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Bobby McFadden (Scenesys ID: 465)
Name: Bobby McFadden
Superalias: Blinkdog
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Occupation: None
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: New York
Education: Uneducated (6th grade)
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 17 Actual Age: 17
Date of Birth 03 Feb 2003 Played By Chris Zylka
Height: 5'6" Weight: 132 lbs
Hair Color: Sandy Blonde Eye Color: Brown
Twitter: @TrashPuppy
Theme Song: "Just Get Through This Night" by Styx

Character Info


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A streetwise transformative mutant teenager (not a turtle) who can teleport and in general run away from anything. Bobby is known as Blinkdog to some, and he tends to be shy and untrusting around strangers.


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This is the short version of my character's history as told mostly in the 1st person. A MUCH MUCH longer and detailed version is available from History-Long History-Long2 and so on. It may have been a bit TL;DR so I did this short version in case you wanted to skip over it. There are no plot-damaging surprises there it's just long!

My History is a little long winded if I really get down to telling it. When I do tell it sometimes I talk about it as if it happened to someone else. The short version...

At six years old I was removed from my birth mother's loving care for various reasons I wont really get into here. Lets just say it was bad. Really bad. Like nightmares waking you up at night in a pool of sweat bad. I think thats enough said on that unless you want to get the long version out of me later. Anyway, after that I was bounced around from one place to another until one day when I was fourteen years old I got into a nasty little tussel with this boy named Bradly something or other.

He had just joined our happy home with the foster family where I had been staying with, but the guy had a problem with taking things that weren't his. My things in particular. I didn't take this very well and I decided it needed a little discussion. It turned into a loud one, and when my foster mom intervened I was the one that got the finger wagged at. Needless to say I didn't take it too well. I got into a scrap with him, I wanted to kick his ass to tell the truth but something happened. I went all werewolf coyote style and I was forced to run away.

I lived on the streets for a long time. Trying to keep my head low, learning how to stay alive, and how to get a handle on all this mutant stuff. It wasnt easy, but I managed to survive somehow. There were a lot of close calls. You can't do much if you're a kid. Noone will help you unless they want to involve the authorities. If they learn you are a mutant, you're even less likely to make any friends. People are scared of you. People hate you for no reason other than you don't look like them. Like you're diseased or something.

Now I'm seventeen years old. I learned the hard way that nothing good happens without a price attached to it. Otherwise it can just poof. Dissapear just when you start getting cozy with it. No, nothing good ever happens if you are a mutant like me. I get by. I get by.... because I have no choice.

This is the LONG version of my character's history as told mostly in 3rd person.

My History is a little long winded if I really get down to telling it. When I do tell it sometimes I talk about it as if it happened to someone else. The long version...

Bobby McFadden was born to a single mother who lived in a run down tenement in the "Alphabet City" borough of New York City. His mother was a short woman with sandy blonde hair and a love for ballet and theater. She was pretty, and had a gift for dancing, but that was a dream lost to a hard life of living alone with a son to raise and a habit to feed. She also had a vicious temper and a shrill voice. Bobby never met his father and all that he knows about him is that he was at least partly Native-American, and that he had to leave the city because he owed the wrong people a lot of money. A debt his mother would have to work off herself and pay leaving her angry at him and resentful of her own son.(+info bd and read "Bad Dreams Ep1" but trigger warnings it contains violence.)

At the age of six he was discovered by an elderly couple huddled to himself on the stairs of his tenement, battered and bruised, his face streaked with tears but silent and refusing to talk. His arm was dislocated and he had held it cradled crying out whenever someone touched it. An examination later would reveal it was severely broken with a spiral fracture. Forced to investigate the police and family services linked his injuries to his mother's abuse. She was found to have a drug problem and had failed to enter the boy into school. Feeling that the boys life was in immediate danger they removed him from her custody. Later she would surrender her parental rights to the state in exchange for a reduction in her charges.

From there Bobby was bounced between foster homes and group facilities until he was ten years of age at which point when there were no foster homes or beds at any of the facilities they sent him to a juvinile detention center until one opened up for him. Rather than letting that happen to him again he began running away... unsuccessfully. Either he would be forced to return lacking food and money, or the police would locate him and return him. He was soon labeled a problem for the system and he began to fall through the cracks.

