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  Bio-Research Unit Charlie-03  
Charlie Fulbright (Scenesys ID: 1586)
Name: Charline Fulbright
Superalias: Bio-Research Unit Charlie-03
Gender: Female
Species: Augmented Human
Occupation: Freelance Writer
Citizenship: Dual American/German
Residence: New York City
Education: Private
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 31 Actual Age: 31
Date of Birth 02 Mar 1989 Played By Kelly McGillis
Height: 5'6" Weight:
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Outwardly, people know Charlie Fulbright as the free-lance writer who came to the US from Germany several years ago. What isn't commonly known about her is that she is a cybernetically enhanced assassin who works for her father. It is a closely-guarded secret that she just might kill to make sure it doesn't get out.


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* 1989: Born in Germany to her father, the CEO of Systemic Solutions, and a mother she never knew.
* 1997: At the age of eight, Charline was sent to what she was led to believe was a bording school. The school taught the fundamentals along with subjects no normal school would teach a child, such as tactics, infiltraion, disguise, computer hacking, and, once old enough, defensive driving and combat skills of various styles. She stayed at this school until she 'graduated' at the age of 18.
* 2010: Several years after she returned home, her father asked her to take part in a experiment. Agreeing to it, she had nanotech and cybernetics implanted into her, each new component serving to augment her senses so that she might become a more efficient killer. The training she was given at the school was furthered as well.
* 2017: After her augmentation and training was complete, Charlie was sent to the US by her father. She took on the job as a free-lance writer as a cover while doing whatever 'jobs' her father might have needed her for.

IC Journal

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Charlie doesn't trust people easily, although she does try to seem like she does outwardly. This comes from her years of combat training.

Ice Cold:
She was made to be a killer and has the ice in her veins to prove it. She's not one for making connections with others often, preferring to stay aloof and without emotional attachments when possible.

When it comes to her real job, that being an assassin/sniper, she prefers to work alone. Makes it easy to do the dirty work she is sometimes called upon to do, and it's easier to hit a mark when you don't have to worry about someone else.

Charlie is steadfastly loyal, once her trust can be won. She'll do anything to protect the person, perhaps to the point of being willing to lay down her life for them, and keep anything she was told in confidence to herself.

Character Sheet


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Cybernetics: While not powers in a conventional way, Charlie's been heavily augmented with cybernetics, pushing most of her physical abilities to the level of peak-human conditioning, if not beyond. This is what has been augmented:

Eyes: Her eyesight was altered with the role of a sniper in mind. Without using a scope, she can lock down targets from 700 yards away. She is also able to see in x-ray and infrared.

Ears: Her aural implants give her the ability to hear all but the quietest of whispers from 20 yards away.

Nervous System: Her reflexes allow her to react faster than most humans. She's able to dodge out of the way of most weapons fire, for example, and can use this to block punches, get out of the way of speeding vehicles, etc.


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Charlie is at peak physical condition and is quite an athlete as a result. She is able to break her fall via tumbling, is able to jump distances on par with an olympic-level long jumper and has the stamina to be able to run or swim fairly long distances.

She can hack into all but the most secure of systems. She is also adept at using a computer to research locations/targets, etc. She is also very good at covering up her hacking.

Part of Charlie's training involved the driving of more than one type of vehicle. She can drive cars, almost at the skill level of an F1 race car driver, and she also can drive such vehicles as tanks, APCs and fly small prop planes and helicopters.

Field Medic:
While not a surgeon she can treat most wounds like suture cuts, treat minor wounds caused by knives or bullets and set broken bones with little difficulty.

Gadget Making:
Charlie is pretty adept when it comes to making thingamabobs and doodads. She specializes in electronics, the scope of which mostly falls into the category of personal defense. She can't make anything bigger than personal-use devices, like small tasers and similar devices.

Hand-To-Hand Combat:
While not a master in any particular form, Charlie's training also involved hand-to-hand combat. She studied karate, taekwando and judo, and also learned how to fight with a knife.

The majority of her training has been in marksmanship with a specialty in sniper. She is talented in this naturally,even before she got her implants, and could easily hit a target from 600m. She is also adept at the use of pistols.

Social Butterfly:
While being cold and emotionally-detached, she is good at acting social. She can fit into just about any social situation with ease, a chameleon who is comfortable just about anywhere she might wind up.


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She has quite an impressive arsenal at her disposal, mostly because of her father. She has several sniper rifles in her possession as well as a few pistols and military-grade body armor she can wear under her civilian attire. She also owns an armored vehicle which doubles as her daily car.

Along with Charlie's arsenal, there is a broad stash of non-combat related equipment that she has stashed away. This includes a state-of-the-art computer and a field medic's kit.

Her father is the primary source of anything, and just about everything, she could need. This includes money, help with obtaining alternate identities, and bringing weapons of questionable legality for her use into the country.


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Daddy Issues:
There has always been a part of Charlie that craves her father's approval. Nothing's changed, despite her being an adult. This means she is at his beck and call, waiting for a time when she can once again serve him.

Most of Charlie's augmentations are electronic. They can be shut down by a strong enough EMP burst. Everything can be brought on only by jacking into her computer.



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