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  The Riddler  
Edward Nygma (Scenesys ID: 860)
Name: Edward Nygma
Superalias: The Riddler
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Criminal and Sometimes Detective
Citizenship: American
Residence: Gotham City
Education: High School
Theme: DC (VFC)
Groups: Rogues Gallery
Apparent Age: 34 Actual Age: 34
Date of Birth 14 Oct 1986 Played By Unknown
Height: 6'0" Weight: 183lbs
Hair Color: Ginger Eye Color: Green
Twitter: Wizard101
Theme Song: Frank Gorshin - The Riddler

Character Info


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I have many angles and am always obtuse. What am I? On the edge of criminal and private investigator, one might see Edward Nygma's true motivations as the ultimate riddle, but a riddle that he will gladly solve for you. In the end, all he wants is an intellectual challenge, and if it's through crime or solving a crime, he no longer truly cares, though he does his best to stay out of Arkham when he can manage. He's committed many crimes over the years, and is of course best known for his iconic riddles and puzzling traps.


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* 1986: Edward Nygma is born.
* 1992: Edward is abused by his parents, who don't know how to deal with his high intellect.
* 1994: The abuse inflicted by his parents comes to a head when he cheats in school, determined to try and somehow please them more. He's traumatized into feeling the compulsive need to try and be honest.
* 1996: At school, there's a contest to put together a puzzle. He sneaks into school and practices the puzzle over and over, until he memorizes it and can complete it easily. This causes bullies to start picking on him, but the thrill of the puzzle inspires him to learn more games, magic tricks, and other things. His studying becomes more aggressive.
* 2004: Edward becomes a delivery person fresh out of high school. He finds himself bored by it, so begins to commit crimes, primarily stealing and various heists.
* 2005: Edward finds his crimes to be incredibly boring and unchallenging. Security is easy to break in, it's too easy to get away with pretty much anything. So he starts to leave clues to his crimes, to see if the police can solve them and find him.
* 2007: Edward officially takes on the persona of the Riddler, and Batman solves his riddles to throw him into Arkham for the first time.
* 2010: Edward receives a clean bill of health and proceeds to pretend to go on a crime spree for seemingly no reason other than to waste Batman's time. And then he commits an actual crime and ends up back in Arkham.
* 2015: After many years in and out of Arkham and prison, depending on court rulings, several powerful people pull strings to get Edward declared sane, so that he can personally solve crimes for them against their rivals without Batman putting them under scrutiny as well. While he's already quite wealthy because of a successful history of crime, his private investigator work proves to pay even more and he becomes highly successful at that as well.
* 2020: Edward enjoys the thrill of detective work, but also the thrill of crime and challenging Batman, among other people. In the end, it all becomes about the intellectual challenge, the solving of a mystery, having a great opponent. He's gotten back into organized crime, but he's still doing detective work, and it's become very difficult to tell if he's gained some new level of stability, or if he's just leading up to one big and unnecessarily complicated scheme.

IC Journal

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He can be an incredibly charming and witty guy. When you know as much useless trivia and basically have to get by on your mind rather than your physical attributes, one tends to develop a sense of charm and wit! Though this also carries over into some level of manipulation as well, which tends to be a part of what makes his riddles so dangerous.

Edward has a code of ethics, though it may not seem so. He dislikes being seen as nothing more than someone like the Joker. He doesn't really seem the fun or the point in wanton murder and violence, to him it's all about the game, and rules, and a challenge. While it's true, he does manipulate the rules of things and occasionally even flies off the handle, he'll even save Batman if it means that Batman might die in some way that tarnishes the fun of whatever game they're tied up in.

Even in prison or Arkham, Edward prefers to have an iconic and clean style. Who says you can't carry a cane and a derby hat in current year?

Growing up a genius, Edward felt incredibly isolated and alone. That isolation and loneliness carries over into adult life, as he isn't always sure when or if others truly care about him or not, and he feels easily hurt and betrayed when he feels that he's misplaced his trust. However, said loneliness can lead him to aligning with people and misjudging them out of his desire for acceptance and recognition.

Edward is incredibly accustomed to luxury after years of being a successful criminal and a successful private investigator. He likes nice cars, having a driver, a nice, large place, all the unnecessary material things he can manage, nice meals, nice drinks... He does not enjoy living life like a humble man.

When something captures him, be it a puzzle, some area of study, or anything else (though it's usually a puzzle), Edward becomes //obsessed//. He doesn't do anything halfway, he needs to see things through to the end. Even if it could possibly get him killed, he will obsess and obsess until he's satisfied.

Edward loves a puzzle, and this can take many forms. His iconic love of riddles, jigsaw puzzles, the puzzle of the human mind, the mysteries of the universe. There is no puzzle that does not capture the mind of Edward Nygma, except a boring puzzle.

Character Sheet


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On occasion, Edward will pretend to be someone else, and entirely change his identity to pretend to be someone else. This is usually a part of some greater plan, though is also useful in investigations and such. He uses very advanced makeup and isn't a stranger to holograms, voice alteration, and other tricks to change his identity as well.

He understands chemistry enough to create bombs, acids, and other useful substances in his line of work. It's just an incredibly valuable skill that serves him well.

