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  Merlin the Wise  
Merlin Ambrosius (Scenesys ID: 976)
Name: Myraddin of Ruta
Superalias: Merlin the Wise
Gender: Male
Species: Immortal/Human
Occupation: Magician, Teacher, Prophet, Scholar
Citizenship: Earth, Otherworld, UK
Residence: Earth
Education: Self-Taught
Theme: DC (TPC)
Groups: Happy Harbor
Apparent Age: 1571 Actual Age: 1571
Date of Birth 21 March 450 Played By Michael Gambon
Height: 5'8" Weight: 130 lb
Hair Color: White Eye Color: Black
Twitter: @MagicalBeards
Theme Song: "Hopeless Wanderer" Mumford & Sons

Character Info


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Merlin the magician. Mentor to Arthur, aged wizard, and sometimes lunatic sorcerer. He is famous throughout history, even if some of that history was from impersonators and wannabes. Merlin has much legend to live up to and sometimes he does just that.


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*Outside of Time and Space -- A universal essence that would eventually become a part of Merlin the Magician is born as an immortal being in the nexus known as Otherworld. He originates here, or perhaps came here from one of the universes' futures. His actual origin is murky at best and seems to take a form integrated into whichever universe he enters and exists within.
*450 AD -- This universe. Myraddin Ambrosius. Born a son of the Demon Belial and an mortal Witch from Ur whose name is lost to time. He grows up on the Island of Ruta, neighbor to Avalon, and one of the remnants of the Atlantian civilizations long after their fall in 18,000BC. It is said that the sister islands were transported after the Great Cataclysm. A priest of the Sun foreseeing the island's eventual destruction sends Myraddin among others to safety.
*480 AD -- Myraddin studies the scrolls containing the knowledge of magic gathered since the time of Atlantis. He uses much of this knowledge to become a warrior and participates in many battles in an attempt to further the advance of civilization in the British Isles. It is during this time period that he learns of his immortality and his ability to renew himself through periods of restful slumber.
*573 AD -- Myraddin changes his name to Ambrosius Aurelianus. He participates in an important battle between the Romano-British and the Anglo-Saxons leading the British to victory. The horrors of war drive him mad for a time and he exiles himself to the wilds becoming a hermit. It is during this period he begins to delve deeper into the studies of magic and learns how to connect himself into a gestalt of his Otherworld existences. For a time this drives him further into madness. It is during this time that he becomes Myrddin Wyllt (Myraddin the Wild) a hermit known for giving strange and wild prophesies.
*650 AD -- Myraddin re-creates or restores Stone Henge as a "burial place" for Ambrosius Aurelianus, a possibly symbolic end of his life as a warrior and the birth of the mystic. Myraddin continues to roam the Caledonian Forest until he is eventually cured of his madness by Kentigern (St. Mungo)

(Continued Timeline2...)

*670 AD -- Now going by Merlin Ambrosius, Merlin follows the steps given to him by Prophesy where he allows Uther Pendragon, a new British King, to enter Tintagel in disguise and father his future son, Arthur, with his enemies' wife Ingraine. As the boy grows into his own Merlin advises Arthur eventually establishing the Kingdom Of Camelot. It is during this time that Merlin began to tutor Morgan La Fae. While distracted by his apprentice Arthur romanced Queen Morgause who would later give birth to Mordred. Upon discovering this Merlin pronounced a prophesy that this would lead to the downfall of Camelot.
*700 AD -- Despite many efforts he is unable to stave off the events that follow, Merlin witnesses the fall of Camelot. Falling prey to the machinations of his apprentice, Morgan La Fae, he is caught up in the great battle and is forced to expend his energies to such an extent that he 'dies' being forced into a great slumber within a cavern of glass (Crystal Caves). The cavern essentially becomes his prison for many years as the immortal recovers. It was during these events that Merlin binds his half-brother Etrigan to the mortal Jason Blood for his actions during the fall of Camelot.
*800 AD -- Merlin would spend a brief period of time as Sorcerer Supreme. Foreseeing that his continued presence in the role would bring about calamity he surrenders his post to a successor. Without the sorcerer's stone to sustain him he must return once again to his great slumber.
*Late 1300's to late 1500s -- Merlin wanders the world in astral form. On occasion he can manifest himself and become visible and tangible allowing himself to interact with others and to continue to collect knowledge and power for himself.
*1600's to late 1900's AD -- Merlin awakens briefly restored where behind the scenes he is involved in several events including the foundation of the Captain Britain Corps. Merlin now the guardian of the Omniverse began his tutelage of Brian Braddock as Captain Britain.
*Late 1900's -- Merlin caught up in a series of events looses his 'life' once more and is forced back into a brief period of slumber. Roma takes over as Omniversal Guardian. A series of events take place and Merlin is forced to flee to parts unknown.
*2000's -- Merlin returns to Earth and begins quietly to adjust to the great many changes to the world since he had withdrawn from its open society many centuries prior. This is shortly after "Morgan Le Fay" is forced into a new reincarnation cycle.
*2015 -- Merlin finds himself unexpectedly lured and murdered by parties unknown. Forced back into his restorative cycle of slumber in the crystal caves. Awakening in Astral form a few years later he begins to look for his killers. They are somehow able to escape his vision the entire event clouded mystically from being reconstructed.
*2020 -- Unable to find out more information on his own he begins his plans for taking on students, and advising other mystics, hoping that in time they would be able to find out who and why he was killed.

