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Lia Briggs (Scenesys ID: 948)
Name: Emily "Lia" Briggs
Superalias: Looker
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Modeling agency head
Citizenship: United States and Markovia
Residence: New York * Paris * Rome
Education: Metropolis High School '12
Theme: DC (FC)
Apparent Age: 25 Actual Age: 25
Date of Birth 27 Jun 1994 Played By Aine O'Gorman (the model, not the footballer)
Height: 5' 10" Weight: 115 lb.
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Blue
Twitter: @OneAndOnlyLia (personal)

@LiaModelMgmt (business)

Theme Song: "Kiss Them For Me", Siouxsie and the Banshees

"Bloodletting", Concrete Blonde "Get The Party Started", Pink

Character Info


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Transformed by the underworld realm of Abyssia, a mousy bank clerk became Lia Briggs, psychic heroine *and* sought-after supermodel. She fought evil and lived the high life -- not always in that order -- until an enemy turned her into a vampire. No longer able to be on camera herself, now she runs her own modeling agency ... oh, yes, and fights evil. Can't forget that part.


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* 1994: Born in Gotham City to the son of the exiled king of Abyssia.

* 2011: Evacuated from Gotham to Metropolis with her family.

* 2012: Graduates from Metropolis High School, returns to Gotham to work at Gotham Trust bank.

* 2013: Marries Greg Briggs.

* 2014: Kidnapped by Abyssian agents and imbued with psionic powers.
Joins the Outsiders.
Begins modeling career.

* 2018: Returns to Abyssia and temporarily loses her powers.
Regains powers during a visit to Markovia.
Transformed into a vampire.

* 2019: Divorced by her husband.
Opens Lia Model Management.

IC Journal

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That's the nice way of putting it. The less nice way would be to say Lia wants to be the bride at every wedding and the corpse at every funeral. She's always trying to grab the spotlight, but at least she's totally comfortable when she has it.

Okay, sometimes she can come across as a bit of a snob, but if you're not someone she perceives as a threat (see 'Self-Centered' and 'Vain' under 'Weaknesses'), she's generally pleasant and outgoing.

Lia wants to live life to the fullest, which is a strange thing to say about someone who is, after all, not technically alive. Despite this minor handicap, she's very much a lively and enthusiastic person who loves new experiences and new things. She does of course prefer the fun and enjoyable kind of experiences, but then again what sensible person doesn't?

Character Sheet


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Lia possesses telekinetic abilities that she can use for a variety of purposes. Like her telepathic powers, they are psionic in nature. She can lift, carry and throw weights of up to 25 tons.

* Flight: Lia can use her powers to levitate and fly, and can carry teammates with her (at the cost of lowering her top speed). When only lifting herself, she can reach speeds roughly equivalent to commercial air travel.

* Force Bolts: She can attack individual or group targets as if she were making a physical attack with any strength up to her limits.

* Force Fields: Lia can create telekinetic force fields that deflect or repel attacks. These shields can be large enough to protect nearby teammates, or personal to her, and are able to withstand attacks of a magnitude equal to her telekinetic strength. More powerful forces will cause them to collapse, though they may offer partial protection in the process.

Lia's psionic abilities allow her to read minds, sense emotions, and communicate mentally with others. Although she's been described in-storyline as one of Earth's most powerful psychics, her casual attitude and lack of training significantly handicap her relative to other telepaths (see 'Untrained' under Weaknesses). As with many telepathic abilities, targets with strong wills may be able to lessen or nullify the effects.

* Emotion Manipulation: She can cause others (individuals or small groups) to feel whatever emotions she wishes toward targets of her choice, although this does not allow her to directly control how her subjects will act on those emotions.

* Hypnosis: If she has the opportunity to look directly into someone's eyes for a few seconds, Lia can implant hypnotic suggestions that cause them to act as she specifies.

* Erase Memories: She can selectively remove others' memories, although her skill is not great enough to allow her to implant or restore them.

* Mental Bolts: She can project psychic "shocks" that can stun her targets or render them unconscious, depending on their strength of will and their own psychic ability (or lack of same).

* Mental Illusions: Lia can create complex and believable illusions in others' minds, causing them to perceive almost anything she wishes. She can influence, at most, about a dozen people at once in this manner.

* Mental Link: She can place her teammates in telepathic communication with one another, without adversely effecting either their performance or her own.

* Mental Shield: Lia can protect herself against outside mental influence, although skilled telepaths will usually find a way in, given time (c.f. her 'Untrained' Weakness).

* Mind Scan: She can locate a particular target within the same neighborhood or similar area, provided they are not psychically shielded.

Lia has been transformed into a vampire, and has many of the common abilities of such creatures -- she no longer ages, for instance. The combination of vampirism and psionic ability allow her to ignore many of the usual vampire weaknesses, particularly sunlight and stakes in the heart, but she does retain some of their limitations (see 'Weaknesses').

* Animal Control: During night hours, Lia can control and communicate with animals -- mainly insects, rats, and other vermin, though she can also influence bats and canines.

* Casts No Reflection: Rejoice! No more worrying about embarrassing paparazzi photos. Lia does not show up in mirrors, or on most cameras; some exotic methods of photography may be able to capture her image.

* Drain Blood: She can use her enlarged canine teeth as a weapon, and, combined with her vampire physiology, can drain large amounts of blood in a short time. Victims who she has not previously hypnotized can resist her attempt to drain them.

* Enhanced Senses: Lia can see in complete darkness, and her sense of smell is supernaturally acute. In particular, she can smell blood from a distance of several dozen yards.