When he was twelve years old, he finally found a somewhat stable living situation with nine other children living in a crowded and raucus home. He thrived there somewhat for two years, regaining lost ground in his education and his health. The foster parents were mostly interested in the state-provided funds each child would bring in and squeezed every penny from the budgets provided to them for their own gains; however, they were more apathetic than abusive and the other children (some older some younger) pitched in to make the home livable and somewhat happy. This would change, though, when his genetic time bomb emerged for the first time.

He was fourteen, and like most young teenagers he was sometimes prone to flares of temper and rebellion. He had gotten into an argument with one of the other children, a new boy who liked to take things that weren't his. While Bobby and the other boy began to tussle their foster mother was forced to become involved and came down on Bobby for not being tolerant of the new boy's problems. Enraged with his heart pounding in his ears, Bobby re-launched himself at the other boy while transforming for the first time into the half animal-like form that would plague him for years to come. Chaos erupted, his foster mother screamed at him in fear and shouted desperately for help and for the police. In a panic, and not understanding what was happening to him, ran. He would later try to return, but when they saw him they refused to let him in.

They were afraid of mutants. All they saw of them were the news reports of battles and terror on the tv. Mutants, Powereds, Aliens. It was all the same for them. They no-longer saw the boy they had allowed to live with them in their home. Now all they saw was someone, some thing, to be afraid of. As he left the apartment building he saw the police pulling up. He knew they were there to arrest him, to take him away, to lock him up for being a danger to others. Again, he ran, and this time he would not return.

With determination he managed to learn how to survive on his own. Life on the streets of NYC can be hard. Shelters wont take you if you are underage as they would rather turn you in. One must be constantly on guard for muggers, gangs, and sometimes violent homeless. Bobby learned to sleep lightly, and to stay hidden when his transformation overtakes him. He has made some enemies on the street, but thats what you get when you try to be a small time hero... or just a really short temper when it comes to bullies and abusers.

He made some friends too. Or at least people willing to make a profit from the items he sometimes stole in order to get some food or a place to stay.

When normal, he found he could generally keep low and stay unnoticed. Blending in among the crowds. Keeping to himself and staying out of other people's business. Keep your head down during school hours, and wander freely when school was out so that the police would overlook you and other people wont harass.

When the transformations overtook him though, he found he had to hide lest he become hunted by those who hated mutants or wanted to experiment on them. It is the latter that frightens him the most. He was captured once by an unknown group of individuals but he had managed to escape by teleporting away after pretending to have no abilities.

Abilities. Powers. They were like magic. They were almost intoxicating to use and they made him feel powerful sometimes, but for two things. For one, they only worked when he was changed into that half-coyote half-manmonster hybrid thing. Secondly, they were just one more reason he wasn't normal, that no matter how much he wished... unlike magic... they didn't fix anything.

Despite this however, he learned with practice he could gain some control over his transformations, though this is far from perfect. He still changed sometimes when he did not wish. Either to human, or hybrid. Sometimes even becoming stuck and unable to change for long periods. At night when no one would see he practiced to gain mastery over his other abilities though he is still has a ways to go.

* 2003 Feburary 3rd -- Born prematurely in NYC to a single mother, Candice McFadden. Father Unknown.
* 2009 September 22nd -- Removed from an abusive home by the autorities. His time in foster homes, group facilities, and institutional orphanages began.
* 2013 January 1st -- Bobby began repeatedly running away from facilities and temporary foster homes. Largely unsuccessfully, as he would be returned or be forced to return on his own.
* 2017 October 5th -- His mutant abilities awoke during an altercation with a fellow foster child. He ran away for the final time and has been homeless ever since.
* 2017 December 11th -- Encountered a pair of bad men. He was rescued by a man who went by "Sgt.Georgie" who would later become a close friend.
* 2018 February 19th -- While hanging out in the back room of a local comicbook store playing a game he discovered his nom de guerre "Blinkdog". The nickname caught on among his few friends from the street. For Bobby that second aspect of him became almost like a second personality.
* 2018 October 11th -- Bobby is chased down by a pack of 'werewolves' but he manages to get away. He originally saught out a small gang/pack in order to find out if he was one of their kind. He soon learned that he wasn't.
* 2020 January 13th -- Bobby has a close encounter with some "mutant hunters".

A more detailed history and stories of events above can be found in his +info files.

