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  Ka-Zar, Lord of the Savage Land  
Kevin Plunder (Scenesys ID: 963)
Name: Lord Kevin Plunder
Superalias: Ka-Zar, Lord of the Savage Land
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: British Lord/King of the Savage Land
Citizenship: United Kingdom
Residence: Plunder Estate, Upstate New York
Education: 5th grade private/Jungle
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Apparent Age: 26 Actual Age: 26
Date of Birth 17 Dec 1993 Played By Brock O'Hurn (Sans beard)
Height: 6'2" Weight: 215 lbs
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Lord Plunder is the head of a very, very wealthy old british noble family. Having been left in the Savage Land after his father died trying to protect its location (And the Vibranium there), he was raised by Zabu, the Sabertooth tiger. Over the years he grew to be the King of the Savage Land, with the many weird tribes beneath him. He has protected it from invaders and villains, and threats from within. Now he has been brought back into the 'civilized' world to learn its ways and take the reins of his family, in an attempt to keep it out of the hands of his evil brother.


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1994: Kevin is born to the noble Plunder family in the UK. His mother is attentive and loving, while his father cares but spends most of his time as an adventurer and scientist.

1997: His younger brother Parnival is born, and Kevin and him have a very pleasant relationship. Kevin looks after him very closely and is overall a good big brother.

2000: His father searches the world for an unknown element he believes exists, eventually discovering the lost land in Antarctica that will come to be known as the Savage Land. There he discovers the Anti-Metal (Later to be documented as an isotope of vibranium). He returns to the UK to find that his wife has passed away in his absence. Kevin reacts by trying to be a good son, while the younger Parnival begins rebelling. His father hides away a small amount of the isotope and splits the rest in two, creating two medallions, and leaving one to each son.

Word leaks out about the metal, and agents of unscrupulous powers begin sending agents after it to try and find out the location of it. With his life saved by his skilled butler, Willis, Lord Plunder went into hiding. He sent Parnival into hiding with Willis, while Kevin and his father went to hide in the Savage Land.

2001 - 2019 : Parnival ends up living with the butler for several years before he runs away and ends up working on a smuggling ship, eventually becoming the Plunderer. Thinking Kevin and his father are dead, he takes over Plunder Castle and uses the family wealth to further criminal aims, making contacts and doing evil. Kevin and his father live in the Savage Land. He takes his son to the mound of Anti-Metal, unaware they were being stalked by the Maa-Gor (Native Man-Apes). They killed Lord Plunder, but before Kevin could be killed he was rescued by Zabu, one of the last of of a species of sabertooth tiger the Maa-Gor had hunted to near extinction. They fled to the Land of Mists, a region of the Land that the Man-Apes refused to enter. The event entered Maa-Gor legend, and Kevin earned the name Ka-Zar, meaning the 'Son of the Tiger'.

Ka-Zar develops an intense empathic bond with Zabu, to the point of them almost sharing telepathic conversation. From him the child learns the ways of the Flora and Fauna, and learns to master them unlike anyone else in the Land. As he matures he attemps to make peace with the Maa-Gor, but it fails and he is drawn into battle. Zabu and Ka-Zar kill all all but their leader, establishing 'Lordship' over the Savage Land that the various tribes of species end up bowing to.

Over the years the tribes go from following out of fear to following out of respect. Many outside threats come to the Land, and Ka-Zar takes them all on, becoming the protector of the land. He ends up encountering other outsiders over time (Including the X-Men and other individuals), and even ends up not being the sole outsider to thrive in the Land. At one point the Vibranium started to cause madness in tribesmen, so he left the Land and returned to London for several years to seek a scientist to help. It was at this point that he had his first clash with his brother, and it became famously known who he was and what he had going on. He ran his brother out of Castle Plunder and gave control over to his former butler for the moment, before returning to the Savage Land to cure the illness.

2020: His cousin sees that his brother is attempting to take the wealth and position over again through intermediaries and legal battles, and he sends people to find Ka-Zar in the jungle. He is convinced to return, as long as he is promised the ability to return to his 'true home' whenever he wishes. Now he has been settled in upstate New York, where he tries to learn modern life as best he can with Zabu (And Shanna, if one is ever apped). His brother, meanwhile, works both legally and illegally to reclaim power over the Plunder family.

IC Journal

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Ka-Zar is very brave. He feels fear, of course, because you cannot be brave without feeling fear, but he fights trough it. He is capable of standing up to almost supernatural levels of fear without backing down.

He feels out of place in this modern world, even has he really, really tries. He often finds himself confused or put-off by something or other in it.

Once he has pledged himself to something or someone, he will die in defense of them. This is a good representation of his dedication to both his wife, and the Savage Land, and now his family.

He grew up in the jungle, and while he can show etiquette and be polite, underneath it all he is the King of the Savage Land. Most of this is better explained under the similarly named Weakness.