IC Journal

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With the weight of years, and of the knowledge of the multi-verse visions weighing heavily upon him, Merlin has just a small touch of madness to him. Sometimes he seems easily distracted, absent-minded or lost only to snap out of it and become completely and almost scarily lucid the next moment.

Merlin is brave, sometimes manipulative, secretive, and wildly eccentric and perhaps a touch insane. Sometimes he lacks the patience to deal with the small things in life, or perhaps he simply ignores them as unimportant, which leaves him vulnerable to making mistakes when it comes to personal relationships. This old wizard has much on his mind and will often share his knowledge with those he feels are deserving of it. He can be both kind and cruel at the same time.

Sometimes knowing so much can be detrimental. Merlin is used to being in control, and as such he sometimes looses sight of his own shortcomings as a teacher. People's actions can simply surprise him despite his propensity for foreknowledge.

Merlin is often times enigmatic and secretive in nature. Sometimes this is because of the confusing nature of prophesy where adding more knowledge changes the outcome. Other times it is because some knowledge is dangerous in the wrong hands. And finally, an old man can sometimes have too much pride in the image he has carefully crafted and cannot let it be known that he simple does not know everything.

Sometimes even stubborn, Merlin's steadfast nature leads him to hold on tightly to his ideals. Despite trying to be a good person, the futures he foresees with their lofty goals requires doing things that are unpleasant and even cruel at times. It is for this reason that he should be judged as a neutral figure when it comes to the battle of good and evil. He will act for what HE sees as "the greater good" even if it means being unkind for a time. He will always do what must be done. Occasionally this single-mindedness can cause him to overlook something important on a smaller scale leading to his failures.

Merlin has a vast array of wisdom and knowledge at his call. He has learned many lessons either directly himself, or through the experiences of those around him. He is far from perfect, he knows this, and when his pride does not get in his way he can convey his wisdom to others in a timely and astute manner.

Character Sheet


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Immortality: While he is not completely immune to the ravages of time. Merlin is essentially immortal. When "killed" his body dissipates and returns to his Crystal Cavern where he is entombed and imprisoned physically for a time while his body slowly repairs itself. As he slowly ages, or when he is forced to expend his life-forces in affecting great magics he must return to his long slumber. It is said that he once had access to the philosopher's stone. While there is some truth to this, it was only in fragments. One small fragment lends its power to his cavern's restorative properties.

Merlin is gifted of great intellect and wisdom. He is capable of remembering everything he has ever read or seen. This however also lends to his sometimes confused state as he tries to keep everything in his mind sorted

Merlin is well versed in the Arcane and Mystic Arts. He can reach into the forces of creation, those tools left behind during the creation of the universe to harness energies and shape them to his will. This allows him to access several abilities, the scale of which largely depends on if he is acting in person or through his astrally projected avatar:

*Astral Projection -- Through astral projection Merlin can travel through the astral plane and manifest himself across different dimensions. More often he is able to project himself into the real world as an avatar of himself. While he is completely present in this avatar, he can touch and manipulate solid objects, and basically 'live' an existence outside of his slumbering body. His access to his magics in this form, however, are greatly curtailed in scope and ability. He is still capable of performing feats of magic in this form but nowhere near to the degree of his real physical self. While in this state he favors using illusion over using real power. Performing magic in this state exhausts him quickly and any major feats forces him to dissipate into a non-physical form temporarily.

*Blasts -- The weapon of last resort and when forced into direct confrontation Merlin can affect either explosions through tossed balls of energy, or from blasts of energy beamed from his hands. This crude manipulation of energy is his last resort and is quickly exhausting for him.

*Duplication -- Through a process of manipulating magical energies, Merlin can create duplicates of himself. Depending on the amount of energy spent each duplicate can have a life-span measuring from minutes to being permanent. Merlin is very judicious in utilizing this ability as each duplicate has an existence of its own, with their own thoughts, feelings, and desires that may eventually differ from his own.

*Hypnosis -- Using magic he can induce sleep or trance-like states in his subjects. Doing so requires that he overcome their resistance and will power. There are limitations on what you can do to make a person act at your command. It is very difficult if not impossible to make a person act against their nature without resorting to much higher and difficult forms of magic.

*Illusion -- Trickery and deception are Merlin's forte. Rather than employing magic in a direct confrontation he would much rather deceive his opponents. Vanishing into invisibility, changing form and disguising himself, or misdirecting his adversaries by diverting them with direct illusions.

*Levitation -- Merlin has on many occasions been seen to be able to stand on air or levitate himself. True flight however requires that he transform himself in some way or summon a creature that he can ride.

