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  Nyssa al Ghul  
Nyssa al Ghul (Scenesys ID: 1356)
Name: Nyssa Raatko
Superalias: Nyssa al Ghul
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Arts and Antiquities Dealer / League of Assassins splinter leader
Citizenship: Russian
Residence: NYC
Education: League of Assassins
Theme: DC (FC)
Apparent Age: 244 Actual Age: 244
Date of Birth 19 Sep 1775 Played By Katrina Law
Height: 5'9" Weight: 145
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "Natural," Imagine Dragons

Character Info


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The daughter of Ra's al Ghul, Nyssa was once the Heir to the Demon. She parted from her father in the early 19th centuries over differences in ideology and attempted to live a normal life, until she and her family were taken by Nazis during the Holocaust. Only Nyssa survived to be liberated at the end of the war. After healing herself, she began to build a splinter League dedicated to protecting the weak from those who abuse their power. Publically, Nyssa Raatko is the owner of Raatko Arts and Antiquities, a company specializing in the acquisition, appraisal, and sale of works of art and artifacts and known for their charitable work returning works of art stolen by Nazis to the rightful owners.


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1775: Nyssa is born outside of St. Petersburg, Russia, the product of an affair between Ra's al Ghul and a beautiful peasant woman who caught his fancy.

1793: Fascinated by her mother's stories of her father and his adventures, Nyssa ventures out to track him down, eventually finding him in North Africa. Impressed by her tenacity and fighting skills, Ra's takes her on, training her as his right hand. Nyssa trains with the League and fights at her father's side.

1815: Disillusioned with her father's plans for the world, Nyssa parts ways with Ra's. Thinking she'll surely return, he allows her to keep the use of a Lazarus Pit, which she discovers how to use multiple times.

1830: Realizing that Nyssa truly has no intention of returning to him and the League, Ra's disowns her. Nyssa, meanwhile, simply continues to live her life. She studies, explores, moves when she must, and even has a family.

1940: Nyssa and her family are taken by Nazis as they begin sending "undesirables" to concentration camps. There she is subjected to various experiments and tortures as they try to understand her longevity and resilience. The experiments leave her infertile, but her repeated exposure to the Lazarus Pit will not allow her to die. She loses her entire family, but is eventually liberated with the end of the war, retaining enough strength to return to the Pit and restore herself.

1960: Her strength and spirit restored, Nyssa's resentment for her father's failure to come for her family or stop the injustice of the Holocause turns to a sense of purpose. She begins quietly recruiting discontent members of the League to her side, building a splinter League dedicated to what she feels is the League's true and original purpose - protecting the world from injustice from the shadows.

1960-2012: Nyssa and her splinter League continue to operate from the shadows. For the most part, they quietly remove dictators and warlords with humanitarian violations from power. They stay out of politics, but when ordinary people are threatened, they give no quarter. Their methods are harsh and they leave ideology out of it, and are classified as a terrorist organization by most authorities.

2012: Following the global invasion and rumors of Sentinel construction, Nyssa sets up a presence and false identity in New York City to better keep an eye on events there. Posing as a dealer in arts and antiquities, she operates as a successful and elite businesswoman with a high-end clientele.

IC Journal

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From the time she was a child, Nyssa has been determined. Once she decides she's going to do something, she's committed to it and will go to great lengths to achieve her goals. While this can be admirable and is certainly effective, it does mean she's sometimes willing to take steps that others would see as...less than Good.

Nyssa was born in a different age, and between that and her time with her father and the League, she believes in the importance of honor. If she gives her word, she'll keep it. That doesn't mean she won't find a way to work around it if she has to, but while she may draw few lines, her personal honor is one she will not cross.

Nyssa always had a strong sense of right and wrong in her own way - that those in power should not abuse or take advantage of those beneath them. Since the loss of her family and her own torture, though, there is a viciousness to it. She has little tolerance and no patience for those who harm those who can't defend themselves, and will grant them no quarter.

Character Sheet


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Decelerated Aging:
Repeated use of the Lazarus Pit has decelerated Nyssa's aging process. It allowed her to survive Nazi experimentation and means that though she is nearly 250 years old, she looks to be only in her late twenties. Having discovered how to reuse the Pit, she is able to keep herself young and heal even mortal wounds...so long as she or one of her followers can get her to it.

Physical Resilience:
Repeated exposure to the Lazarus Pit in addition to her own continued training has allowed Nyssa to just barely exceed peak human levels of speed, strength, and endurance. While she must continue to train and exercise to maintain these levels, she is able to do so with less time and effort than would normally be required.


