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  Fabian Cortez  
Fabian Cortez (Scenesys ID: 1241)
Name: Fabian Cortez
Superalias: None
Gender: Male
Species: Homo Superior
Occupation: Advisor to the King of Genosha
Citizenship: Dual Genoshan and Spanish
Residence: Genosha
Education: Private
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Brotherhood
Apparent Age: 29 Actual Age: 29
Date of Birth 07 JUL 1990 Played By Daniel Radcliffe
Height: 6'1" Weight: 190 lbs
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Hazel
Theme Song: Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand

Character Info


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Fabian Cortez, a nobleman of Spain and the advisor to Kings... or at least one King, Magneto of Genosha. A mutant supremecist and a cultist of the Acolytes, Fabian is a charismatic though treacherous leader in Genosha.


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* 1990 -- Born in Spain to a family of noble blood and ties to the Spanish monarchy.
* 2004 -- Mutant Gene activates, his powers coming to the fore. However, his powers are more subtle, and it's only through their effect on his sister, Anne-Marie, that he even knows they are there.
* Fall 2008 -- Begins university at a private European Union university in Munich.
* Late 2010 -- Drops out of university in his third year after being radicalized both politically and cultishly online to co-found the Acolytes (full title of the group is Acolytes of Magneto) with a handful of other like minded mutants, presenting himself and the others to Magento to serve him directly. He begins training with the other Acolytes and the remaining Brotherhood to hone his body to be a reasonable freedom fighter for Magneto's cause, as his mutation is not physical.
* 2015 - Assisted Magneto, the Acolytes, the Brotherhood, and the X-Men liberate Genosha from the Magistrates. Rewarded with the position of Advisor.
* 2020 -- On an errand for Magneto, Fabian was outside the palace on the far side of Hammer Bay when the attack hit. He was grievously wounded, comatose, and buried under rubble, and taken unconcious to Wakanda to recuperate. He awakens in a hospital unit in Wakanda among others of his countrymen, and immediately demands repatriation to the side of his liege.. To find out that liege is now Magento's youngest daughter, Lorna. Still, his duties call him home, and though he is not fully recovered he returns to the rubble of Genosha to see to it being rebuilt in his God-King's image.

IC Journal

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Fabian is a founding member of the cult that worships Magento as a godmutant, The Acolytes. His fervent and unbreakable belief in Magento, his vision, and his martyrdom and potential eventual rise from the dead drives him with the intensity of any person deeply enmeshed in any religion. He is also not shy about trying to sway other mutants to his beliefs and while his proselytizing is usually charismatically done, it is fervent and passionate.

Raised as nobility, Fabian was geared to be a leader from birth. Though he is also content to accept orders from a higher member of the chain of command, he thrives when he is given people to lead on their behalf.

Proud and Vain:
Fabian is a handsome man, and a nobleman besides. He keeps himself in perfect shape and as well-groomed as the situation allows for. Further, as a mutant, he truly believes himself to be a member of the chosen race, homo superior.

Character Sheet


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Power Enhance:
Fabian has really one power (his other power being more of a sub-power to the main one) which is that he can enhance the mutant powers and abilities of other homo superior at will. He is able to increase a single mutant's power by upwards of a factor that can even make them entirely uncontrollable with concentration, or a handful of other mutants at a lesser amount. The more mutants he is enhancing at once the less enhancement they all receive, though he can focus on one receiving more of a boost than others. He must be within a reasonable physical radius of the recipient to make use of this power. He cannot use this power while unconcious, it is a focused power.

Power Read:
Along with enhancing, Fabian can determine the exact power set of another mutant within a reasonable visual range of himself (face to face, not through video screens) by simple concentration. He usually uses this ability to coordinate with his team on how to take them down if necessary.


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Fabian speaks English, Spanish, French, and German fluently or close to it.

Trained from birth as a noble scion, Fabian has been taught the art and value of leadership from a young age. He is good either as a primary leader or a secondary leader under a higher ranked ally.

Fabian is an obsessively trained marksman who specializes in pistols and small guns. As a militant mutant freedom fighter with no outward physical powers, he is intent on still being useful in combat. While he is no Ollie Queen or Clint Barton, much less any meta, his marksmanship is pretty close to peak for a baseline human, similar to someone like Frank Castle.

Peak Conditioning:
As Fabian has no physical powers, he is also obsessed with keeping himself in prime shape so as to not be useless on the field. He has the physical conditioning of a human who does regular strenuous and targeted workouts.

Tactics and Strategy:
His primary and grade school being at a military school for the upper class in Europe, he is a long study of Tactics and Strategy, and since forming the Acolytes has had many chances to apply and learn further in the field. He might be able to go toe-to-toe with Cyclops on this.

Unarmed Combatant:
Fabian has also learned unarmed combat from members of the Brotherhood, although he prefers to use guns, in a pinch, he can defend himself with hands and feet.


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As the co-founder of the Acolytes, he holds great sway with the cult as a whole. Though their primary loyalty is to Magento and his line, many of them consider Fabian to be one of the Chosen and obey him without question.

Family Ties:
His family is Spanish nobility and he has blood and political ties there and across Europe. He doesn't like to pull on them, but he will if needed.

Fabian assisted with the liberation of Genosha and has served the royal house as an advisor since. He is well known to the people and well-liked, as he often was tasked to handle what could be considered petty issues of the nation.

He comes from a wealthy family, who while not entirely happy with his choices, are still supportive of him. He has access to this as needed, though he often eschews it.


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Fabian truly is a mutant supremacist in every way. He despised having humans live on Genosha after Magneto took over, and privately advised often to have them removed or killed. He does not see humans as people, rather at best, cattle, and at worst, an enemy that must be utterly destroyed.

If Fabian wants something, he cannot quit until it is his, or until he is distracted by something he wants more. Whether that is skill, or the recognition of a person makes no difference.

True Believer:
Fabian is a cultist in the worst sense of the word. He truly, desperately believes in Magneto's martyrdom to the point he had been planning his own coup to force it into play when the razing of Genosha happened. This is not out of dislike for Magneto, rather the opposite: a pure worshipful love that genuinely and terribly believed the death of his God-King was the only way to save mutant kind. His sanity and sense of logic and coherence cannot be trusted when it comes to his religious beliefs. With the destruction of Genosha, and his cult's devotion and desires being set into motion, he is likely to be easily swayed towards total war with humanity to bring about the Utopia that the Acolytes crave.



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Fabian Cortez has 6 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
A Sinister Plot: The Left Hand Holds All The Cards: Team Three June 6th, 2020 Clones are discovered, Heroic X-Men commit property damage in the name of good, and Mr. Sinister proves he darn well can't share.
The Vizer and the Queen May 21st, 2020 Fabian and Lorna talk about the state of things in Genosha.
Genosha Expedition III: The Exiles April 26th, 2020 The Magistrates return to Genosha attempting some Gunboat Diplomacy, angering the mutants on site. It doesn't end well for the returning exiles when an angry and power-boosted Polaris attacks them.
X-men Base: Genosha April 25th, 2020 Scott and Lorna try to catch up on reports... and Lorna has a panic attack. Enter Fabian.
The Acolytes Return April 18th, 2020 Exodus sparks some rather heated discussion in the Genoshan royal tent.
At Your Service April 13th, 2020 Fabian returns to Genosha and offers his services to the daughter of Magneto. She accepts... begrudgingly.


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Fabian Cortez has 6 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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