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When the first mortal consciousness flickered into being, ideologues gathered themselves from the fiery sparks from the heart of the universe and were manifest. It is known only to the Endless who created them, or why; if they created themselves, or if necessity impelled them. After all, in the seething flames of the Source, Necessity might be the most powerful of all ideas.

They were called the Endless, and their assignment was the care of mortals. To mortal eyes, they appear as members of that creature's species or race. Their true forms are incomprehensible to mortal minds.

The first and oldest was Destiny. His somber task was to witness the course of the universe. In his garden are all paths, to all places, all leading to and from the Source. He is the first, and eldest.

Second is Death. She manifests herself as a young woman, quick of wit and pale of skin. It is her sacred duty to escort mortals from their life. When the last mortal dies and the final idealogue vanishes, Death will turn out the lights to this universe.

Third is Dream. Dream is the Lord of The Dreaming. It is in this demesne that Dream oversees the careful custodianship of the dreams of mortals, the realm where idealogues are born and inevitably where they die.

Destruction is a strange duality. He is the breaker and the maker, the creator and destroyer. War and art alike are his purview.

The dark aspects of the mortal spirit are custodianed by Desire and Despair. Twins who pluck at mortal heartstrings by showing them their hearts greatest desire and flaying their souls with the lack of it.

Delirium is the youngest of the Seven. She was once known as Delight, but an ancient and hideous trauma left her so broken she slips into madness quite often.

There are few ideologues that are peers to the Endless. Even the Primarchs of itinerant realms are wary of offending them. For it is Destiny who knows how all worlds end and Dream who escorts the souls to the Gates of Heaven. Dream sweeps up the broken scraps of the gods and Destruction levels their realms. Despair and Desire whip them along the paths of their destiny, and Delirium haunts them with uncertainty. The primacy of the duties of the Endless supersede all but a few imperatives of natural and cosmic law..