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  Sun Boy  
Dirk Morgan (Scenesys ID: 1770)
Name: Dirk Morgan
Superalias: Sun Boy
Gender: Male
Species: Stellar Elemental
Occupation: Influencer; "Media Personality"
Citizenship: American?
Residence: Metropolis
Education: Private Schooling
Theme: DC (FC)
Apparent Age: 24 Actual Age: 24
Date of Birth 24 Feb 2996 Played By Wilson Bethel
Height: 6'0" Weight: 190 lb
Hair Color: Red-Gold Eye Color: Gold pupil; black sclera
Theme Song: Shinedown - "From the Inside"

Character Info


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The influencer and "media personality" who calls himself Dirk Morgan is actually from another time and place. Born into a life of wealth and privilege in the 31st century and given his powers through the cruel act of a madman, Dirk Morgna sought to give his life meaning and purpose by joining the Legion of Super-Heroes, where he was given the codename Sun Boy! Now he's been sent to the 21st century as part of a classified mission, and there's no going home until the job is done.


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* 2996=Born to Scientist-turned Industrialist Derek Morgna and wife, Deborah Morgna (nee Kane)

* 3012: Completes Accelerated Education; goes to work at Morgna Solar Engineering.

* 3013: Doctor Zaxton Regulus initiates an illegal experiment at Morgna Solar; Dirk attempts to stop him and is locked in a fusion reactor, so gaining his powers.

* 3014: Dirk joins the new Legion of Super-Heroes as "Sun Boy."

* 3020: Dirk is sent back to the 21st century on an extended, classified mission, not to return until it's completed.

IC Journal

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Second place is first loser. On one hand, this contributes to Dirk's iron will and his absolute refusal to quit; he will push through hardship and difficulty and press onward against all odds. On the negative, this means that he risks neglecting self-care, though he is better about this than he was when he was younger - have a bad enough encounter with Spacer's Madness and it'll teach you to enjoy your time off. This can also make him competitive and arrogant, though time, training and discipline have also smoothed out the rough edges on that.

It seems to come with the powerset, but Dirk has a deep and abiding passion. When it's heathily expressed, it makes him vivacious, the life of the party - a firebrand and standardbearer for the Legion. At his worst, it makes him arrogant and hotheaded, with a temper that burns everyone around him and leaves him with a double handful of ashes.

Dirk would call himself 'Married to his work' but his friends call him a 'Scoundrel' - the sort of guy who's always stepping out with a new girl. He can sometimes be self-absorbed and when he was younger he was even more of a scoundrel - his teammate Apparition once poured a drink over his head when he wasn't even flirting with her. The truth is, he took note of his father's serial infidelity when he was young, and he doesn't want to visit that on another person - so he doesn't commit. It isn't a trait he encourages in other people, and some Legionnaires once pranked him terribly by making him think one of them was stepping out on their girlfriend - Dirk went to almost comical lengths to talk them out of it.

Being a Legionnaire isn't just a job, it's a lifestyle, a dedication to an ideal, an organization, and a certain frame of mind. In the future it's a serious organization dedicated to public service, goodwill ambassadorship and enforcing the laws of the United Planets - whatever his flaws, Dirk is serious about being a Legionnaire and committed to its goals, no matter the time or the place.

Dirk isn't really shy about his interests - he'll talk your ear off if you let him. Old -fashioned film photography, art - he's also the Legion's most avid D&D player and one of the things he truly enjoys about the past is how it's still mostly done old-school, with a pen, paper, rulebooks, and your own imagination -- no holograms. The way it ought to be done.

In some ways Dirk is the classic Pisces who had to learn to front so that he wouldn't be seen as weak. He can be temperamental and deeply sensitive, and if he slips he ends up lost inside his own head. He has a deeply artistic side and has a strong life of the mind - and can be deeply romantic despite his chronic fear of commitment.

It's not that Dirk doesn't believe in magic - he serves alongside at least one powerful magician. It's that he haaaaaaaaaates magic. He's faced one too many insane wizards and evil gods to trust it. Its rules are weird and wonky and they seem like they're ever-changing. And as he gets older, there are more and more hints that he might in fact BE an elemental being - and the way his teammate once explained it to him, an elemental is created in the image of a person when they die and it takes their place. The thought makes him deeply uncomfortable.

Character Sheet


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Stellar Elemental:
Dirk is a Stellar Elemental, with control over high energy states including heat and light.

Luminokinesis: Dirk has control over light - he has the ability to absorb, generate and redirect it across the visible light spectrum, though doing this requires some concentration and he will sometimes employ lenses and specially created prisms to make this easier. His ability to do this approaches the cosmic in scale - with a mechanical assist he can shift the spectrum of light emitted by a star (this is torturous) and at peak output he can generate enough radiant light to distract a Sun-Eater - though he can only keep this up for a few minutes.

Thermokinesis: This involves control over heat/light reactions, including fire and plasma. Dirk is capable of producing energy as waves, fields and blasts of heat/light or burning plasma well beyond the temperature needed to vaporize steel. At maxiumum output the heat he generates approaches 10K degrees Fahrenheit or 5500 degrees K - the temperature of the surface of the sun. He has NOT shown the ability to turn into a being composed of plasma or heat/light. He claims he can't. Some say he just doesn't want to. He is also capable of controlling existing flames or ambient plasma, shaping them, enhancing them, absorbing them into himself or snuffing them out as needs dictate.