*Magical Tools -- Merlin is capable of utilizing already existing magical tools such as staves, wands, and crystal balls.

*Summoning -- Merlin is capable of summoning a variety of magical creatures, some of which only have a temporary existence on this plane. He has been known to summon and bind demons and otherworldly creatures to his will.

*Telepathy -- Through magic Merlin can communicate telepathically with those he knows, are close by, or can see through his crystal ball.

*Transformation -- Merlin has often in the past used his magic to transform himself into many shapes. Either disguising himself in the shape of other individuals, or by turning himself into various animals or mythological creatures. He cannot turn himself into inanimate objects.

Prophesy: It is said that Merlin see's time backwards in relation to everyone else's reality. This is untrue. It is more like he sees "sideways" in time. Merlin is connected to a gestalt of his other selves. A kind of collective that allows him to see the many possible futures that exist in the multiverse. This view can be very confusing and overwhelming at times forcing him to view things from a "big picture" prospective. Smaller scale events and individual futures are more difficult to discern though occasionally something filters through the mass of images and possibilities clearly giving him the ability to see the outcome of certain actions. His visions sometimes leave him in a confused state of exactly when or where he is at any given time or even which Merlin he is.

Crafting Magic: Merlin through ceremony and careful crafting can create items and tools of power. He was instrumental in the crafting and use of Excalibur for example. Such items though require significant resources, the alignment of stars and other forces of power, and other proper circumstances in order to create them. Spell-craft also includes ceremonies and magic circles to create other more lasting magical effects for prepared spells, such as the binding of Etrigan to Jason Blood.

With the use of magic Merlin can travel via teleportation either directly or through the creation of portals. He is limited to familiar destinations, dimensions, or places that he can scry with his magic ball.


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Merlin is a skilled rider of horses and horse-like mounts.

Having actually lived through much of modern history. Merlin is familiar with the facets of mankind's civilizations over the years. Though he has several important gaps from his time in slumber he is an astute researcher and scholar and is capable of reading up on those times he has missed.

Merlin is an avid scholar of the Occult and Arcane lore of the universe. Having been long-lived and having access to many scrolls and ancient documents has allowed him a vast wellspring of knowledge and understanding of all things arcane.

Merlin, having grown up in ancient times past and spent many many years living off the land is very skilled at survival in the wilderness.


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Crystal Ball:
Merlin currently has access to a lesser version of his "Great Crystal Ball of Merlin" which he had donated to the Justice League. The lesser version still alows him the ability to scry and communicate telepathically with those with whom he is viewing.

Crystal Cavern:
Also known as Merlin's tomb. Its exact location is lost to history and is protected from searches through arcane means. It is to this sacred place that Merlin retreats to when he is in need of restoration, or time in his great slumbers. An adacent series of caverns allows him places to store his collection of scrolls and other works and treasures. This place has also served as his prison from time to time when he is forcefully banished from the surface world.

At any given time Merlin has been known to make use of a number of familiars. Wether it be a simple crow or raven, to a small imp pressed into his service through a binding. Merlin makes use of these creatures to his own ends.

Like any magic tool such as wands. Staves provide a conduit for magical energies making it easier to shape them and distancing the caster from the raw elemental energies they are manipulating. The staff helps Merlin make short work of simple spells and assists him in the casting of major works.


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Astral Projection:
As stated previously. When Merlin is in this form he is still capable of performing feats of magic in this form but nowhere near to the degree of his real physical self. While in this state he favors using illusion over using real power. Performing magic in this state exhausts him quickly and any major feats forces him to dissipate into a non-physical form temporarily.

Further for those others gifted in the arcane arts, he can be banished or dispelled relatively easily once they discover that he is a mere avatar.

Physically, Merlin is venerable and considerably aged. This leaves him prone to exhaustion and suffering from a variety of shortcomings that come with being old.

Vulnerability to Hawthorn: Perhaps something related to his demonic heritage, Merlin is vulnerable to Hawthorn, especially magical varieties. Its thorns causes his great pain and anguish. In its presence his abilities are diminished and it can act as a barrier to his magic. Rope made of strands of hawthorn branches can be bent and shaped into binding manacles for him leaving him nearly powerless.

Fame has its drawbacks. Throughout history there have been many pretenders. Some beneficent and others malicious in nature. Knowing the consequences he has allowed some of them to cause his reputation great harm in favor of leaving his true past murky and more confusing.

Power Limitations:
Merlin requires rest after using powerful magic. Often this means that he is forced to return to a state of suspended animation within his crystal cavern sometimes even for centuries such as after the fall of Camelot when he expended much of his life energies defending the doomed kingdom and in binding his half-brother Etrigan to Jason Blood.

While not actually "fearful" of technology. He did not grow up in an era where the near worship and faith in technology became the norm. Intellectually he is capable of using most consumer technology like almost everyone else in this era, smart phones for example, but where magic would do he would prefer to rely on what he knows. Especially when it comes to modern weaponry, he eschews it in favor of his own abilities or even something more... midevil.



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