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  Fiorella Bianchi  
Fiorella Bianchi (Scenesys ID: 2321)
Name: Fiorella Amira Bianchi
Superalias: None
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: American
Residence: New York City
Education: High School Student
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 16 Actual Age: 16
Date of Birth 16 Mar 2004 Played By Sofia Mina Delle Cave
Height: 5'2" Weight: 112lb
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Dark Brown
Twitter: @KitchenWitch2004
Theme Song: "Fire N Gold" by Bea Miller

Character Info


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Fiorella is a young Italian-American mutant and HS student with the power to manipulate energy and warp reality. Orphaned at age 10 when her parents were murdered before her eyes, life was just starting to return to something resembling normal.. and then her mutant powers surfaced. As if being a teenager wasn't complicated enough. It's all still very new, and she is still coming to terms with her powers while learning about them and exploring what she can do.


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* 2004: Born in the Rossville neighbourhood in Staten Island, New York, to parents Matteo and Andrea.
* 2004: Baptized in St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church.
* 2008: First discovers her love of cooking! This quickly becomes a passion, and the kitchen is never the same again.
* 2009: Begins school.
* 2010: Is gifted her first pair of skates.
* 2011: Grandmother passes away. It affects Fiorella deeply.
* 2014.1: Parents murdered in the family's home. Fia partially witnesses the whole thing while hiding, and when later questioned by the police claims to have seen and heard wierd things, and insists that her mother was sacrificed. Of course, nobody believes her, and despite the grusome scene of the crime the case is investigated as a home robbery gone horribly wrong.
* 2014.2: Traumatized and plagued by nightmares and sudden panic attacks, she enters the foster system and begins therapy.
* 2015: Starts learning self-defense as part of her therapy.
* 2017: The murder of her parents remains unsolved and joins the pile of Cold Cases.
* 2019: Her mutant powers surfaces after a particularly vivid nightmare. She wakes up looking like one of the people from her dream, and subsequently destroys parts of her room in her panic. Freaked out, she tries to keep her powers secret while slowly learning to control them.
* 2021: A woman from a school named Happy Harbor contacts her foster family and offers Fiorella a place there. This is now.

IC Journal

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Fia is a good listener and confidant. She worries and genuinely cares about people, and will go out of her way to comfort and offer support if she knows someone is hurting or feeling down. She might even fuzz about them, but tries not to do more than what is appreciated.

Friendly, kind, and generally outgoing, she has always been popular and usually makes friends easily. She's fun-loving, quick to smiles and laughs, and has a light-hearted and often self- depricating sense of humor.

Fia is a curious young woman, always has been. It's just one of those things. She likes to figure out how things, and people, work and connects, and LOVES a good mystery. She isn't nosy, not exactly, and doesn't run with gossip, but she's always keen to learn what's churning around the ol' rumor mill.

La Famiglia e Tutto - The family is everything. She is extremely loyal to the people she considers family, both by blood and by choice, and won't hesitate to put hersef at risk, whether physically or socially, to protect or stand up for them.

Character Sheet


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Alter Appearance:
Fia can alter her appearance at will. She can change smaller details, such as the color of her hair or skin, the size of a given body part, or the clothes she is wearing, or she can change herself completely and mimic the appearance of another. The bigger the change, the more time and focus it takes; simple changes like eye- or hair color can be done in a matter of seconds, whereas changing her whole appearance takes about an hour. The change(s), once affected, can be maintained with little to no effort. If she should lose conciousness while using this ability, she will revert back to her real appearance in a few seconds. This power is limited to humanoid forms, and she can only impersonate what she's seen and is aware of (she couldn't copy a scar or tattoo she's never seen, for example). She does not adopt any inherent traits or abilities of anyone she impersonates. Additionally, she can only inrease or reduce her total size by about 25 percent with this ability.

