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  Miss Moreau  
Miss Moreau (Scenesys ID: 2334)
Name: Alice Ravenholme
Superalias: Miss Moreau
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Supervillain
Citizenship: America
Residence: Gotham City
Education: BS Genetics
Theme: Original (OC)
Groups: Rogues Gallery
Apparent Age: 32 Actual Age: 32
Date of Birth 03 Jan 1989 Played By
Height: 5'3" Weight: 110
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Green
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Miss Moreau is a Gotham supervillainess, assassin, underworld figure and illegal animal saleswoman. Witnessing the corrupt actions of a GCPD police officer to a patient of her family's clinic and disgraced in the genetic research field, Moreau uses her genius in genetic manipulation as well as animal handling skills and harsh industrial chemicals to create horrific fusions of man and animal loyal to her. Addicted to hunting and killing prey, Moreau uses her illicit trade to fuel a crusade against Gotham's authorities while fighting her own gotham madness.


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* 1989: Born and raised to parents Annie and Darek Ravenholme, gotham native.
* 2004: Begins working part time at her parents' free clinic in the Narrows. Empathy for the poor and downtrodden goes, as well as antipathy for the rich and powerful.
* 2007: Goes to Gotham University, eventually earns a BS in Genetics while also studying general medicine.
* 2011: Begins working at her parents' clinic full time, researching genetic diseases and other ailments while assisting with treating patients.
* 2013: One of her patients, unable to afford their medicine, steals from the clinic in order to make enough to survive. Caught by the police, the patient is gunned down by officers right in front of the clinic and Alice, with two other bystanders hit by stray rounds.
* 2014: Alice attempts to have the officers charged for reckless use of force. Corrupt officers retaliate, and false charges against Alice have her family lose their clinic. Jailed for a year.
2015: After numerous attempts to clear her name, her parents dieing while she was in jail, and her reputation ruined, Alice starts to pursue radical genetics research by combining humans and animals. Tests on herself and the dying.
2019: Gains a reputation among underground researchers, her use of industrial chemicals, surgeries, and animal-human experimentations find results: letting a man 'see' using bat dna and organs via echolocation, and rhino dna making a man's skin as tough as an animal's. Takes the name Miss Moreau.
* 2021: Gaining loyal henchmen she hybridizes as well as animals to enhance, Miss Moreau prepares her crusade against Gotham's authorities and the rich, while continuing to create animal-human terrors.

IC Journal

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Moreau is a cheerful and polite person, offering a friendly demeanor even to her enemies. More apt to tease and compliment than outright insult, she can be magnetic in personality or offputting depending on how badly her madness flares up.

Empathy For the Poor:
Moreau has a great deal of empathy for the downtrodden and poor, showing them outright concern and even acting against her own best interests at times in order to help others. However, she also desires to spread the gifts of genes and animal traits, which can be harmful.

Hunter's Bloodlust:
Moreau often suffers from a hunting addiction and associated bloodlust. When going after prey or dealing with Gotham's authority figures, her cheery and polite demeanor turns to pure lust for the kill and savagery that can shock even the most cold hearted.

Character Sheet


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Animal Speak:
Moreau is able to 'speak' in a multitude of animal 'languages', through various vocalizations and bodylanguage can issue commands and gain intelligence from animals, both her own and wildlife in general. What information she can glean highly depends on the intelligence of the animal(s) in question.

Spliced Genes:
Moreau has excessively and wrecklessly spliced her own genes with those of various animals, leading to her being able to temporarily manifest specific traits by injecting herself with activating chemical and pheremone mixtures. Currently, she can produce feathered wings to glide, gills to breathe underwater, a scorpion's stinger with highly painful (though nonlethal) venom and the olfactory abilities of a bloodhound. They last for, at maximum, two hours.


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Ambush Tactics:
Moreau is a skilled sneak and ambush planner, silently stalking her prey with her animals and lackeys when needed.

Animal Handling:
Moreau has a talent for gaining command of animals in general, and can reliably enrage, calm, and get them to do her bidding, often in conjunction with her Animal Speak.

Expert Surgeon:
Moreau is an extremely talented surgeon, which further lets her 'enhance' her minions as well as save their lives when necessary.

Moreau has a minor skill in explosive operation, typically used in conjunction with disposable animal servants to create living bombs.

Moreau is a talented fencer, with a number of fencing weapons including her weaponized umbrella.

Genius Geneticist:
Moreau is a genius when it comes to the manipulation and splicing of genomes human, animal and otherwise. Her skill is such that she can make custom alterations and mutations with the bare minimum of equipment as well as industrial chemicals that outshine most high tech corporations' labs.

Moreau is an excellent shot with small firearms and her weaponized umbrella, though not a master.

