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Welcome to Heroes Assemble!

Guests are welcome to poke their heads in and chat with folks on the Guest channel (use +g as the prefix to talk). Once you're around, you can use the +roster command to see a list of characters sorted by comic lines, OR you can use +finger to poke around and see if any familiar names are available. We've created and approved over 750 unique apps for both Feature Characters and Original Characters, and we welcome both readily. If a character isn't on the roster, it's very possible it's just never been played before!

If you want to pick up an unplayed character, you can simply page one of the Staff members (+staff) and ask for the password. If a staffer isn't around for some rare reason, make a temporary character bit at the login screen and send a +request up.

For people wanting to make OCs or a unique take on a FC, we use a concept called an 'elevator pitch'. This is a 30-60 second summary of the character, their personality and motivations, and what uniqueness they bring to the table. For instance:

+request/app Pitch: Adam West as Batman=I wish to play Batman but I will be using the Adam West version of the character. He will be a friendly father figure to Dick Grayson, and I want to avoid mature or grim themes and events in his timeline. I am going for a feeling of the fun 'camp' side of comics instead of the darker, modern Dark Knight. He will have a lot of zany contraptions, but not the modern Batman's super-willpower. I anticipate I will be able to run a lot of fun scenes for other players by emitting scummy Gotham villains with a bit of color and panache.

(Bet you thought I couldn't make an Adam West pitch sound good, huh?)

While your pitch is being considered by staff, there are some News Files worth perusing. They're stored on the wiki and on the game. Major ones you should be aware of are Consent, Fair Use, Plagiarism, Player Behaviour, and Cooperative RP. The others usually don't come up immediately but they're good to be familiar with as time permits you.

Unlike a lot of games that go with a squishy 'anything goes' approach, we use a fixed timeline of events. Characters have birthdays and anniversaries. We know the exact date Superman debuted, and Batman's kids are all in chronological order with their unique timelines mapped to the 'Family' order of things. We want to see each new character as a fixed concept that grows and adapts to the game's overall story, rather than being one constantly being rewritten and retconned.

Welcome to the game-- we hope you enjoy your stay!