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Mera (Scenesys ID: 1917)
Name: Princess Mera of Xebel
Superalias: Tidebreaker
Gender: Female
Species: Atlantean
Occupation: Adventurer / Smuggler / Lounge Singer
Citizenship: Atlantean
Residence: On the water
Education: Royal tutors
Theme: DC (FC)
Apparent Age: 28 Actual Age: 28
Date of Birth 17 March 1992 Played By Jessica Chastain
Height: 5'9" Weight: 160
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Whatever it Takes," Imagine Dragons

Character Info


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Once the Princess and heir of the Atlantean kingdom of Xebel, Mera fled the kingdom shortly before her wedding and coronation were to take place for reasons unknown. In the time since, she's taken up singing, smuggling, and salvage work, alongside the occasional sea rescue and other heroics. As threats arise from the deep, she'll have to decide where her future will take her.


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1992: Mera and her twin sister Hila are born to King Ryus and his wife in the Atlantean kingdom of Xebel.

1992 - 2014: Mera is groomed to inherit her father's kingdom, particularly through marriage to General Nereus. She's trained in statecraft, politics, warfare, and especially combat, excelling in all of them. Her grandmother Lammia teaches her the ways of the sea beasts used for war, and she learns the secrets of hydrokinesis.

2014: Having excelled in her studies, Mera prepares to wed Nereus and inherit the kingdom. Unfortunately, she's surprised to find him and her sister are...otherwise engaged. In a fury, she lashes out at both of them. Mistakenly believing them to be dead, in her guilt she flees the kingdom for the surface.

2014 - 2020: Mera builds a life for herself on the surface. Acquiring a ship for herself, she runs various salvage operations, the occasional smuggling run, and moonlights as a lounge singer when the mood strikes. While she engages in the occasional heroics, she rarely stays long enough to collect the credit, instead leaving legends and stories behind herself.

September 2020: Xebel is attacked by Lurkers from the Deep and other horrors, devastating the kingdom. While some survivors flee to Emperor Namor, a small group seeks out the lost princess to plead for her return.

IC Journal

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When Mera sets her mind to something, she's beyond difficult to deter. She will use whatever means and go to whatever ends are necessary to achieve her goal with remarkable ruthlessness. Thankfully, she knows this about herself and usually manages it by avoiding setting her mind to things. In fact, one might argue that she's been determined to avoid having goals for several years...

While in Atlantean matters Mera is all business, when it comes to the surface world, she often finds herself enchanted by the uniqueness of it. Human customs, new foods, popular music and movies...All of them are prone to distracting her, and she's always eager to learn more about the surface world.

Mera is a firm believer that she can do anything herself. She can rule a kingdom, solve a problem, fight a battle...And she doesn't need anyone else's help to do it. The fact that she's wrong doesn't always convince herself not to try, either.

Mera was raised a royal in a society where royalty has been a fixture for thousands of years. While she may play at the hidden royal game, she has a finely honed sense of what is and isn't appropriate. She has expectations for how things should be, and she has a temper when they don't conform to her expectations. She expects to be listened to and obeyed in general, though she does understand that sometimes you get more with honey than with vinegar. Her default setting can certainly come off as arrogant or imperious, though.

Character Sheet


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Atlantean Physiology:
As an Atlantean, Mera is capable of breathing both air and water. Her senses are enhanced to allow her to see even in the darkest depths of the ocean and hear more acutely and at greater distances than any human.

Her agility and reflexes are enhanced to the point where she can dodge bullets and lightning strikes, and her swimming speed is greater than Mach 5.

She is durable enough to resist the pressure of the deep ocean, which makes her impervious to most projectiles and blades, though those of magical or exceptional nature can still cut her. At her strongest, she can lift up to 70 tons.

As an Atlantean royal, Mera is capable of controlling and manipulating water. This ranges from a fine enough control to draw water from the human body or separate it from pollutants, to the sheer power needed to raise the sea level along hundreds of miles of coastland. She can form constructs from the water and shape it at will, such as making a shield of moving water. Mera's control over her element is natural enough to allow her to control multiple small constructs almost instinctively. While she can perform great feats, it is possible to exhaust her with enough distance from the source water or a sufficiently prolonged use (several days) of her powers.