IC Journal

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Surprisingly Bobby can be quite charming when he needs to be. However; most times he is quiet, reserved, even slightly suspicious of the motives of others. He is slow to trust. Intensely Loyal once that loyalty is earned. Fearful of betrayal. Generally he is careful to keep his temper in check having learned to keep his mouth shut lest it attract a gun in your face, however; when he does loose his temper he has a hard time getting it back under control

Bobby is careful to keep his temper in check. Lest he loose control of it, or of his transformation. On the street you learn quickly to keep your mouth shut lest you attract the wrong kind of attention to yourself. (Like the kind that involves guns.) Usually his temper burns cold, long, and sneaky. He'll come back later in his transformed form or in disguise and take his little piece of justice that way.

However if he were to loose his temper he generally looses control of his transformation and can find it difficult getting it and himself back under control.

Bobby after being betrayed by both family and by those meant to protect him. Plus the life of hard knocks and traumatic experiences after living on the street for a time he has needless to say some trust issues. He is slow in granting trust to others. Once that trust is given; however, he is almost trusting to a fault and will be easily swayed by those who fall into this rarified circle.

Character Sheet


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He is able to stand solidly mid-air after teleporting. This effect is from a residual 'portal' left behind after telporation, however; this effect is only momentary and will quickly vanish forcing him to teleport again.

Disintigration by touch.
On Inorganics: Damage is localized to within one inch of where he is touching. The denser the material the longer it takes. Unusual alloys and compounds are uneffected.
On Organics: Damage is dispersed over a wide area. The effect is similar to that of a radiation burn tho no radioactivity is present. Living Metal and certain complex alien organic materials as well as magicly enhanced materials are also uneffected.

Temporary Disintegration: See Disintegration.
Dispersed objects re-coalesce or heal as if never damaged after a short time.
For Example. Blinkdog disintigrates a hole in a wall. Five minutes later that hole is seen completely restored its damaged removed sections drawn back into place.
For Example. Blinkdog grabs hold of Villain-A's arm. He screams out in pain as he feels his entire arm being damaged. Five minutes later, Villain-A rubs his formerly damaged arm finding it completely healed.

When changed, Blinkdog has increased strength and other attributes. Besides enhanced strength, he can lift perhaps a little over one ton, his overall his physicality and reflexes are among the top for normal human athletics. He also has some heightened senses such as smell and hearing. They are on par with any coyote's senses.

Natural Weaponry:
While transformed Blinkdog's body has some obvious natural weaponry. Strong teeth like any canine, and claws at the end of his fingertips. However, despite his animalistic features, he does not THINK like an animal and does not imagine himself attacking like one and so these assets are rarely used except in desperation.

Slow regeneration and regrowth. In the old FASERIP Ultimate Powers system this would rate as Good (10 pts per round).

Examples: Scratches/Bruises heal in one minute.
Minor Broken Bones/Small Caliber gunshot wounds one hour.
Compund Fractures/Survivable Large Caliber gunshot wounds heal in one day.
Lost Limb or Eyes heals in one week.
Deadly Mortal Wounds... dead is dead.

When changed into his hybrid form Blinkdog can teleport. Moving from one space to another instantly and silently. The further away it is the more focus he needs to achieve his goal. He can only teleport to locations he is at least passingly familiar with or that he can see. His current absolute maximum range is about fifty miles as a hard limit, but for Blinkdog his entire world exists within the boroughs and streets of New York City. Generally about twenty-five miles is his maximum range. His outside range limit is more of a mental factor than anything else. He simply has a difficult time imagining, and accurately picturing, greater distances and therefore limits him. There is one exception to this hard limit however, no matter how far away on Earth he is. He can always return to the small closet he hid in as a child. The effort may nearly kill him though. If he is not on Earth his mind will latch onto the nearest space he finds as being 'safe'.

He can teleport with anything he can carry and he must go with it to bring it along. He has to at least have it securely held in his grasp to take it with him. Any objects or people he tries to teleport with must be unbound and free from any larger objects.

Awooooo! No seriously. Bobby can transform into this coyote hybrid thing kind of like a werewolf. With his transformation his powers awaken and are linked to his teleportation ability. In his human form his meta-gene, x-factor, whatever you want to call it is largely dormant and barely a footnote in his physical makeup. It is there, and a blood test or scan can pick it up but it will show up as dormant and unactivated; however, this all changes when he transforms. With the change he becomes stronger, more agile, and he gains some new physical traits as well as his other powers. If he returns to his human form, however, all bets are off. He is no different than any other human being. He is 'powerless' in that he has no mutant super powers as a human, though this hardly means defenseless.


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While not formally trained, Blinkdog can effect some urban parkour, climb along narrow walkways and across wires, and when brawling he can tumble and roll to dodge and scrap.

