Moving Blocks

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Moving Blocks
Date of Cutscene: 21 February 2021
Location: Wade Shaw's Condo
Synopsis: There's always a cost
Cast of Characters: Michael Hannigan

During the early Sunday hours, the door to the condo rattles open. Dressed in his Sunday best, Mike steps in, glancing around. Stepping a bit further in, he peers around the bathroom wall extension in to the main living area. Eyes set upon the loft bed furthest from the corner. The comforter is bunched up, with Wade still sleeping.

Hmm. Well, where else would his roommate be this early?

Aware of the snoozing friend, he quietly moves back. Taking care not to make as much noise as before when he entered in. Turning the locks and setting the chain. Tired eyes set upon the cabinet.

Church was helpful. Not many people there. Most people opt for the ones after daylight. Perfect place to gather thoughts. And right now his head is a mess. Thoughts of Limbo. The other Shannon. The exchange that had to be made. He honestly wasn't paying attention after the spell was cast. He knows they went home. And he knows there was some form of improvement. But as to the extent? Well that's a bit foggy.

Magic is- not a one size fits all thing. It is inconstant. It shifts. And what works for one person does not necessarily work for another. But if done right, it can help.

The cabinet starts to creak, causing for Mike to slow his movements. The door's open far enough to do what he needs. He reaches through the gap, feeling around for the familiar object that has been sitting. Waiting.

He's never known for the flask to harm others. When done upon oneself it's more like, rearranging some blocks. Sure, there's a bit of exertion to move them. But not much. And the blocks still remain at the table you're seated at. And not everyone moves the same blocks so the result is a bit different each time. Some don't actually do any movement. It just remains the same, waiting for something else to move the blocks instead.

But when casting upon others. Well, that's another matter. The blocks have to come from somewhere. If there is a consistent to magic it is that Nothing is free. There's always a cost. Most of Mike's payments for himself were done in advance. But-

Mike studies the orange bottle before him, a glimpse to the expiration date. Hesitation causes for it to be held up longer than one typically would. Should he?

There's always a cost.

Right now he is tired.

He can do a lot of regrettable things if he remains that way.

Shaking his head, he pops the top off.