Mutant Felon Relocation Act

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The Mutant Felon Relocation Act of 2017 was passed by New York's Legislature in response to rising metahuman-related incidents in the United States.

Overtly intended to curtail the public abuse of metahuman abilities, the MRFA was spiked with a great deal of anti-mutant sentiment. Strict requirements were placed on unregistered metahumans to curb use of their powers. Abuse of metahuman talents in a crime was made into an automatic felony with mandatory incarceration. Complex legal jargon put significant onus on 'caretakers' who would monitor neighbors and family for illegal use of metahuman capabilities. Metahumans charged with crimes were required to 'register' with the DEO as a monitoring agency.

The impact from this bill sent many metahumans into hiding. Families forced their children to suppress their powers and many metahumans were evicted from homes and businesses once they were 'outed' by the DEO. Parolees were forced into heavily monitored 'halfway homes', the most notorious of which was the area of Bushwick now known as Mutant Town. The significant influx of new residents, unemployable both due to convictions and being outed as metahumans, contributed to significant economic depression.