* Enhanced Stamina: Lia no longer needs to sleep and does not get tired, although the more she exerts herself physically, the sooner she will need to feed again (see 'Hunger for Blood' under Weaknesses).

* Enhanced Strength: She has slight superhuman strength and can lift about 1,000 pounds without using her telekinetic powers to assist her.

* Mist Form: During night hours, Lia can transform either partially or fully into mist. While in this alternate form she is unaffected by most attacks, can pass through small gaps, and is difficult to detect, but cannot physically affect the rest of the world except through exercise of her other powers.

* Regeneration: Lia can quickly regenerate from any damage she incurs. Blunt weapons, blades, and bullets have little effect on her, although they are still painful. Crippling or debilitating injuries take longer to recover from (persisting at least through the current scene) and may require her to consume more blood before she returns to full health.


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Lia will never be mistaken for Katharine Hepburn, but she's a pretty passable actress. Most observers who don't know she's acting at them will probably believe that whatever they're seeing is "the /real/ Lia" as long as it's remotely plausible. Which, in a world with psionic vampires and alien police officers, covers quite a lot of ground.

She was always better at the modeling part of "model/actress" than the actress part. Photographers gushed about how she just /knew/ what they wanted from her, and the glossy magazines called her the new Kate, or Cindy, or Gisele, or whatever. She knows what clothes will look good (or bad) on someone, how to walk to look her best, and how the fashion industry works (or doesn't).

Smoking Hot:
Lia's been remade into something pretty close to the ideal of female human beauty. Unfortunately, she knows it, and she dresses, talks, and acts in ways that help her manipulate people with her looks. If she's dealing with an NPC who isn't actively hostile, she has good odds of being able to get what she wants without even needing to use her powers. PCs, of course, can make their own decisions.


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Back when she could still appear on camera, Lia was a model and actress with nationwide name recognition; now that she's running a modeling agency she's less famous but better-connected. She has an extensive Rolodex of people in the fashion and entertainment industries, and just about anyone involved with either will take her calls. Of course, most of them won't lift a finger to help without asking what's in it for them.

"Oh my gosh, it's Lia Briggs!" She's far from being a household name (unless your household is heavily involved with the fashion industry), but she can get tables in fancy restaurants, press coverage (not always positive), invitations to premieres and galas, and all the other perks of being a B-list celebrity.

Lia made a nice pile in her breathing days, and she's deftly parlayed it into a larger one since then. She has enough money to keep herself in designer clothes, gourmet meals, fabulous apartments, chartered air travel, and so on, but not enough to show up on the radar of the /really/ wealthy.

One-Way Fabric:
A kind of Abyssian cloth that's invisible when it's inside out, which is handy for keeping a costume on hand without being too obvious. Don't think too hard about how this works -- the writers clearly didn't.

She's been a member of the Outsiders, off and on, for much of their existence, and is on friendly terms with most people who've been associated with the team.


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Casts No Reflection:
Lia doesn't show up in mirrors or on most conventional cameras, including TV and video cameras. Sometimes this is useful (see entry under 'Powers'), but it's pretty much torpedoed her modeling and acting career, not to mention making it difficult to get any good publicity.

Enemies - Vampire Hunters:
Just because you destroy other vampires doesn't mean everyone else who does is a friend. For vampire hunters who don't know her, and even for some who do, Lia is just another vile bloodsucking predator trying to get away with pretending to be human.

Enemies - Vampires:
When you destroy other vampires as a pastime, don't be surprised if they want to return the favor. Lia is regularly targeted by the vampire community, who would like nothing better than to remove her ... permanently.

Hunger For Blood:
Lia must regularly feed on blood in order to survive. Any sort of blood will do, although she's too vain to drink any kind but human except under truly dire circumstances. If she goes too long without, or is tempted by easily available blood, she runs the risk of losing control and feeding on whoever or whatever may be handy. Of course, she'll be horrified when she's herself again, but this may be small consolation to whoever 'donated' the blood in question.

Lia can operate normally in the daytime -- she's even been seen sunbathing! -- but her Animal Control and Mist Form powers (see 'Vampire' under Powers) will only function at night.

Poor Fighter:
Despite her long association with a variety of expert fighters both armed and unarmed, Lia has never shown much interest in hand-to-hand combat. If deprived of her powers, she stands little chance against anyone who's either larger and stronger, or better-trained than she is -- which is almost everyone.

Lia tends to think of situations in terms of how they affect /her/, and this can result in her coming off as callous or inconsiderate -- not the best qualities to have in a teammate. She also loves being the center of attention a little too much, and will go to unreasonable lengths to "win" if she thinks someone is trying to one-up her or steal the spotlight.

Having never been formally trained in the use of her psionic powers means that many of the nuances and subtleties of them are beyond her. She operates at a disadvantage against more knowledgable psychics in any sort of contest where that expertise can come into play.

She'll raise a fuss if asked to do anything she thinks makes her look bad ... or even just ordinary. It requires some diplomacy to convince her to disguise herself as someone less fabulous or follow the bad guys into a sewer. And she will hold entirely unreasonable levels of grudge against anyone who reminds her of her old life.



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Lia Briggs has 8 finished logs.

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A Four-Alarm Problem April 4th, 2020 An apartment building is burning, and residents need rescue. Kyani comes to their aid and is surprised to find Lia doing so as well. But how did the fire start in the first place?
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Venti AB+ To Go, Please! March 16th, 2020 Shazam meets a predator in a downtown coffee shop. Turns out she's on the hunt for something unexpected: talent!
Saturday In The Park At Night March 15th, 2020 No description


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Lia Briggs has 8 finished logs.

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