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Hunter-Killer robots used by Oa as bounty hunters, law enforcement, and military. Approximately ten feet tall and weighing 600 pounds, Manhunters were powered by a unique conduit connected directly to the Central Power Battery on Oa.

Manhunters could sustain independent spaceflight, but not interstellar travel. A Manhunter can lift ten tons and is both extremely durable and self-repairing, able to sustain significant impacts from kinetic or energy weapons before being disabled. Their primary weapons were energy blasters connected to their internal conduits. Secondary utility options included nanorobotic injectors designed to subvert and brainwash their targets, broad-spectrum energy emissions, and intake manifolds that allowed them to absorb energy from the Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum of other Power Batteries. Manhunters sustain a constant interconnected network exchange of data and sensory input.

Manhunters were used extensively by Oa for millennia, until a rogue Oan uploaded a behaviour-modifying virus. Legions of Manhunters descended on Sector 0666 and murdered every sentient organic in the sector. Out of some twenty billion spread out across twelve worlds, only five survivors escaped. Universal outcry resulted in Oa destroying most of the remainder Manhunters and forcing the rest into deep storage on Oa as a military reserve force. Most of the remaining Manhunters were destroyed in the war with Krypton.

When Oa separated the pyroclastic race of proto-Martians called The Burning into corporeal form, there were several of their Manhunter robots stationed on the planet for sentinel/peacekeeping purposes. As the Martians developed their own civilization, 'Manhunter' was the default name for the protective civil services that kept the peace.