Pack Hunter:
Moreau and her minions both human and animal are expert pack hunters, able to work together to take out enemies and those they deem prey with uncanny cunning, efficiency, and teamwork.

Moreau is an expert rider of animals, not only horses and camels, but can ride more exotic genetically manipulated animals in her menagerie.

Underworld Figure:
Moreau is a rising underworld figure, primarily working in assassinations and illegal animal sales, and thus she knows how to operate in Gotham to avoid too much notice from authorities while committing crimes.

Moreau has a taste and talent for playing music on violins.


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Armored Dress:
Moreau's dress not only acts as lightweight armor able to shrug off small arms' fire and light cutting weapons, but is also able to carry a multitude of useful objects such as animal pheremones, injectable mutation serums, and other supervillain necessities.

Genespliced Animals:
Moreau makes heavy use of genespliced animals that are stronger, faster, and more durable than unenhanced members of its species. Some examples of alterations she's able to make to her minions are combining traits (such as a feline gaining bird wings), increasing their savagery, intelligence, and size. The largest beast she can make is equivalent to the size of an elephant.

Genespliced Human Lackeys:
Moreau's human minions are tirelessly loyal, savage in their own way, and stronger than your average crime lord's henchmen. This is largely due to experimental surgeries and use of her genesplicing and chemical mutagens that give each one their own enhancements based off of what animal is used. They can be given scales for protection, enhanced muscles and body structure, and animal traits such as echolocation or wings. Each one considers Moreau to be their alpha leader, through a combination of her honest love and good treatment as well as pheremones designed to ensure loyalty.

Midnyte is Moreau's personal 'vehicle', a mutated draught horse, always having six legs and possesses shell-like skin able to stop high powered handgun rounds as well as enhanced endurance, this steed is massive and durable. Midnyte can seat at maximum four, including one gunner using the attached saddle-based light machine gun. Midnyte's maximum speed is 170 miles per hour.

Moreau's Menagerie:
Moreau has taken over an abandoned library deep in the Narrows and turned it into a safehouse, where she raises her animal minions and stores her ill gotten gains. It's one part home, one part zoo, with loyal minions human and animal keeping watch for intruders.

Mutagenic Serums:
Moreau can produce serums through a combination of harsh industrial chemicals and genesplicing that cause specific mutations in subjects when injected, giving the recipient animal traits depending on the creature used. To create lasting mutations, Moreau must tailor the serum to it's target by gaining a sample of their dna and performing lab work, the injecting it into the target. She also keeps stores of 'offensive' mutations to inject people with that last for mere minutes to a few hours depending on the level of mutation. For example, temporarily rendering a person's bones as floppy as a jellyfish's body or reducing the amount of oxygen the body is able to process. Consent required for use on other characters!

Spoils of Crime:
Moreau primarily gains her funding for her criminal plots and crusade against the law through illegal animal sales and assassinations. While not one to horde wealth, she is able to come up with a substantial amount of cash when needed.

Moreau has access to stolen and bought technology such as automatic rifles, handguns, explosives, industrial chemicals, gene splicing equipment, spy cameras, ear-piece sized walkie talkies and stolen transportation vehicles readily available in Gotham to use in her plots.

Weaponized Umbrella:
Moreau's umbrella is made of lightweight anti-ballistic material that can be used to block light gunfire, as well as the tip of the umbrella contains razor-sharp flechettes that can be fired at enemies or used as a fencing sword.


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Animal Weaknesses:
Moreau's animal pets and often her human lackeys have the common weaknesses associated with the animal they are or are spliced with. Animals with sensitive hearing can be disabled by certain sounds or frequencies, aquatic animals require water, and generally can be expected to respond to stimuli as an animal would.

Gotham Madness:
Moreau is afflicted by that peculiar madness many in Gotham suffer from due to her constant genesplicing and chemical injections. In her case, Moreau's hunting addiction and mental focus on freeing the weak by gifting them animal genes has given her an obsession with savagery, hunting, and the freedom to do so. She encourages this in others, admiring bloodlust, savagery, and brutality and openly admiring those that give in to those desires. This combined with a near-constant cheery demeanor and dips into bloodlust make her offputting or outright frightening to many.

Hunting Addiction:
Moreau, due to constant gene tampering and splicing her own genes with animals has developed an urge to hunt, wound, and kill those she considers prey. This typically targets superheroes that use hunting-like tactics such as Batman, but can just as easily target those that smell enticing, she develops strong feelings for, or simply enough time between hunting and killing has passed. The triggers can be rather random, and so makes Moreau likely to turn on allies or cause unnecessary carnage and delays in plans.

Pack Reliant:
Moreau herself, though skilled and cunning, is reliant on her enhanced lackeys and pets in order to operate at peak performance. If deprived of her animal and human companions, she is significantly weaker, and must take steps to guard from divide and conquer strategies which are particular effective.



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