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Mason Tavner (Scenesys ID: 955)
Name: Mason Allen Tavner
Superalias: Mace
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Occupation: SHIELD STRIKE team member.
Citizenship: US Citizen
Residence: Manhattan
Education: Master's Degree in Criminology
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 32 Actual Age: 32
Date of Birth 18 February 1988 Played By Michael Dorman
Height: 6'1" Weight: 190 lbs
Hair Color: Dirty blond Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Mason is a SHIELD STRIKE team operative and has been with the agency for about nine years. He's quietly competent, known around the base for his 'hunches' and gets along well with most people.


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* 1988: Mason was Born in Upstate New York, to John and Sue Tavner.
* 2010: Graduated NYU with a Masters of Criminology.
* 2010: Joined the military.
* 2011: Dossier picked up as operative for SHIELD.
* 2013: Accepted as field agent.
* 2014: During testing discovered to have mutant gene.
* 2015: Promoted to STRIKE team operative

IC Journal

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When Mason is actually socializing and on the occasion he cracks a joke it's almost always with a steady deadpan delivery that can often have people who don't know him scratching their heads and wondering if he's being serious or not. Often, people can go years without being able to tell if the man means what he's saying, though they can often figure it out through his actions.

In his family it was common to often spend good amounts of time on your own. This gave rise to Mason enjoying his own company and while he's off being alone and thoughtful his thoughts often turn inwards into trying to find out why he feels as he does, or thinks what he does. Often times he'll emerge from these bouts and have changed his opinion if he feels it's a just change.

When one gets to know Mason they'll get a good vibe for his sense of humor. Which is staggeringly robust, though it does lean towards the dark. He doens't express himself hugely openly and effusively, but a smirk will serve when he finds something amusing. Yet the exception to this is his eyes. One can see the smile in his eyes pretty easily, and it almost looks mischievous at times. So he can come across as mirthful, especially when twinned with his occasional comments.

Mason was raised in a household that wasn't exactly effusive. Oh it was loving and all, but there were long stretches of quiet. Sometimes days would pass with only a handful of words being shared, but the family knew they were there for each other. This has turned him into a rather quiet an at times withdrawn person. He rarely uses two words when one would serve, and is loathe to use one when a gesture would serve. If he's just spending time in a room with others for an extended period of time it's not unlikely that people might forget he's there.

It takes a lot to get Mason upset. He still has emotions, deep ones after all, and he feels them readily enough. It's just he tends to take things as they come and try to handle them as best he can, no harm crying about it now. Maybe laterhe will, but in the moment he takes it easy and does his best.

With a strong father and a loving mother, Mason has grown up with a hearty respect for authority. His family ascribed to views that were considered old-fashioned even then and only moreso now. He still tries to give people their proper title when he speaks to them, offers the elderly his respect and his help, and defers to people in suitable situations when needed.

Character Sheet


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Enhanced Perception:
As a mutant, Mason has evolved an ability that gives him an edge in many situations. It is a heightened sense of perception, part of his brain processes the information it gives, circumventing the sentient mind and relaying what it finds by providing a series of hunches or feelings that provide insight into his situation and the likely outcome of events in a social or tactical endeavour. He is capable of reading a system at a glance, processing the information, and perceiving many 'hidden' facts about it.
In a social setting he can enter a bar or gathering, take a moment and consider the possibilities there and get a 'hunch' over what might happen. But also some insight into the situation from that. He could perceive that a person is about to start a fight with another, that another is going to ask someone out, that another is cheating on that person, and so on. This changes with the amount of data he's exposed to, as well as the number of motive elements in a situation. If there are hundreds of people all moving around, his read will be in broad strokes, in smaller situations he can gather more details.
In combat his perception and hunches if focused on one person tends to help him have a 2-3 second heads up as to what the person is going to try to do. This can be helpful, but shrinks the more he's deprived of senses or the quicker a person is, or the more combatants he has to focus on.


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Mason has a master's degree in Criminology from NYU and is extremely familiar with the American justice system as well as with modern forensic methods and school of thought. He would be capable of becoming a police detective, forensics specialist, or with further education legal represenation.

After his stint in the military, Mason had started doing some intelligence work for SHIELD. Nothing too staggeringly out there, more him performing the roles needing to be done, just a cog in the greater scheme of things. He's not the kind of operative who would be comfortable just being thrown into a country and being told to destabilize it. He's much more comfortable where he's told to get something done or even better having a handler break down into bits and pieces what he needs to do.

That being said, however, he's got a certain amount of genius for improvisation and follow through. He focuses on a task with laser like precision and can make logic jumps needed to pursue a course of action that'll lead him towards success. He also has a great talent for reading people, and for realizing what is most likely to affect them. But he also has training in typical tradecraft, such as stealth, encryption/decryption, the tactics/techniques used in spycraft.

Hand To Hand:
There is nothing fancy in Mason's ability when it comes to fighting. He's trained in Krav Maga and close quarters techniques, to a degree that he is well capable in handling himself against multiple combatants that are also reasonably trained. But there is nothing elegant or refined in how he's learned to brawl. He tends to fight in the most abrupt and aggressive way he can, seeking to end it as quickly as he can.

Mason's a crack shot. He's no Hawkeye, of course, but he's proficient with most small arms and has used US military weapons in the field at length. He's a competent sniper and spotter as well as a talented hunter when he's back home with his family.

Mason has a talent for playing guitar and singing folk music. In another life he very well could perhaps have made something of a living doing so, since he's reasonably creative. Through the years he's maintained his skill level, which is he can often get the attention of a coffee house or a bar or the like and entertain some people.

Partially from his upbringing and partially from his time in the military, Mason's talented with making do without in a survival situation. He's well capable of subsisting off the land in most environments save for the most severe and can provide food, water, and shelter for himself and others in cases where they're no longer connected to civilization.

Tactical Driving:
Close support personnel often have to learn to handle a vehicle in bad circumstances. He is talented in high speed pursuit and evasion, as well as transferring and repelling hostile personnel when engaged. He is not practiced enough in it to be better than someone who has focused their life on this area of expertise, but he is better than even a gifted driver with no training.


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Mason's personal property extends to his savings and his apartment that he owns outright with his savings invested intelligently. He has enough saved up that he could reasonably retire and live comfortably, primarily because he has few expenses as he tends to try an live on SHIELD's dime. He does have a 1970 AMC Rebel that he is trying to restore on his spare bits of down time.

Currently most of Mason's resources are connected to his job. He has access to the gear and equipmment and facilities that are avialable as a STRIKE team member. He is capable of calling for backup or for equipment to be dropped almost anywhere in the world. He can call upon most standard equipment as well as some experimental gear.


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Bad Hunch:
Sometimes Mason can get hit with an overwhelming amount of mental data for his instinctive nehanced perception and it can affect how he behaves. It is possible for him to be wrong and so wrong that he still believes he's right and it's hard for him to operate under that pretense. This usually can only happen rarely and usually must be a manufactured situation as he was subjected to during testing of his power, but it is a strong hindrance when it occurs.

Mental State:
Mason has been working steadily for the last nine years, rarely any time off for himself or to see family. Sometimes a day or two here or there and he's a bit of a workaholic. With everything he's gone through and being at ground zero for a lot of momentous events for SHIELD he's suffering from manageable PTSD though he has not been diagnosed as such.



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Mason Tavner has 9 finished logs.

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