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  Omega Red  
Arkady Rossovich (Scenesys ID: 1127)
Name: Arkady Gregorivich Rossovich
Superalias: Omega Red
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Mercenary
Citizenship: Russia (Formerly USSR)
Residence: Mobile
Education: Spetsnaz GRU
Theme: Marvel (VFC)
Apparent Age: 71 Actual Age: 71
Date of Birth 9 Nov 1948 Played By Andrew Bryniarski
Height: 6'11" Weight: 425 lb
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Red
Theme Song: "Death Curl" by One Down

Character Info


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Arkady Rossovich is the superhuman agent with cybernetic tendrils and life-draining abilities known as Omega Red. He is a combination of Russian super patriot and experimental cybernetic weapon. He has a record of murdering innocents, and though he has technically already been executed for those crimes, it should not a surprise for those behaviors to surface again.


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1948 - Born to verbally and physically abusive parents in Novorossiysk, USSR.
1954 - Began tormenting animals to vent powerlessness against the abuse at home.
1959 - Entered puberty early, activating his latent mutant abilities.
1960 - Secretly killed his first human victim after months of tormenting people.
1965 - Joined the USSR and eventually became a commando with the Spetznaz.
1971 - Went AWOL and escaped to Europe where he committed a spree of murders.
1976 - Captured by Interpol and given to KJB for courth martial and execution.
1977 - Survived execution and placed in experimental super soldier program.
1978 - Subjected to years of torture to become a cybernetic super soldier.
1986 - Team X steals his C-Synth, a device used to help stabilize his system.
1991 - Placed in cryogenic suspension just prior to the fall of the USSR.
2019 - Revived from his suspended animation by a criminal underground agency.

IC Journal

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For the most part, Arkady is supremely patient and willing to wait for anticipated results. This is true physically, mentally, and emotionally. However, the expectations still lie bubbling below the surface, waiting to be released. This hidden tension also means he is unstable and could erupt with violence at the slightest offense.

Raised and abused by parents who should have loved him, then trained and tortured by a country that should have valued him, Arkady has a warped view of compassion. His heart is calloused and the only form of affection that he knows is always accompanied by pain eventually. Consequently, he is ruthless and feels zero remorse for those whom he considers an adversary.

When not trying to accomplish things with fists and tendrils, Arkady has a strong personal presence and a pursuasive, if not manipulative way with words and logic.

Arkady is extremely confident in himself and constantly strives for greater and more accomplishments. He stands in stark contrast to most other people, whom he believes are either incompetent, unintelligent, uneducated, unaware, or a combination thereof.

Despite his ruthlessness and reputation, Arkady enjoys the finer things in life and will choose the greatest leisure over hardship when he feels he deserves it.

Character Sheet


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Death Spores:
Death Spores
One of Arkady's natural mutant abilities is to secrete perilous pheremones from his body. These spores instantly weaken even the toughest of people and causes death of most humans within mere moments. Outside of a 20 foot radius, the effect of his pheremones are relatively harmless to all but the most feable. Conversely, the spores are at their greatest severity upon physical contact with Arkady. The spores are neither contained nor affected by any clothing short of a full environmental suit.

Life Drain:
Life Drain
The secondary effect of Arkady's death spores is the ability to drain the life force of his victims. As they weaken, his physical body is sustained and strengthened. This draining allows him to push his body's regenerative properties to heal most wounds within moments and life-threatening wounds within minutes. His body will activate this ability to preserve itself when he is unable to consciously do so.

The super soldier program infused Arkady's body with superhuman levels of strength, stamina, agility, durability, and speed.

Strength - He can easily lift most large vehicles so it is nothing to hurl opponents across rooms, rip limbs from sockets, and crush skulls with his bare hands.

Stamina - Arkady's enhanced muscles also produce much fewer fatigue toxins than the average human. He is able to exert himself for over eighteen consecutive hours without breaking much of a sweat.

Agility - Hiss reflexes, coordination, and sense of balance have been boosted just beyond the maximum human potential.

Durability - He is able to withstand incredible blunt force trauma, such as falling multiple stories, continuous superhuman strikes, and similar incidents that would seriously maim or kill an ordinary human.

Speed - Arkady's enhanced strength, stamina, and reflexes combined provide him the ability to outrun any olympic contestant and outperform professional parkour athletes.


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Arkady is able to use either hand proficiently, suffering only negligable losses of stability with his off-hand.

Arkady, as a master of espionage, is adept at going unseen, unheard and undiscovered. He can locate concealed hiding spots, utilize covered or concealed pathways, create diversions and set up ambush positions. He is also able to tail individuals without detection and often notices details that are often overlooked.

Russian is Arkady's native language and he is fluent in English, but his accent is very obvious and his sentences are often filled with errors.

Martial Arts:
Martial Arts
Arkady is a former member of the Russian Spetsnaz, an elite commando unit, and is a seasoned and expert combat veteran of armed and unarmed combat. Apart from his superhuman abilities, he is able to fairly contend with some of the world's best martial artists and hold his own.

Arkady knows how to locate sustenance and shelter, generate a fire from scratch, craft basic weapons and tools, maintain naviigational bearing and avoid natural hazards.


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Arkady possesses a crimson suit composed of insulated carbonadium. This suit covers most of his body and provides unbelievable resistance to damage. having sustained attacks from adamantium claws and mutant blasts that propelled him miles away.

His combined set of abilities, skills, and experience makes him nigh invaluable to many people in powerful positions. This has allowed him the luxury to afford most of the finer things in the way of housing, vehicles, food, and social interactions.

Arkady has multiple underground connections through which to gather intelligence, find temporary employment, exchange favors, or purchase items on the black market.


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Arkady is addicted to inflicting harm on and taking the life of other living beings. It's the activity that gives him the greatest seratonin rush and subconsciously validates that he does have power, and perhaps someone will value or love him for it.

There is very little hiding in a crowd for Arkady. The super soldier process flushed his body's ability to produce melanin, inducing an albino condition in his skin. The lack of pigment and increased blood vessels in his eyes has also caused him to have intensely red eyes.

The radioactive carbonadium alloy in his tendrils will slowly destroy his cellular structure if he does not regularly drain the essence from living beings. An alternative would be to regularly make use of the Carbonadium Synthesizer, which he unfortunately does not possess. This C-Synth is the item Arkady craves the most and there is very little he would not do in exchange for it.

Arkady is a profoundly proud man and will rarely ever humble himself. Therefore, he will most often respond in the manner that will portray himself in the best light.

Arkady Rossovich is an internationally wanted man with a record and many who know his name have no desire to associate with him or provide him aid.



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Title Date Scene Summary
From Russia, From Ice April 14th, 2020 Winter on behalf of the secretive Katyusha faction awakes Omega Red from his cryoslumber. The two depart to discuss with Katyusha what Omega Red's position and purpose will be in a world where the Soviet Union no longer exists.


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