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Nate Grey (Scenesys ID: 895)
Name: Nathaniel Grey
Superalias: X-Man
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Refugee
Citizenship: Refugee
Residence: Homeless
Education: Informal
Theme: Marvel (TPC)
Apparent Age: 21 Actual Age: 21
Date of Birth 15 Nov 1998 Played By
Height: 5'11" Weight: 190 lbs
Hair Color: Light brown, white shock in middle Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:

Character Info


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A man without a home, Nate Grey is a refugee from Earth-295, a savage world in which Apocalypse conquered humanity and turned the planet into a barren hell. As such, he now wanders this world, looking for a place and a cure for his condition - while one of the most powerful telepaths and telekines on Earth, his powers are killing him. It's rumoured he only has a few years to live.


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Nate Grey Timeline -

11.15.1998 - Nate Grey born in the lab of Mr Sinister of Earth-295 in our world's date of 11.15.1998. He is constructed from the DNA of Prelate Summars and Jean Grey of Earth-295

03.10.2012 - Nate Grey escapes with the help of Blink, Forge and other rebels against Apocalypse. For several years he is on the run, being taught and mentored by Forge and is team while continually hunted by Apocalypse and his Prelates

03.10.2020 - After a titanic battle with Apocalypse, where Nate uses a shard of the M'Kraan crystal to stop Apocalypse from attaining Omniversal power, a crack is opened to the world of Heroes Assembled. Nate, the only survivor of his alternate future, is sent hurtling through this crack, is the only survivor he knows of from Earth-295.

IC Journal

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Personality: Nate is everything a young man in his 20s should be quick to judge, clever, charismatic, firey. He especially has no time for hypocrites or authority figures. Having lost everyone he loves, he is slow to trust. But to those who have earned his trust and respect, he is loyal to the end. He has no tolerance of tyrants and bullies, and is compassionate and loving, and immensely courageous.

Character Sheet


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Telekinesis - Nate is an immensely powerful telekine. He is capable of lifting tons,flying hundreds of miles an hour, of precise control with his telekinesis, and can use his telekinesis for any number of telekinetic applications both in and out of combat. This includes personal armor, force fields, and any number of combat applications. Nate was designed by Sinister as a living weapon, and is an Omega level mutant on par with Jean Grey and Rachel Summers of the X-Men.

Telepathy - while not as strong as a telepath as he is with telekinesis, Nate is still Omega level with this discipline. He is an adroit telepathic combatant and communicator, capable of for a few minutes copying mundane skills from people nearby, mind reading, stunning opponents and engaging in astral projection and combat. He however is not capable of the finer feats of telepathy evidenced by adepts such as Psylocke, Jean Grey, Rachel Summers or Charles Xavier, he will be able to match them one day with training and experience. His psychic shields are unsurpassed, and his brute force telepathy resembles his telekinesis.


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Education and Skills - Nate is an excellent hand to hand fighter, survivalist and repairman, having to fend for himself in the desolate Age of Apocalypse. Ironically, he can take good care of himself in desparate situations without his powers. Having been Forge's adopted son, he is quite good with technology from combustion engines up through electronics, weapons and intermediate level coding. He's also a skilled paramedic. He was made by Forge to read the classics, and is fond of Shakespeare's comedies. However, compared to someone from Earth 616, his knowledge is patchy and hap hazard, and could use a few years of remedial education.

Nate has grown up in the harsh apocalypse of the AOA. This gives him skills as a paramedic, gatherer of food and water, finding shelter, basic mechanics, electronics and coding.


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Resources - Nate is flat dirt broke. He's a refugee, and usually has to rely on the generosity of other people on Earth 616. With no marketable skills, he's at a disadvantage on Heroes Assembled Earth. He often hobos and wanders. He likes trains.


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Genetic Time Bomb:
Nate is dying due to failsafes inserted into his genetics by Sinister. Because of this, he needs to eat 4 times as much as a regular human. When Nate exerts himself above his usual limits, this causes him physical damage that can leave him hospitalized for weaks.

While certainly literate and a survivor, Nate has only had a haphazard education on Earth 295 and is unfamiliar with many aspects of C21st Century life.

Weaknesses - Nate is dying. The massive psychic energy that fuels his powers is also killing him. While he can manifest beyond omega level abilities in brief instances of rage or heightened passion, such exertions usually leave him unsconscious for days, and subject to physical exhaustion and damage that leaves him out of the fight. Further, even if he doesn't exert himself, his powers act like a psychic furnace. He needs to eat four times as much as a man his age and build. Finally, his constantly burning psychic powers makes him easily detectable by any kind of psychic or mutant scanner - his immense powers are unmistakeable. This also has a wierd side effect from psychic or mutant energy drainers - Nate's massive power would represent a threat to someone like The Parasite, who would find themselves overfull and maybe even harm themselves from gorging on Nate's psychic energy. Nate finds himself sometimes target by organizations that want to use him as a living battery or engine.



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Nate Grey has 2 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Just another day for Mutant girls March 13th, 2020 More Summers reunions with a few others added in. Emotions flared, hijinx were had. Fun times for all.
Familiar Faces March 9th, 2020 The arrival of Grey-Summers spawn #3. There might just be a gap in the universe over Westchester.


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Nate Grey has 2 finished logs.

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