While Edward is far from an expert combatant, he's no stranger to shooting a gun, using his gadgets, blowing something up, or just beating someone with his cane. He might even on occasion punch someone. But he will get completely and utterly wrecked by Batman and others if he doesn't use tricks and gadgets, because Edward is far from a martial artist.

Computer Science:
Edward is an expert at programming. Be it machines, hacking, software, whatever. He's someone capable of hacking even the security in a place like Wayne Enterprises with the proper planning and execution.

Obviously Edward is a skilled engineer, able to create very advanced gadgets or even toweringly elaborate monstrosities of technology for his various schemes.

Edward Nygma is a genius on a level that not everyone gives him credit for, primarily due to how his compulsions and habits can often hold him back. His powers of deduction, to teach himself extremely advanced levels of science and engineering, and really his ability to go toe to toe with Batman in general.

He's The Riddler, he's incredibly good at riddles, though he's good at various puzzles in general. He uses them as a way of both giving himself an intellectual challenge, and also both testing and elevating his opponents. His puzzles can range from the most simple things one can think of, to the insanely complex and absolutely absurdly difficult. It all really depends on his intent and mood.

Edward is very skilled at sleight of hand, various illusionist magic tricks, and has solid escape artist skills.


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Like any of Gotham's Rogue's, Edward isn't short on hired muscle. He gets them from all over, though they typically aren't anything particularly special, except the occasional big, skilled goon.

Edward owns property. He's had plenty seized from him over the years, but he's managed to build up some property that he's actually kept ownership of for a while.

Edward has plenty of tech. Advanced computers, various electroshock gadgets, traps, weird dangerous puzzles to trap people in, and other weird stuff along those lines. His golden cane is of particular note, as it can be used to break into a lot of security, shock people, detect electrical signals, and also just plain stab, cut, or beat people. He also has quite a bit in the way of confusing holograms.

From years of crime and private investigation work, he has a pretty large sum of wealth. Obviously nowhere on the level of someone like Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark, Edward at the very least is wealthy enough to rub elbows with the Gotham socialites, when the idea of the Riddler showing up doesn't freak them out, or drive nice cars and buy most of whatever someone like him could want. Though he doesn't have unlimited resources, so if he does something large and elaborate, he occasionally has to rebuild his wealth a bit upon a failure.


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Edward has some very strong compulsions, primarily his compulsion for honesty. While it's true, he tries to manipulate and work his way around this compulsion, childhood trauma and a desire to be challenged has led him to always leave some sort of clue to his guilt. Even if he entirely ignores his compulsion, he'll go into a form of psychosis where he'll subconsciously leave clues without even realizing it. If he fights his compulsion to leave clues to this degree, he will typically have a bad time and might even start doing things during blackouts, akin to some form of extremely advanced sleepwalking.

Both a weakness and, as stated, another of his insecurities. Within Gotham, the only thing that sets The Riddler apart from any random criminal is his intellect and his unique compulsions. He has no discernable super power and physically he doesn't really have special training. While his ability to keep up with his various other Rogues is a testament to his intellect, it also means that with one little mistake, he could easily end up dead in a ditch somewhere.

Edward is very insecure about many things. He's a genius but is still insecure about his intellect, never quite feeling like he's proven himself, for all his showing off. He wants to be recognized, he wants to be loved and admired. Insults sting, calling him useless or weak or ineffective, they all hurt like knives. He by no means has anything close to a thick skin when it comes to people he admires or considers equals, or if the collective public or the media decides to put him down. He also has no powers, and this can also make him feel not particularly special in the grand scheme of Gotham.



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Edward Nygma has 9 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Riddler Speaking On Riddlr November 13th, 2020 Stephanie attends a talk Riddler gives at Gotham U about the new Riddlr app he's releasing. She and a girl from her class land internships.
I Keep You In, I Keep You Out. I Will Not Move, I Will not Shout. November 8th, 2020 Edward Nygma meets Amanda Waller,
Universally Universal November 7th, 2020 Puzzles are a universal thing.
The Future Becomes The Present, The Present Becomes Me November 5th, 2020 Edward admires a puzzle artifact in a museum, that just so happens to have been discovered by Lara Croft. They have a bit of a friendly chat!
I Carry The Plague But Never Catch It November 5th, 2020 April and Edward meet to discuss a mutual rat problem over weirdly specific hoagie orders. They make plans to descend into the sewers on a hunt.
The Riddle of Survival November 4th, 2020 No description
What Kind of Circle Never Ends November 4th, 2020 Spiral and Harley Quinn appear out of no where to question Edward Nygma. Even now, he has no idea what they were trying to recruit him for is the Suicide Squad, but it seems he's agreed to an additional meeting. Perhaps with The Wall herself.
A Prize That Everyone Wins, But No One Wants November 3rd, 2020 Edward Nygma aka The Riddler realizes that he's dying, so goes to the Asgardian Embassy to switch pantheons and challenge Hela to a literal Game of Death. She gives him a series of challenging puzzles in Niffleheim, but eventually he succeeds, and she returns his soul to him and cures him of his illness.
Evil Explodes October 19th, 2020 The avatars of ancient Egyptian Gods fall down upon Central Park NYC. Heroes Assemble to due battle with the Avatars and save the day before evil explodes across the land!


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Edward Nygma has 9 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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