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Claudius Aelecto (Scenesys ID: 1594)
Name: Claudius Aelecto
Superalias: Anvil
Gender: Male
Species: Homo Superior
Occupation: Street Thug
Citizenship: USA
Residence: New York
Education: Vocational School
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 20 Actual Age: 20
Date of Birth 22 Jun 2000 Played By Captain Gantu (Kevin Michael Richardson)
Height: 6'5" Weight: 200 lb
Hair Color: Blue Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: Outbreak of Evil by Metal Storm

Character Info


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A mutant with the ability to teleport small objects who is investigating the murder of himself and his former gang. He grew up a street thug, and despite his lingering potential will likely always think of himself that way and as a result resents large scale human institutions and the law at large. He has a softer side he almost never shows.


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*2000 Born and Raised on Rhode Island. One of two twins, seven siblings and several cousins.

*2014 Powers Manifest and he is framed by a prejudiced cop. He is relocated away from his family to Mutant Town.

*2015 He escapes the system and becomes a street thug known as "Drop" in a mutant gang.

*2019 His entire gang is slaughtered and he is presumed dead after being "Killed" by a sniper, his powers remanifest and his mutant became even more physically extreme as did his appearance.

*2020 He has been trying to find out who killed his gang.

IC Journal

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His word is his bond and he keeps it. He won't be tricked into Faustian doublethink with his promises; he keeps the spirit of his word not the letter. And he always tries to fight most opponents fairly. He won't harm an opponent while they are down and only uses as much force as is required. Except against Anti Mutants.

Mutant Supremicist:
He doesnt hate all humans, but after being hunted, hurt, mocked, and shamed institutionally by a system that he views as systemically unfair he is very loyal to mutant kind and quite militant in his views. He has absolutely zero tolerance for anti mutant organizations and is willing to use violence without hesitation and proactively against them.

Pack Mentality:
He is used to running with a group, but he has to trust that group. Without that trust, he is very much a lone wolf, but that is not by choice.

Claudius is very passionate...about everything. He is loyal to a cause or leader he believes in, and he instinctively sees the world in black and white rather than shades of grey. He is realistic, since the life he has lived is anything but simple, but the law has lost legitimacy in his eyes and so he sees himself as entited to break it.

He is not particularly strong willed (no magic rings for him) but his long term focus is very high. His instincts are very much to live in the now and take the quick and easy path; its how he's wired now, but when it is something that triggers his passion he overrides those instincts as often as he must to do whatever it takes to accomplish his goals. He can get knocked down as easy as most average folks, but he will get back up again and start again...sooner or later.

Claudius has gained a sincere appreciation for the physical side of life. He enjoys running, fighting, driving or doing things that use his body and not his mind. He also really enjoys using his power in as many and novel ways as he can think of.

Character Sheet


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Passive Sense:
His power is always on a little; such that if a single object (such as a bullet) is shot at him, he instinctively returns it to the source even before he is aware of it. This passive sense also applies to objects moving in space rapidly towards him such that, even though he cannot teleport them, he is aware of it if they move quickly enough.

Small Teleportation:
He can teleport up to 20 objects that are up to 20 pounds at the same time. His range depends on how many objects he is teleporting; up to a mile for a single object, or 100 feet if 20 at once. He must teleport an object in its entirity (ie he cannot affect just part of an object). He CAN teleport an object he cannot see but he must know its precise location; if he guesses he is just as likely to get a random small object vs what he is looking for. He is able to use his power with all of his senses, however, not just sight so if he hears a shot behind him, he can displace the bullet as it approaches him. Objects that he teleports retain their velocity and angular momentum but he may change that velocity by where he has the object reappear.


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Before his mutation manifest, he was learning his mother's trade as an Aromatherapist. He uses it mainly for himself, and his current image and persona do not let him easily admit that he knows how to do this.

He quietly continued the vocational training a little once he ran away to join the street gang. He was only a few hours away from being able to graduate vocational school and leave that life forever, but now he feels it is fated.

Claudius has never had formal training like a danger room, but fighting for his life routinely in the streets of New York and Mutant town has taught him to fight well hand to hand and to use his powers offensively and defensively. He isn't going to beat a powerfully formally trained fighter, but he will easily beat anyone with little to no experience.