Bobby has basic brawling and fighting hand to hand skills. Tho he is not formally trained in any martial art he can hold his own in a scrap. He is not above fighting dirty.

Improvised Weapons:
With nothing at hand as a weapon you can improvise. Blinkdog is skilled at turning regular every-day objects such as chairs, tables, salt and pepper shakers, whatever is at hand into weapons.

Bobby is relatively just a beginner. He hasn't quite gotten to sight reading sheet music yet, but he can work out a tune with practice and memorization. Currently the only instrument he has any skill with is the recorder. Vocally he cannot carry a tune in a bucket, but with this he can do some simple tunes without making everyone around him wince in pain.

There are treasures to be found in abandoned buildings, junk yards, and trash heaps. Bobby is one of those people familiar enough with places like this that he has developed a certain tallent for finding useful things when needed.

Small Arms:
Taught by a former military type who befriended him (and one time rescued him from damger) Bobby knows generally how to handle himself with knives, handguns, clubs, and the like. He is no expert by any means but with more experience and practice he could one day be so.

Familiar with life on the streets. This form of urban survival allows him to treat the back streets, dark alleys, and hidden places throughout the city as his home. He knows how to survive there. He knows what to look out for. He knows who you can trust(sometimes).


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Fenses, street peddlers, pandhandlers, people who know where you can hide for a while. That is the kind of people Bobby knows from his time living on the streets of New York. He knows many by name and others by reputation. Give him enough time and he can find the right person for what he needs. Just that... there is usually a price and some greater than others.


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Enhanced Senses:
With every advantage there is sometimes an equal drawback. With his strong sense of smell and hearing he is also somewhat vulnerable to attacks against them. For example: sonic based attacks against his hering, or peper spray against his sense of smell.

Due to the many truamatic experiences in his life, Bobby suffers many symptoms of PTSD. Nightmares, paranoia, and sometimes prone to overreacting or acting out. His hard-knock life has left more than a few scars.

Spatial Distortion:
Any distortions in time-space around him may interfere with his ability to teleport and may even effect his other abilities. Anywhere where extra dimensional spaces are twisted and reshaped so that they are bigger on the inside or act as in-between spaces that let out into other places even other worlds could confuse Blinkdog's ability to navigate to such an extent that his abilities simply shut down. Even being too near other teleporters or a space-warping portal may throw a wrench into things for him. Eventually he may learn to adjust to a given distortion given time and exposure.

Note: This is also anything that effects his 'sense' of space as well. A blow to the head, or sense altering power could disrupt his ability to teleport.

Sometimes he can transform at will. Sometimes 'Blinkdog' refuses to come out. Sometimes at just the worst times he transforms when he does not want to. Sometimes he is stuck as Blinkdog for days, even weeks. All of those "sometimes" add up to a lot of frustration and hardship for him.

He can count. He can read. He knows who sailed the ocean blue in 1492. But ask him anything beyond a 6th grade level and he may struggle. This is by and large due to either the neglect of his caretakers over the years and also due to his time spent on the streets learning just how to stay out of trouble and survive. He has an excellent capacity to learn but his lack of foundational skills is both an embarassment and hinderence to him.

Powers Unknown. In a way this is what frightens Bobby the most. While his transformation ability is not completely under his command, the abilities while transformed are well controlled and almost instinctive in their activation. However new abilities yet to be uncovered pose a risk not only to himself but to others. Frequenting his nightmares his sleeping mind tortures him with visions of powers gone awry uncontrolable and hurting innocents all because he failed to uncover and come to terms with them. This does not mean he has new gifts waiting in the wings to bite him. It just means that he fears them, and those powers he does have and has not gained full control over.

In general the nature of his power protects him from appearing inside something solid. There is however a microsecond moment when he teleports where he is quite literally in two places at once. Think of his body as a window in that moment, an explosion goes off and he teleports away trying to get to safety but some of that blast is carried with him... through him... making for a very bad experience for all.



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Bobby McFadden has 3 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Genoshan Memorial March 3rd, 2020 Various speakers share their thoughts on Genosha, the tragedy, and come together to share their grief.
Trashpuppy Beatdown February 29th, 2020 Blinkdog gets beset on by a group of punk thugs, two mysterious heroes come to his aid and save him from a serious thrashing!
We (really) didn't start that fire! February 25th, 2020 Bobbi and Blink team up to rescue folks from a burning building


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Bobby McFadden has 3 finished logs.

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