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Mera was trained not just in the theory of war, but in the practice. She's a skilled combatant both armed and unarmed, favoring a trident for armed combat, and knows how to use her strength, speed, and agility to her advantage. Hers was not a theoretical training - her father saw to it that her training was rigorous enough to hold up in actual combat. While Atlantean martial arts aren't recognizable as any surface style, they do have the distinction of taking into account a dimension not often included in surface tactics - the vertical axis.

Mera has a beautiful singing voice, sweet enough to give credence to legends of sirens. While there's no true magic to her songs, they've been enough to get her in the door at an exclusive location or earn her a drink or two more than once. There are a few waterside bars and clubs where she's been known to make the occasional guest appearance.

All right, it's not necessarily skill at sailing if you cheat by parting the waves, but sometimes you learn a thing or two by accident.

In her time on the surface, Mera's taken to doing a bit of smuggling and salvage work - partly to keep herself fed, partly to see what interesting things she can find. Her military and political training suffices for the deceptive parts, but she's learned a few tricks of her own as well. She knows which ports to sail into and who to talk to about unloading goods.

Mera was trained from birth to inherit the kingdom of Xebel. As such, she was trained in all of the arts of politics. She can negotiate, intimidate, lie, wheedle, and make speeches with the best. She knows what duties are expected of state functionaries, who has the real power, and how to get what she needs from those above and below her.

As both a princess and the intended of a military leader, Mera was trained in all the arts of war. She learned from her grandmother how to train and control the great war beasts of Xebel, and from her father and his advisors how to lead men and troops. She is familiar with tactics, supplies, and the military history of Atlantis.


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Though she fled Xebel, Mera retains her green and gold scaled armor, as well as a trident (of no particular special nature aside from being sharp and stabby). She usually dons her armor when she's expecting to engage in heroics, all the better to weave a tale of the mysterious woman of the waves.

Ocean's Riches:
Mera mostly supports herself through smuggling, salvage operations, and the occasional singing gig. However, should her usual resources run dry, she knows a few places she can dive for pearls and other lost riches.

The Sea Change:
The Sea Change is Mera's home - a small ship versatile enough to pass as a moderately luxurious living space, with enough storage space and hidden compartments for anything she may need to carry in and out of port with herself. It's large enough to handle the deep waters of the open long as the captain is a hydrokinetic, at least.


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While Mera is academically aware of human surface culture and has spent the past few years trying to immerse herself in it, she is far from an expert. Sometimes she lets her assumptions get the better of her, or she may not be aware of something that's common knowledge for others.

Even before Xebel was attacked by the Deep, Mera was just shy of an exile. She was supposed to inherit the kingdom, and instead she ran away. To the majority of Xebel's citizens, there was no reason for it - nobody told them her sister was cheating with her intended. As a result, her political position is...less than clear.

Mera has a temper, even without the added factor of being royal. When you add high expectations to a volatile temper, you can get a few more explosions than you normally would. When things don't go her way or go as expected, Mera's first reaction is often to lash out. When you're as powerful as she is, this is the sort of thing that can have negative consequences.

Mera requires water to function. Granted, so do humans, but as a full Atlantean, Mera requires much more. She needs to be near it and immerse herself regularly, and can become dehydrated two to three times faster than a human. While her hydrokinesis allows her to control water, it does not allow her to create it - only manipulate it. Additionally, she's more sensitive to the cleanliness of the water - polluted water can make her ill far more quickly than it would a human.



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Mera has 4 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
THIS IS A SCENE AND OK THERE'S WATER BUT THERE'S A BOAT TOO! September 28th, 2020 Mera hassles Arthur and says he stinks.
Sitting On A Throne Minding My Own Business September 20th, 2020 No description
Duty Calls September 17th, 2020 Mera seeks out information from Arthur. Arthur gets a bath instead.
It Was A Dark And Stormy Sea September 12th, 2020 Thor and Mera come upon a very strange ship.


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Mera has 4 finished logs.

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