Claudius is proficient with guns of all non military varieties at a moderate level. He can hit a target most of the time, quickly reload, and knows when the safety is off. He can use rifles, pistols and shotguns but he isn't bouncing bullets off walls any time soon.

He is only just learning this and very much self taught, but he has the basics down. He was already very good at situational awareness for things like clues, but connecting disperate pieces of information, conducting research and staking out locations for weaknesses or potential dangers is something he has managed to gain some skill at.

His father was brilliant, and his brother is just as brilliant. He has a natural aptitude for science and technology but has not actually studied almost any of it. His aptitude is very high however, and he figures out new technology quickly if it is something someone else can figure out in hours. He cannot repair, enhance or finese any kind of advanced scientific knowhow however, he simply has an aptitude.

He has lived six years of his life on the street in mutant town, and knows who to talk to, how to find things, and where to go to lay low. The last year in particular has only upped this to the point of helping him get a moderately proficient understanting of New York and Metropolis's underworld. If he can pay for it, odds are eventually he can get it.


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Due to his power, he can obtain small objects with relative ease, and he has built up several small caches of cash, weapons and other useful objects in case he needs them. The weapons are nothing that couldnt be found in a regular gun store, and the cash tends to be no more than $10-20K at a time since he is deliberately keeping a low profile. Each also has a small amount of food, water, entertainment and medical supplies.

He has a very large and talented family that is very close. His twin brother in particular is very intelligent and very willing to help him. They all think he is dead, however, and for now none of them are of immediate use.

Over the last year, he has built up a slow network of contacts with an alternate identity called "Sleek" who can pick up small objects and make sure that they get to where they need to be. He has also earned several cryptocurrency accounts which he hasnt tapped with this, primarily building up favors and informational contacts in his attempts to learn about who it was who killed his gang. No one (so far as he knows) has ever seen Sleek's face, and he intends to keep it that way.


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He was known as Drop before being ambushed and left for dead. And someone is out there pretending to be him despite his efforts to remain legally dead. It's his Twin brother who is using stage magic and minor advanced technology to find out what happened which causes difficulty sometimes in maintaining the illusion that he is dead.

He is very intelligent but hates to let people see that he is. If mocked for being stupid, he gets angry, whether or not he shows it. If mocked for being smart, he often immediately shuts up about the subject in question. He definitely doesnt like to talk about it or even have conversations that are philosophical or academic in nature; unless its about Mutant Rights.

Legally Dead:
Claudius is legally dead, which forces him to do everything in the shadows. That is to his advantage right now in some ways, but it means that he has no legal methods of doing things even regular mutants can much less the majority of society such as getting (or renewing) a Driver's Liscence, renting an apartment, getting a job etc. It also means that if arrested, he can't immediately prove he is a US Citizen.

Node Sensitive:
In addition to being somewhat of an obvious mutation, the node on the back of his neck is very sensitive and if struck causes enormous pain due to the concentrations of nerves there. The unusual shape also makes inhibitor collars not fit well. That sounds like an advantage; it isn't. There are always other technologies but the first choice for most is knocking him unconcious with prejudice.

Obvious Mutant:
Between his eye and hair color, the large gland on the back of his neck, and the faint stripes in his skin he is a rather obvious mutant. He is not the most extreme of his kind, and can take some measures to disguise himself but any close scruitiny is going to immediately reveal who and what he is.

As a mutant he has prejudice against him. But it is his own prejudice that is the weakness. He has absolutely zero issues with aliens, metahumans or magic users but baseline humans have a lot to prove to him. He may not hate all humans, but he does assume that most are hostile until proven otherwise.

He was raised a thug, and despite his extreme natural intelligence, he has spent the last six years living on the street. He is addicted to junk food, he tends to take the most direct and simple route to solve most problems despite all that he has learned. He has to exert will and discipline not to use fear, violence or intimidation to solve his problems and while he can over come those instincts, the PTSD of a constant battle to survive has never really gone away. No matter where he goes, no matter what he does, deep down, the self image as a street thug isnt going to go away.



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Claudius Aelecto has 3 finished logs.

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