By manipulating energies around her, Fia can make herself levitate and fly. When doing this she's enveloped by flowing energy that looks like pale, irridescent flames, so it's not exactly subtle. But at least the 'flames' don't seem to harm or otherwise affect anything they come in contact with. And it's pretty! So that's something. The 'flames' also seem to offer her some measure of protection from the elements and minor protection from kinetic damage. She's not sure exactly how fast she can currently fly, but her own estimate is around 100-120 mph. Her senses and reflexes aren't improved, though, and she's still learning finer control of her movement, so she's not exactly nimbly zipping about just yet, and travelling at high speeds has to be kept to open spaces.

Protective Barriers:
Force fields, shields, wards.. call it what you like. Fia can create powerful barriers of energy to protect herself and others from harm. The barriers are most effective against physical, magical, and energy based sources, but offers a decent amount of protection from directly harmful psychic sources, too. They can be created anywhere within her field of vision, and appear as translucent-but- visible energy fields that shimmer with a soft irridescent glow when untouched and ripple with bursts of bright colors when impacted, with size and shape varying depending on the situation.

Fia's mutant power is the inherent ability to conjure and manipulate magical and elemental energy, allowing her to warp reality and affect probability. Which... basically means she can do magic. It's all still very new - and a little scary -, and she's only just starting to scratch the surface of her true potential. (Not that Fia knows any of this yet, except for the 'new' and 'scary'. As well, Stregonaria is simply the name she herself has given it, and not an actual meaningful classification.) So far, she has taught herself at least /some/ degree of mastery over four 'expressions' of her powers, which are all explained in their own seperate entry.

One of the most base and simple forms of her powers is the ability to invoke energy in the form of iridescent beams, bolts, or flickering tendrils capable of destroying and distorting both organic and inorganic matter. This is by far the form of her powers that scare her the most, but she has experimented some to learn to control it. She hasn't had the oppertunity, nor the desire, to test it on anything more living than a tree, but judging from what it did to wrecks and steal beams at the salvage yard, the results if used on another person or animal would likely be... terrifying enough that she doesn't like to think about it.


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Cooking is one of Fia's greatest passions. And she's really good at it. It's not only a hobby, it's a way to express herself, as well as a way to help her focus her thoughts, or keep bad thoughts at bay.

Fast Learner:
Fia isn't a genius by any standard, but she's always been quick to pick up new skills and talents both cerebral and physical, and advance fast if whatever she's practicing or studying holds her interest and dedication.

First Aid:
Fia has taken quite a few courses, and knows both basic and advanced First Aid. She can tend to minor injuries, pop a dislocated joint back into place, stop bleeding, set a splint into place, clean and bandage wounds, treat minor infections, and generally keep someone alive and going until they can seek out professional medical attention.

Fia has a natural talent for languages. She speaks fluent English (with a slight but noticable Italian accent), Italian, and French. She's learning how to speak Russian, and is currently somewhere between beginner and intermediary.

Fia has taken lessons in self-defense since she was 11 years old, mostly Judo and Krav Maga. She's not a fighter, or very strong, but she can defend herself decently against a street-level thug.

She might not be ready for the olympic team, but Fia is pretty slick on a pair of skates. It's a great way to both keep in shape and get around town.


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Old Neighborhood Church:
St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church. The Church where she was baptized and attended Sunday school and mass every Sunday for most of her life. She knows The Reverend Father of the church well, and he is aware of her powers, albeit in vague terms. She could probably find shelter and refuge, and support, there, should she ever find herself in need of a place to hide.


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Emotional Trauma:
While she's not stuck in the past and is determined not to let it rule her, Fia is still traumatized from witnessing the rather grusome murder of her parents, and is still haunted by nightmares almost every time she sleeps. It's an easy angle for anyone wishing to mess with her, throw her off focus, or worse. Especially anyone with psychic abilities.

Fia doesn't 'run out of power', per se, but prolonged and extravagant use of her powers can cause her to effectively overload, leaving her both mentally and physically exhausted and possibly causing her harm.

Fia is not resistant to physical damage. She can't dodge bullets. She doesn't heal faster than an average human, and has no inherent resistance to extreme environments, disease, poisons, or toxins. In other words; without her energy barriers, she's just a normal, very vulnurable girl.



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