given the Mark of the Spider to save her life.
* 2020: Anya takes on the name Araña and begins fighting evil. Poorly.

IC Journal

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Stunningly brave, Anya knows that she's not prepared for things and will not back down unless she's knocked down. She gets into fights she can't win all the damn time and it's maybe just a touch stupid.

Anya has a tendency to creatively adapt to problems. She'll invent something new on the fly or simply try to wangle existing stuff into a stopgap, but generally doesn't see a blank wall as failure. More as a palate for a new solution.

For all her faults, Anya Corazon is driven by a need to know things. She has her father's primary trait; no mystery can stand untoppled for long. She extends it to many things in her life, but when she's presented with something that doesn't want to be known, she is driven. She needs to be part of that, and to uncover what was hidden.

Inexperience and a lack of a female in her life have set Anya back a bit. she keeps things inside of her, doesn't share enough. For all her wish to know secrets she doesn't trust easily, hides who she is even from friends, and due to that doesn't really have a lot of them. She'll be harder than many to get close to, but worth the effort.

Character Sheet


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Anya can (and does) create an exoskeleton around her body. It is blue, bulletproof, and extremely resistant to impacts. It is also her weakest point, and could potentially be torn from her body if a foe were to try hard enough. Which would be bad. Most of her abilities go away when the carapace is retracted; she has no enhanced reflexes, strength, or wall-crawling without it. Which is one reason why she trains so very hard to learn to fight.

Enhanced Agility:
Over and above Anya's trained gymnastic prowess, the hunter's mark gives her perfect balance. She simply can not fall unless pushed. Her body is also much more limber; her tendons and such are much more elastic, and she can flex like a contortionist.

Enhanced Reflexes:
Anya does not have a Spider-Sense. She does, however, have reflexes ten times as fast as she should for her respective fitness level. Which is a lot faster than any human could hope to be.

Enhanced Strength:
Anya can lift roughly ten tons. This is only in effect when she has her exoskeleton in place, it is not inherent in her body like most of the Spider-team.

Technically a power, Anya has a spider-sense. The armoured carapace will protect her from lethal attacks even if she's not aware of them, sheathing her if she's not prepared. It is not perfect, taking a half-second to coat her up. Thus a sniper could in fact take her out.

Simple and neat. Anya has the standard spider-style wall crawling talent. Walls and ceilings are basically just oddly decorated floor.


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Anya has a sharp mind for anything she can do with her hands. She builds things like her spider -bola, modifies motorcycles for fun, builds tools and toys and enjoys doing them.

Anya trains in a lot of arts, but she restricts herself only to the full-contact westernized forms. She has a basic knowledge of boxing, wrestling, and kickboxing, and is very dedicated to their arts.

Since she was very young, Anya has trained daily as a gymnast. She is well-versed in all aspects of the art (except tools, that was always a rough area) and could conceivably be trained up to olympic levels.

Anya has shown a definite talent for working with computers. She often researches anyone she's likely to have to deal with, chasing down their company's resources, and rarely goes into a situation blind. She is not epic, but she is capable.

Anya has followed her father's career intently as she grew up. She's picked up many of his tricks regarding investigative journalism. She knows theoretically how most of it is done, but has never had to actually use the skills. She's a fair hand with a computer though and can manage to follow a lead online pretty well.

Anya can speak and read both Spanish and English fluently. Better than her father, actually.


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Not the classic web-slinger, Anya gets around using a homemade tool. She built a spider-themed bola with a retractible line she can use for the same general purpose, and definitely does. It can be used to tie people up from a distance, grapple so she can 'web-sling', or as an impact weapon.

Anya has access to Gil Corazon, her father. He, for his part, can find information on criminals, files, police records, obituaries, or a plethora of other things that might come in handy when being a crime-fighter.

A large corporation with people who help. Effectively just a plot device, they can be relied on to evac Anya if needed or supply pre-event gear within reason.


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Anya's armor is her greatest weak point. It has three major flaws. The first is water. If Anya gets into water up to her ANKLES while armoured up, she will drown. She will literally fall over, pulled down by her own armour, and must retract it or die. The second flaw is that the armour is part of her skin. It can be removed by a strong enough enemy, and that would be not only painful, it would hurt her so bad that she could potentially die. Read: bad thing to happen. And the armour would NEVER grow back again.

Thirdly and most importantly, almost all of her powers are inactive if the carapace isn't yet in place. She is still highly flexible and has a balance which would make a Cirque de Soleil member blush, but that is half from her own training. The rest is gone, until the armour is in place.

Gilberto Corazon, father of Anya, lost his wife in a fire. He nearly lost his daughter, and is exceedingly protective of her. Getting away to 'fight evil' is not an option, and Anya has to sneak away or come up with stories, usually involving Webcorps, to do any mission at all! She has homework and he'd much rather she be doing Algebra than Web-slinging.

The carapace has one more problem. When Anya is wearing it, she looks like a cross between a nightmare and a preying mantis. She looks GHASTLY, and many enemies have honestly believed that she was an alien, a mutant, or there to drink their blood. It is awful and scary and children have screamed upon seeing it. Spider-girl indeed.

Sofia Corazon, mother to Anya, is dead. Anya sees her in people around her every day, hears her in any spanish-speaking person's voice, and misses her dearly. They knew each other well and the loss was heartbreaking. Now wouldn't it be a surprise if she were not actually dead? (She isn't, but where she is is uncertain.)

Soul of the Hunter:
Anya has a berserker inside of her. When she's pushed to her brink another personality takes over, one which has no fear or morals. It is a hunter, it exists to hunt prey. And then to kill it. Anya can be talked down from this state, but it generally requires physically holding her down somehow first. Which given her abilities is not easy.

This is not listed under 'powers' for a reason. The spider-sense of the Carapace armour is not under Anya's control. If she is attacked without her knowing about the incoming strike, and it is deemed to be deadly, the armour will take over, coating her in the arachnoid coating that looks so inhuman. Perhaps only for a moment, but there is not much that Anya can do and it will react to save her. This includes in the middle of school, while riding in traffic, or in church. The Hunter has no morals about outing her, it simply wants to save the bearer of the Mark.



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Anya Corazon has 6 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
A Cluster of Spiders October 9th, 2020 Mania meets Spider-Woman meets Araña meets Spider-Man...eats White Castle.
An Opportunity! October 8th, 2020 An opportunity to learn comes in the form of a webbed heroine. Aimee asks some questions, gets a broken arm, all that fun stuff!
Down with the Ship September 30th, 2020 Spiral, arriving on ship to dance, finds herself with a different partner. There is in fact dancing, and a lot of salt water in awful places.
Eight limbs and a haircut September 30th, 2020 In the school, Johnny and Anya meet poorly. Then they repeat it on patrol! It ends in confusion and regret. But it is a beginning.
Not a Spider. Move along. September 24th, 2020 Drake happens upon the end of a battle on Liberty Island. He learns about Arana, and she tries not to stick her foot in her mouth.
Meeting in the Octogon September 21st, 2020 Katsumi and Anya meet in the octagon. Wrestling occurs! Also one serious b..londe lady. It's training!


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Anya Corazon has 6 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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