Green Lantern Rings

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There are few weapons in the universe more potent than that of the Green Lanterns. The rings they bear are incredibly complex mechanisms that are powered by a repository of energy on Oa derived from the Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum.

Each ring is made of an artificially grown crystal lattice with a virtual intelligence embedded in them to handle the actual work of channeling and shaping the energies within. While not truly sentient in the sense of being able to learn and evolve, the intelligence is extremely advanced and capable of storing, recalling, and analyzing billions of pieces of data. It can uplink with the Central Power Battery on Oa to pull down any information not currently stored. Contact with Oa is established through instantaneous quantum entanglement.

The ring can process any information the user senses and can pick up on surface-level telepathic transmissions. It can also form the bridge used for deeper telepathic contact and creates a near-impervious protective barrier around the user's mind. The ring has a complex suite of on-board sensors and scanning equipment. Instant on-board translation software contains virtually every language known to Oa. Unbeknownst to the users, the ring uploads all gathered information to Oa every time it is recharged. This makes the Lantern Corps one of the largest networks for espionage in the universe.

The most notable use of the Lantern Rings is to construct any imaginable item out of 'cohesive radiation', sometimes called hard light or Gamma Rays. The energy from the Central Power Battery can produce highly complex and nearly indestructible equipment. The willpower, focus, and imagination of the user are the only limiting factors. Some Green Lanterns create constructs of incredible complexity and imagination. Others rely on more brute force methods; the rings can manipulate created objects as if they have virtually no inertia and hold them in static positions relative to multiple points of gravimetric motion. This makes it easy to wield building-sized cudgels or lash out with indestructible blades with an edge thin enough to cut molecules apart. Raw blasts of concussive force or energetic output can be triggered with little focus and make up the bulk of skills for a beginner learning to use the ring. The ring can even make duplicates of itself, short-duration versions that contain a partial charge of energy. These cannot be recharged from the Central Power Battery or the Lantern's personal capacitor.

Lantern rings can interact with most known forms of energy both natural, magical, and artificially created. They can emit virtually any form of electromagnetic radiation or energy type known to the ring, and neutralize or redirect substantial quantities of the same. They are unable to replicate the effects of Pym Particle and some other exotic energy forms.

The ring is capable of forming a hyperspace bow wave to allow FTL travel, as well as form wormhole gates and even replicate the effects of the titanic Blink Drives in miniature. The localized effects of these forms of transportation are not neutralized, making it unwise to use them inside inhabited solar systems.

The rings are nearly impervious to impact, heat, or energy attacks. If the ring's user is killed, on board systems will use any means available to expedite a return to Oa or a designated safe area including teleportation, hyperspace travel, or forcible dismantling of barriers. The destruction of a ring jettisons all energy stored inside of it with a massive Gamma Ray detonation.

Rings need to be recharged at regular intervals. The precise drain rate of various tasks is not well understood; the mathematics of such are complex enough that most Ring users simply rely on the ring to tell them what current energy levels are. As a safety measure the Ring must be recharged from a 'Lantern', a portable siphon connected directly to the Power Battery on Oa. Connecting directly to the Power Battery is theoretically possible allowing for unlimited power to flow to the ring. This is something Oa discourages.

Standard safeguards include locking the ring out from connecting directly to the Central Power Battery; no use of lethal force; bioengineering; short-range teleportation; no unauthorized users; and time-travel.