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Arts and Antiquities:
Nyssa's cover identity as a dealer in arts and antiquities has a basis in truth. Through her years away from her father, Nyssa turned her personal knowledge of the past into a useful profession. She is considered an expert on arts and antiquities from 1700 to the modern period, able to date and identify art and artifacts with impressive skill and precision. She is especially known for her expertise in areas of provenance, tracking down particular pieces through decades and centuries.

Nyssa is proficient in a large number of languages, thanks to centuries of study and travel. While she may not be proficient in smaller dialects, she can usually find a way to communicate with the people around herself.

Martial Arts:
As Ra's al Ghul's successor, Nyssa was trained in every possible martial art of the time. Through the centuries, she has continued to train and pick up new skills, first to protect herself and her family, and then to foster her own splinter League. While she is not the best in the world, she is among the top ten or fifteen.

Nyssa had trained in stealth under her father, but since she began to operate her own League from the shadows in the 1960s, she has made an art of it. Not only can she apply stealth to her own actions in combat, but she knows how to plan for stealth in operations, taking into account not only feet on the ground, but modern forensic techniques in order to avoid detection after the fact. When she wants, she and her League can move like ghosts and rumors.

As the Heir to the Demon, Nyssa studied and was trained in the necessary tactics, oversight, and organization of the League of Assassins. She took well to this, and now uses it for her own ends. She can plan an assault and several contingencies, able to anticipate the actions of her opponents several moves ahead.

Nyssa is trained in the use of various martial arts weapons, including sword, staff, bow, and other more unique weapons. While she is trained and skilled with guns, she generally eschews them in favor of something more personal and traditional. Guns - aside from sniper rifles - are far too loud and obvious for the sort of work she prefers.


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Armor and Weapons:
Between the League and her personal resources, Nyssa has access to state of the art armor and weapons of her choice. While her armor is styled in the traditional fashion of the League of Assassins, it's made of modern composite materials capable of stopping most blades and small arms fire without sacrificing stealth or flexibility. It provides some resistance against IR tracking by masking her body heat, and is insulated against heat, cold, and electricity. She favors bow, staff, and sword over firearms, and while they aren't made of particularly exotic materials, they are top of the line.

Lazarus Pit:
During her time at her father's side, Nyssa was gifted with the use of a Lazarus Pit. Through her own studies, she discovered a method by which she could reuse the pit, allowing her to keep herself young and healthy through the centuries. If she is injured or even killed, she can be healed and revived so long as she can reach the Pit.

Raatko Arts & Antiquities:
Nyssa's legitimate front for her public presence, Raatko Arts and Antiquities is a well-established and successful business that specializes in obtaining and trading valuable works of art and antiquities. This provides her with a very respectable income based on finders fees and commissions. Additionally, the company is known for its charitable work in tracing works of art stolen by the Nazis during WWII and returning them to the heirs of the rightful owners.

Splinter League:
Since the 1960s, Nyssa has been quietly building her own splinter faction of the League of Assassins. She has dozens of operatives at this time, spread across the globe, feeding her intel and able to take action at her word. They are built for stealth and quick action, generally isolated, so not particularly suited to all-out assaults, but can be very effective with precision application.


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League of Assassins:
While Nyssa has her own splinter group of the League, her father and the main League still exist and have little patience for pretenders. At best, a full confrontation with the League would see Nyssa forced into service with her father again as his heir. At worst...well, the League has had centuries to think of ways to deal with traitors.

While Nyssa's longevity means she's remained alive, it's a paperwork nightmare. Her current identity is fabricated, and while she learned how to do so very well with the League, it's possible for that fabrication to be revealed, which could bring her to the attention of more...lawful good organizations.

Morally Gray:
Nyssa and her splinter League occupy a morally gray area. Their aims are good, but their end justifies the means mentality puts them at odds with most traditionally good organizations. Her relationship with her father puts them at odds with the League of Assassins. And the fact that she and they resist those who abuse power puts them at odds with most traditionally bad organizations. As such, the often finds herself standing alone, untrusted by either side, and potentially vulnerable to both.

Splinter League:
Nyssa's own league is classified as a terrorist organization by several lawful organizations. As such, discovery could mean prosecution, attacks, or other unpleasant endings. Without the centuries of history and preparation behind the true League, Nyssa is more vulnerable to discovery, with fewer places to fall back to.

Nyssa's treatment at the hands of the Nazis was traumatic both physically and mentally. Even the Lazarus Pit couldn't restore her fertility, and it would take much more than a Lazarus Pit to undo the mental trauma of it all. While she's come to terms with it to a degree, the underlying trauma remains and can send her into a rage or be used to manipulate her actions.



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Commissions of the unusual sort May 5th, 2020 Latverian emissaries visit Raatko Arts and Antiquities in search of certain artifacts.


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Nyssa al Ghul has 10 finished logs.

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