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  The Creator  
Marly Kohler (Scenesys ID: 814)
Name: Marly Kohler
Superalias: The Creator
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Antique Repair Shop Owner
Citizenship: American Citizen
Residence: New York City
Education: Some College
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 24 Actual Age: 24
Date of Birth 30 Apr 1995 Played By Janet Montgomery
Height: 5'6" Weight: 130 lbs
Hair Color: Dark brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: Interstellar - First Step

Character Info


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A young woman who runs an Antique Repair Shop, but who's also the wielder of a magical hammer called The Maker.


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* 1995: Born to her parents Tom and Amanda Kohler
* 2010: Started highschool and began to work in her parent's antiquity repair shop.
* 2013: Graduated highschool.
* 2014: Began attending community college; uncertain of what field of study she'd like to work on.
* 2014: A robbery occurs at the family store, her father is shot.
* 2014: During the time her father lay dying Marly hears a bell-like tone during a college class.
* 2014: After class Marly notices her bookbag is heavier and when she checks inside it she finds her father's favorite hammer inside. Minutes later her mother calls her frantic with the news her father was killed.
* 2014: After the funeral Marly takes over the store fulltime with her mother. For half the year she's unaware what the hammer she holds really is. It's only one night, when her mother has finally come out of her fog of grief that the hammer is revealed as some sort of magical item called The Maker.
* 2015: Marly tries to figure out her limits with The Maker, as well as continue to make her family's store profitable.
* 2020: Current day, Marly feels she has some understanding of The Maker, but still struggles with knowing her limits and what all is capable of the hammer. Sadly, there is no instruction booklet for this magical item.

IC Journal

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While Marly hasn't had a terrible life she's had moments where life was hard. Specifically when her father was murdered for what money was in the store. She could have easily let that break her, but she didn't. Instead she was determined to make sure her father's (and mother's) legacy endured; their shop. This trait can be seen expressed in just about everything she cared about, whether shop, or friend. She will find the will to push onward even when it seems pointless.

Marly is a good-natured sort of person. As such, she's quite friendly, even to perfect strangers. This friendliness has only increased with taking over her parent's antique shop. You don't get or keep customers if you're mean, after all.

She's young and with youth comes a stubborness that the world and circumstances haven't yet beat out of her. As such, once Marly gets an idea in her head it's pretty hard to dissuade her of the notion. She's like a dog with a bone, just gonna keep on chewing until she figures it out, solves the problem, or gets the answer she's looking for.

Character Sheet


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Magical Creation:
The Maker is called The Maker for a reason - it can create things. However, it can't just create something from nothing. The Maker must have some kind of item to transform into whatever Marly wants. Along with that creation is the fact that it holds the same restrictions as repair; she can only make inanimate objects. No creating gryphons here.
Along side that inanimate object restrictons, Marly likewise has an easy, somewhat easy and exhaustion-level-hard. Easy creations are small things, like watches, coils of rope, small knives, small knick-knacks and so on. Somewhat easy are the larger things like medium to large boxes, tools, small pieces of furniture and so forth. Hard things are obviously the larger things in life, but along with that is just how intricate something is and how many moving parts it has. The more moving parts it has the more that object turns into something 'hard' versus easy. Like a playstation for example, one might thing it'd be in the somewhat easy, but because of all those microchips and computer-bits, a playstation is actually in the 'holy crap that was tiring' area. Repair those sorts of things is far easier than creating, since the majority of the pieces are already there.
Typically she can handle something with one to two moving parts okay and can create a dozen of them a day, but anything with three moving parts or more is going to quickly exhaust the girl after making two or three in a day. So, Marly, really can't create her own car. It's just too much. No matter how much she'd like to! Once she does exhaust herself Marly will need to rest for a day before creating anything else.
Finally, along with complexity and size, Marly also has limits on what she can create. This has to do with the fact that she's not well-versed in the capabilities of The Maker, but currently Marly can only create common objects and/or common materials. The things you can readily get such as rope, brick, simple metals, stone, paper, cardboard, etc. Anything that's precious such as precious stones, gold and silver and uncommon, such as admantanium, vibranium, or alien, she cannot create.
As to how Marly creates things really it all comes down to visualization; as long as she can visualize the item in her head The Maker can then create. Obviously if she doesn't know what something is she wouldn't be able to create it.

Magical Repair:
With just a tap of The Maker, Marly has the ability to fix broken objects. All the objects must be inanimate objects, no live beings here. Her degree of control with The Maker is only at the level where she can fix objects that aren't larger than a car. With time her ability with The Maker that she could eventually fix larger objects.
With fixing items there are different levels of 'fixing' that are easy, somewhat easy, and oh-my-god-I'm-exhausted hard. Fixing small things with only one or two problems is easy; like a watch with a couple of broken gears. Fixing hand-sized things with multiple problems is still easy-ish, but she can probably only do a dozen of these a day before she has to rest; think of a playstation with three to four things wrong with it. Fixing large-sized items with one or two problems is pretty hard and runs the risk of her blacking out should she try more than one or two of these stunts; think a car that has a broken fan belt, or sparkplug and battery. When she exhausts her energy she usually has to wait a day or two before attempting even easy things.
Should she push herself through that exhaustion and continue to fix and/or make, Marly runs the risk of severely hurting herself from energy exhaustion.

