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  Jack Temple  
Jack Temple (Scenesys ID: 1223)
Name: Jackson Temple
Superalias: None
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: USA
Residence: New York City
Education: High School Student
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 15 Actual Age: 15
Date of Birth 01 Sep 2004 Played By Matthew Bell
Height: 6'0" Weight: 180lb
Hair Color: Pale blond Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: Ecstacy of Gold by Ennio Moricone (Bandini Remix)

Character Info


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Created in a lab to be the ultimate sentient superweapon, Jack's parents died before their plan could even begin. Now, he is a fresh faced high school student. Out of control hormones are the least of his problems.


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* 2004: Born in New York City to Dr. Amanda Goldberg and Dr. Robert Brady.
* 2004: Turned over to the foster system when his birth parents are killed by their own experiment.
* 2005: Moved to the Louise Temple Boy's Home in Brooklyn
* 2009: Began school like most children, showing an above average aptitude for the speed at which he could learn, also quickly set school records for physical fitness
* 2011: Powers were first identified by him as being outside of human norms, following the advice of years of reading comic books he decided to keep his powers secret
* 2015: Saved another student from being kidnapped by shoving a kidnapper back into their van. The scrambled video from the incident was replayed on television for several weeks, and the video is on YouTube under the title 'strong kid saves girl' but he was never successfully identified entirely due to luck.
* 2017: First meeting with a superhero. A hero came to the school, they shook hands, Jack began to really think about what he would do in the future.
* 2019: Put on a costume for the first time, age 15. Wearing a red ski-mask and matching hoody, he stalked rooftops in Brooklyn for several nights before he was told to 'go home' by the local super community.
* 2020: Approached to attend Happy Harbor.

IC Journal

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Though he has never had cause to really realize that he is 'honorable,' in the classic sense, Jack keeps his word, doesn't backstab his friends for gain, and generally behaves in a way that would be considered honorable.

Jack tends to enjoy the company of others and has many brothers through the foster system, and is quick to think of new people as new siblings if they click right. He enjoys both deep and shallow friendships, and prizes those who are willing to stick their neck out for others and ask for nothing in return.

Like all kids in the foster system who turn out well, Jack has eventually become somewhat responsible in looking after his younger siblings. He's the sort of person that can be relied upon to pick someone up at the airport on time, or water plants when someone goes on a trip. He minds his responsibilities.

Team Player:
There's no room for a lone wolf mentality in a family with nearly a dozen foster brothers.

Character Sheet


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Jack can fly. He has no idea how it works, and believes at present that it has something to do with how he absorbs and perhaps emits some sort of energy he can't personally perceive. He can fly roughly twice as fast as he can run, though his reflexes don't increase proportionally, so he has to keep such flying to wide open spaces.

Improved Senses:
Jack's senses are only roughly twice as sensitive as a normal person's.

At this point he's only resistant up to the level of rifle rounds, but he's still much tougher than the average fellow. He is also all but immune to terrestrial poisons and toxins, and proportionately resistant to powered versions of the same. At this point, he heals only about twice as fast as a normal person, and can hold his breath for nearly twenty minutes.

Jack's reflexes and foot speed are both fast enough to make him capable of moving at the speed of a fast moving car, and of acting with reflexes that make such travel viable in tight spaces. This makes him capable of perceiving and reacting to arrows in flight, and just barely able of noticing bullets in motion, but not quite on the level of catching them.

Jack's strength is probably the most notable thing about him, and is currently capable of lifting a truck over his head, and hitting with the corresponding force. He has poor control over his strength as he has yet to get accustomed to the current level of power his hands to can exert. As such, door handles and fine dinnerware tend to suffer in his presence. As expected, his strength makes him incredible of great leaps, though it's hardly necessary considering his ability to fly.


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Academically Gifted:
Jack doesn't realize it, but one of the long term benefits of his growth will actually continue to make him smarter. It'll be dozens of years before he's a match for a true naturally born genius, but he has the potential to get smarter and smarter. At present, he's just a smart high school kid who does well in his classes with relative ease and can manage to keep up good marks even without being the most invested student in the class.

As soon as Jack figured out how his powers worked, he started lifting more and working out more often since it perpetually saw benefits. He can run with proper form, lift with proper form, and participate in most team sports without looking like a fool.


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Jack has lots of brothers from the foster home throughout New York, New Jersey and even one in Philadelphia with a variety of jobs ranging from police officer to pizza delivery driver to police officer. Though those older brothers aren't necessarily all incredibly fond of their many younger brothers, there is enough of a tie there that he can possibly ask for a favor.


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Abandonment Issues:
Jack's issues are usually kept somewhat in check, but at the first sign of being abandoned he doesn't really realize why, but he tends to get rather clingy and easy to manipulate. It's not exactly the worst weakness, but it could be leveraged to insert someone into his life.

He has never run into a need to not do anything for an extended period of time, but if Jack were ever forced to hide his powers or put in a coma, his powers would fade back to baseline at a rate which is far quicker than he has gained them. While he is unlimited in his growth, he is also apparently unlimited in his capacity for atrophy. That being said, once he awakens from said coma, he could regain his former 'level' in a few weeks or so.

Family Bonds:
Jack's brothers are easy leverage over him, and if someone were to make the connection between him and his family, they are as easy to find as they are numerous.



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