Character Sheet


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Peak Physique:
Ka-Zar is almost superhuman in his physique, simply from the kind of life that he has lived. He can run as fast as the fastest human, leap as far, lift as much, etc. He is not above human, but he is so, so close.


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He has an incredible charisma about him. He can both charm and terrify with equal measure. He is good at inspiring people, and there is good reason he has drawn the many tribes of the Savage Land creatures under him.

Ka-Zar can fight. Man, can he fight. He fights with hands, feet and teeth, tearing and punching and kicking like a ferocious animal. Biting, too! He is absolutely savage?and very, very skilled. He may lack martial arts or something like that, but he can easily go toe-to-toe with more refined combatants with his animal savagery and skill. He is also just as skilled with spears, axes, and other more primal weaponry.

Ka-Zar speaks English quite well. He also speaks the various languages of the Savage Land. He has dealt with remnants of various civilizations in the Savage Land, as well as explorers, and he has learned a lot from them. He has an ear for languages. Surprisingly, Ka-Zar speaks French, Spanish, German and Russian pretty well.

Savage Land:
Nobody knows the Savage Land like Ka-Zar. He is even more a part of it then the creatures who lived there before he got there. He knows the flora and fauna, and he can hunt and fish and gather. He knows how to find or make shelter or clothing or weaponry. He knows the legends and topography, as well as how to get around. He speaks the languages of the various tribes as well.

He has the grace of a jungle cat. He can creep along rooftops, or through the underbrush with ease. Ka-Zar can move about with startling amounts of stealth. If he doesn't want to make a sound, then he probably doesn't make a sound.

Even if in an environment outside of the Savage Land, many of the basic ideas of surviving are the same. He can hunt and trap better then many, to the point of his abilities seeming almost supernatural. He can track weather patterns and know the time without having a clock. He can follow the stars or other things to navigate, and he can make shelter or other things without much issue.


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He has half of the Plunder amulet. It is made from Vibranium, though he primarily knows it as Anti-Metal, so it comes with all of the usual effects of the material.

The story of Kevin Plunder, or Ka-Zar, has become quite well known recently. He's been on TV, in the newspapers, etc. The exact location of the Savage Land has not gotten out, but stories of the bizarre, dinosaur and odd tribe filled world he ruled is getting out. Being well-known CAN be useful.

Plunder Castle:
He has his ancestral estate in Greystoke, a county on the eastern seabord of the UK. It is a large, old castle that is fully up to date, and the nearby town does very well through fishing and shipping.

Plunder Estate:
He has a large estate in Upstate New York, about an hour or so away from NYC itself. He has many acres of woodlands, with a private lake. The house is far larger then he needs, and he has a full host of staff that he isn't sure what to do with. There is also a private airfield, though his private plane is unable to fly to the Savage Land, and he is seeking a workaround.

Plunder Family:
Kevin is a Lord in the comic book sense of the word. His family is minor nobility in the UK. He technically has a seat in Parliament, should he decide to take advantage of it. He has the rights and powers that come with being a Lord. On top of that, the Plunder Family has allies and contacts (And enemies) around the world from a long, long history.

Due to him being the head of the Plunder family, he has access to all of their wealth. He is a billionaire, but only barely. There are many people in the world more wealthy then him (But far more less so). Most of the money is tied up in holdings and stocks and credit and similar, and pulling on very large amounts of money takes time. He has all of the priviledges you would expect from somebody so wealthy.

Zabu is a giant, incredibly empathic and long-lived sabertooth tiger. He's large enough for a man as big as Ka-Zar AND another adult to ride. He's his Battle Cat. He is loyal to the death and incredibly strong, quick and skilled. He listens to Ka-Zar, and does what he says. He shares such a bond with Ka-Zar that it might as well be considered telepathic conversation. He is also incredibly smart, bordering on human intelligence, if not rivaling it.


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There are a lot of people who want either his title, his money, his family, or (most often) the Savage Land and the Vibranium within it. He often finds himself needing to protect all of these things, sometimes even from his own little brother.

Being famous can also suck. People might bug him, paparazzi might follow him and his wife, too. People can judge him because of is past, and expect him to be some brutal savage. It can get in the way of his life quite easily.

Modern World:
He is a creature of the Savage Land and he is displaced. He doesn't think cellphones are magic or anything, but he has given up on trying to understand the science behind it. He sometimes struggles with modern civilization, and often finds himself feeling out of place or doing the wrong thing. He is trying, though.

He is doing better, but sometimes Ka-Zar reacts to something in a primal way. He -feels- his emotions, and he is not good at hiding them. When angry, he fights, when in love he pursues it, when afraid, he flees. He is not childlike, but he can be considered animalistic beneath it all.



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Title Date Scene Summary
Looking Over The City March 31st, 2020 Shanna and Kevin discuss the city.
Tigers, Lyons, and Bear March 16th, 2020 What do you do when you see a sabertooth tiger in Union Square Park? Meet it.


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