Marly has only really figured out a small portion of just what The Maker is capable of. Some of the things that she could potentially learn as time goes on is the ability to channel magic eldritch bolts through the maker, to create wards, to destroy wards, and to eventually create and repair things that are even larger than her current limits.

The Maker:
Marly's father was the last chosen one to weild The Maker. Upon his death the hammer was bequeathed over to Marly. She is now the current chosen one of The Maker. The Maker itself is a magical tool that gives the user a variety of magical abilities. She has the ability to create things and fix things. While Marly herself doesn't read as magical, the hammer definitely does. It's old ancient magic and those able to see such things would be able to see what The Maker truly is. For those that can't see such things, they'd just see an everyday hammer that's typical for this era and time period.


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Business Management:
While Marly isn't the best business management sort of person, she knows enough to keep her family's shop running. She knows how to balance the books, the checking account, how to order supplies, make sure she's staying on track and on budget, and all the other millions of things a shop owner has to keep watch over. As she gets older she'll likely get even better at running a business, it just takes time to learn all the tricks and tips.

Through her mother and father, Marly learned a broad range of repair skillsets. Their shop repairs quite the various objects; books, watches, clock, furniture. As such, Marly has some skills with book repair, book binding, watches and clock repair, especially gears and cogs and even furniture repair. However, because of The Maker, Marly's skills go even further since The Maker in itself can repair many many things, but still there are things Marly does hands on just to keep her own skills fresh.

While Marly isn't necessarily a natural sales person, she has learned from the best; her mother and father. She's learned when to push and when not to, when to cut a person a break, and when to upsale. She can't say she's always the perfect sales person, but she has the skill to complete a sale versus not. She also handles all of the shop's advertising and invests in a web presence alongside billboards. It's what brings the lifeblood into her family's shop.

Marly has lived her whole life in NYC and has acquired enough streetsmarts to know where to go and not to go, especially when it comes to daytime and nighttime settings.


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Antique Repair Shop:
Marly currently manages and runs her parent's Antique Repair Shop. Along with repairing antique's it also sells antiques. While it's not wildly profitable it keeps her parents (and herself) afloat to afford the necessaries in life and sometimes a bit more, but not too much.

Marly and her mother depend upon eachother. They help run the store together, they help get through the days together, and their just a tight-knit family. Should Marly ever need help she could go to her mother for it.

The Maker:
Marly has a magical mystical hammer called The Maker. It can literally repair and creature objects upon her command. This allows her to take on pretty much any repair job for her shop and helps to keep customers returning, and bringing in more customers thanks to word of mouth.


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Not a Hero:
Even though in her head Marly styles herself The Creator in reality she is not a hero. She just isn't. She doesn't really know how to fight worth a lick and she's never been trained in any sort of heroic skillsets. Along with lacking the heroic skillsets without The Maker, Marly really is just 'human'. Resourceful, sure, but powerless when it all comes down to it.

The Maker:
Marly only knows bits and pieces about The Maker and what it can and cannot do. Along with that The Maker is a magical item and it clearly looks magical to those that can see such things. She's really just a beacon of 'oh look I have this thing please take it from me' to those who aren't on the up and up. Her lack of knowledge is also a weakness in that she just doesn't know enough about The Maker to use it at full capacity. Perhaps one day she'll figure it out, or find someone who can help her unlock all its mysteries.

As much as it's a positive treat being young can also be a weakness. In this case it just means that Marly can sometimes wear her 'rose colored glasses' too much. She tries to see the good in people versus the bad. The same for situations around herself. So sometimes she's a little naive to the reality of what's around her. One day that won't be the case but that's definitely not today.



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Marly Kohler has 8 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Of Corn Maze, Hero Fan-Girl Craze And Autograph Books November 2nd, 2020 Karita and Marly start the evening with reviewing the evidence gotten at the corn maze, which turns into conversations about heroes, autograph books, and henchmen!
Stop Thief! October 25th, 2020 Marly fixes some My Precious Unicorns for Ted Kord and The Toyman steals them back.
Corn Maze of Doom October 25th, 2020 The New York University Paranormal Society Goes a Ghost Hunting.
Trap for a toyman October 22nd, 2020 =A trap for the Toyman is set... with Toys.
Back to the 'Para'normal October 21st, 2020 Marly, Andy and Karita discuss what they plan to do on Halloween.
Maker's Debutante March 13th, 2020 Zatanna hosts a party for some of the magically inclined, and a new magic user gets to show off and make contacts!
Shop Smart, Shop Antique Shop! March 8th, 2020 Zatanna visits Marly to find out more about the Maker and ends up inviting her to come to Shadowcrest so that she can meet other people in the Arts.
Paranormal Meeting March 7th, 2020 Karita and Marly meet up for the first time while introducing Marly to the paranormal group that Karita helps run.


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Marly Kohler has 8 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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