Energy Vision: The evolution of his powers and accidents during his time in the Legion have given Dirk vision that extends into the infrared and energy spectrum, allowing him to see patterns of heat and detect anomalous energy patterns that would be invisible to ordinary human vision.

Radiation Manipulation: As a side-effect of his powers, Dirk is unaffected by radiation - he's capable of increasing the background radiation count in an area by emitting it, or lowering it by absorbing ambient radiation into himself. He just sponges it up.


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Art Aficionado:
Dirk is an art aficionado with a deep knowledge of Earth and extraterrestrial art - even though not all of the works of art he has knowledge of exist in the 21st century. He likes all kinds of art, though he particularly enjoys sculptures -- he collects them.

Dirk is a top-notch athlete and was one of the Legion's physical trainers - he's skilled in everything from cross-country running to Moopsball to Yoga, is in peak physical condition, and keeps himself there.

Dirk is a highly-skilled combatant, having been put through his paces as a Legionnaire through their combat-training regimen, designed by the most gifted hand to hand combatant who's ever lived - and among the Legion, Dirk was noted as an exceptionally driven perfectionist. He's more than capable of fighting and beating most men, even without the use of his powers, and has been trained in how to battle and survive in fights with meta-beings with enhanced speed and strength.

Dirk is an accomplished linguist with a flair for studying languages and speaking them quickly. His native language is actually 'Interlac', the lingua franca of the 31st century, but he's fluent in over two dozen languages including:
* English
* French
* Spanish
* Arabic
* Hindi
* Skrull
* Kree
* Shi'ar
* Thanagarian* Khund
* Portuguese
* Coluan
* Kryptonian
* Daxamite
* Mandarin
* Cantonese
* Korean
* Japanese
* Dominionese
* Klingon
* Bengali
* Russian
* Binary

Dirk is a talented photographer, versed in both digital (as he'd call it, archaic) and film (super-archaic) photography with a good eye and an expert understanding for lighting. It was only an occasional hobby in the 31st century, but here he's actually putting together a portfolio, in addition to making sure that his photographs and selfies get all the likes on Instagram.

Dirk is the best pilot in the Legion*. He has the unique combination of skill, instinct, and bravado that makes for a truly great pilot, and he can fly anything, from a single man glider to a capital ship. It's all about getting your hands on her, feeling the way she handles, and making her purr -- we're still talking about flying, to be clear. He could fly a cardboard box with wings on it through a hurricane, if he had to.

* Unless you ask Lightning Lad, WHO IS WRONG.

You aren't raised by a world-class Stellar Engineer and then put on a team with a twelfth (twelfth-twelfth-TWELFTH-TWELFTH) level intelligence without picking up a few things about science! Dirk's a competent all-round scientist, but his expertise is in stellar physics and high-energy states.

Dirk has some experience engineering tools to work with his powers, such as prisms and lenses that focus, diffuse, adjust the spectrum of light he emits, enhance or otherwise manipulate his ability to generate heat and plasma. He's also a skilled mechanic, with experience building and repairing starships and other futuristic vehicles.


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Flight Ring:
Every Legionnaire is issued a Flight Ring - these serve as signets identifying an individual Legionnaire, as well as long-distance communicators. Each one is geared to work with its owners' powers, meaning Dirk's can withstand exceedingly high temperatures. The primary power of each Flight Ring is the generation of an anti-gravitic field that allows the wearer the power of flight at speeds up to 100 MPH with full maneuverability in the air. The Flight Ring can also be mentally controlled by its owner, allowing them to recall it or autonomously command it even while they're not wearing it.

Legion Utility Belt:
The combat uniform each Legionnaire wears includes a Legion utility belt that includes the essential tools a Legionnaire needs to fill their team roll:

* Omnicom: A Brande-Industries issued Omnicom is basically the love-child of a smartphone and a Tricorder, capable of sending and receiving messages, accessing the internet and acting as a multi-spectrum scanner and analyzer.

* First-Aid Kit

* Emergency mini tool-kit

* Transuit Capsules: Transuits are a sort of form-fitting microscopic polymer sheath that functions as an all-environment suit ranging from underwater to outerspace. They're highly resistant to tearing or puncturing, produce oxygen or other breathable gases for the wearer, and have a high degree of radiation resistance.

Along with loops and pouches for other items as needed.

Dirk has a Legion uniform that's custom-made for him. Despite being a form-fitting uniform suit, it's actually an extremely advanced self-repairing nanomaterial that is capable of surviving the full brunt of his unleashed powers (meaning it has incredible resistance to heat and radiation), it also doubles as body armor providing a measure of protection and insulation against physical attack, especially ballistics and impacts.


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Dirk can be arrogant. He can even be cruel. In the 31st century, he had a rep - it's softened a bit as he's gotten older, and the lingering mistakes of a reckless youth stick with him. He can be vain, hot-tempered, and self-focused. He's the product of a ridiculously psychologically abusive father, and that sort of mistreatment sticks with a person.

Light Tricks:
Dirk is occasionally vulnerable to his own powers being used against him - bursts of light or heat aimed at him can overwhelm his thermographic vision and leave him momentarily stunned and disoriented.

Dirk is deathly, paralyzingly afraid of the dark. It doesn't come up that often, given his powers. He denies it, of course - but it's like being enclosed, suffocating. Just the thought of it can make him break out in a cold sweat.



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