Player Resolution

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Everyone is here to play a game and have fun. But problems will arise. A lot of games focus on strikes and punishments, on up to banning. Sometimes serious measures become necessary. We'd rather spot a coming problem early and work together to resolve it before it becomes serious.

The first question staff will ask is 'have you discussed this with the player in question'. We are sensitive to the fact that many players have good reasons or emotional aversions to confrontation; this is merely staff attempting to help you resolve this at the lowest level possible. Very often these conflicts turn out to be a matter of simple miscommunication and we stand ready to help with mediation.

Staff are here to role-play and have fun, not be disciplinarians. If an issue comes up, it's about protecting the game, the RP environment, and other players. Not about punishment. If we have to resort to serious measures to preserve a positive atmosphere, we will. And we will let players know if they are heading that direction. But we'd rather have everyone on board together, and we want to give players a chance to learn from their mistakes with gentle corrections, rather than just coming down on their heads with punishments.

So go enjoy Heroes Assemble and let's all try to be excellent to each other.